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The stockade dependant orphan elephants downed their morning milk bottle befoe settling for the Lucerne grass pellets and fresh Lucerne grass that had been availed to them by the keepers. After feeding for more than twenty minutes, Lempaute, Kivuko, Dabassa and Layoni all came to the stockades to join the juniors. On seeing them, Kenia, Ndii, Naipoki and Kihari consolidating their group as quickly as they could and moved them away from the four Ex Orphans as they headed out to the browsing fields.

Lempaute, Kivuko, Layoni and Dabassa did not seem upset about the juniors leaving and they spent the day feeding on the piles of Lucerne grass that had been put out for them. They occasionally stopped feeding to drink water from the stockade water trough.

Ngulia, Kore, and Tawi came running into the stockades this evening with Kore, the female eland, missing the door of her stockade and hitting the chain link fence injuring her mouth. A section of her lip was cut but she is feeding well and without any problems. The wound is being treated with antibiotic spray and is healing.


Naipoki splashing games

Ndoria drinking water

Orphans waiting for lucerne grass


The orphans settled for lucerne soon after leaving the stockade. It was a quiet morning without any wild elephants or Ex Orphans joining the orphans to feast on lucerne. Karisa was feeding close to Barsilinga and received a rude shock when Barsilinga just knocked him down out of the blue and for no apparent reason. This annoyed Karisa and since there was nothing he could do, he just got up and left.

Out in the bush Galla took a break from feeding to scratch against a tree while Kithaka settled for a pushing game with Garzi. Lemoyian had a lone game of rolling on the ground as Tusuja played with Boromoko. At around ten o'clock in the morning the juniors were joined by Narokís group which consists of herself, Orwa, Bomani and Vuria. Later, Sokotei and Siangiki used the same tree to scratch their ears while Lemoyian, who loves pushing games, engaged Enkikwe to a strength testing exercise.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Olareís group and fifteen wild elephants. Garzi briefly engaged Chemi Chemi in a pushing game, a game that he lost miserably to. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse on the western side of Ithumba Hill up to four o'clock in evening, when Laragai led the way for an evening cool-off in the mud bath. After they were done, the orphanís soil dusted and then Ukame led the way back to the stockade.

Kithaka playing with Barsilinga

Orwa says hi to the orphans

Sokotei and Siangiki scratching

Evening wallow


Emoli and Maisha behave just like a brother and sister who love each other. One is always following behind the other although usually it is Emoli who lead with Maisha following. They attended the public visiting time today for the first time and they were so well behaved that no one could tell it was their first time. They seemed to love the mud bath and wanted to join their friends there who were having lots of fun, especially Enkesha and Malima. With Emoli leading and Maisha following behind, they walked towards the mud hole and started pushing the keeper there standing on the edge, trying to get access. They almost made it in but the keeper was quick and pulled Emoli back from the edge. Instead of going into the deep pool, a smaller one was made for them on the edge using a spade and they both really enjoyed rolling around the muddy soil; they didnít want to leave and Maisha complained as she was escorted by a Keeper back out to the forest. Esampu was in a naughty mood and came over to push Maisha. This annoyed Murit who immediately started poking Esampu in her back with his little tusks to teach her a lesson.

Kiko was out with the elephants this afternoon right up until their 3pm milk feed when he disappeared only to show up at the mud bath where the elephants were having their milk. He was very well behaved though and later walked back to the stockade compound to browse around there on the acacia trees.

Sweet little Maisha

Maisha and Emoli

Malima, Maktao and Tagwa

Kiko and Musiara

Kiko following his Keeper


At the waterhole some wild elephants and their babies came out of the bushes for a drink of water. They came to the waterhole near the lodge and started charging at the trees knocking down some of the smaller ones after which they went to peel the bark off of some of the bigger trees. By the time the orphans got to the area, which is their midday milk feeding area, they found it to be unrecognizable. When Murera got there she found Zongoloni and Ziwa walking away with their wild friends. Quanza went to follow them and went a short way before turning to the keepers to get their assistance in getting Zongoloni and Ziwa away from the wild elephants and back to the orphan group.

In the afternoon the orphans again joined up with their wild friends at the water pipeline where they had come to look for some water to drink. They were happy to find a muddy water pool which was big enough for them to be able to enjoy a wallow. Ziwa and Ngasha were the first to go in and they rolled around covering their bodies in mud after which they made their way to the nearby water troughs for a drink of clean water. They then made their way back to the stockades for some much needed rest following a long day out in the bush.

Thirsty babies in the morning

Ziwa pushing down trees

Alamaya trying to climb over a rock


The morning was wonderful with Lempaute, Kivuko, Dabassa and Layoni arriving at the stockade in the early hours of the morning. The four settled to enjoy Lucerne grass and range cubes with the juniors once they had finished their morning milk bottle. Ishaq-B and Bada kept a tight guard on Araba, helping Kenia in the task of denying Lempaute and Kivuko access to their adopted baby.

Later in the morning a tour driver reported that he had seen an orphan elephant walking and browsing alone about three kilometers from the Aruba air strip. The stockade keepers and the de-snaring team were mobilized to assist each other to rescue the calf which was about three years old. The orphan male was very dehydrated and was almost state of collapse. Once rescued he settled to browse on the lush green grewia branches that had been placed in the taming stockade for him. He was warmly greeted by Tahri and Chedi who did all they can to reassure him that he was in safe hands.

Kihari browsing

Kenia standing on a rock browsing

Mbirikani trying to take the lead in browsing




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