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Lemoyian and Boromoko were play fighting as the rest watched on this morning. Mutara’s herd visited and Mutara was playing in the compound before they headed back out to the Park. Garzi and Sities started play fighting and then all the orphans walked out to browse.

Tusuja scratched his neck on a tree while Shukuru was very active and playing in the mud. It was so interesting to see them playing and interacting with the Ex Orphans together. Later on, they made their way to the mud bath for their milk.

It was not very hot today and the orphans just had their noon milk bottle before going back out to browse without wallowing. They played for a short while in a small pool they came across, but they were most concerned with browsing and filling up their stomachs. Sirimon was chatting with Lemoyian after their browse. They started playing in the mud again before they made their way back home in the evening.

We were visited by Wendi, Kinna and Mulika with their babies Kama, Wiva and Mwende in the stockades today. They visited this evening, drank some water and left back to the bush.

Sunrise at Ithumba

Lemoiyan and Sirimon chat

Mutara stretching


Lina Lima and Zongoloni did not seem to be in a happy mood as they exited their stockades in the morning. Lima Lima and Zongoloni tried to grab some Lucerne from the hay stores while the keepers tried to prevent them from doing so. They managed to grab a huge bail and ran off with it. The keepers chased them and were able to get them to drop the bail. When the two girls got to the bushes they found some monkeys on the path and they charged at them trumpeting loudly. The rest of the orphans joined them and together they made a lot of noise as they tried to chase the monkeys away. They were unsuccessful in going so as the monkeys jumped into the trees and sat watching the orphans running around below them.
Umani hills and the Kenze base were the areas that the elephants walked to today for their browsing activities as there were many sweet branches for them to feed on. When the orphans got to the mud bath at noon they drank their milk bottle but avoided wallowing in the water as Lima Lima tested the water with her trunk and found it to be cold. The rest of the orphans went with her diagnosis of the water being too cold to swim in and as such they soon returned to their browsing activities.

Ngasha pushing back Ziwa

Quanza stops to scratch on a rock

Alamaya scratching on a post


This morning Dabassa and Layoni missed seeing the orphans as they arrived at the stockades after the juniors had left for the field. The two later went to look for their younger friends but headed to the wrong waterhole thus not managing to meet up with them.

Ndii, Kenia and Ishaq-B were all enjoying close browsing ties with their darling Araba throughout the day. The orphans visited the baobab water hole at noon where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games before moving resuming their browsing activities.

In the evening, when the orphans returned to the safety of the stockades for the night, Embu, Rorogoi, Suswa, Arruba and Bada were brought into Tahri's big stockade so that they could socialize and get to know each other in preparation of her joining them in the fields. Arruba and Embu were quick to embrace their new friend while Suswa, Rorogoi and Bada showed little interest in her.

Lovely Ishaq-B

Araba being followed by Ndii

Suswa scratching

Tahri in the stocakde


It has not been usual these days for the elephants to have a mud bath in the morning and especially before public visiting time, but today proved to be different. After the 9am milk feed and as the orphans were moving out deeper into the forest, Esampu came across some warthogs and charged over to them where they had been laying in a small pool. After the warthogs moved away Esampu got into the small pool and started wallowing, which then attracted the attention of Enkesha and Kusihi. The two girls joined her and stayed rolling around in the mud for some time. Esampu and Kuishi then decided to go and browse, leaving Enkesha enjoying the mud right up until it was visiting time! Ndiwa managed to sneak away from the second group, which is her speciality, and join the first group down at the visiting area, thus she had her milk bottles slightly earlier than usual.  

Kiko having his 9am milk feed

Kuishi putting grass on her head

Maktao finds a green shrub


Enkikwe enjoyed a bottom-scratch whilst eating the lucerne before heading out to the bush this morning with his friends. Later, Bomani, Orwa and Narok came in running for some lucerne cubes too. They were late and found the orphans had already finished most of them.

In the bush, Barsilinga was scratching his neck and behind his ears. Other orphans were busy browsing and sharing food in one place. Roi and Ukame were also browsing together in one area with their trunks touching each other. Others came across a small pool of water and drank from it. Kamok later led the group towards mud bath. On their way, they came across another pool of water again and started playing in it before they reached the main mud wallow.

When the orphans arrived for their milk, Enkikwe ran away with his bottle, holding it by himself. The orphans then had some water and chose to wallow in the main mud pool today. They swam in a straight line which was quite a funny sight, and then all came out in a straight line to walk to the bush for browsing again!

They were all busy browsing in one group, but Shukuru was searching for Narok's group so she could join them, as they had been with them for part of that morning. She was restless, looking for Narok and leaving the rest of the dependent herd behind. She later came back after being unsuccessful in finding the Ex Orphan herd, and joined the orphans and the keepers on their way back to the stockades.

Galana’s herd visited us in the stockade today and drank water her baby Gawa; later they walked off back into the Park. Very late in the evening, Sunyei's herd with baby Siku came and they too drank water before going back into the bush. We were lucky to see these groups of Ex Orphans today as usually when it rains they do not come back to the stockades as much for water.

Enkikwe scratches before heading out in the bush

Rapsu, Challa and Kenze at the water trough

Orphans splash in mud on their way to 11am feed




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