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Little Ajabu was in a jovial mood this morning charging around after a wheelbarrow being pushed by one of the keepers. Sonje spotted Ajabu’s antics and watched her for a while before escorting her back to the rest of the group where Ajabu stood suckling on Sonje’s ear before returning to her keepers.  

Ajabu in a playful mood

Ajabu and Sonje


It was a very cold morning which meant that Ajabu had two blankets on to keep her warm. As the cold weather prevailed none of the orphans partook of the mudbath enjoying a dustbath instead. Orwa and Teleki engaged in strength testing games as they each tried to remain at the top of the dustbath before Murera intervened separating the two. 

Sweet Ajabu snuggles up to a keeper

Orwa feeding on cut browse

Teleki in the lead


Little Ajabu continues to do well, and is still without teeth, although the gum on one side is swollen. She is firmly attached to her Keepers, although Naipoki and Narok have been doing their utmost to gain possession of her. However, Ajabu remains obsessed with her human family. 

Ajabu and Narok share a scratch on the pole

Arruba and Orwa


Balguda is much better now, his appetite and stools back to normal. Ajabu has one molar ready to erupt through the gum in one lower jaw, but is still feeding well. We pray that she will be able to come through the critical teething period successfully. 

Ngasha gives Ajabu a helpful push



Lima lima and Laragai paid special attention to Ajabu, Barsilinga, Tundani and Lemoyian as soon as they were let out this morning. However, during the Visiting Hour Laragai began shaking and had a very loose stool, which worried everyone. She was given activated charcoal and an injection, and by the evening appeared normal once again. We suspect that she may have mistakenly eaten a poisonous plant. Thankfully by nightfall she appeared O.K. again.  


Lima Lima wants Tundani's stick




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