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This morning the orphan herd followed the well worn path to the forest to being another day out and about. They found some lovely branches that they could feed on while they made their way to the browsing fields. Sonje stopped when she heard Mwashoti rumbling loudly and ran to him to find out what had upset him. The others watched as Sonje followed closely by Murera ran to Mwashoti to make sure he was ok and comfort him. Lima Lima had come to the keepers to alert them to the fact that there was something up ahead of them. By the time she reached the keepers they had seen what she had to tell them as they saw two very big bulls walking towards the waterhole for a mud bath. As the orphans were heading back to the stockades for their evening milk bottle Ziwa passed by the dustbath and found a small waterhole that had enough mud for him to roll around in and have a quick wallow. The younger boys were quick to join him and the keepers patiently waited for Ziwa, Mwashoti and Alamaya to finish mud bathing and rejoin their group and they could all head home for the night.  

Murera walking to the Springs

Mwashoti runs for bottle feed

Alamaya can smell other wild animals


The morning began with Lempaute and Kivuko arriving at the stockades early in the morning. They went to Lucerne grass feeding area and waited for the babies to finish their milk bottles and join them. The two enjoyed feeding on supplements together with the juniors. Mbirikani engaged Panda in a strength testing game this morning before the group began the journey to the browsing fields.

In the afternoon, following a lovely midday mudbath, the orphan elephants enjoyed browsing on the eastern side of Msinga hill. Mashariki, Lentili and Rorogoi took each other bumper to bumper in competing for the lead of the group back to the safety of the stockades. Rorogoi was able to quickly overtake the rest and secure the lead position.

Mbirikani testing Panda's strength

Rorogoi chewing on a dry stick

Layoni trying to ride on Pasaka's back


It was a quiet morning when the orphans left the stockades and settled to eat their lucerne. Only Makireti and Kilabasi joined the juniors in the morning. Soon after the juniors were through with the lucerne, Lemoyian and Boromoko had a brief strength testing exercise before heading out to the bush. Sokotei played with Tusuja as Garzi played with Barsilinga. Shukuru, Naseku, Wanjala and Ukame briefly participated in a soil dusting exercise and after resumed browsing. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Orok and ten wild bulls. After the orphans had enough of wallowing, Laragai led the way back to the browsing field. The orphans settled to browse around Imenti area up to four o'clock in the evening when Kamok led the way for an evening cooling off in the mud wallow. 

Sirimon eating lucerne with Karisa

Sokotei wrestling with Tusuja

Orok drinking with the orphans


Maxwell became very excited at about 8pm in the evening which all the keepers thought was because of the buffaloes that come to share his lucerne. However, it turned out it was because Solio had come to visit and he was so happy he charged up and down his stockade. When she didnít find any keepers around, she decided to go and lay down in an empty stockade, but not before going to say hello to Maxwell through the bars of his gate. When she heard the elephants leaving for the field in the morning she woke up, knowing the keepers would be around to help her. However, she seemed to want to avoid the elephants so she stayed quietly in her stockade until she thought they had all left. However, the baby elephants stayed longer than usual in the compound as they wanted to greet the new baby that arrived in the evening from Voi, who we named Sagalla. Solio eventually gave up waiting and started calling for her lucerne which the keepers happily supplied for her and then she went back into the forest.

Malima was in a very excitable mood this morning and was having lots of fun trumpeting and running around. Pare, Malkia and Godoma then joined her and they all had a fantastic time trumpeting and rolling around the in bushes. Meanwhile, Ngilai allowed new boy Pili to suckle his ears, which was a comfort he used to get from Elkarama. Mbegu was watching from a distance just to make sure all was well, but Godoma did not trust Ngilaiís intentions and pushed him away from Pili.

Maxwell loves Solio's visits

Malima was in a very excitable mood today!

Godoma joined in Malima's fun

Ngilai was so nice to little boy Pili


This morning Alamaya and Mwashoti went to Ziwa, who is older than they are; to have him escort them to the Lucerne store as they wanted to try and steal some Lucerne. The keepers kept a close eye on the youngsters and when they saw what they were up to they shouted loudly and wagged their fingers at them warning them to not steal any Lucerne. Alamaya and Mwashoti knew that they had to follow the rules as if they didnít there would be repercussions from Murera and Sonje who are the matriarchs of the group.

The babies then made their way to the hills in single file looking for fresh branches that they could feed on as they went. Ziwa and Quanza separated from the rest of the group and headed to the water springs from a drink of water. They unfortunately did not make it to the water springs as they saw some crocodiles sunning themselves by the springs and did not want to cross their path and as such, rejoined their group.

Sonje grazing

Ngasha trying to sleep, standing

Zongoloni and Alamaya licking salts




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