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When the orphans first went out to the forest this morning, most of them were busy browsing but Lasayen and Pare were seen enjoying a pushing game which went on for some time before attracting the attention of Galla and Kauro. These two boys approached them but when Kauro raised his trunk up in the air Lasayen ran off yelling at the sight of his big tusks! This left Pare to play with Galla and Kauro but the game did not last long as Kauro started to try and climb on the other two and they are no match for him!

Again it was too cold to mud bath at the public visit today however Murit kept busy with a chasing game against Esampu and Mteto. He was running and trying to climb on them, a game which attracted the attention of Ngilai who then chased after Murit. Murit turned against him though and they started a tough pushing game but it came to an end when Murit accidentally pricked the inside of Ngilaiís ear with his tusk, prompting him to walk away and settle by the water trough instead as he has no tusks to compete with! He started a new game of drawing water with his trunk and spraying the visiting school children who were delighted with this unique and wonderful encounter.

Pare and Lasayen

Pare chasing Lasayen!

The boys were afraid of Kauro's big tusks!

Murit wanted to play a chasing game


In the morning the orphans enjoyed a game of around the stockade compound once they had finished enjoying their milk and supplements. Kenia and Ndii quickly took charge and together with their baby Araba the two led the group out to the browsing grounds.

The orphans had a lovely time browsing and as it was fairly cold they chose not to go into the waterhole. They had their noon milk bottle at the foot of Msinga Hill after which they went further uphill under the guidance of Mbirikani, Suswa and Nelion. Climbing the hill was quite tiring and the orphans looked for ways that they could cool off.

Emilyís herd was not seen this month even though the keepers carried out extensive monitoring patrols. Lempaute, Kivuko, Layoni and Dabassa were often seen browsing around Msinga Hill, while Mzima, Sinya, Taveta, Tassia, Rombo and Wasessa are believed to be with Ndara and Neptune.

Naipoki moves uphill to browse

Ndii browsing

Ndii, Araba and Kenia


Garzi left the stockade with a branch in his mouth that he continued to feed on while enjoying scratching on the nearby rocks. Oltaiyoni had a brief chat with Olsekki as Enkikwe tried to pull some grass from Sirimon's mouth. The orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area until it was time for their next milk bottle at the mud bath. Barsilinga, Lemoyian, Shukuru, Sirimon, Siangiki, Vuria and Oltaiyoni really enjoyed the mud bath at length. Sokotei engaged Bomani in a strength testing exercise as Olsekki played with Garzi. Sokotei decided to take a break to roll on the ground but as soon as he went down on his knees Bomani was quick to throw himself on top of him. Olsekki came to Sokoteiís and both of them ganged up to fight Bomani. After mud bath, Lemoyian engaged Kithaka in a pushing game that lasted unil Lemoyian surrendered. Shortly after the orphans returned back to the browsing field, the Ex orphans in the company of eight wild bulls reported. Mutara and Chaimuís groups were not there and we are still hopeful our new arrivals Kelelari, Dupotto and Karisa are with them. The Ex Orphans left two hours later after enough wallowing.  

Playful Bomani and Sokotei

Orwa at the mud bath

Teleki and Nasalot


When the keepers opened the gates in the morning, immediately all the orphans rushed out and met up with two wild elephants. They headed to the water springs area, forcing the keepers to quickly rush behind them to make sure Murera, Sonje and Mwashoti were not having problems and that all the orphans were all safe.
After getting their bottles at the midday feeding point, the keepers took their lunch under the trees as they normally do whilst the babies played around. Then Zongoloni and Lima Lima, separated themselves from the other big matriarchs and headed to the Kibwezi forestís wetland area, where there is lots of flowing water. Wild elephants and the orphans alike love to come swimming in this special area.

Ziwa getting ready to wallow

Lima Lima in the dust

Sonje telling Alamaya something


When the orphans settled out in the bush this morning to browse, most of the young ones were busy browsing alongside their keepers. Ukame, Maramoja, Galla, Ndotto, Ndiwa and Wanjala who had attached themselves to the main herd since their older friends left for Ithumba, now browsed in the company of Kauro who seemed to have taken over the position of Kelelari as an older bull. Once again and now under the leadership of Kauro and Ukame too, this group browsed further into the forest. Kauro seems to remember all the old routes through the forest and it has been up to the others to show him their new ones.

Today it was very cold during public visiting so none of the orphans wanted to mud bath and instead they settled to dust themselves with soil. Ndotto and Rapa enjoyed clambering on Lasayen as he rolled on the ground and everyone enjoyed watching these two climb all over him. The school children especially enjoyed this spectacle, as for many of them it was the first tim seeing an elephant, and they marveled at their long noses and how they used them.

Ukame feeling braver

Ndiwa accompanied the older herd too

Lasayen, Malima and Sana Sana

Lasayen going to roll on the ground

Ndotto has an itchy eye




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