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A group of boys including Kauro, Rapa. Ndotto, Lasayen, Sapalan, Namalok and their best friend Sagalla spent their morning far away from the others this morning. Today after they had their 9am milk bottle, Kauro led them away and they went in a different direction from where the rest where browsing. As we were monitoring them to quietly see where they went, all of a sudden they came running back yelling as they had seen an eland running for safety. For the rest of the morning they browsed peacefully with the rest of the herd with the keepers as well.  

Ndotto and Lasayen entwine trunks

Orphans browsing

Pare walks to the mud-bath


This morning we were visited by Galana’s group and her baby Gawa, Nasalot with her baby Nusu and other Ex Orphans. They drank water and left. The dependent orphans came out of their stockades after their milk and interacted with Narok, Orwa and Bomani. A few minutes later, they all walked out to the bush to browse.

Shukuru was the most busy browsing as they interacted with the Ex Orphans from Mutara’s group, who had just joined them. Turkwel, Kasigau and Sities were browsing together in the bush. Kasigau started playing and climbing on Suguta but Suguta started her own game of rolling on the ground. Gala was browsing alone to the side. Some of the orphans visited a small pool and drank water from there, and later the herd walked towards the mud bath for their milk.

They all chose to wallow in the main pool today and then again, formed a line to come straight out and head back out to browse. Everyone was busy browsing and interacting with Ex Orphans. Suguta and Mutara were very happy to stay with the orphans the whole day. Wanjala was kissing Tusuja and later Kamok and Boromoko led the group back home in the evening for their milk. We had no rain today and saw no other Ex Orphans.

Galla and Roi browsing

Turkwell, Kasigau and Sities

Kamok leads her group home


Today some wild elephants walked all the way from the Chyulu Hills to come and greet the orphans’ the stockades in the morning. They waited for the orphan herd to come out of their stockades and joined them as they made their way to the browsing grounds. Although the keepers followed at a distance it was not long before the wild bulls saw them following the group. As the wild elephants are still very distrustful of humans they walked faster in an effort to get away from them.

Lima Lima, Zongoloni and Quanza headed into the forest while the bulls separated from the orphan herd and headed in a different direction. As the orphans walked through the forest Murera stopped to pull some bark from an acacia tree. As she fed on the Sonje took the opportunity to get Mwashoti away from her.

Mwashoti finds soft leaves

Ngasha sucking his trunk

Orphans wallow


It was a nice beginning of the day with the stockade dependant orphan elephants playing happily around the stockade compound leaving when Dabassa and Layoni made their grand entry into the compound.

The orphans went half way up the eastern side of Msinga Hill where they settled for the mornings browsing activities. When it was time for the mud bath and afternoon milk feed the orphans descended and had a lovely time wallowing in the water following the milk and dairy cube feeding. Mbirikani and Ishaq-B ran in and out of water in what was perceived to be some kind of competition. Ajali seemed to like their game and joined in, even though he is not usually a fan of the water.

After a wonderful noon mud bath, Mbirikani and Tundani went for a scratching session against a big tree trunk while Kenia and Arruba waited to have a turn when they were done. The rest of the browsing day was spent browsing peacefully with Bada and Mudanda taking the lead of the orphan herd in the evening when it was time to return to the stockades.

Ishaq-B having a lovely mudbath

Mbirikani mudbathing

Tundani scratching

Ajali and Nguvu browsing together


It was a warm and bright morning so the orphans woke up in a playful mood. Ambo and Jotto met outside their stables and started wrestling. Murit wanted to play with Mteto but she misunderstood and thought that he wanted to fight her. He approached her with a different style and she calmed down a bit and in the end they both enjoyed a pushing game.

Maxwell appeared to be very restless this morning and was running up and down his stockade. This started when he heard funny noises coming from the warthogs who had started a fight by his gate. They had come in the early morning to eat the leftover lucerne pellets. Mbegu also heard the noise before she walked out to the forest and she charged over to the gate to chase them away.

Malkia reaches up to find green leaves

Mapia looking to join the rest

Mbegu keeps the babies together




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