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After the orphans in the first group had finished their milk bottles during the public visit today, it seemed like they all wanted to play together. Musiara, Sattao, Maktao, Kiasa, Malima, Ambo, Jotto and Murit were all seen happily playing some pushing games, which the visitors really enjoyed watching too. The orphans seemed so happy. Musiara played with Sattao, and of course there was Jotto playing with Murit. They have become such good play mates recently and Jotto learns so much from Murit, who is older and has more experience. Malima took on Ambo as well! In fact this was the one that captured most people’s attention as neither one was ready to surrender the game. They pushed each other along the rope cordon with Ambo trying to push Malima into the mud pool, an act which Malima was firmly resisting! Unfortunately eventually Ambo succeeded in his task and poor Malima ended up in the mud. When she tried to climb out Ambo was there making sure she was unable, pushing her back in with his head. The visitors were amazing to see how clever the orphans are and how well they play. 

Jotto in a happy mood

Little Ambo

Malima having her milk


Tamiyoi awoke this morning is a very happy mood. She was so energetic and playful and together with Maisha she engaged Luggard in a gentle pushing game. Luggard dug up some fresh soil with his little tusks and the three had a wonderful time rolling in the long wet grass. As all this was going on, the others members of the herd were walking deeper into the forest. Luggard was so grateful for the company of Tamiyoi and Maisha as he stays on his own with some keepers these days, since his leg is too bad for him to accompany the others on their long walks.

Ambo was naughty towards Jotto during the public visit today. He arrived at the milk feeding area and had his share before Jotto arrived. When he saw Jotto having his milk bottles he approached him and tried to fight him for some of his milk. The polite boy Jotto remained very calm and did not react even though he was being pushed about. Ambo was being naughty and did not listen to the keeper who was trying to keep him away from Jotto whilst he was feeding. When Jotto finished his bottle he decided to take action and teach Ambo a lesson to have some respect for others whilst they are feeding. He pushed Ambo towards the mud bath and pushed him in for a wallowing session he had not prepared for!

Tamiyoi in a very happy and playful mood

Maisha, Mapia and Emoli

Maisha browsing


Just before the 9am milk feed this morning as some were slowly walking and browsing towards the feeding area, we saw Mbegu, Tagwa, Ambo, Sattao and Maktao all enjoying rolling on the ground in the damp soil. Mbegu lay on her side allowing the two little boys Sattao and Ambo to enjoy climbing on her belly, bumping and sliding against each other. Tagwa became jealous as the two little boys never opted to climb on her and we watched on as she tried to push Sattao, Ambo and Maktao away from Mbegu! She tried to lure them away so they would play with her, but she was unlucky as when Sattao and Ambo realized that Mbegu was still playing and not following them, they ran back to join Mbegu. Tagwa yelled when she saw Maktao also turn to follow the other two boys. She is such a gentle and caring girl and she just wants to spend as much time with the babies as possible! 

Tagwa, Jotto and Maktao

Mbegu holding her own bottle

Ambo browsing


Mteto is being a bit of a bully these days. She has been seen bullying Jotto, Ambo, Malima and Tamiyoi on a few occasions and we are not sure why. Normally it is when they are all gathered in a group waiting to go down for their milk feed, or sometimes out in the bush as well. If one of these orphans happens to cross her path she will push her small tusks into their back prompting them to run off yelling! The keepers have tried to tell her off by raising their voices at her and wagging an accusing finger, and even moving her to browse away from the rest of the group, but this does not seem to be changing her naughty behaviour at the moment. Out in the bush before their 9am milk feed, Mteto harshly pricked Jotto in the back with her tusks which caused him to yell but before he could move away she head-butted him as well! This forced the keepers to shout at her and move her away, and she was the last one to have her milk bottle as well! She tried to apologize for her behaviour by slowly walking back to the group but the keepers were having none of it and sent her away. Like any social animal, elephants do not like being on their own and this was a good punishment for Mteto. She yelled to come back and rejoin the group but the Keepers kept her back until she was the last one to have her milk bottle.  

Mteto is being a naughty girl recently

Sweet little Jotto

Ambo with Kiasa

Sweet Malima


The relationship between the matriarch Mbegu and her little adopted baby Sattao is still very strong. The little boy is never far from his adopted mother and they feed so closely to one another. Mbegu and Sattao browsed deep into the forest and because of this the little boy accidentally came to the public visit in the older second group! Their closeness did not impress Ambo who used to be very close to Mbegu as well, and he tried to fight Sattao out of jealousy, but the motherly figure came to the rescue.
Luggard was making his way back to the stockades when a herd of impala came running past. This scared the little limping boy and he raised his ears and trunk high and rushed to his keeper for protection.
Kiasa retired to bed earlier than usual today, and as the foster parents made their way around the stockades to see their babies, Kiasa was already snoring loudly. Her neighbor and age-mate Maktao tried to wake her up by touching her head with his trunk between their partition, but all in vain.

Mbegu and Sattao spend time a lot of together

Luggard before the Impala surprised him

Kiasa sucking her trunk




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