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It was a crazy day today as the lions were everywhere. The first encounter took place mid morning as the orphans were coming for the 11am milk bottle. Godoma was leading Murit, Sana Sana and Naseku when the group came across a large pride of lions lying on the rocks near the mudbath area, sunning themselves. Upon seeing the orphans coming past they quickly got up and ran into the bushes.

During the public visit Naseku was very funny as she dust bathed and rolled around in the loose, red soil which attracted the attention of Lasayen, Godoma and Ndotto all of whom went to join her, and they started playing some wrestling games. Naseku was the last one to leave the area, dust bathing all the way to the end of the public session.

More lions were seen resting and playing in the park about 20 meters from where Balguda and the nursery babies were waiting for the rest of the orphans and keepers to return from the public visit. Pea seemed to be unaware of the danger that was close to her and even though the lions seemed disinterested in her, the keepers were taking no chances and returned her to the safety of the stockades.

At around 4:30pm Kauro, Sirimon and Oltaiyoni bumped into a group of 5 lions that were resting in some long grass. The three orphans started giving out an alert by rumbling loudly which caught the attention of the keepers who saw the lions and quickly led the group away and to the safety of the stockades.

Murit leading the others out

Murit leading before they bumped into the lions!

Naseku was funny at mud bath today

Galla with Lasayen

Oltaiyoni out in the bush before seeing the lions


Sana Sana, who is one of the newer orphans in the nursery, is not yet fully adapted to life at the Nursery and has been causing a few problems for the keepers when the orphans are out in the bush. Sana Sana has yet to form any strong bonds with any of the orphans and is still not 100% trusting of the keepers and often sneaks away to browse deeper in the forest causing panic as the keepers can’t find her and have to mount a search. Yesterday afternoon Sana Sana wandered off on her own and was found soil dusting and did not show any interest in the keepers when they found her, and she did not seem to mind being on her own.

Today as the younger orphans were making their way back to the forest after the mudbath Sana Sana separated from the herd and pulled a vanishing act. The keepers began searching for her immediately but it was not until much later in the afternoon that they were able to locate her. The found her sleeping in the forest quite a way away from where the orphans usually liked to browse. She was completely relaxed and oblivious to the trouble and worry she had caused. At first she tried to run away but the keepers were able to get her to follow them back to the stockades by enticing her with a bottle of milk.

Today Balguda spent most of his time in the company of Kamok and Kauro and even tried to accompany them to the mudbath at 11am. The keepers tired to prevent him from doing so as he is not feeling well at the moment and directed him to the baby group. He managed to thwart their attempts however and make his way to the mudbath. Once there he did not want to cross the mud and stream and chose to instead remain browsing in the surrounding area. At the end of the public visit he followed the rest of the group back to the forest.

Sana Sana likes to disappear and browse alone

Balguda browsing in the bush

Balguda near his keepers

All the orphans walking back to the bush


This morning once the orphans were already in the bush for the day’s browsing session Oltaiyoni, the matriarch of the group, began her daily inspection of the group, starting from the youngest and ending with the oldest boy Balguda. Once she reached Balguda she decided to stop and spend some time browsing with him and the two fed side by side for a while before engaging in a gentle pushing game.

Kauro can often be found playing with Ndotto and Lasayen who are good friends. Today he pulled the two younger orphans away from the rest of the group so that he could enjoy some fun and games with the two boys and after playing they then browsed together until it was time for the 9am milk feed.

Since the move of Olsekki and Enkikwe, Sokotei has become less of a bully towards Kauro which is positive to see although sadly Boromoko and Kauro’s friendship seems to be waning slightly and the two playmates do not spend as much time together as they used to.

Today Ndotto had a serious strength testing and pushing game with Tusuja who is bigger and stronger than he is, and as such he was not able to overcome his older peer. When the exchange became quite heated the keepers stepped in and brought an end to the game, separating the two so that they could calm down and relax a little.

Oltaiyoni with Boromoko behind

Oltaiyoni going to inspect the babies

Kauro in a playful mood today

Ndotto with Dupotto

Tusuja had a big pushing game with Ndotto today


At about 4am the translocation process for Alamaya and Mwashoti began with the two boys being led out of their stockades and into the translocation truck where they had their milk before the journey to Umani began. The keepers were very happy to see that both boys went into the truck without any problems at all and as such the process only took a few minutes and they were soon on their way.

When the rest of the Nursery orphans exited their stockades in the morning the only one who seemed to miss seeing Alamaya and Mwashoti was Tusuja who had been keeping company with the two and playing with them over the last few days. He was seen walking around all the orphans looking for his friends and it took the better part of the morning before he settled down in the company of Balguda.

Sokotei and Sirimon were engaged in their usual pushing and strength testing games in the ever ongoing battle for dominance in the group which started when Olsekki and Enkikwe went to Ithumba.  

Alamaya being led out of the lorry at Umani

Alamaya and Mwashoti with the other orphans

Alamaya and Mwashoti in their new home

Sonje comforting Mwashoti

Sirimon going to wrestle with Sokotei


It was a very cold and wet morning due to the fact that it rained all night and continued to rain for the better part of the day. Due to the bad weather Balguda and Galla did not want to leave their stockades and join the rest of the nursery orphans who were joyfully heading out to the forest and fields for the day. Upon seeing that Galla was not among the group Mbegu headed back to the stockades and marched straight into Galla’s stockade in an effort to get him to join her out in the rain. Galla was having none of it, preferring to stay dry and warm rather than get wet, and so Mbegu left Galla in his stockade until such a time that he felt it was warm enough for him to join the rest of the group.

At the public visit the little stream that runs near the orphan’s mudwallow had become more of a river which made some of the orphans wary of crossing it. Ngilai was particularly afraid and made several attempts to cross the river getting as far as half way before turning back and trying at a different point, all the while rumbling his frustration to his keepers and friends. Eventually using his trunk to gauge the depth of the water he was finally able to cross and was rewarded with his milk bottle which he drank with satisfaction.

Roi was in a particularly greedy mood today and as the second group of orphans were enjoying their milk bottle at the mudbath Roi kept running to the wheelbarrow, stealing a bottle and running off with it only to drop it once she realized it was empty. Her antics drew the attention of all the visiting public who thoroughly enjoyed watching her attempts to get more than her share of milk as the keepers fought to prevent her from doing so.

It was a cold morning today

Galla did not want to leave his stockade

Sweet Mbegu went to look for Galla

Ngilai is so little

Roi was being particularly greedy today!




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