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It was a wonderful beginning to the day with the orphan elephants assembling for supplement feeding after downing their morning milk bottle. It was a cold morning but the orphans were all happy as the grass, creepers, and bushes had started turning green meaning that there would be a lot of vegetation for them to browse on in a few days time.

On the way to the northern side of the stockade browsing grounds, the stockade dependant orphan elephants met up with Layoni and Dabassa who were already there feeding and joined their older friends. Kenia and Ndii were happy to be with the two older boys as they know that they had no interest whatsoever in interfering with the leadership role of their herd or taking their adopted babies Tahri and Araba. Three hours later the two boys later separated from the orphan herd and made their way to the water pipe line area.

Embu browsing

Kenia filling her mouth with green vegetation

Rorogoi moving uphill to browse

Ndoria browsing


There was a heavy down pour last night and it was quite cold when the orphans exited their stockades in the morning. The cold weather did not seem to bother them and they happily made their way to the browsing fields following their milk and supplement feeding.

Other than the usual attachments of Ndii, Tahri, Kenia and Araba there were no other browsing attachments today as the orphans spread out, grabbing as much vegetation as they could find to fill their bellies.

The orphans visited the water hole but were reluctant to take a bath as it was quite cold. Ndii poked at the soil with tusks lifting some baobab tree roots inviting Mudanda, Tahri, Rorogoi and Suswa to join her in eating them. The other orphans soon joined Ndii digging lifting roots to feed on.

Tahri kneeling down to browse

Ndii playing

Tawi and Oltukai


It was a cold morning as the orphan elephants enjoyed playing around the stockade compound before heading to the browsing fields. Ndii was seen in close browsing ties with her lovely adopted baby Tahri while Kenia stuck with her beloved Araba.

The orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole in groups of five, with Ndoria finishing her milk quickly after which she went to demand some of Rorogoiís share. The keepers stood firm in guarding Rorogoi and her milk so that Ndoria could not get to either one. However once the milk feeding was done Ndoria chased Rorogoi to engage her in fight. Rorogoi was able to run away and evade Ndoria who took a while to calm down from the fact that she was not successful in getting more milk.

Ndii pulling up a baobab tree root



Tundani bringing up the rear


The morning began with the orphan elephants lining up for their morning milk bottle and supplement feeding. Naipoki wanted to lead them out of the stockade compound but they were not ready to leave as they were enjoying soil dusting and scratching games.

The orphan elephants spent the morning browsing on the northern side of the stockades before making their way to the middle waterhole. Before arriving they changed their mind and instead visited the baobab water hole where Lentili jumped into the water trough for a drink. She stood there with her front legs in the water. Araba had a wonderful time bathing with Ishaq-B until Kenia came and got her for some soil dusting games. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Ishaq-B enjoying the mudbath

Lentili jumping into the water trough

Araba enjoying the mudbath

Mudanda wallowing


It was a nice beginning to the day with the stockade dependant orphan elephants coming out of their stockades in a happy mood as they downed their morning milk bottle and then played briefly around the stockade compound before leaving for the browsing grounds.

The weather progressively changed during the course of the day with thick cloud cover blocking the sun providing perfect browsing conditions for the orphans. It was however quite cold by the time the orphan herd visited the waterhole at noon with none of the orphans entering the wallow.

Panda went to watch over Tahri who was lying by the wallow catching some of the breeze that was blowing. Ishaq-B stood close to them before taking Tahri for a soil dusting game. Kenia and Araba soon joined them at the red earth piles after which the entire group left to return to the browsing fields for the afternoons browsing session.

Nguvu drinking water

Araba playing in a small hole

Panda, Tahri and Kenia




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