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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) was founded by Dr. Daphne Sheldrick in 1977, following the sudden death of her husband, the acclaimed naturalist and founder warden of Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park, David Sheldrick.

The DSWT has been working on the front line of wildlife protection in Kenya for 29 years and Daphne and David Sheldrick for more than 25 years prior to this. Over the years their have been many achievements, including the successful rehabilitation of over 70 orphan elephants and 17 black rhinos, as well as the removal of more than 30,000 illegal snares from Tsavo National Park. In spite of these successes, the future of our planet’s wildlife and ecosystems is a matter of global concern.

Every year thousands of animals are killed indiscriminately to satisfy the demands of the illegal commercial bushmeat trade. Ever growing human populations are expanding into areas previously only inhabited by wildlife increasing incidence of human-wildlife conflict. Habitats are being destroyed to meet demand for wood and charcoal products.

The DSWT is committed to the preservation and conservation of wildlife and undertakes a number of activities aimed at protecting animals today and in the future as well as education to create a Kenya where animals and humans live in equilibrium and harmony.


  • Orphans Project: Rescue and rehabilitate orphaned elephants and rhinos, so that they might enjoy a life in the wild when grown.
  • Anti-Poaching: Operate mobile anti-poaching teams in Kenya’s largest National Park, Tsavo. In order to remove snares, arrest wildlife poachers and educate local communities, so that wildlife in the Park is better protected now and in the future.
  • Mobile Vet: Operate a mobile veterinary unit providing in the field assistance to animals in distress, through the provision of veterinary care
  • Wildlife Assistance: Provide assistance to the Kenya Wildlife Service so that they might better protect wildlife in Tsavo National Park.
  • Community Outreach programs: Working with local communities to enhance their understanding of wildlife issues and encourage their participation in wildlife conservation.

    | View the video on our fostering program |

    It took Daphne Sheldrick 28 years of trial and error during the years that her husband was Warden of Kenya's largest and most important elephant Sanctuary, Tsavo East National Park, to perfect the milk formula and complex husbandry necessary to rear the orphaned infant African elephants. Today, with the financial help of many caring people worldwide, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is proud to have saved what amounts to a herd; over 70 orphaned infant calves that would otherwise have perished. More importantly, every one of these orphans can look forward to a quality of life in wild terms, living free in Tsavo East National Park encompassed by their new extended orphaned family and friends amongst the wild herds in a National Park that offers elephants the S P A C E they need - the 8,000 square miles of pristine wilderness that is TSAVO

    None of this would have been possible without the help of many people worldwide, for the rearing of an infant elephant is an expensive and long-term commitment. During this time it is dependent upon milk and a team of trained carers who represent the lost elephant family and are there for the little elephant until such time as it is comfortable amongst the wild herds and chooses to become independent. The time involved depends entirely upon the personality of each individual and also upon how well the elephant can recall its elephant family, but all the orphans reared by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are "elephants" again and integrated into the wild community by the age of ten, though always in their large elephant hearts will be a corner for the specific humans who were their family in infancy.

    To become a foster parent and for all the information on how our fostering programme is run, please visit the FOSTERING SECTION on The DSWT website.


    The international, illegal, commercial trade in bushmeat, an expanding human population and destruction of natural habitats are just some of the threats faced by wildlife today. We need your help to continue existing programmes aimed at tackling these threats and to undertake new projects that will protect wildlife now and provide a long-term solution to the problems faced.

    We have provided below example donation amounts, which we hope act as useful guide to show how any donation you make could help us.

    $50 Buys 5 tins of SMA Gold Cap milk formula required for the very young infant elephants
    $100 Buys a uniform for one of the elephant keepers
    $250 Funds a field trip for 30 school kids to enjoy a day in Tsavo National Park and learn about wildlife
    $500 Covers the Canteen costs of feeding 50 Elephant Keepers for a month
    $1,000 Funds the rescue of one newly orphaned elephant
    $2,500 Covers the maintenance costs for two months of 42 km of electrical fence to reduce human wildlife conflict on the Northern boundary of Tsavo National Park
    $5,000 Funds the purchase of milk replacer required for the 22 older elephant orphans presently dependent on us
    $10,000 Funds one of our anti-poaching desnaring teams for six months
    $40,000 Will purchase a new 4 x 4 vehicle for one of our anti- poaching teams
    $800,000 An Enstrom helicopter for easy and quick access to all the Trust projects in Tsavo and rapid deployment of personnel for the Orphans Projects, anti-poaching and veterinary work


    The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a Registered Charity in Kenya. A 501 (c) (3) in the USA and a Registered Charity in the UK. Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our work and how you can help.


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    He takes the milk on offer gulping it down

    We named him Kamboyo

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