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Sana Sana was showing signs of trying to lead the herd today a she decided to lead the orphans out from the stockades in the morning and take them deep into the forest. The other orphans seemed happy to accept her leadership as they all followed her happily into the forest. Sattao and Ambo seem particularly attached to Sana Sana and if they ever happen to yell out about anything, Sana Sana is there like a shot to check what is happening with them. Today for example, at the 9am milk feed the little bully Kiasa was trying to take Sattao’s milk bottle, promoting him to yell out in protest. This brought Sana Sana running over from where she was standing a few yards away, to see what was bothering Sattao. When she arrived she stood in between Sattao and the little naughty Kiasa and when Sattao was done she escorted him away to browse with her. We always watch and listen with interest how the elephant orphans know all the different rumbles and trumpets from one another and know exactly what they mean. 

Sana Sana ready to lead the orphans

Jotto dusting

Luggard with his keeper


The elephant orphans love the lucerne pellets so much and sometimes will forgo anything else first to have some. They don’t get them every day either, so they will use any opportunity to have some. Tamiyoi and Ndiwa for example will always pass by Maxwell’s stockade to grab some they might have spilled through his gate to the other side, before running into their stockades for their milk in the evening. Ambo is another one who will find any opportunity to grab some lucerne pellets. This morning he made sure he stopped by Maxwell’s stockade to see if there were any there. If any of the others orphans like Malima were to join him and he doesn’t feel like sharing, he goes to the secret place that only he knows about. He walks off very quietly and stands in a small corridor between Emoli’s stockade and the store and once he is there no one can see him unless he makes a sound. All the other orphans can leave for the forest and he is left behind enjoying his favourite snack in his special place.

Musiara keeps trying to charge at Kiko whenever he sees him. When heading out to the forest he saw Kiko still in his room and he went over pulling on his door and trumpeting trying to charge at Kiko. He really doesn’t like the giraffe for some reason!

Mapia and Ndiwa lead the orphans in the morning

Ambo coming out of the forest

Tagwa Sagala and Sana Sana browsing


Emoli was in an active, playful mood today, but unfortunately for him others the others were not ready to play. He tried to invite Maktao to play several times but Maktao kept avoiding him. He then went over to Musiara but he didn’t feel like playing either. Musiara walked away every time Emoli approached him. Emoli finally went to take his frustration out on the warthogs by driving them away from where they were feeding next to them, into the thicket.
When it was time for the orphans to go back to the forest from the mud bath, the little ones were following their Keepers. It is still cold throughout the day at the moment and none of them wanted to cross the cold water. As they tried to avoid the water, Ndiwa, Sagala, Ambo and Mapia started shoving them from behind. Kiasa and Maisha ended up in the water as they were pushed from behind. Tagwa and Malkia came rushing forward and took control of the situation. They stood on either side and made sure the rest of the babies crossed safely without falling into the water.

Musiara and Tagwa browsing

Mapia sucking his trunk

Malkia in the forest


Malima woke up this morning in a very playful and excitable mood. Everything within her reach she treated as a toy. When her door was opened in the morning she went straight to Maxwell hoping that he was awake and able to play, but Max did not pay any attention to her as she pushed on his gate trying to wake him up. He remained sound asleep and clearly didn’t want to be disturbed. This didn’t matter as soon Ambo came out of his room and invited Malima to play a pushing and hide and seek game too. Malima then soon went on to head-butt and pull on the buckets hanging on the doors of the orphans’ rooms making a lot of noise. It certainly helped to wake up those who were still in their rooms and not yet out in the compound! Ambo was trying to stop her bashing the buckets as she moved from one to the other, but she kept on going. It was only when she was driven away by one of the Keepers that she stopped, but that was no easy job. 

Malima reaching up to the juiciest leaves

Ambo with friends

Maxwell in his stocakde


Sometimes Ambo and Jotto choose to revive their old friendship, and today was one of those days. The two boys spent most of their day together, away from the main herd. They were spotted playing wrestling games, as well as hide and seek, before settling back into browsing again. The twin-like sisters Ndiwa and Sagala had company from Sana Sana today. Ndiwa and Sagala look so similar sometimes we have a hard time telling them apart, and they are very close in character as well! To top it off, they are very good friends too and we will often see them together when Ndiwa is not off browsing on her own. Today they were accompanied by Sana Sana when they sneaked away from the herd to browse on their own.
Because of Kiasa’s behaviour during milk feeding times, often she is held back until last so as not to cause any problems, and it seems she knows this as well, although sometimes she tries to sneak out first before she can be stopped from going for the milk. In the evening however, she has no one to fight over milk with in her room, so she is always allowed down first with Enkesha.

Sana Sana enjoying browsing

Jotto Malima and Musiara out in the forest

Maisha with a mouthful of grass




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