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A few days ago Maktao was still in a fighting mood and would push almost everyone that crossed his path. He head butted Ambo from behind and pushed him along and Ambo could not see who was doing that to him. When he had gone some meters and turned to find it was just the young boy, he was furious and came running back with his ears held high ready for revenge. To this day Ambo doesnít want Maktao to come near him and whenever he comes close he pushes him away. Today Ambo did the same after their milk feed during the public visit and he kept pushing Maktao, not listening to the keepers at all. The keepers had to hold onto his hind legs to prevent him from head butting the little one again! It was only when Sana Sana came over to block him that he stopped trying to push the little boy. 

Ambo was not very happy Maktao pushed him!

Ambo ready to push Maktao

Orphans all browsing together


Maktao is settling down very well into life at the nursery and has stopped his funny habit of trying to eat mud. He is very attached to the keepers and if he happens to lose sight of them for even a minute he will start yelling. Today there was a bit of a fight between him and Musiara over the keepers as Musiara is still very fond of them and he isnít ready to relinquish all of their attention to Maktao. He has been losing to Maktao though so recently he has spent time with Luggard, Malkia and Esampu instead.

Murit has always been a peace maker amongst his younger friends and today was another good example. During the public visit Ambo and Tamiyoi started fighting in front of him over a pile of lucerne pellets. He took some time before intervening as if he wanted to see if they would settle the fight themselves. Eventually he just pushed them in opposite directions and did the same thing later on when Enkesha and Kuishi were fighting over some other pellets.

Maktao playing with a stick

Tiny little Musiara

Murit with Jotto


It was a very cold morning today and all the orphans were quite chilly, and their keepers too! All the little ones like Musiara, Sattao, Malkia, Malima, Tamiyoi, Ambo, Enkesha and even Luggard wore thick double blankets to keep warm. Whilst out in the forest we watched all the orphans browse next to each other to keep warm and the smallest ones were very much attached to the sides of those bigger than them, staying tight to the middle of the group. Big boys like Kauro, Ndotto, Pare, Lasayen, Rapa, Murit and Mundusi decided to engage each other in pushing and wrestling games to keep themselves warm, especially when it started drizzling lightly and became even colder! During the public visiting time none of the orphans even dared to even test the water in the mud bath since they knew it would be cold and they would certainly be cold when they came out after. The majority of the orphans decided to dust themselves in the piles of red soil that had been placed there for them instead.  

It was cold so blankets were needed by the babies

Ndotto browsing

Tamiyoi browsing in the bushes


Ambo and Malima were trying to sort out their differences today during a wrestling match. Tagwa was witness to the fight and was trying to act as moderator to help them resolve their conflict. However, Ambo did not pay attention to Tagwa and so she decided to discipline him. Mbegu was browsing close by and saw what was happening but just ignored it and paid no attention to Ambo or Tagwa. Eventually, Ambo went over to Mbegu who was browsing intently, and took some of the leaves from her mouth but Musiara then came over to join them and Ambo didnít want to share Mbegu so he started shoving the little boy away. Mbegu was disappointed with little Amboís behavior and sent him away instead. Musiara was pleased that Ambo had gone and enjoyed spending time with Mbegu who let him suck her ears which the babies always find comforting.

When Kiko was let out of his stockade in the morning he raced off at speed into the forest where he located the babies and ran towards them. Sana Sana was the first to spot him and she raised her ears and charged him to try and stop him scaring the little ones. However, Kiko wasnít scared by her threats and continued so Sana Sana alerted the other orphans by trumpeting loudly. Godoma, Esampu, Malkia and Mbegu came running from different directions and when Kiko saw them coming he tried to scare them away but they had made up their minds to protect the little ones from Kikoís games. As they got closer he decided to run back to the safety of the stockades and the protective girls went back to check Musiara, Sattao and Maktao were all ok.

At 3pm there was new fresh soil for at the mud bath which all the orphans love. Musiara in particular was enjoying the soil bath at the edge of the mud bath when he accidentally fell into the water. He got stuck and started screaming for help. Godoma got really upset seeing him in distress and even blocked the keepers from going to help, but eventually she calmed down and gave them space to assist him.

Malima and Jotto

Tagwa was acting as mediator

Kiko by Maxwell's stockade


Mbegu is trying to keep her distance from little Musiara and Sattao and giving all her attention to her adopted baby boy Ambo. Itís as if she is allowing the younger girls some time and space to practice looking after the babies. This has given Tagwa, Malkia, and sometimes Esampu, opportunity to pamper the babies and be there for them when needed. Godoma also spends time with the babies but if all is ok she just watches the other girls from a distance. Tagwa has relished this chance of proving her skills at being an adoptive mum and though she shows lots of love for all the little ones, she has a soft spot for Sattao. She seems to have set up a little routine for herself, alternating time between Sattao and Musiara. If she spends the whole day with Sattao then the next day she will make more time for Musiara. Today was Musiaraís day and Sattao spent his time with the other girls. This morning at 9am, Musiara started demanding for more milk after he finished his and was making quite the racket! Tagwa ran to him as soon as he started complaining to try and settle him down. Godoma, Malkia and Malima were not far behind but they found Tagwa had the situation in hand.

When Maktao joined the others in the afternoon all the orphans ran to welcome him from quite a distance. After the dust settled and everyone calmed down, Sana Sana and Ndotto had the chance to spend some time with the new boy. Together they both walked him around, resting their trunks on his back and neck, hugging him. Malkia then showed up and started shoving Sana Sana. Eventually Sana Sana surrendered and walked away with Ndotto, leaving Malkia with the baby. Sana Sana was obviously very upset with Malkiaís behavior and when she walked past Mteto she showed her disappointment by charging her. Ndotto recognized this was not her normal behavior and quickly intervened to stop the situation from escalating.

Ambo gets all of Mbegu's attention

Malkia with a little baby

Tagwa, Sattao and Maramoja




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