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Despite Mbegu’s love and care for all the elephants, her relationship with Ambo is still strong. The ‘bigger’ baby boy is always close to his adopted mother these days, browsing by her side and sometimes even touching her teats with his trunk. Mbegu has a great task in caring of all the little babies as well, and letting them suckle on her ears whenever they need to be comforted.
During the public visiting time today, Jotto was the first one to get into the water hole to enjoy his mud bath and cool down in the heat of the day.

Jotto carefully got into the water and gently lowered his whole body in without causing any splashes. Malima and Maisha followed suit but Mapia and Tamiyoi decided to spray themselves by standing on the edge and collecting muddy water with their trunks to throw on their bodies. The ended up not only spraying themselves but the keepers and the visitors in the process as well! Luggard also got into the water and submerged his whole body, lifting his trunk out and swinging it around with joy. Kiasa and Murit opted to hang out with their keepers along the rope cordon and avoid any interaction with their mud covered friends!

Ambo drinking from the trough

Mbegu lying down and Ambo getting out

Jotto all nice and muddy


As the sun rose slowly over the horizon at the Nursery, the orphans were so enjoying the warmth of its rays. Some were engaged in some pushing games, some were stamping around the bushes in happiness and some continued browsing as if nothing was going on around them. Maktao’s playmate Musiara decided to take on Sattao instead as Malima enjoyed a pushing game with Tamiyoi. Ndotto and Lasayen were browsing deep in the bushes as the playful bulls Ngilai and Murit rolled on the ground enjoying the morning warmth. Kiasa decided to hang around the keepers as they drank their morning tea. One of the tiny babies was suckling on Tagwa’s ear as Mbegu and Ambo browsed just to the side of them. Mteto ran after two warthogs who were browsing close by and Godoma joined her, so the two pigs ran off into the bushes to get away from the playful elephant babies. Shukuru, whose health seems to be improving more and more, was pulling leaves from the top of some of the nearby trees, as sweet Luggard waited below to collect some of the leaves that fell to the ground in the process. 

Orphans enjoying warm rays

Ndotto browsing

Ndotto browsing in the forest

Lasayen browsing with Ndotto

Shukuru with the orphans


When one of the elephants is naughty, and we have had a few who are just inherently mischievous over the years, like Wendi, Kithaka and Kamok, they are not necessarily naughty for only one reason or at any one time. For example we have the naughty resident Esampu at the moment. Today the naughty girl gave way to Ambo as they both returned home to the stockades at 5pm. At least this is what we thought! She stopped to let him pass but then all of a sudden she pushed him and he stumbled to the side. Some of the visiting foster parents had to stand back to avoid Ambo who was staggering to stay upright! Her antics did not end there. The cheeky girl went into her stockade for her milk and after her gate was closed she reached through the bars to try and steal some of Sana Sana’s milk which was still hanging in the bucket as well! She managed to spill some of it whilst the keepers were busy feeding the other orphans and could not reach her to prevent her from taking Sana Sana’s milk. Would you believe her bad behaviour did not even end there though. She successfully managed to steal some of Sana Sana’s browse, the green branches in the orphans rooms, by pulling it through the bars separating their stockades. A mini-fight ensued as each girl sought to defend her own branches and stop the other from being able to steal them! 

Naughty girl Esampu

Ambo browsing

Sana Sana with Mapia

Esampu browsing and thinking naughty things!


After they had finished their milk bottles today it was all pushing games amongst the orphans during the public visit! It was a game mostly dominated by the young bulls like Jotto, Ambo, Murit and Luggard who were busy chasing the young girls like Esampu, Kiasa, Malima, Tamiyoi and Kuishi. Just like with humans the boy elephants are always the most rough and playful! It was so lovely to watch Luggard play with the other boys despite his broken leg and the keepers watched on as he tried to climb on Kiasa! He struggled because of his compromised back leg, but it was so lovely to see how determined and active he was. Kiasa also presented a bit of a challenge as she kept turning to face him to tell him to go away!

For three days now Kiasa has been challenging her keepers in the afternoon by not wanting to go into her stockade. Once she gets close to the compound she starts shouting and starts a game of hide and seek with her keepers around the stables. Today she started shouting when the keepers approached her to coax her into her stockade and she ran towards where a group of foster parents were standing for the visit. The keepers decided to leave her until the visitors had gone and then try again. We are not sure why she has started being afraid of her stable but perhaps she had a nightmare or saw a big spider! Once she is inside her stable she is fine; she has her milk and enjoys being with her keeper before going to sleep – but the entering has become the problem! We will see what happens over the next few days.

Jotto at mud bath

Murit with Esampu

Luggard coming in for milk

Kiasa with the other orphans


During the public visit today, most of the orphans showed no interest in mud bathing as they had already had so much fun in puddles and small mud holes they had found out in the forest that morning. Big boys like Ndotto, Murit and Lasayen and some of the big girls like Mbegu, Godoma, Sana Sana, Tagwa, Mteto, Sagala and Ndiwa had all rolled around in the mud that morning, a joyful event which also saw youngsters like Malima, Emoli, Tamiyoi, Jotto, Ambo, Musiara, Sattao, Kiasa, Mapia and Enkesha all join in too and take their time getting nice and muddy before it was time for their 9 o’clock bottle feeding. By the time it was the public visit, none of the orphans bothered mud bathing and some like Maktao and Sattao were enjoying pushing games. Maktao was chasing Sattao along the rope cordon trying to climb on him, a game he is always fond of just like our big boy Ndotto! Sattao was trying to resist him by turning to head butt him, but Maktao persisted! Jotto and Ambo decided to start a similar game with Malima and chased her next to the rope cordon trying to climb on her, but Malima was wise to their ways and went and sought refuge by standing next to Godoma. The two boys were left with no option other than to turn to each other and start a wrestling game of their own! 

Mbegu having her milk

Sagala in the mud

Ndiwa getting nice and muddy




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