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Layoni and Dabassa arrived at the stockades early this morning and after the supplement feeding was over they joined the stockade dependant orphan elephants in some games around the stockade compound. Layoni and Dabassa joined forces to challenge Panda in a wrestling match.

When it was time to head to the browsing fields Panda tried to catch up with Tahri to spend some time with her but was prevented from doing so but the two boys who wanted to engage her in strength testing and pushing games. Araba became a little jealous of the new comer and kept pushing her away. Mudanda and Ndii came to the rescue and kept Tahri close to them. Panda kept trying to get close to Tahri as well so that they could all browse together.

The orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole where Ndii left Araba to her own devices while she enjoyed a mud bath and scratching session with Tahri. The afternoons browsing activities took place at the baobab water hole before ending at the big water hole.

Panda embracing Tahri

Araba pushing Tahri

Naipoki following Thari

Ndii embracing Tahri


It was joy and excitement for Kiko this morning when he walked out with the orphans to the forest. He was running up and down and inviting the elephants to play with him, but unfortunately the orphans were not interested in playing with him. The keepers were worried that because he was in this over excitable mood that he would accidentally kick one of the young babies. One of the keepers eventually managed to entice him back to the stockade compound for him to calm down there for a bit!

As the elephants were coming down for their milk, as usual Musiara was following behind Luggard who was walking down slowly with his limp. Musiara stopped running like the others and slowed down to walk with Luggard. They exchanged trunks and he put his trunk in Luggardís mouth and they slowly walked down for their milk together.

Sapalan sniffs the air

Tagwa among the other babies

Sagalla run back for the 5pm feed


It was a rainy morning today but Ex Orphans Ololoo and Kasigau visited the stockade early this morning and started play fighting. Just as the rain came to an end the orphans came out and joined the Ex Orphans.

Just after the dependent orphans left, Galana and her group with baby Gawa came to drink water and then left again.

It was still drizzling at noon so the orphans did not go in the mud bath after their milk. We did have a strength demonstration however through Olsekki and Boromoko who started play fighting, which then turned into a real fight. The keepers went to intervene when it appeared it was becoming more serious. Then Yatta, Kinna and their babies arrived at the mud bath from the other side. Baby Kama was playing and running here and there trying to charge at the keepers. Yatta and Kinna walked their babies off into the bush however and visited the stockade later on as well.

The orphans went on browsing while Garzi was busy rolling in the mud along the road. Later on, the orphans made their way back home in the evening for their milk. We recorded 8mm of rainfall today.


Sokotei plays whilst Naseku browses

Makena with Yoyo and Kama

Little Yoyo and Kama


In the morning as the keepers opened the stockade doors some of the orphans came running out trumpeting loudly seemingly in a joyful mood. They all downed their milk bottles and enjoyed some supplements before heading to the forest. As they matriarchs led the group out for the day they somehow avoided the grass that was wet with early morning dew and the keepers watched as Mwashoti and his friend Alamaya managed to not get their feet wet.

Once in the forest Murera and Sonje rumbled to the two youngsters who were heading towards the older boys, running crazily through the bushes, to get them to stay by their side. None of the boys seemed to want to listen to the keepers or the matriarchs who were trying to get them in line when it started to rain. The keepers thought it best to seek refuge under the trees and wait for the rain to finish but the orphans had different ideas and continued on the path to the forest. The keepers followed them and by the time they got to the browsing ground both the keepers and orphans were quite wet and the keepers watched as the elephants played on some mounds that they found in the forest.

Limalima and Zongoloni trying to push down a tree

Sonje digging up soil to play with

Jasiri flapping his big ears


The morning was wonderful with Tahri today coming out of her stockade to join the rest of the orphan elephants as they made their way to the Park and the browsing grounds. Ndii ran up to Tahri to welcome her into the orphan elephant herd. She embraced Tahri and prevented her from interacting very much with the rest of the orphans, as she wanted the newcomer all to herself. Panda and Mbirikani managed to get around Ndii and warmly greeted Tahri as well. Kenia, Ishaq-B, Kihari and Naipoki briefly greeted the youngster but did not spend much time with her as the juniors in the group were already seemingly squabbling over who would get to adopt the latest addition to the orphan herd. In the browsing fields Ishaq-B was able to engage Tahri in some private browsing time and the two seemed comfortable in each otherís company, which resulted in them spending the better part of the day feeding together.  

Tahri browsing with the others

Thari sniffing the air

Ishaq-B browsing with Tahri




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