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This morning Sonje led the orphans all the way to the Kenze Hills, where she seemed to pick up on the trail of some wild elephants. The Keepers thought that she might have picked up on Osamaís scent as she was dragging her trunk along the ground. She appeared to eventually lose the scent as she made her way back to join Murera and Mwashoti who were at the back, whilst Shukuru was leading the herd.

Whist the orphans were browsing, Zongoloni came across a sleeping buffalo who woke up with such a fright he turned back to face Zongoloni and defend himself from an attack. Ziwa, Faraja and Ngasha all came to help Zongoloni, as well as the Keepers who made some loud noises, managed to scare the buffalo and cause him to eventually run away.

Orphans dustbathing

Zongoloni dusting up

Shukuru heading back to the forest


The morning started off a bit chilly, as the orphans exited the stockades to greet little wild born baby Lulu. Lualeni arrived around 7pm yesterday evening with her baby and thought it wise to spend the night close to the stockades as she understands the dangers that are faced when you have a newborn calf. It started to drizzle as Lualeni, Lulu, Galana, Gawa, Sunyei, Siku, Lenana and Chyulu settled for lucerne pellets with the orphans. Lulu had the toughest and strictest nannies in Chyulu and Lenana who provided the much needed security for the newborn baby. The orphans didn't even get a chance to say hello to Lulu, they only sniffed her at a distance and managed a little wave. Shortly after, Galana and Sunyei left and twenty minutes later, Lualeni, with her security team followed and werenít seen for the rest of the day. At the browsing field, Sapalan and Enkikwe understood that they were birds of the same feather since they couldn't walk fast like their colleagues and so settled together for browsing. Namalok came across a suitable rock that he used to scratch his buttocks while Esampu teamed up with Maramoja in browsing. At 11am, Karisa and Mundusi raced each other to see who would get to the milk first. Mundusi who is lighter in weight managed to beat Karisa at the race. This didn't go down too well with Karisa, as soon as the two finished their milk, Karisa tried to attack Mundusi. The Keepers intervened and warned Karisa to behave himself. The temperatures were still low and so none of the orphans dared to step into the bathing water and no wild elephants or ex-orphans turned up at the mud bath that day. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at upper Kalovoto area and in the evening returned safely back to the stockade.  

Lualeni and Lulu at the stockade

Lualeni Lulu and Chyulu

Sapalan and Enkikwe browse together


It was a wonderful beginning to the day as the orphans concentrated onto their milk and supplement feeding before leaving the stockades to go out and browse. The orphan elephants browsed in single file on the northern side of the stockade with Ishaq-B, Embu and Panda teaming up in in an effort to snatch little Tahri and Araba from Ndii and Kenia. The two older girls stayed with their adopted babies, thwarting their friendís plans.

The orphans visited the baobab water hole where they had a brief bath before proceeding to the northern side of Msinga Hill where they settled to browse under the shade of an acacia tree. Lasayen decided to start pushing a fallen dead tree trunk to get it to fall over. Mashariki was watching him and was perhaps annoyed at what he was doing as she walked over and started trying to push him! We think this was to get him to stop pushing the tree.

Kenia and Ndii then took charge wanting to lead the orphans towards the big water hole to browse. Mbegu tried to ignore their lead, and led her group further uphill while Lentili, Bada and Arruba headed in the opposite direction. Kenia and Ndii gave up their browsing ideas and instead settled to browse between the two groups.

Mashariki going around a dead tree trunk

Mudanda leaning against a fallen tree trunk

Bada busy browsing


Luggard is forming his very own little herd, as he enjoys spending most of the day with the little ones Dololo, Merru and Mukoka. Merru seems to look up to Dololo but Dololo is not very nice back. Luggard is gentle and loving towards all of them. Mukoka is settling in so well and enjoying his new surroundings and friends. Itís only at the start of the day in the early morning hours that these four are away from the rest of the herd; after the 9am milk feed Merru and Mukoka join the main herd whilst Luggard stays back to keep Dololo company as he is still quite weak and walks slower than the others. Later on Luggard joined the main herd as well and Dololo stayed back with his Keeper. Mukoka behaved very well with the older herd and followed the big girls everywhere. It was still too soon for him to attend the public visit today however, so during that one hour he and Luggard walked back to where Dololo was.
When Kiko joined the elephants out in the forest today, there were wild giraffeís browsing close to the elephants. When they saw Kiko walking towards the elephants, they tried to approach him, but he kept walking away from them and keeping close to his elephant family.
Now Sagala, Kuishi and Maisha have got used to their new rooms which they return to in the evening. Emoli however is still causing trouble for the Keepers to go into his new room at night. Today he fought so hard in the evening to go into his old room, but it has now been taken by Mukoka so he has to get used to his new room eventually!

Mukoka enjoys spending time with his new family

Kuishi ready to go down to mud bath

Maisha ready to go home at 5pm


The Keepers seemed to think that Murera and Sonje were not too happy with Lima Lima this morning as she kept going and pushing Shukuru to try and get to her pellets. Shortly after Lima Lima went and pushed Shukuru, Murera and Sonje followed her and rumbled at her, moving her away from Shukuru. At the waterhole, after receiving their midday milk bottles, a few of the orphans stopped to drink some of the clean water before making their way to the muddy waterhole, being led by Shukuru. All the orphans completely covered themselves in thick mud, so much so that you could only see their eyelashes and eye balls, even Jasiri, who is an albino, was completely covered. 

Shukuru with a mouthful of grass

Orphans in the grasslands

Mwashoti browsing with his friends




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