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It was another morning full of milk and supplement feeding activities after which the orphan elephants prepared to leave the stockade for the field. Lentili, Arruba and Suswa took the lead of their friends as they climbed up Msinga Hill to browse.

The sun was shining bright and the weather was warm as the orphans came down the hill to the stockades for their afternoon milk bottle, followed by a drink of water and a wallow in the stockade water hole. As they were busy quenching their thirst, a wild elephant herd arrived for a drink and the orphans were happy to share the clean water in the trough with them. Mbegu, Lasayen and Godoma went very close to the wild elephant herd, welcoming them to the orphan group and enjoying theinteraction with their wild friends.

The orphan elephants then took interest in a wild elephant calf, attempting to steal it from the wild herd. Ndii, Kihari, Naipoki and Panda eventually had enough of interacting with the wild herd and steered the orphans away from the stockade compound to the browsing fields.

Godoma playing


Suswa after the supplement feeding


The morning was good with the orphan elephants coming out of their stockades in a happy mood to begin their daily routine. Murit was full of energy and was in a greedy mood attempting to push Ngilai away from his milk in an attempt to have it for himself.

The orphan elephants enjoyed playing around the stockade compound for a short while before leaving to go out to browse. Tawi the male orphan eland followed the orphans up to the northern side of Msinga Hill but had to turn and run back to the stockade when Ndotto and Godoma charged towards him to make him leave.

Bada took the lead of the orphan elephants as they made their way for their afternoon milk bottle. The Keepers had to intervene however, to allow Mbeguís herd to have their milk first. The orphans then enjoyed a mud bath, plunging into the water to wallow. Ndotto stood at the front splashing his friends with muddy water. Suswa, Arruba, and Rorogoi soon came and joined him. Panda, Suswa, Arruba, Rorogoi and Ndotto all enjoyed rolling around in the water.

In the afternoon the orphans joined a wild herd of elephants who were close to the water hole. The wild herd was very thirsty and went for a drink from the baobab tree water trough leaving the orphans to their browsing activities.

Tawi browsing

Bada front leading the orphans

Ndotto front splashing


It was another busy morning for the orphans who came running out of their stockades for their morning milk bottle followed by the supplement feeding. Mbegu, who later took the lead towards the browsing field, stopped to investigate a big herd of elands totaling about 50 who were standing at the orphanís entrance to the main park. Lentili came and joined Mbegu at the front of the herd watching as the elands ran away giving the orphan elephants the right of way.

After browsing for two hours, Nelion took Panda to task in a pushing game, but Nelion found that Panda was not very co-operative and instead engaged Mashariki while Bada enjoyed a pushing game with Arruba. Rorogoi on the other hand tried to entice Nguvu into a pushing game but was unsuccessful as Nguvu was quite reserved and not interested in playing.

The orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole where they had a lot of fun playing mud bathing games following the milk feed. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close to the waterhole.

Nelion and Panda

Bada and Mashiriki playing

Rorogoi playing with Nelion


This morning the stockade dependent orphan elephants teamed up for games around the stockade compounds soon as they had finished downing their morning milk bottle. Kihari and Panda went sat on a single rock boulder for a bottom scratching session. Panda then noticed Bada rubbing up against a tree and evicted him from his scratching place taking the position for herself. Panda then turned the position over to Arruba who was soon joined by Nelion who wanted to evict Arruba from what seemed to be the perfect scratching post.

The orphans browsed their way from the southern side of Msinga Hill to the western side before making their way to the baobab water hole where they enjoyed a mud bathing session. Murit and Lasayen plunged into the central part of the water pool but found the water to be quite cold. Arruba briefly joined and the three then exited the mud bath when they realised that none of the other orphans would be bathing as the water was too cold. Ndii lay down on the red earth piles and rolled around enjoying a soil dusting game before joining her friends for the rest of the days browsing activities.

Panda and Kihari scratching together

Ndii enjoying a dust bath

Arruba playing


It was another perfect beginning to the day with the orphan elephants assembling in a nearly perfect straight line to enjoy their milk bottle followed by Lucerne grass pellets blended with copra cake. Ndii then utilized her height, to reach a very green branch from a tree close to the stockade water trough. Embu, Mashariki, Mudanda and Araba tried to chase her away from the branch so that they could have it to herself, but Ndii held it in her mouth rand ran away to enjoy it in peace and quiet.

In the afternoon, a teenage wild elephant calf that was about ten years old broke off from her herd and joined the orphans at the baobab water hole. The wild calf charged and chased the Keepers away from the orphan elephants, but Mbeguís herd followed their human family. Rorogoi, Arruba, Mashariki and Embu engaged their new wild elephant friend in wrestling match. Keniaís herd had a bit of difficulty having their afternoon milk bottle as the wild elephant kept following them around. Once they finished their bottles their wild friend ran off to join her herd that had come to the waterhole. The orphans interacted with them for about twenty minutes before the wild herd left.

Godoma with Naipoki

Kenia and Bada with wild elephant

Ndotto lying down playing games




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