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Today blood samples were taken for analysis from Balguda, who has been showing signs of being unwell, Asanje who is still far from well, and Suswa who also appeared unusually “dull”. Whilst Asanje’s sample showed signs of improvement, she appears to be becoming weaker, and needs help to rise after sleeping. Balguda and Suswa had a slightly elevated white cell count, and were given immune boosters. 

Balguda leads the way

Suswa has some milk


Asanje, who suffered an inexplicable anaphylactic attack a while ago, is now sufficiently strong to be able to join the other orphans out in the bush, but prefers to return to the safety of her Stockade and remain with a Keeper rather than risk being pushed around by the likes of Lemoyian, Ngasha and Kithaka. She has developed a strange swelling on her forehead which could be a boil, but is not yet ripe.  

Asanje out in the bush

Lemoyian and Ngasha having a pushing session

Kithaka enjoys splashing in the mudbath


Three of the four teething babies were passing copious loose stools today, so they were all put on a drip to restore lost body fluids, and given Kaolin and Green Clay orally. Of the four Ashaka still looks strongest, but all have lost a great deal of body condition, which happens during teething when on artificial formula milk that is not as perfect as that of their natural mother. The swelling on Asanje’s body and chin following the anaphylactic fit she suffered last month is still pronounced and troubling her (and us).  

Ashaka looking strong

Asanje in the stokade.


Another sad morning because the latest orphan who came in last night died, un-named even. Asanje appeared back to normal, but had lost the sight of both eyes as a result of yesterday’s mysterious incident. The Animal Eye Specialist was contacted, and will come and examine her eyes. 

Mara rescue arriving at the Nursery

Laragai goes head first into the mud


It is a puzzle as to what happened to Asanje today, who was perfectly alright in the morning, went out as usual with the others, but suddenly swelled around the neck and began walking in circles, appearing blind in both eyes and rapidly deteriorating into a state of collapse. We only just managed to get her back to the Stockade, and Angela rushed to the Medical Store and gave intravenous cortisone. We suspect it could be as a result of a snake bite, although no snake was seen. 

Asanje has milk

Kithaka reaches out his trunk




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