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The orphans rushed out of their respective stockades placing themselves in the right positions for their milk and supplement feeding. Bada grabbed two trunks full of copra cake stuffing it into his mouth before moving on to play games at the stockade terrace. Lentili was thrilled to play pushing games with Tahri while Ndii was busy feeding on copra cake.

Kenia, Ndii and Araba, did not seem to be at all bothered by the baboons that were around them this morning while Ngilai, Lasayen and Ndotto were not happy at all to have them around and called to Tundani to help them chase them away. The keepers also came in to help the orphans keep the baboons at bay and keep them from stealing the orphans’ food.

Kihari and Mbegu enjoyed greeting one another as they played friendly games. Kenia came in and broke the two apart by standing between them. While out in the field Ndotto and Lasayen lay on the ground for about five minutes and continuously gave one another trunk hugs.

The afternoon milk bottle was brought to the orphans on the eastern side of Msinga Hill. They did not visit the waterhole today as it was a fairly cold day.


Kihari and Mbegu exchange morning greetings

Lasayen and Ndotto playing

Rorogoi greeting a wild herd


It was a quiet morning with a clear sky when the orphans were let out. No single wild elephant or former orphans showed up that morning. Namalok settled for a scratching game on the nearby rocks, a game that also attracted Rapa, Kauro, Esampu and Roi. As soon as the orphans had enough lucerne, Maramoja, who has all the characteristics of becoming a future matriarch, rumbled as she walked out southwards. This was a sign of letting everyone know that it was time to head for browsing before it got too hot.

Out in the field, the orphans were joined by Orwa and Bomani who were wondering when the time will come for Laragai and her small group to join them out in the wild so that they might have some company and grow their herd. Galla seized the opportunity to have a strength testing exercise with Bomani. Their game didn't last for long as Orwa warned them by taking too much time playing it would cost them time feeding, and they needed to get enough food to eat.

At mud bath time, the orphans had a spectacular wallowing session and later, Siangiki and Olsekki took their friend Enkikwe to drink water and thereafter escorted him slowly back out to browse. Galla developed an itchy chest and looking around he couldn't find a suitable rock or tree to serve him. He then picked a stick that he used to scratch himself with, and when he was satisfied he went back to browsing. Kauro and Wanjala settled under a tree to relax and when they got bored of standing under the tree, the two boys decided to keep themselves busy by scratching against the tree as they waited for the temperatures to drop. Kamok and Roi, who came together from Nairobi, embraced the spirit of sharing when they teamed up to feed on the same shrub. Maramoja spend time feeding with Esampu as Mundusi always sticks with his friend good friend Mteto. In the evening, four wild bulls in the company of the senior ex-orphans showed up at the stockade and left immediately after having enough water.

Namalok scratching

Rapa and Roi



Shukuru woke up and went to her gate looking out for Ngasha, Faraja and Ziwa to see if they were ready to come out of their rooms. Ziwa went to his gate and moved forward and backward as if in reply to what Shukuru was rumbling about. Ziwa rumbled loudly too as they both waited for the keepers to come and open their gate for a new day. Murera stopped by the area where the lucerne pellets were laid out, picking some pellets to eat with Mwashoti mingling around her shoulders.

Alamaya, Lima Lima and Zongoloni took off chasing butterflies and then many orphans followed and joined them, charging around inside the forest making it hard for other babies to settle and browse with all the commotion. Ziwa, who was charging around at the front, knocked his knee on the rocks when he lost which way the butterflies had gone when they flew up in the air! As the elephants kept charging at the butterflies they stepped through some army ants that started to bite their poor feet, causing them to run up the Kenze hills for respite.

We as keepers are still very happy with Shukuru’s progress so far; she is doing well with a good appetite, and beginning to put more weight. Sonje and Lima Lima are very protective and defensive of her, not allowing any of the bully boys near her.

Sonje talking to Shukuru

Ngasha and Ziwa playing

Jasiri walking to his friends


During the public visiting hour today, Musiara stole the show. As the last group of elephants came running in for their milk bottles, this little boy lagged behind, slowly following his friends who rushed in. Musiara chose to avoid the water that separated the feeding area and the rocks, and instead chose a dry path to follow, forcing the visitors to pave way for the little boy. He slowly drank his bottle, resting his trunk on his keeper’s hand. Emoli and Maktao were rolling on a fresh heap of loose soil, taking it in turns to roll and dust their bodies. Sattao joined their game and as it gained momentum, Kiasa decided to join the three boys. This also changed the style of game from a rolling one to a pushing and pulling one. Emoli pulled Sattao’s trunk as Kiasa pushed Emoli from behind. Emoli did not know but Kiasa had other plans, and the naughty girl bit Emoli’s tail so hard that he yelled for help. Malima came running over with her ears raised to save the crying Emoli, and Tamiyoi came over to help separate the fighting babies as well. They all walked off in different directions, bringing their fighting game to an end. 

Musiara is a funny little elephant

Maktao and Emoli

Tamiyoi playing in the mud


It was another perfect beginning to the day with the orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and the supplement feeding before making their way to the northern side of Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session.

Arruba decided to move uphill to browse with Embu following her a short while later. The rest of the orphan herd remained at the base and were rejoined by Arruba and Embu when they were preparing to head to the baobab waterhole.

The orphans had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games, with Arruba entering the water in style, kicking the water with her front legs throwing muddy water all over her friends who were quick to exit the wallow. Rorogoi was the only one to remain in the mud bath with Arruba. Embu then decided to charge into the water where she began rolling around tossing her trunk skyward and trumpeting loudly showing her excitement. Once they were all done bathing the orphan herd enjoyed a dust bath with Arruba making her way to a nearby tree for a scratching session. The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Arruba kicking the water

Embu takes centre stage in bathing games

Araba scratching bottom




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