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Ex Orphan rhino Solio was fighting with the buffalos during the night so Maxwell was in a very tense mood this morning. He doesn’t want anything near his stockades so the warthogs have had a very hard time trying to reach his lucerne pellets in his food trough. Solio arrived at around 6.15 the previous afternoon; she seemed to be hanging around in the forest just waiting for the foster parents to leave because as soon as they left she walked straight into the empty stockades near Maxwell’s pen. She was given some lucerne and it wasn’t long before three male buffaloes approached her. She stood her ground to try and protect her food but there were too many for her. The keepers came to help her drive them away but they came back again to fight her. They eventually had her pinned against the side of the wall and she had no way to escape, so the keepers drove them away again and opened one of the empty stockades for her, put more lucerne in and she spent the night in the pen. The gate was opened at 6am but she only left around 8am having had quite a rough night; and she left without saying goodbye to Maxwell.

Maramoja was in charge of babysitting Pili today; no one else was allowed to approach him. The babies were fussing around at mud bath today as there were no lucerne pellets. After her milk Tamiyoi ran around to all the places where the lucerne piles are normally put but found nothing. She felt all over the ground with her trunk but came up empty and ran over to the keepers with her trunk outstretched to ask where the pellets were. The keepers gave her a finger to suckle but she declined and walked away.

Maxwell fighting off some warthogs

Maxwell in a very excitable mood

Pili with Maramoja

Tamiyoi was very upset there were no pellets


Today the keepers were very surprised to see Alamaya walk up to Mwashoti and intentionally push him hard knocking him to the ground. The keepers quickly came to Mwashoti’s aid and after helping Mwashoti to his feet they reprimanded Alamaya making sure that he understood that what he had done was very wrong. Alamaya ran away from the keepers as he did not like being told off and made his way to Murera thinking that she would be gentler with him but she was just as unhappy with his actions and made sure to let him know that she was not happy with him and what he had done. Zongoloni and Lima Lima went to defend him and tried to prevent him from being reprimanded too harshly. In the meantime Mwashoti was being comforted by Murera and Sonje.  

Babies browsing

Jasiri leads orphans to the midday bottle feed

Sonje and Mwashoti waiting for Murera


The morning started well with the stockade dependant orphan elephants playing games of hide and seek following the morning milk feed. They then joined Kivuko and Lempaute for some Lucerne grass supplement feeding.

The stockade dependant orphan elephants then began their daily journey to the browsing grounds leaving the two ex-orphans behind. The two left a few minutes later headed in a different direction to that taken by the juniors. The orphans browsed on the western foot of Msinga hill. The keepers returned to the stockade to pick up for bales of Lucerne to take to the baobab water hole for the orphans to feed on as there is hardly any vegetation left for the babies.

Suswa and Bada stood enjoyed a wonderful buttock scratching session against the large baobab tree before joining the rest of the group who were already enjoying the Lucerne grass that had been brought for them.

Ajali at mud bath

Panda making a small mud well

Ndii playing the Baobab water trough


Kibo, Kitirua and Murka were standing outside the stockade when the orphans were let out. Tusuja left with a branch in his mouth that he continued to munch on as he waited for lucerne. Shortly later Olare, Kalama, Chemi Chemi, Melia, Tumaren, Naisula and wild orphan checked in and settled to share the lucerne with the juniors. Ten buffaloes emerged from south east side of the stockade and walked to the water trough where they settled for water. Kitirua spotted the buffaloes and headed towards them in a charging mood. The buffaloes stood their ground and refused to move even an inch. Kitirua had no option other than to calm down and join the buffaloes to drink water! Tusuja and Lemoyian started their day’s activities by engaging in a strength testing exercise where they all settled to browse. Karisa settled for a soil dusting exercise while Dupotto settled to browse with Kamok.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Olare’s group and thirty five wild elephants. Soon after wallowing, Boromoko engaged Lemoyian into a pushing game that ended when Murka intervened by pushing the two boys away. In the afternoon, the sun was hot making the orphans take a break from feeding and relax under a tree until the temperature dropped to a favourable level, and then they resumed browsing again. In the evening, the orphans passed by mud bath and were again joined by Olare’s group for an evening cool-off. Later, Olare and her group escorted the juniors back to the stockade for the evening, before they walked off into the Park again.

Kitirua charging at buffalos

Kitirua sharing water with buffalos

Karisa soil dusting

Olare scratching

Evening wallow


Mteto doesn’t seem to want to make close friends like the others, not even with her neighbour Sagala, the new arrival. When Sagala puts her trunk through the bars separating their rooms, Mteto just charges at her.

Out in the bush today, the tiny baby Pili was very much attached to Maramoja and Esampu, not wanting to leave their side. Esampu can behave so differently at times. On some days she is naughty and bad and on others she can be good and gentle and a wonderful baby sitter, just like today and how Pili is hooked on her. She didn’t go as far as allow Pili to suckle her ears but the rest of the time she was very caring towards him. Maramoja then took him away from the rest of the group and prepared some loose soil by kicking the ground with her front legs. When it was ready she lay on the ground and rumbled to Pili to come and play. Pili seemed not to understand as he stayed standing so she decided to pull him down next to her with her trunk. When he lay down she got up and started dusting him until he fell asleep, then he napped as she browsed and watched over him nearby.

Mteto browsing

Esampu and Maktao

Esampu and Pili

Maramoja took Pili away from the others




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