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The stockade dependant orphan elephants left the stockade compound early in the morning, heading out to the browsing fields at the first light of day. There was light rain falling as the orphans arrived in the browsing fields and they all enjoyed playing in an erosion trench. Arruba slid head first into the erosion trench, banging her head which caused her to scream loudly. Thankfully she was not injured and Kihari came to console her and show her the correct way to slide into the trench, bottom first. Bada was busy enjoying his own game as he took a dry stick and pushed it between his trunk and his tusks.

The orphan elephants visited the baobab water hole in the afternoon but did not fully wallow in the water as it was a fairly cold day.

Arruba bangs her head in the erosion trench

Tundani browsing

Kihari playing with Kenia and Tarhi

Bada heading uphill


The morning began with the orphan elephants playing games around the stockade compound before leaving for the browsing grounds under the leadership of Lentili and Mashariki. On arriving at the eastern foot of Msinga Hill, the stockade dependant orphan elephants spotted Layoni and Dabassa busy browsing half way up the hill. Tundani went to join the two Ex Orphans while the rest of the junior herd made their way towards the northern side of the hill. Tundani stayed with the two older boys for the whole day before returning to the stockades at 4:40 pm.

Today Ndii, Panda and Ishaq-B all wanted to keep company with Tahri and shower her with love and affection. The three of them surrounded the little girl who could not have been happier with all the attention she was getting.

The orphans visited the baobab tree water hole but didnít wallow as it was rather cold. Ishaq-B found a small hole where she enjoyed some dust bathing games while Rorogoi and Bada watched.

Panda busy browsing

Ishaq-b dustbathing

Rorogoi watching Ishaq-B

Tundani browsing on green leaves


It was drizzling as the orphans exited their stockades and assembled for their morning milk bottles after which they headed to the park under Naipoki and Kihariís leadership. On arrival at the browsing grounds, Ajali took the lead wanting to move further afield. None of the orphans were interested in following him and he ended up just staying with the rest of the herd.

Today the orphan elephantís noon milk feed was brought to then on the eastern side of Msinga Hill as they were not interested in visiting the waterhole. Embu and Ishaq-B introduced the others to a game of rolling in the erosion trenches with Nelion and Bada joining in on the fun.

Ishaq-B playing in a trench

Nelion front playing in the erosion trench

Embu covered in soil


It was a perfect beginning to the day with the orphans making their way to the browsing grounds amid light rain. The orphans had an active day as they played chasing games while out in the fields. Arruba stuck with her long time friend Suswa while Nelion played with Tundani and Bada. Kihari, Naipoki and Ishaq-B were all scheming to see how they could take Tahri away from Ndii.

Once the orphans settled down to browse Tahri went down on her knees so as to access some fresh greens that were sprouting following the recent rains. Ndii investigated the contents of a hole in a tree trunk and was happy to find some rain water that had collected there.

The orphan herd visited the baobab water hole for a drink of water but did not wallow as it was a cold day. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Rorogoi having a drink of water

Ndii investigating a hole in a tree

Tundani browsing between rocks

Ishaq-B browsing


It was a nice beginning to the day with the orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplement feeding before engaging in some brief strength testing games with Nelion taking Bada to task. When they were done playing the orphans left the stockade compound and headed to the bush to begin the days browsing activities.

Two hours after their departure, Seraa, baby Solar, Ndara, Neptune, Wasessa, Lesanju, Sinya, Lempaute, Tassia, Layoni and Dabassa visited the stockade. Wasessa, Sinya and Lesanju were all seen in close contact with the two babies Solar and Neptune guarding them as proper nannies should. After drinking from the stockade water trough, the Ex Orphans fed on range cubes and copra cake. Solar was driven away by a naughty baboon that came to steal the supplements. Seraa took charge and chased the baboon away. It seems that Ndara may be forming her own herd and taking some of Emilyís herd with her with Lesanjuís herd together with Seraa being the latest to join.

Dabassa front and Layoni

Tassia at the stockade

Seraa with Solar under her

Sinya left, Neptune, Solar, Seraa & Lempaute




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