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Since we lost Ashaka, Mbegu has been moved to the stable next to Kamok so that the two can keep each other company and overcome the loss of their great friend together. They are settled and have turned the page with the two girls starting to become closer friends, more than they have been in the past, which means that Mbegu will fill the gap in Kamok's life when Ashaka died. Murit is attached to both Mbegu and Kamok while Kauro seems to be most comfortable in the company of the older orphans.

Today Kamok Mbegu and Murit had a lot of fun playing hide and seek games while out in the browsing fields this morning. Chasing Pea and Pod the ostiches is a much enjoyed passtime too! At the mudbath they all had fun rolling around in the loose soil with tiny Ndotto and Lasayen refusing to let any of the other orphans join them.

Kamok in the rain

Kamok and Murit with Oltaiyoni

Ndotto playing with soil


Since Ashakaís death Kamok has been a little lost and keeps looking for her friend. She has been seen spending time with Murit but often also leaves the older group to join the baby group where Ashaka had been.
New arrival Alamaya has settled in better now and no longer pushes the babies. She has become very close to the little ones especially Doldol and the two are often seen in each otherís company. Alamayaís hyena wound is healing well and does not seem to bother her much anymore.

Kamok and Murit

Murit, Kamok and Kauro browsing together

Alamaya, Mwashoti and Lasayen


This morning Kamok, who was Ashakaís best friend returned to the stockades and to her stable to look for her when she could not find her among the group of orphans heading out to the bush for the day. When she could not find Ashaka she slowly made her way to the rest of the orphans in the company of a keeper.
Mwashoti and Ngilai seem to have become attached to each other and enjoy each otherís company. Ngilai loves to be close to Mwashoti and the two are often seen standing shoulder to shoulder as they browse in the fields.

Kamok heading to rejoin the orphans

Ngilai and Mwashoti


Ashaka is still not doing well and had to be put on a drip last night as she did not want to eat any greens or drink her milk which meant that she was very weak this morning and unable to stand. The keepers tried to help her to her feet but all she wanted to do was lie down. She remained in her stockade with her keepers watching over her and doing all they could while the rest of the orphans headed out to the bush for the day.
Sadly as the day progressed she got worse and Ashaka died peacefully surrounded by her loving human family. Her death was heartbreaking for the keepers who had nurtured her for such a long time. An autopsy was performed on Ashaka so that we could find out what it was that had ailed her and the cause of her death.

Nursery orphan herd

Orphans walking through the forest

RIP Ashaka


This morning saw the beginning of the journey to Umani for Ziwa and Balguda who were loaded into the moving truck with only a few troubles, as Ziwa was a little hesitant at first. The two were in the truck and on their way by 4am. Soon after their departure Lemoyian Sokotei and Sirimon, who had witnessed their friends leave the stockades, started to cause a bit of a fuss and had to be consoled by the keepers.
Alamaya had a bit of a rough night, due to having loose stool, and was a little dull and quiet when she woke. As a result the keepers thought it best that she join Mwashoti and Ashaka with the babies until she was feeling better and medicated her milk which she took well.
At about 3pm we received a call from the Naibosho conservancy in the Masai Mara of a young orphan in need of rescue. A rescue team was quickly put together and on its way to Wilson. The young calf whose mother had died at around 8am from natural causes was still with its herd. The baby was only about 3 weeks old and the females in the herd were very protective making it difficult for Damian from the Naibosho conservancy and his team to get the calf to take it to the airstrip. The calf arrived at the Nursery at about 8pm. He is been named Esilale.

Sweet Alamaya

Alamaya with Mwashoti and Lasayen

The rescued calf

The calf after arrival at the Nursery




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