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The morning was good with the stockade dependant orphan elephants moving up Msinga Hill to browse following the morning milk bottle and supplement feeding. At 8.20am, Emily and Lesanju herds, which are now together, came to browse on the foot of Msinga Hill moving slowly past the middle and big water holes as they headed towards the Voi River.

The juniors browsed for four hours after which Panda introduced a game of sliding down a slope. Ishaq-B and Bada seemed very excited about the game and joined Panda while Mudanda, Arruba and Rorogoi stood watching them. The orphans then came down and enjoyed their afternoon milk bottle, avoiding the waterhole as it was a cold day. They browsed at the base of Msinga Hill for the rest of the afternoon.

Lempaute and Lesanju arrive at the stockades

Naipoki and Tundani strength games

Laikipia at the stockade in the afternoon


This morning Emilyís herd arrived bright and early assembling around the stockade water trough quenching their thirst and playing games around the stockade compound. Emily had a wonderful scratching game on a rock close to the stockade water trough while Kivuko engaged Emma in a wrestling match and Mzima took on Rombo. The Ex Orphans left the stockade for the browsing grounds before the stockade dependant orphans exited their stockades to begin the day.

The juniors enjoyed browsing on the lush green grass and fed until it was time to visit the baobab waterhole where they drank their milk and enjoyed mud-bathing games. Bada lay in the middle of the water and Tundani, Arruba and Mudanda enjoyed scratching against a fallen tree trunk after which they joined the rest of the group for the afternoon browsing session. 

Safi, Eden and Inca playing with the water

Eden playing with Safi

Suswa near Msinga Hill


This morning the stockade dependant orphan elephants concentrated on their milk and supplement feeding before engaging in a few socializing games around the stockade compound after which they proceeded to the browsing grounds.

Ndii was right behind with her adopted darling Tahri as Kenia stuck with her loved one Araba. The orphans had a wonderful time browsing on the lower plains on the northern side of Msinga Hill, before visiting the baobab water hole in the afternoon. They had so much fun playing that their happy trumpeting attracted the attention of a big wild bull elephant.

Tundani, Nelion and Bada led the orphans in welcoming the bull into the water hole. The rest of the orphans stood close by stretching out their trunks in greeting. The bull then made his way to the middle waterhole followed by the orphan herd. The orphans browsed close to the water hole, while the bull made his way to the Voi River.

Ishaq-B mud bath gamesq

Tundani scratching his eye

Orphans follow the wild bull


Lesanju and Lempaute came to the stockade this morning when they met up with Layoni and Dabassa who had arrived before them. The two greeted her warmly, embracing her and showing her the respect she deserves as the matriarchal mother she has become.

Ishaq-B and Kihari led the group towards the browsing grounds shortly after Lesanjuís arrival with Kenia and Ndii making sure that their adopted babies, Araba and Tahri, did not leave their side. Lesanju left the stockades a short while later in an effort to catch up with the juniors but did not meet up with them again today.

The orphans headed to the water hole at noon, with Lentili, Arruba, Bada and Mashariki arriving with the first group. Ishaq-B secured an opportunity to interact with Tahri while Ndii enjoyed some mud bathing games, becoming the star of the day. Mbirikani tried to challenge her by rolling around in the water like a mudfish but her skills were no match for Ndiiís.

Panda with Tahri

Safi greeting Tassia

Eden, Thor and Neptune at the watertrough


The morning started well with the sun rising over the horizon early in the morning predicting a sunny and hot day ahead. The stockade dependant orphan elephants browsed in single file, with Nelion, Bada, Mudanda, Arruba and Rorogoi seeking shelter from the scorching sun under a tree in the late morning. The five relaxed there for more than twenty minutes before rejoining their friends who were making their way towards the baobab water hole for their milk bottle, some water and a mud bath.

Panda engaged Arruba in a wrestling match, which did not sit well with Arruba, who cried out for help from Kenia who intervened and maintained peace between the two. On arriving at the water hole, the orphans had a quick bath before engaging in other activities. Nelion enjoyed a scratching session on a fallen tree trunk where he was joined by Arruba. Embu had a fun time dust-bathing, before rolling onto the grass and laying there for a while. The afternoons browsing activities took place around the waterhole.

Laikipia at the stockade

Lempaute, Kivuko and Sinya follow Laikipia

Lempaute browsing




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