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It was another wonderful morning Kenia’s herd exited their stockades and enjoying an early morning milk bottle before settling to feed on range cubes, copra cake and Lucerne grass pellets.
They then enjoyed some dust bathing and scratching games around the stockade compound before heading to the browsing grounds.

Soon after they left the stockade, Dabassa and Layoni arrived. Layoni saw the leaving orphans and ran to catch Panda and engage her in a wrestling match. Panda did not want to be left behind by her group and as such ignored Layoni’s advances.

On arrival on the western foot of Msinga hill, Tundani, Mbirikani and Bada steered the group to the peak of the hill which was cool and had palatable browse resulting in the orphans spending the whole day browsing there. They only descended in the evening in order to return to the safety of the stockades for the night.

Suswa browsing

Nguvu following the others

Mbirikani and Dabassa at the stockades


The morning started well with the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrating on their milk and supplements feeding before engaging in some brief hide and seek game. As the orphans were preparing to leave the stockade compound for the browsing grounds ex orphans Lempaute, Kivuko, Layoni and Dabassa arrived.

Layoni tried to prevent Bada from leaving, wanting him to remain with them as they waited for their share of the supplements. Bada joined Layoni for a bottom scratching session against a rock boulder. He remained with the ex orphans for a spell before Layoni escorted him to rejoin his group who were browsing on the northern side of Msinga hill.

Kenia and Ndii were stuck close to Araba, but Layoni had no interest in taking her from them. The group visited the baobab water hole for their afternoon milk bottle and some water but did now wallow as it was quite a cold day.

Kenia plucking leaves

Kihari in a playful mood

Lenitili and Naipoki enjoy the lucerne


It was a nice cool morning with light rain sprinkles welcoming the stockade dependant orphan elephants as they exited their respective stables, downed a morning milk bottle and settled to enjoy range cubes and copra cake.

The orphans headed to the browsing grounds under the stewardship of Naipoki and Suswa, and spent the morning browsing more on the northern side of the stockade before slowly making their way to the baobab water hole. Ndii became very innovative and created her own water hole next to the main water hole. She did this by drawing several gulps of water, pouring it onto the ground until she achieved the desired effect. She then rolled in the shallow water hole while attempting to woo Araba from Kenia but was unsuccessful in her attempts.

The orphans were led home in the evening by Bada and Arruba who got the whole group back safely.

Layoni and Bada at the stockades

Layoni scratching against a rock at the stockades

Ndii, Rorgoi and Ishaq-B waiting for lucerne


The day started with great momentum as the stockade dependant orphans charged out of their night quarters downing their morning milk bottle before settling to enjoy the highly nutritious Lucerne pellets and dairy cubes. Kenia went to scratch her neck against a rock by the stockade water trough.

The orphans headed to the browsing grounds under Mudanda, Kihari, Nelion and Mbirikani’s leadership. As the day progressed it became very hot and Araba sought refuge from the scorching sun by hiding behind Kenia’s ear. Rorogoi and Embu were the first to get their afternoon milk bottle by arriving at the milk feeding area well ahead of the others. They were followed a few minutes later by Bada, Mudanda, Ndoria and Pasaka. Pasaka wanted to be fed his milk a short distance from the others and the keepers were happy to oblige him. The rest of the orphans came for their bottles in groups of four. When all the orphans had been fed they headed to the baobab water hole where they had a lot of fun in the mudbath.

Wild herd seen in the Aruba area

Wild elephant herd head tothe Aruba pump


The orphans exited their stockades to the sound of the singing birds. Following their milk and supplement feed they enjoyed some copra cake, lucerne grass and pellets. Lempaute, Dabassa, Layoni and Kivuko came to the stockade soon after the juniors had left missing them by a hair.
The four went to drink from the stockade trough before feeding on supplements. They left the stockades two hours after they had arrived.

The orphans spread out to browse on the eastern side of Msinga hill coming for their noon milk bottle under Mbirikani, Mudanda and Bada’s leadership. The first group of five orphan elephants ran towards the baobab tree water hole for their milk bottle as the keepers held the second group back letting them go once the first group was done. Arruba went and grabbed Suswa’s ear, suckling it as she waited to be called for her milk.

When browsing after the noon mud bath, Mashariki became uncomfortable when Ndoria kept following her from behind and eventually turned to chase Ndoria away, suspecting that Ndoria was wanting to bite her tail and she wanted none of that.

Ndii and Mudanda browsing

Araba takes refuge from sun behind Kenia's ear

Tundani browsing




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