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Kiko is such a funny giraffe and sometimes he makes really funny decisions as well. Today when his Keeper was leading him out into the forest to join the elephant orphans, he stopped suddenly and decided not to go any further. He stood still and just watched the elephants and the Keepers from some distance away. We have no idea why he decided to do that rather than go and browse next to them like he normally does, but today thatís what he decided! As his Keeper moved towards the elephants, Kiko decided to turn and run back towards the stockades where before long he was browsing in the car park area, with perhaps the intention of meeting the visiting public who were starting to arrive. Before long though he was led away to be kept in the compound area where he could browse to his heartís content, and not bother anyone. It took the Keepers a long time to convince Kiko to follow them; they find him such a headache as he is so independent and determined! 

Mapia at 9am feed

Malima waiting her turn to go down to mud-bath

Kuishi Emoli Maktao and Musiara


The morning was bright with the sun was rising beautifully on the far horizon as the orphan elephants assembled for their milk and supplement feeding. They were in a jovial mood and once they were done feeding they enjoyed some games around the stockade compound.

Ngilai and Godoma tossed up some huge chunks of red soil, spraying it up onto their backs. Mashariki came to watch the two, enjoying a scratching session against a nearby rock as she did so. Once Mashariki was done scratching Godoma took her place enjoying a scratching session of her own before leaving to allow Tahri to do the same. A queue then seemed to form with Bada, Mudanda and Embu all wanting a turn.

Today Lentili enjoyed leading the orphan herd to the browsing grounds with Tundani and Suswa bringing up the rear. The orphans browsed in single file throughout the day, visiting the water hole at noon where they had a brief bath before resuming with their browsing activities.

Bada scratching

Godoma scratching

Tahri scratching


Eight wild bulls were drinking water at the stockade water troughs when the dependent orphans were let out this morning. Shortly later, another ten wild elephants joined them. Galana, baby Gawa, Sunyei, baby Siku, Lualeni, Chyulu, Meibai, Makireti, Kilabasi and Kasigau joined the orphans to feed on lucerne. After feeding on lucerne, the graduate orphans escorted the juniors to the browsing field and after parted ways. The morning session was quiet as each orphan tried to work out on getting as much food as possible as it is already quite dry in the area. They did not want to return home too hungry! Kamok teamed up with Kauro as Mteto settled to browse with Mundusi. At mud bath time, nine wild bulls checked in and joined the juniors to drink water. The orphans then settled for soil dusting where Wanjala attempted to bully Sapalan but was cautioned by the Keepers before he got carried away. Later on, Oltaiyoni led the way to the upper Kalovoto area where the orphans settled to browse for the rest of the day.  

Wild bulls at the stockade

Orphans and wild elephants

Wanjala attempting to bully Sapalan


All the orphans walked along nicely to browse around the Umani Springs area, only Jasiri turned back and indicated for the other boys not to follow Sonje and Lima Lima who were in the lead. Mwashoti stuck with Murera and could not be separated from being close to her. Murera walked slowly behind to negotiate the steep hills. Some buffalos approached from different directions and Sonje came back to help Murera blow big trumpets to warn any wild animals away.

In the hills, Alamaya lost his friends Lima Lima, Zongoloni and Quanza and he was rumbling loudly, calling for them. Faraja came over and took him to where Murera and Sonje were, then Lima Lima arrived as well.

Alamaya with Murera

Zongoloni picking the best leaves

Quanza walking to the springs


Recently Kuishi and Malkia have been acting out quite harshly towards the young growing boys like Jotto, Ambo, Emoli and especially Mapia. They are often seen bullying them and making sure they know who is boss. Their harsh nature means that these young boys try to avoid encountering these two girls whenever they can. When you see them accidentally coming across them out in the forest, they do a quick turn in order to avoid them. Today out in the forest Emoli found himself browsing right alongside Malkia, and when he saw her turn and walk in his direction he suddenly ran off yelling in order to avoid her. Kuishi and Malkia did not really behave like this before Mbegu and the others left, and they are really keeping the young boys on their toes to keep them in line. 

Maktao Sagala and Kuishi at 9am feed

Maisha Emoli Maktao browsing away from Malkia

Malkia keeps an eye on the boys




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