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During the night Ziwa, Faraja and Ngasha had been busy trying to ascertain where the noise that they were hearing was coming from while Zongoloni and Jarsiri pushed at their gates as did Murera and Sonje.  The keepers had to come out of their tents to see what the fuss was about and found that it was some hyenas making a lot of noise which was scaring the orphans.   The keepers went back to bed while Murera and Sonje stood looking at Mwashoti to see if he would settle before they themselves could relax and get some rest.

When the orphans exited their quarters in the morning, following a restless night due to the hyenas, Alamaya led them all to their milk bottles after which they all enjoyed some lucerne and then made their way to the forest avoiding the water springs area where the hyenas were believed to have been during the night. 

Zongoloni at the waterhole

Orphans leaving the waterhole

Ziwa browsing


The stockade dependant orphan elephants exited their stockade in a happy mood and went straight for their milk bottle after which they enjoyed some copra cake and Lucerne grass. Ishaq-B managed to find a low lying acacia branch and enjoyed feeding on the green twigs. Tundani tried to mimic mount her nearly knocking Ishaq-B into the acacia thorns which angered Ishaq-B no end. She turned to face Tundani and engaged her in a head on fight which lasted until the orphan herd began making their way to the browsing fields. Tundani made sure to stay at the back of the group so as to avoid incurring any more of Ishaq-B’s wrath.

The orphans visited the middle water hole and had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games. When they were done wallowing they made their way to the big waterhole and browsed around that area for the rest of the day before returning to the stockades for the night.  

Ishaq-B engaging Tundani

Mbirikani scratching her chest with a stick

Suswa biting her trunk


Early in the morning, the orphans were joined by a handful of Ex Orphans. Amongst them were Chaimu and Chemi Chemi who played and tussled together. This ended when Kilaguni intervened by helping his friend Chaimu drive Chemi Chemi away. Later, Shukuru led her group to the Kone area where they settled to browse. Because it is getting so dry the orphans are really concentrating on browsing without wasting any time.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Madiba and several wild elephants. After the mud bath, Roi and Kamok led the way back to the browsing field where Galla and Naseku had a brief chat. Enkikwe and Sirimon engaged in a strength testing exercise. In the evening Ukame led the first group back to the stockade.

Kilaguni and Chemi chemi playing

Shukuru browsing alone

Madiba with the orphans


During the public visit, Enkesha and Jotto were busy challenging each other by shoving, pushing and head butting each other. Their struggle was over who would claim victory over a heap of lucerne pellets that had been placed for them there. Neither one was ready to surrender the pile, so they resorted to all sorts of acts against each other. As Jotto failed to move Enkesha away from the pile, he tried pulling her tail to which she resorted to sitting down right on top of the pellets! Jotto then tried to push her off but Enkesha then lay down on them, leaving Jotto with no other option than to walk away at which point, Enkesha got onto her knees and started to feed on the lucerne. It was funny to watch because as soon as she saw Jotto walk towards the pile she lay down again to avoid him having any! 

Enkesha loves lucerne pellets

Jotto in the morning

Enkesha with Luggard


This morning a lot of trumpeting was heard coming from the bushes around the stockades.  The trees could be seen moving as something ran through them. The orphans were feeling rather scared wondering what was going on.  The keepers made sure to keep close to the orphans so as to keep them calm while they all waited to see what was causing such a commotion.  When nothing came out of the bushes Ziwa and Lima Lima went to investigate and found some big buffaloes fighting.  This gave the two orphans a fright and had them running back to the keepers and the rest of their friends.  
Today we decided not to put the lucerne in the usual place and instead called all the orphans to the water springs area so that they could enjoy their lucerne in peace well away from the fighting buffaloes who could cause injury to the orphans and the keepers should they decide to charge while in an agitated fighting mood.  

Murera scratching

Orphans having fun at the mudbath

Sonje holding her ear with her trunk




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