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Quanza took over leading from Lima Lima this morning when all the babies were walking out. Some of the boys stopped to scratch their bodies on the loading wall, to remove some insects and scratch the itchy part of their bodies. Jasiri and Ngasha turned to each other fighting for the scratching space but neither one was ready to give way. Ngasha pushed Jasiri a little distance away and brought in his bottom back to the wall to scratch. The two girls Zongoloni and Lima Lima took Alamaya to play; Alamaya was pushing Zongoloni very hard from behind and later he tried to climb on Lima Lima. This was naughty but being a baby, Lima Lima just let him enjoy his fun knowing that Alamaya was just playing around. Mwashoti felt jealousy of Alamaya and came to push him down for riding on Lima Lima’s back. 

Zongoloni in the forest

Quanza on the move

Lima Lima in the bushes

Murera by the waterpool


Ambo’s neighbour Jotto was not very neighbourly this afternoon! Jotto arrived back to the Nursery first and had his two milk bottles. When his gate was closed he noticed that Ambo’s browse had been placed very close to their partition. Despite having his own, he proceeded to pull through his neigbour’s browse one branch at a time. Ambo then returned and whilst having his own milk bottles, grew very angry at the fact that Jotto was stealing his branches. When he finished his bottles Ambo turned his anger on Jotto and a push and pull game ensued between the posts of their rooms as they held each others trunks. They fought for some time until a passing keeper intervened and settled the argument by moving Ambo’s food. Ambo decided to turn to his other neighbor and make up for some of his lost branches by stealing some of Mapia’s! He was unsuccessful however as Mapia strongly and fearlessly defended his branches. Ambo found he had no other option than to just settle down and feed on what he had left!  

Maisha on some browsing moves

Jotto having found some juicy branches

Mapia after fighting off Ambo


It was a beautiful beginning to the day as the orphans raced to catch up with the first light of day out at the browsing fields. Ajali separated himself from the rest of the herd choosing to browse alone for the morning.

The orphans heard the stockade pick up ferrying their milk towards the milk feeding area and ran to catch up with it. Kihari, Bada, Embu, Rorogoi and Lentili were the first to arrive, with Ajali coming in close behind them thinking that something was wrong and ending up surprised to see a milk bottle in front of him. As Ajali does not get milk due to his age he quickly moved aside allowing the rest of the orphans to have their share.

At the noon mud bath, Ndii sat on the opposite side of the mud bath from Ndoria. Kenia and Araba stood by and cheered on them on. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close to the water hole.

Ajali heading off to browse on his own

Ndoria left and Naipoki milk feeding

Nguvu leaving the milk feeding area

Tahri, Ishaq-B, Ndii, Kenia & Panda running


The sky was partly covered by clouds as the orphans left the stockades in the morning. Roi and Galla seemed to hold a brief meeting outside to deliberate the way forward, and which direction to take that day. The two were overtaken by Karisa who never waits and never wastes any time. Karisa headed straight down to wait for lucerne pellets. He was closely followed by Rapa and Maramoja. The orphans were joined by Narok and Laragai’s groups, thus dismantling any plans Roi and Galla might have been hatching.

Kauro and Rapa led the way out to the bush. Galla came across a rock that he enjoyed scratching on while Laragai, Sirimon, Karisa, Sokotei and Wanjala settled for a wet-soil dusting exercise. An hour later, Narok and Laragai’s groups left the dependent orphans, but Sokotei and Siangiki opted to stick with the juniors. Ukame developed an itch under her neck and since there wasn't a suitable tree or rock around, she decided to pick a piece of stick that she used to scratch her neck. Shortly before mud bath time, the weather changed giving way to showers. The ground became very slippery making it difficult for the orphans to walk without sliding around. As she hurried to get her milk at midday, Kamok was unable to keep her balance and she slipped and fell like a log. She stood up and composed herself and slowly walked to get her share. In the afternoon, the orphans spent a lot time of time rolling on the wet soil. As soon as they had enough of their rolling games, the orphans resumed browsing.

Kauro and Rapa leading the orphans

Galla scratching his bottom

Karisa at the 11am feed


After the long chilly night inside stockades, the orphans came out to celebrate the new day by walking to get new soft branches to feed their empty stomachs. After having their morning bottles, Mwashoti and Alamaya demanded for more extra bottles. They had never done something like that before and we were surprised to see Alamaya and his humble friend Mwashoti standing firm demanding more bottles. The keepers had no option other than to prepare two extra bottles to give to the young boys, as they pleaded with the keepers so much. Being the youngest boys in the Murera family we had to give them what they wanted so that they felt happy in the morning – what spoilt elephants!

The orphans walked and browsed peacefully through the forest, selecting soft branches to eat. The naughty boys Faraja, Ngasha and Ziwa led some of the others to a different place where the girls were not walking, forcing Lima Lima, Quanza and Zongoloni to go and bring them back and warn them not to walk so fast. Murera did not leave Mwashoti and she kept walking close to him, bringing him almost under her belly to be sure all was well with him.

Orphans in the browsing fields

Faraja near a fallen tree

Murera walking through the browsing fields

Ngasha browsing




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