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The year is coming to a close, and Maramoja led the way out followed by Mteto and Esampu. The orphans briefly passed by the water trough for water before Naseku led the way out to the bush. Kithaka, Barsilinga and Garzi followed their friends at a distance simply because they didn't want to be controlled by the Keepers. Sapalan, who we are happy to see is very active these days, teamed up with Galla to feed while Malkia settled to browse with Sana Sana. Enkikwe, who is still limping, had a lengthy chat with Lemoyian. These two boys are very lucky to have survived their lion attacks.

On the way to the mud bath, Mundusi threatened Ndiwa not to overtake him. Ndiwa decided not to overtake and waited for the right time when Mundusi was distracted by a dik dik, then she made her move. At mud bath time, Wanjala and Tusuja had fun rolling on each other as Sapalan led the way in wallowing. After mud bathing, Esampu had fun of crawling along the edge of the mud bath on his front legs while Roi, Tusuja, Naseku and Olsekki settled for soil dusting. Later, Tusuja engaged Olsekki in a strength testing exercise but when the going got tough, Tusuja decided to quit. In the evening Kithaka, Barsilinga and Garzi refused to go back to the stockade with the others but returned an hour later after the orphans had settled at the stockade for the night.

Olsekki soil dusting

Sapalan in the water

Esampu playing


Itís the last day of the year and it was another sunny day. The babies were engaged in all different activities. Some, like Sattao, Kiasa, Musiara, Maisha and Maktao were playing push and pull games. Some of the big girls like Kuishi, Sagala and Tagwa were pulling and picking branches from the tops of some small trees. The biggest Nursery boys, Jotto and Ambo, were basking in the sun. Kiko was enjoying as usual from the tops of the trees nearby. The playful girls Malima and Tamiyoi were play-chasing him around as he tried to browse. He was enjoying all the different leaves, and at once stage bent low so he could sample some of the tasty ones from a smaller shrub as well. Tiny Maarifa was warming her little body in the sun as well, as her Keepers stood by her and watched for her safety as she took a little nap. The year of 2018 ended well for all the little orphans in the Nairobi Nursery.  

Tagwa at the 9am feed

Sattao with a mouthful of grass

Malima catching a wild scent


All the orphans walked out of their night stockades and went straight to the corner where they know the Keepers lay out their Lucerne pellets for them. Shukuru went to her own corner as usual, where some pellets where there in a wheel barrow waiting. The Keepers kept an eye on the pellets there, guarding them from the greedy Lima Lima and any naughty boys who might try their luck before Shukuru could get there.

When the orphans went out to the forest they came across a little snake along the pathway. It was trying to slither away and hide but Ngasha and Faraja stopped and tried to stamp on it. Ngasha then picked it up with his trunk and threw it very far away to be sure they were all safe from the snake.

The Umani Keepers and all the orphans wish everyone a very happy new year.

Faraja scratching

Ngasha dustbathing

Lima Lima on the move


It was a beautiful warm and sunny morning as the orphan elephants exited their stockades in happy mood, gulping down their morning milk bottle eager to begin the day. Today Tahri was the first to get to the milk feeding area, beating Ngilai to the milk bottles, which surprised Ngilai who seemed to be thrown off by this turn of events. The orphans then played happily around the stockade compound before heading to the fields.

The orphan elephants browsed half way up the eastern side of Msinga Hill. Naipoki and Nelion had a wrestling match on the Hill with Naipoki quitting the game upon noticing that Nelion's long tusk could injure her. The orphans came down at noon and made their way to the baobab tree waterhole where Arruba showcased her bathing skills by rolling around in the water. Kenia did not seem too keen to join the bathing orphans and stayed away from the waterhole browsing nearby, and was joined by the rest of the orphan herd when they had finished wallowing.

Mudanda making his way to the mud-bath

Bada takes centre stage at bath time

Arruba and Embu enjoy their mud-bath


The sky was clear in the morning and this was an indication of hot day a head. Maramoja led the way out followed by Dupotto. The orphans briefly settled for lucerne before Karisa led the way out. At around nine o'clock in the morning, the temperature soared, prompting the playful Naseku to look for the closest water hole to cool off. Naseku was joined by Malkia, Sana Sana, Rapa, Siangiki and Enkikwe. After having enough of cooling off, the orphans resumed browsing.

At mud bath time, Dupotto led Tusuja and Kamok in the first group. It was still hot and the orphans led by Esampu had a spectacular wallowing. Barsilinga and Garzi had brief strength testing exercise that saw Garzi emerge as the winner. In the afternoon, the orphans decided to take a break by converging under some trees with good shade. When it cooled down a bit the orphans carried on walking and browsing. In the evening, Kithaka and Garzi lagged behind as they were not interested in going back early. The two boys returned back later shortly before seven o'clock late in the evening.

Maramoja leading the orphans out

Dupotto leading





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