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The following is NATUMI's Orphan Profile.
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Quick Facts about  NATUMI

Gender  Female Date of Birth  February 1999
Location Found  Nanyuki
Age on Arrival  6 weeks old
Comments on Place Found  Herd was fired at, three members of which died, one being Natumis mother in Nanyuki
Reason for being Orphaned  Problem Animal Control

A female calf estimated to have been born in February 1999 and to have been 6 weeks old on arrival. Natumiís herd went to drink at a dam near a placed called Natumi on the President's Farm, where over zealous Presidential Bodyguards opened fire at random into the herd, killing 3, including Natumi's mother, and wounding many others. Natumi was spared, stuffed into a Chicken House, but fortunately word got out, and a neighbouring European farmer rescued her and alerted us in Nairobi. Natumi was in good condition on arrival, and thrived from the beginning. Now in Tsavo, she has settled in well and looks the epitome of good health and happiness.

She is an independent and rather timid character, running back for the protection of the human family whenever startled, a great favourite with the younger set, being the oldest of those recently transferred from the Nursery.

US$ 50 per year is the minimum fostering fee

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