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After their lovely treat on Christmas Day the orphans thought it should be Christmas every day as they would like to eat the delicious pods as much as possible. The keepers had kept that treat for them for over 3 months! Lima Lima knew there were some left over in the milk car, just a very few where they had been stored, and she walked along next to it wondering if she would be able to get any. The keepers monitored her carefully to make sure she would not try to steal any milk that was not hers either! Murera and Sonje came along at last and charged at her for being so greedy.

At the stockades when all the babies arrived for their bed time, some wild bulls followed them all the way up to the gate and wanted to come inside, but they feared the keepers, and stopped before the reached the compound entrance.

Jasiri picking up food

Sonje on the ground to play

Orphans getting ready for their milk

Mwashoti finding some soft branches


The morning was wonderful as the orphans exited their stockades and engaging in games following their milk and supplement feeding. Once in the browsing filed they had an amazing game of hide and seek in the thick bushes. Embu got the opportunity to lead the others to the browsing grounds while Mashariki led them to the baobab water hole in the afternoon.

The juniors had a lot of fun in the mud bath, with Rorogoi shining in her game of sliding down the slippery walls into the water. Bada and Nelion became jealous of Rorogoiís performance and the attention she was getting, and came over to push her from both sides, bringing an end to her fun. Panda sat on the mudwallow walls with her front legs in the water as she fetched water with her trunk and sprayed it onto her back. Tahri lay beside Panda and enjoyed being splashed by the water Panda was spraying onto herself. Following the mudbath Suswa had a scratching game.

Inca with her mum Icholta

Lesanju at the stockades

Bada spoiling Rorogoi's bathing moment


Laragai, Garzi, Kithaka, Barsilinga and Lemoyian who spent the night outside, joined their friends as soon as they were let out early in the morning. Barsilinga and Kithaka had a strength testing exercise for sometime before settling to browse. Shortly later, the juniors were joined by Mutara and her group. Kanjoro engaged Garzi in a pushing game as Sities settled to browse and have a chat with Maramoja and Rapa. An hour later, Mutara and her group parted ways with the orphans. At eleven o'clock in the morning, Kamok led Namalok and Karisa in the first group for their noon milk bottle. The mud bath was quiet without any wild elephants or Ex Orphans visiting. The orphans took sometime enjoying a cooling off exercise as Boromoko and Galla did their usual thing of climbing on the others. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the upper Kalovoto area until five o'clock in the evening, when Kauro led the first group back to the stockade.  

Mutara and her group

Kamok, Namalok and Karisa

Orphans wallowing

Ex Orphans at the stockade


Early in the morning soon after the orphan herd walked out of their rooms, many of them were enjoying touching and bumping into each other in morning greeting. Little Musiara, Sattao and Maktao were seen busy chasing after one another round and round the compound. Sattao and Maktao then enjoyed a pushing game and then tried to climb on Musiara, who reacted by trying to head butt them! Maktao loves soil dusting and rolling on the ground, and he spotted some fresh murram soil that had been laid out in the stockade compound. He lay down which made Musiara and Sattao want to come over and climb on him, but he yelled out for help with the weight of the two babies on top of him! Tagwa and Godoma came running over to see what was happening, and when the two boys spotted the older girls running towards them, they got off Maktao and ran off trumpeting into the bushes where all the other orphans were browsing, knowing they were doing something naughty! When the boys turned back to see what Maktao was doing, he was walking towards them escorted by Godoma and Tagwa. Playful Musiara tried to touch him with his trunk but was not happy and he had obviously not forgiven them, and head-butted him hard! This prompted Musiara and Sattao to stay away from Maktao for awhile. 

Musiara, Malkia and Sattao

Maktao browsing

Tagwa very relaxed

Godoma with the rest of the orphans


The orphans all came rushing in for their midday milk bottles today and the keepers had to direct the greedy ones like Lima Lima towards their own bottles, so they did not take more than their share!

On the way to the Chyulu Hills later on, the orphans found the path some wild elephants had taken. Zongoloni tried to follow them with Lima Lima and Ziwa. They came across a very big bull who turned around to look at how tiny the orphans were. Ziwa walked up to him but got pushed back with very strong tusk to the ground. Lima Lima and Zongoloni were scared and ran away back to the keepers as these bulls were obviously not familiar with the smell of the keepers and did not want them to get too close.

Murera standing with Alamaya in the shade

Lima Lima chasing Jasiri

Orphans dusting




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