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Four wild elephants were drinking water at the stockade water troughs when the orphans were let out. Two of the wild elephants joined the juniors to eat some lucerne. Half an hour later, Yatta and her group showed up. Sirimon, Kamok and Ukame spent scratched on the nearby rocks before Shukuru rumbled, informing the group that it was time to go. The orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area up to eleven o'clock in the morning when Kamok led the group to the mud bath. The orphans were again joined by Yatta’s group and twenty five wild bulls who had arrived at mud bath early before eleven o'clock in the morning. Garzi engaged Ololoo in strength testing exercise that went for quite some time while Wanjala settled for a soil dusting exercise.

In the afternoon, the orphans were joined briefly by Olare’s group. Melia settled to browse with Sirimon Kithaka, Olsekki and Ololoo while Oltaiyoni, Enkikwe and Lemoyian took a break from feeding to relax under a tree. When they felt they had enough rest, Lemoyian and Enkikwe engaged each other in a pushing game that ended in a draw. Shukuru settled to browse with Dupotto as Sirimon engaged Enkikwe to a strength testing exercise that saw Sirimon emerge as the winner. In evening, as everyone was getting ready to go back to the stockade, the keepers realized that Garzi and Barsilinga had dodged them. This was not their first time and they are increasingly showing signs of wanting to join the Ex Orphans, an indication that they are getting ready to leave the full time protection of their human family. The keepers left them knowing that they would definitely find their way back to stockade if they wanted to. An hour later, Garzi and Barsilinga reported back safely for yet another night in the stockades.

Lenana and Karisa

Garzi playing with Ololoo

Wanjala soil dusting

Melia with Kithaka


Kauro and Ndotto had a great beginning to their day as they welcomed it with a pushing game. These two kept looking for each other the whole morning for a wrestling game, right up until milk feeding time.

It’s almost been a month since Namalok arrived in the Nursery but he is still not very trusting of his keepers and still does not drink milk from a bottle. From his behaviour and reaction it seems as if he had bad experience with humans before his rescue. Sapalan is different as even though he has not fully accepted his keepers he has started taking milk from a bottle and seems to trust them a bit more. He has even almost suckled the keepers fingers like the rest of the babies do in the nursery. These are all good signs and it is only a matter of time before he joins the others out in the forest during the day.

Maktao still yells when it is his time to leave the mud bath area and today it was especially funny as when he heard the radio hand set signaling his time to go back to the forest, he stood up from where he had been happily rolling in the soil and ran towards the milk wheelbarrow yelling. Not even an empty bottle could persuade him to leave, even though it was in his mouth, he continued to yell as the keepers tried to lead him out.

Ngilai did the same thing as the other day by going to the other side of the rope cordon during visiting time. After drinking his milk bottle he went around the edge pretending to look for lucerne pellets but suddenly he darted through the rope with his trunk raised, giving everyone who was standing there some trunk kisses. When he saw the keepers coming he lifted up the rope and went back to the right side to avoid being told off.

Ndotto began his day with a pushing game

Maktao still yells when it's time to leave

Naughty little Ngilai


A wild elephant came to the stockades in the morning and wanted to play with Alamaya and Mwashoti. Lima Lima however was not happy to have the wild elephant place with the baby boys and blocked them from getting close to him when she realized that he wanted to get close to them and touch them, something that she did not want to happen and she did all she could to prevent him from getting close to them.

Following the morning’s encounter with the wild elephant the orphans made their way to the lucerne corner where they found two buffaloes and a dikdik already there feeding on the lucerne and pellets that had been put out for them. Zongoloni and Quanza were surprised to see the buffaloes and dikdik enjoying the orphan’s supplements and charged at them chasing the dikdiks into the nearby bushes. The buffaloes were not as easy to chase away and Murera and Sonje went to the assist the two in chasing the intruders away and with their help they were finally successful in doing so.

Sonje and Alamaya ready for morning activities

Faraja in the forest

Jasiri and Quanza at the water trough


This afternoon the Voi stockade keepers received a report from the trust pilot of an orphan baby elephant that he had spotted during a routine patrol. The calf had been seen near the Sala gate and the team wasted no time getting to the area. On arrival they noticed that the calf was about 6 years old and as such too big to rescue. As the area had received some rain there was vegetation for him to feed on and he was close to the Galana river all of which meant his chances of survival were very high.

On the way back to the stockade we received word, from tour drivers out on a game drive, of a collapsed wild elephant cow in the Kanderi area. The team went to the elephant’s assistance but found that she could not even stand even when aided to her feet. While helping her an approximately one and a half year old orphan calf (Chedi) came to drink from the Kanderi water trough. Chedi is a Taita/Taveta name meaning the lucky one as that orphan elephant was very lucky to have come to the water trough when the keepers were there. The team followed the calf for about four hundred meters. They saw it browsing close to an elephant calf that had collapsed and died a few days ago. The tusks had been recovered by one of the trust’s desnaring teams. The calf was subsequently rescued and brought into one of the taming stockades where it was warmly greeted by Tahri and given some much needed reassurance.

Naipoki greeting Ndii

Ndii and Kenia hiding Arraba from Lempaute

Suswa browsing on the hill


Mutara and her group reported to the stockade compound early in the morning. When the gates were opened for the juniors to come out, Mutara and her group rushed in to find out if there was anything left over for them to feed on. They walked out a short while later and settled for lucerne. Sokotei and Olsekki left with branches in their mouths but Shukuru and Siangiki forced Olsekki into sharing his with them by pulling it from his mouth. Naseku spent some time scratching on the nearby rocks and shortly later, the orphans were joined by Makireti, Kilabasi, Kasigau, Madiba, Zurura, Orwa, Narok, Vuria, bomani and two wild bulls. Kainuk briefly played with Vuria before turning to Orwa. At the browsing field, Kithaka started a pushing game with Garzi, a game that prompted Sokotei to start one with Olsekki. Five wild dogs tried to access the water at the stockade compound but unfortunately were chased away by Mutara who was guarding the water hole. At eleven o'clock in the morning, the orphans attended mud bath and there after returned back to the browsing field. The orphans settled to browse along the lower Kalovoto seasonal river where Sokotei spent some time dusting himself with soil.  

Mutara looking for food and Karisa

Naseku scratching her hind

Shukuru and Siangiki sharing branch with Olsekki

Dupotto and Ukame

Mutara chasing wild dogs




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