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It was a wonderful beginning to the day with the stockade dependent orphan elephants playing around the stockade compound soon after the milk and supplement feeding was over. Mudanda enjoyed a scratching session on a small rock while Nelion watched from a distance as it was his favourite scratching spot. Ngilai took Ndotto to task over a head-butting encounter before joining their friends who were moving towards the browsing grounds.

On the foot of Msinga Hill, Araba went to scratch against a very big rock where she was joined by Bada who waited his turn. Suswa had a scratching session against a tree and when she was the spot was taken over by Nelion. Godoma rested her foot on a small flat rock, as if she was about to walk on three legs, surprising Ndotto who was fixated on watching her and forgot to browse. Kenia went up onto a rock boosting her height so as to be able to reach the greener branches higher up in the trees. She then followed the others to the baobab water hole, where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games following their afternoon milk bottle.


A wild bull, who the DSWT/KWS Vet treated a few days ago for an arrow wound, reported for water and left shortly before day break. It was a quiet morning with no other graduate orphans visiting. Kauro exchanged morning greetings with Kamok by entwining their trunks while the quiet and independent Sapalan got into trouble with Karisa when he inadvertently stepped on lucerne that Karisa was feeding on. Karisa pushed Sapalan off of the lucerne he was stepping on and Sapalan left without a word. Later, Kamok had fun when she tried to charge at a bird that was sitting on the ground. The bird kept on flying off whenever Kamok drew closer. At last Kamok gave up and walked away after getting tired. Galla, who had seen Karisa push Sapalan earlier, walked purposefully towards him. We wondered what he was going to ask him, but perhaps it was why he had pushed Sapalan earlier as they all know he is such a shy and gentle elephant. Karisa turned and threatened to push Galla, so we know it was not a conversation he was enjoying. Karisa thought that he was equal to Galla but Galla showed him that he was still a junior, by engaging him in a strength testing exercise that saw Galla emerge as the winner. Later in the day Tusuja engaged Galla in a friendly strength testing exercise. The sky was clear but the temperature was moderate; no single graduate orphan or wild elephant showed up at mud bath. In the evening seven wild bulls reported for water at the stockade water troughs and at dark more and more wild elephants continued trickling in to quench their days thirst.  

Kamok charging at birds

Galla plays with Karisa

Wild bulls having a drink of water


It appears that Osama is back! To those who may not know Osama, he is a wild elephant bull who has been closely following Sonje for some time. He disappeared for a long time but today Osama came back in full force, demanding his girlfriend Sonje to meet him. He made several attempts to divide the herd to reach Sonje, but it was very hard to split the orphan family up, and Shukuru and Mwashoti shouted a lot in protest. None of the elephant orphans were happy with the visit of Osama, because Murera too was having very hard time running over the rough lava rocks, and even fell down once to escape from Osama.

The day did not end well as the Keepers had a hard walk back through the forest with the orphans to the stockades, as Osama followed behind. Osama waited to see if Sonje would turn back and not enter the stockade compound, but she followed the others and at the stockade he stood waiting for Sonje behind Murera and Sonje’s room.

Osama following Sonje

Shukuru leading the orphans home

Ziwa at the mudbath area near the lodge


Naughty little girl Kiasa has developed yet another way of provoking her friends. The tail and trunk of any elephant is very sensitive and Kiasa seems to understand that very well. Today as the orphans were running in a line for their milk feed, she was at the back. She decided to try and overtake the others and Musiara was directly in front of her. She grabbed his tail and pulled him back before running ahead of him. Then she came to Sattao and then Emoli who is such a shy boy, and he ran out of her way yelling for help. The same applied to Mapia and her last victim was Enkesha who was leading the group. She manage to maneuver and get past everyone, mostly by pulling their tails, but then she reached the where the stream runs between the forest and the milk feeding area. Here she stopped and waited for the rest of the group to see how they were going to try and cross the water. Enkesha, Mapia, Emoli and Sattao all surrounded her and together pushed her into the water! She was fully submerged in the water whilst everyone else crossed over the small bridge and kept dry, before proceeding for the milk bottles. When she reached the feeding area too she was very cross with how she had been treated and charged at everyone in her bad mood. 

Kiasa and Emoli browsing

Sattao finds a quiet browsing spot

Tamiyoi sucking her trunk


Soon after the gates of the stockade were flung open in the morning, the orphan elephants came rushing out to grab their milk bottles, emptying it in a matter of seconds after which they proceeded to the Lucerne pellet feeding area. Nelion stuffed pellets into his mouth by the trunkful, after which he moved towards the red earth piles munching as he walked. Once there he enjoyed a scratching session before joining the rest for the walk to the browsing fields.

The orphan elephants encountered a big wild herd of eland soon after arriving out in the browsing field. The herd of eland was happy to welcome the orphans to browse with them but their long horns worried Mbegu’s herd to hide behind the senior members of the group leaving Mudanda, Ishaq-B, Suswa and Lentili to lead the way. The orphan elephants and the elands fed close to each other with the eland herd following the orphan elephants to the baobab water hole. The orphan elephants later left the wild eland herd drinking there and resumed their browsing activities on the northern foot of Msinga Hill.




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