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It was a bright and sunny day and the orphan elephants were in a happy mood as they ran out of their stockade to down a morning milk bottle. They then settle to enjoy Lucerne grass pellets before playing around the stockade compound.

Naipoki and Arruba led the orphan herd to the browsing grounds and they spent the morning browsing in single file before visiting the middle water hole where they enjoyed an afternoon mud bath after their milk feeding.

The afternoon was spent browsing in the vicinity of a small wild elephant family. Kihari and Panda followed them in an effort to get close to a small month old elephant calf that was in the wild herd. After a while the keepers looked closer and they realised it was Lissa! She was with her small elephant family. Kihari and Panda succeeded in separating the small calf, Leo, from Lissa but her other daughter came in to recover her sister, and engaged Panda and Kihari in a pushing game. Panda had become somewhat attached to Leo and remained with Lissa when the rest of the orphans returned to the stockades. The keepers then had to separate Panda from Lissa's family and got her back to the safety of the stockades at 6:20pm.

Orphans milk feed at the stockades

Arruba enjoying some browse

Panda, left, & Kihari moving towards Lissa's calf


It was a perfect beginning to the day as the orphan elephants assembled for their delicious milk bottle. Mashariki became a little greedy and wanted more milk. She kept on stretching her trunk to touch Arrubaís milk bottle in an effort to get it away from her. Arruba managed to finish her milk without Mashariki getting even a taste of it. Lentili was also seen requesting extra milk as she was the first to finish her share. She kept begging the keepers for more milk, asking to be given some of Mudandaís share but was not given any by the keepers.

There were some brief wrestling games around the stockade compound before Suswa and Lentili led the orphan herd to the browsing grounds. The orphan elephants browsed on the flat areas of Msinga Hill after which they visited the big waterhole where they had a lovely time playing in the mud as it was a sunny day.

Lentili enjoyed a scratching session against the side of the waterhole. Her game caught the attention of Arruba who did her best to copy Lentili though Arrubaís technique was not as good.
The rest of the day was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Mashariki browsing with her friends

Mudanda playing on the ground

Suswa enjoying browsing


It was a bright Tuesday morning as the gates of the stockade were flung open and the orphan elephants walked out cheerfully to get their morning milk bottle and supplement foods. Suswa who was walking slowly and in a lazy manner had her bottom knocked by Nguvu who was running for his milk bottle which resulted in the two having a bit of a pushing contest before settling for their milk which was being eyed by both Mashariki and Arruba.

The orphan elephants headed to the peak of Msinga Hill this morning to begin the days browsing activities. There was a cool breeze up there keeping them cool and comfortable as they browsed and they didnít even stop for their afternoon milk bottle.

Panda was seen in close browsing ties with Tahri while Ndii ignored the two for the better part of the day. Naipoki and Kihari led the group down Msinga Hill and back to the stockades for the night.

Suswa browsing

Tahri coming out after soil dusting

Tahri in the middle of the older females


The morning started with the sun rising early above the horizon of Tsavo predicting a bright and sunny day. The orphans began their day as usual before heading to the northern side of the stockade to browse where they remained for a while before slowly browsing their way to the big water hole.

On the way Mbirikani and Ajali separated themselves from the orphan elephant herd and joined up with a wild elephant herd. Kenia, Ndii, Panda, Ishaq-B, Kihari and Naipoki who were the last to arrive at the water hole again came running up to see if they would be lucky enough to get some milk but they were once again denied any.

At the water hole Araba and Suswa took the central position and had a lovely time wallowing and swimming in the water. Naipoki and Arruba had a wonderful soil dusting session during which they rolled around and lay on one another. Kihari picked up a dry stick, put it into her mouth and then threw it up onto her back. Panda and Nelion took enjoyed a scratching game on the same tree at the same time, while Suswa scratched against a different tree.

Later in the day, the keepers followed the wild herd that Ajali and Mbirikani had joined. The wild herd went running off together with the two orphans who seemed perfectly happy to remain with their wild friends while the rest of the orphan herd returned to the stockades with their keepers.

Tawi playing with Oltukai the buffalo

Wild herd that wen with Mbirikani and Ajali

Naipoki and Arruba having a lovely dusting game


The morning began with the orphan elephants drinking a morning milk bottle before proceeding for their copra cake and range cube feeding. They then went ahead with their usual games around the stockade compound before leaving for the browsing grounds under Mbirikani and Arrubaís leadership.

Mudanda kept following and occasionally softly touching Tahri in an effort to take her away from Ndii, but Tahri ignored her gesture and kept close ties with her sweetheart Ndii. The grass was tall and the bush green following the recent rain storms.

Kenia, Ndii, Mbirikani, Naipoki, Kihari, Ishaq-B and Panda who are now old enough to be weaned off milk have begun the weaning process. Today the seven of them came running to the noon bottle feeding area full of expectation of their usual milk bottle but on finding no milk waiting for them they went for a drink of water instead.

Mudanda wanting to play with little Tahri

Nelion scratching his back

Panda sitting on the edge of the waterhole




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