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The following is EDIE's Orphan Profile.
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Quick Facts about  EDIE

Gender  Female Date of Birth  April 1999
Location Found  Namunyek
Age on Arrival  4 Months old
Comments on Place Found  Found by tibesmen in a well on the Namunyak Group ranch North of Lewa Downs
Reason for being Orphaned  Drought Related

Estimated to have been born in April 1999, this female calf was about 4 months when rescued from a well on the Namunyak Group Ranch North of Lewa Downs. Her family had struggled all night unsuccessfully to try and retrieve her, but had to leave when tribesmen and their cattle turned up. She endured a rough ride in a lorry before being flown first to Lewa Downs Airstrip and from there by Charter plane to Nairobi. She is named "Edie" by special request of the Craig family who own Lewa Downs Ranch, to honour the memory of one of their donors named "Evie". The closest Samburu word we could find to "Evie" was "Edie" which means "over there" and with the approval of the late Evie's family, we thought this more appropriate. For many weeks Edie suffered from deep depression grieving for her lost elephant family, and was very sore and bruised from her fall, able only to lie on one side of her body for more than a month. In all other respects, she was not in bad condition and tender loving care from both the Keepers and the other elephants soon made her happy again.

Edie climbing on Imenti  Edie

Edie has a spirited character and of all the females in her group she was always the most adventurous , usually the first to provide back up when intruders encountered in the orphans' travels in the bush startle the group and need to be sent on their way.

Edie kneeling by the waterhole

Ilingwezi is her best friend in those days, but now she travels as part of Emily's herd with her two wild born calves, Ella and Eden, and we are very happy to see them whenever they pass through the Voi stockades.

US$ 50 per year is the minimum fostering fee

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