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It was a cold morning with very light rain sprinkles welcoming the orphans as they exited their night quarters. They engaged in socializing games with Kihari, Suswa, Nelion, and Arruba lying down in an attempt to draw some warmth from the soil before joining others who were headed towards the browsing grounds.

The orphans browsed in single file before visiting the baobab water hole where they enjoyed an afternoon milk bottle before making their way to the northern side of Msinga Hill. While the orphan elephants were busy browsing, Tawi, the male Ex Orphan eland that had gone wild more than a month ago, came together with about ten wild zebra to join the orphans. Tawi came to greet the elephants while the zebra herd watched him and waited patiently for him to rejoin them so that they could continue on their way.

Suswa scratching her neck on a rock

Ndii drinking water out of a shallow tree

Lentili taking Tahiri to a quiet browsing place


The morning was full of games around the stockade compound following the orphans milk and supplement feeding. They played until Kenia and Ndii decided to lead the group out followed first by Araba and Tahri with the rest of the orphans falling in line.

On arrival at the browsing grounds, seven year old Kihari split from the main group taking five year olds Mashariki, Bada, Mudanda, Lentili, Rorogoi and her age mate Naipoki with her. The smaller satellite group browsed together for about 20 minutes before rejoining the rest.

After the afternoon mud bath, Ndii went and drew some water that she found in a shallow hole in a tree trunk. The keepers figured that she was testing the water to see if it was sweeter or different in any way to what she had just drunk from the water trough.

The afternoon was spent browsing peacefully until it was time to return home with Ndoria and Arruba leading the group back to the safety of the stockades.

Orphans on Msinga Hill

Tundani and Naipoki tusking each other

Naipoki engaging Panda


The morning started well with the babies playing games around the stockade compound following their milk and supplement feeding. Ndii blocked Panda and Ishaq-B from interacting with her adopted baby Tahri when the two tried to engage her in games.

Mbirikani and Bada wanted to lead the orphan group up Msinga Hill to browse but Lentili, Suswa and Arruba had a different idea and led the group to the lower western sides of the Hill for the morning browsing session.

The orphans made their way slowly to the baobab waterhole in the afternoon where they engaged in a mud bathing competition with Tundani sitting in the centre of the mudbath where he shone before being followed by Embu who wanted to challenge him in a strength testing game; Tundani was not ready for it!

Kenia and her adopted baby Araba tried to introduce the others to a game of lying and rolling around in the red earth piles but were not successful in attracting any of the other orphans to join them. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Nguvu following the other uphill

Ishaq-B playing in the water

Tundani mud games


It was a perfect beginning to the day with the stockade dependant orphans running out of their stockades for their milk bottle after which they settled to enjoy some supplements before engaging in socializing games around the compound.

Mudanda and Lentili led the group to the field this morning and they browsed their way from the western side of the stockade to the northern side arriving at the baobab waterhole in time for the midday milk feed. Rorogoi, Mashariki, Nguvu, Ajali, Arruba and Suswa downed their share and ran straight to the mudwallow scaring away a big wild elephant bull that was relaxing at the water hole.

The orphans became engaged in a bathing competition with Panda lying down and welcoming Embu to climb over her. Tundani and Bada took each other to task playing swimming games in the middle of the waterhole. Tundani lay on his opponent to prevent him from shining and winning the game.

Panda trying to convince Embu to join in his game

Ajali after mudbath

Ndii kneeling in the water


The morning was good with the stockade dependant orphan elephants moving up Msinga Hill to browse following the morning milk bottle and supplement feeding. At 8.20am, Emily and Lesanju herds, which are now together, came to browse on the foot of Msinga Hill moving slowly past the middle and big water holes as they headed towards the Voi River.

The juniors browsed for four hours after which Panda introduced a game of sliding down a slope. Ishaq-B and Bada seemed very excited about the game and joined Panda while Mudanda, Arruba and Rorogoi stood watching them. The orphans then came down and enjoyed their afternoon milk bottle, avoiding the waterhole as it was a cold day. They browsed at the base of Msinga Hill for the rest of the afternoon.

Lempaute and Lesanju arrive at the stockades

Naipoki and Tundani strength games

Laikipia at the stockade in the afternoon




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