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The day started with great momentum as the stockade dependant orphans charged out of their night quarters downing their morning milk bottle before settling to enjoy the highly nutritious Lucerne pellets and dairy cubes. Kenia went to scratch her neck against a rock by the stockade water trough.

The orphans headed to the browsing grounds under Mudanda, Kihari, Nelion and Mbirikaniís leadership. As the day progressed it became very hot and Araba sought refuge from the scorching sun by hiding behind Keniaís ear. Rorogoi and Embu were the first to get their afternoon milk bottle by arriving at the milk feeding area well ahead of the others. They were followed a few minutes later by Bada, Mudanda, Ndoria and Pasaka. Pasaka wanted to be fed his milk a short distance from the others and the keepers were happy to oblige him. The rest of the orphans came for their bottles in groups of four. When all the orphans had been fed they headed to the baobab water hole where they had a lot of fun in the mudbath.

Wild herd seen in the Aruba area

Wild elephant herd head tothe Aruba pump


It was cold morning with light rain showers as the orphans exited their stockades and settled to enjoy their morning milk bottle and supplements before heading to the browsing grounds. Kenia kept close browsing ties with her adopted baby Araba, while Pasaka constantly followed Ajali.

The orphans visited the new baobab tree water hole and drank from the newly constructed water trough but did not enter the mudbath as it was a cold day. In the afternoon, while the stockade dependant orphan elephants were busy browsing on the northern foot of Msinga hill, Lempaute, Dabassa and Kivuko joined them for a spell. Dabassa went straight to Panda and engaged her in a strength testing match while Kivuko spent the time browsing with Suswa before all three of them headed to the stockade where they had a drink from the water hole before enjoying some Lucerne.

Rorogoi plunges into the water

Wild elephant herd at the water hole

Nelion with the wild ele herd


It was a fantastic beginning of the day with the stockade dependant orphan elephants playing happily around the stockade compound after their milk and supplement feeding. They then browsed their way to the eastern side of Msinga hill, moving slowly around to the northern side.

Today the orphan elephants visited the newly built baobab water trough which has a fantastic view of the Yatta plateau. It is a private and beautiful bushy water hole and trough which the orphan elephants loved and they had a lot of fun playing there. Ndii and Panda lay down next to the beautiful new water trough and had a lovely time rolling around in the dirt. There were so many different games taking place with Mbirikani, Mashariki, Rorogoi and Mudanda all securing a perfect scratching spot against a thick baobab tree. Kenia and Suswa enjoyed scratching against some big tree trunks of which there were many to choose from. Araba and Ishaq-B enjoyed rubbing their bottoms against the natural rocks around the trough while Ndoria admired Badaís swimming games.

Kivuko and Layoni visited the stockade in the afternoon, remaining there for about two hours before heading back to the park.

Ajali hoping to join Lempaute in browsing

Kenia scratching

Orphans drinks from the new water trough


In the morning the juniors left the stockade compound for the browsing grounds as soon as the milk and supplement feeding was over. Lentili and Mashariki with help from Mbirikani and Embu propelled the orphan group high up Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session.

Bada used his forehead to push Arruba and Suswa uphill as the two were lazy and stopped halfway up the hill. The weather was fairly cold but the orphans came down for milk before having a quick bath at the waterhole.

Later in the day Mashariki succeeded in stealing Araba away from Kenia and enjoyed a soil dusting spree. Kihari saw them and followed them, but instead of joining them she stood close by and watched their games. The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing peacefully with Rorogoi and Embu enjoying a lead of the group back to the stockade in the evening.

Pasaka moves up hill to browse

Bada in the centre of all the orphans

Mashariki, Arraba and Kihari dusting games


The morning was good with Araba browsing in Ndiiís company for the morning while Pasaka followed Kenia around to browse with her. Araba saw that Pasaka was trying to fill the gap and ran to Kenia chasing Pasaka away in the process. Kenia embraced Araba welcoming him back to her side.

The orphans browsed halfway up Mzinga Hill for the morning with Lentili and Tundani getting left behind when the group made their way to the waterhole in the afternoon. The two rushed down the hill to catch up with their friends, catching up with them just before they reached the mudbath. The group all enjoyed their afternoon milk bottle after which they enjoyed playing in the mudbath. The afternoons browsing session was spent close to the waterhole.

Lentili left behind

Naipoki enjoys browsing

Ishaq-B sniffing the air




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