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The following is ICHOLTA's Orphan Profile.
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Quick Facts about  ICHOLTA

Gender  Female Date of Birth  August 1999
Location Found  Marsabit
Age on Arrival  between 2 - 6 weeks old
Comments on Place Found  Found in stuck in a drying water hole near the Marsabit mountain
Reason for being Orphaned  Stuck in Mud

Estimated to have been between 2 - 6 weeks old when orphaned, and therefore born in August 1999, this little female elephant, comes from far-off legendary Marsabit Mountain, where a once beautiful mist forest harbouring many endemic plants and birds today struggles to survive the depredation of a burgeoning human population.

Lake Paradise, Marsabit National Park  Elephants walking along the edge of Lake Paradise

Mist forests of Marsabit

Icholta was rescued from the mud of a drying waterhole of that name, where she was bogged and abandoned by her herd who were unable to risk venturing in to pull her free. She was minute for her age, with soft fuzz on her head and body, but also with good coordination, so we guessed her to be older than she looked.

Like all the infants her beginning was fraught, and she became very emaciated cutting her first molars in the Nairobi Nursery, and we were fearful that she might not be able to pull through, but thankfully she did. Amazingly Icholta right from the get go had a passion for water and savored her mud baths, which is unusual given the reason for her being orphaned in the first place.


A very friendly and loving character, with a beautiful face, charming disposition and deep brown eyes fringed with long lashes; a great favorite with all the other elephants as well as her Keepers, Icholta was part of the Nursery eight that all arrived around a similar time, stars of the Geri Ellis book called Wild Orphans. Some of her Nursery mates from infancy were Laikipia, Lolokwe and Edie who to this day remain by her side.

Icholta and co prepare to move to the Voi Relocation Unit 2001  Magic Malaika gives loving to the new arrivals in Voi- Icholta snuggles

Icholta (front) and company

US$ 50 per year is the minimum fostering fee

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