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The orphans are very good at telling the time – they know when it is time to go back home for bed, milk feeding time or time to go out to the forest. They are very used to their routine! This morning however, for one reason or another, there was some delay for them to come out of their rooms. Emoli is a very outgoing young bull and when he was absolutely sure it was well past their time to leave for the forest he started yelling and shouting, complaining about the delay. As soon as some of the others started coming out of their rooms, he started celebrating and trumpeting, running towards the forest in glee. Mapia and Sagala joined him in his celebration and ran trumpeting after him. Tagwa didn’t want to accompany the others before seeing Dololo, Merru and Mukoka. She went around head butting doors and banging the milk buckets to their rooms – we are not sure if she was just playing or expressing how she felt. Whenever she was encouraged in the direction of the forest, she just kept coming back and doing the same thing. It was not until the three babies were let out that she escorted them out to the forest to join the others. Jotto gets on with everyone in the family, but we do not often find him engaged in games with Kuishi. Today we watched on as these two were engaged in a friendly wrestling game for a very long time. Kuishi takes the games very seriously and is very tough, especially towards the boys, and she does not like to give in easily! 

Sagala after running to the forest all excited

Mapia at the 9am feed

Kuishi after playing with Jotto


All the orphans woke up quite playful, with Alamaya and Mwashoti play fighting and trying to jump over each other. Eventually Alamaya walked away as he seemed to get bored of the game and moved towards two other young boys play fighting.

The orphans having done a lot of browsing along the Chyulu Hills, were quite full by their midday bottle feeding time. Lima Lima and Quanza had only left enough room for their bottles and then were sleeping with what the Keepers described as their full bellies. Shukuru led the orphans to their midday feed, followed closely by Ziwa. Ziwa arrived trumpeting at the Keepers to give him his bottle; the Keepers think he thought it had been given to one of the other orphans. Alamaya and Mwashoti still receive two bottles as they are still too young to move onto one bottle.

Orphans on the move

Alamaya playing with Lima Lima

Murera dusting up


Yatta, Yoyo, Yetu, Kinna, Kama, Ithumbah, Makena, Ishanga, Sidai and Naserian who haven’t been seen for a month, showed up at the stockades after receiving news that Lualeni had a baby and wanted to congratulate her. After sharing lucerne pellets, Yatta continued their journey to look for Lualeni who had left the previous day for an undisclosed location. This dry season, we have seen the formation of new groups among the ex-orphans. Yatta has her own group now, Galana another one and there is a possibility for Lualeni, who for years has tried to form her own group but failed, to now start another one but only time will tell. Nasalot also has got her own group but it's not clear who the members are since Wendi, Wiva, Mwende and Mulika who used to be in Yatta’s group, have not also been seen for a month. No-one knows how long the formation of these new groups will hold; only time will tell. The orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area and the rest of the day was uneventful. 

Kama nursing from Kinna

Yoyo and Yatta

Pare playing with Tusuja


It was a bright morning as the orphans exited their respective stockades in a happy mood, hungrily downing their morning milk bottles before proceeding to the supplement feeding area. Tahri kept close to Kenia, Naipoki and Panda. The stockade dependent orphans then headed to the browsing fields under Bada and Embu’s leadership.

Soon after arriving out in the bush, Mudanda was seen chasing Nguvu for a fight, but no one knew why Mudanda wanted to engage Nguvu who seemed to have no interest in wanting to play. A few minutes before noon, Ngilai engaged Murit in a play fight and like Nguvu, Murit ran away wanting to continue with his browsing activities. The orphans then made their way to the baobab tree water hole where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games after their noon milk feed. Arruba entered the water and rolled around before submerging herself and using her trunk as a snorkel. She was soon joined by Embu, Tahri, and Murit, all of whom wanted to copy her bathing style. Ndoria stood at the edge of the mud-bath watching the others play. The afternoons browsing session took place close to the water hole.


Ngilai pushing Murit

Mbegu heading uphill

Rorogoi waiting for Tahri to finish scratching


When the elephants walked out to the forest this morning, Enkesha and Maktao were left behind in the stockade compound. Maktao was behind Maxwell’s stockade near the lucerne store, stretching his trunk through the bars and stealing lucerne pellets. Luckily he realized his friends had left and ran to catch up with them. Enkesha however was just caught up playing with the warthogs and hiding from the Keepers. She was behind the stockades when she realized she had been left all alone and then she started yelling, running all over the place and calling the others. Tagwa heard her and the big Mamma came running back to the stockades to collect her. Enkesha was full of joy and celebrated when Tagwa approached her. With lots of trunk hugs Tagwa escorted her out to the forest.
It’s not that common to find Ndiwa engaged in playing games with her age mates. This morning she seems to have been in one of her best moods however as she engaged Malkia in a pushing game. Malkia at one stage attempted to take a break from the game to browse for a bit, but Ndiwa raised her ears up and charged around her in circles so that Malkia had to abandon any hope of browsing to continue Ndiwa’s ‘sizing up’ game.

Malkia trying to engage Ndiwa into her games

Musiara looking after Mukoka

Maktao stuffing grass in his mouth




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