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It was quite a surprise to see Mapia playing today. He does not normally engage the others very much yet, but as the orphans were coming out of their rooms and gathering in the compound area, the little bull Mapia was inviting his neighbor Jotto to play. He raised his ears up to apply for a pushing game and Jotto responded so they both spent some time playing a fun pushing game. At some stages Jotto kept trying to climb on Mapia to show off his dominance, even though he is also small.
Musiara looked unhappy to leave his best friend Luggard behind today, since he was not able to walk out as far as the others today as he is not feeling well. Luggard was kept back with his keeper whilst Musiara walked out with the others into the forest.

Mapia was in a playful mood

Jotto out in the bush

Musiara was sad to leave his friend

Musiara with Godoma


Today Lima Lima seemed to forget about the midday milk bottle and mud bath and got left behind by the rest of the group. The keepers were a little surprised to see Lima Lima running to catch up with the rest of the group as she is usually the first to come in for her milk. It seems that Lima Lima’s confusion was due to the fact that some buffalos had come to the browsing fields and interrupted the orphans browsing activities. The buffalos arrival sent the orphans running around in different directions. The keepers tried to call them back, whistling for them as they always do. Mwashoti and Sonje were the first to respond to their calls and Lima Lima was the last! She came running over, full of worry that her share may have been finished by the others and she was relieved when this wasn’t the case. Zongoloni and Quanza went up to Lima Lima and seemed to want to find out what had happened and why she was late arriving for the milk. When it seemed they were not getting any answers they started to discipline her. Sonje came in and broke them up as the fact that Lima Lima was late and had got lost was not her fault, but was a result of being surprised by the buffalos when out in the browsing fields.  

Zongoloni browsing

Quanza browsing with the others

Faraja filling his mouth with fresh greens

Sonje and Lima Lima


The orphans strolled nonchalantly out from the stockade and settled for lucerne. Outside the stockade Olare’s group was waiting as twenty five wild elephants concentrated on drinking water. The sky was crystal clear and this was an indication of a hot day ahead. After finishing their Lucerne, the orphans briefly joined the wild elephants to arm themselves with enough water to take them through the entire morning. Led by Kamok the orphans walked off east of the Ithumba Hill where they settled to browse. At nine o'clock in the morning, a pack of African wild dogs passed by, disrupting the peaceful browsing of the orphans. They scattered in different directions and ran away from the wild dogs. It took the keepers nearly half an hour to get the situation came back to normal by trying to bring all the orphans back together again. Sapalan, known for his quiet behaviour and silently dodging the keepers, was the last one to be found. Whenever Sapalan heard the keepers looking for him, he would stop feeding and stand still to make sure he wouldn’t create any noise to alert the keepers as where he was. By luck the keepers eventually bumped into Sapalan and directed him to join his friends.

At mud bath, the orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans led Yatta. Naseku had a disagreement with Wiva that resulted in a fight. Olsekki came to assist Naseku and together drove the naughty little Wiva away. In the afternoon, the sun was still hot and this prompted the orphans to converge under a tree with nice shade until it was cooler. In the evening, the Ex Orphans in the company of twenty five wild elephants showed up at the stockade and left immediately after having enough water.

Wendi, baby Wiva and Olsekki

Sidai, baby Kama and Kinna

Tusuja leading

Wild elephants relaxing at the stockades


The day began with Layoni and Dabassa coming and visiting the stockade, after a three week absence following their joining up with Emily and Lesanju’s herds. The two drank water and enjoyed lucerne grass, range cubes and the copra cake, before leaving for the field. Sadly the two Ex Orphans did not join up with the stockade dependent herd.

In the afternoon, the orphan elephants made their way to the baobab tree water hole for their milk and a mud bath. Arruba grabbed her second milk bottle pulling it out of the keeper’s hands and downing the milk as she ran away worried that Bada, Lentili, Tundani, Mudanda and Nelion who were coming for their share may try and steal her bottle. When she was satisfied that she had finished every last drop she discarded the bottle leaving it for the keepers to collect and return to the crate.

Oltukai and Ngulia enjoying lucerne pellets

Bada mudbath games

Ndii finds a stick to play with


Kiko appeared at the mud bath area during the public visiting time at 11am today. He interrupted the keepers who were busy feeding the elephant orphans and all the keepers kept an eye on him to make sure he did not cause any trouble. The keepers called for some others to come and help watch him so that the visit could go on as usual. Kiko was very well behaved however and the whole visit went smoothly! He even had some of his own milk. When the last group of elephants left he went with them as well into the forest, and did not turn back to the stockades.

Godoma is a very caring girl and she showed off this character trait today when she tried to assist Enkesha who got stuck in the mud as she was wallowing. Enkesha got stuck and cried for help until the keepers got in the mud pool and pulled her out. Godoma was very alarmed and was running around the edge of the mud pool trumpeting and trying to assist as well; she will always help any other elephant, especially the youngsters, in need.

Kiko out in the forest

Kiko in the forest with the orphans

Godoma with Musiara

Poor Enkesha got stuck today




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