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It was a quiet morning when the orphans left the stockade. Led by Naseku, the orphans briefly settled for lucerne before Maramoja led the way out. An hour later, a group of ex-orphans led by Kinna briefly joined the orphans. In the group there were three huge elephants that seemed to have an eye on a female ex-orphan. Shortly later Kinna steered the group towards the east as the keepers tried to call their babies back so as to avoid confrontation with the wild bulls. Barsilinga, Kithaka, Garzi, Lemoyian, Sirimon and Laragai refused to heed the keepers call and opted to run away with Kinna and her herd. The six rebels later showed up at mud bath before disappearing again, only to reappear late in the evening at the stockade. In the afternoon, Kauro engaged Galla in a strength testing exercise while Tusuja played with Enkikwe. The disciplined Oltaiyoni later had her own game of running and charging at some bushes, a game that also attracted Olsekki and Karisa. 

Galla, Naseku and Oltaiyoni

Enkikwe and Wanjala dustbathing

Galla riding on one of his friends


Ukame, the hot-tempered girl, was the first one to leave the stockade as she was followed closely behind by Roi. The orphans settled briefly for lucerne before Maramoja led the way out. Rapa and Karisa had a light strength-testing exercise that went on for quite some time. In the process, as Karisa was retreating to gather momentum, he stepped into a small ditch that made him lose his balance. Rapa applied a little force that meant Karisa fell over. As Karisa struggled to his feet, Rapa watched in disbelief how a little knock meant Karisa had completely fallen over, not knowing that it was just sheer luck that meant Karisa had initially lost his balance. Rapa was very happy as he has never won any contest since coming to Ithumba five months ago! Later, Rapa settled to browse with Tusuja where he boasted about how he managed to humiliate Karisa. Tusuja invited Rapa to a wrestling game but to keep his winning streak going, Rapa opted to part ways and went to feed with his friends Pare and Maramoja. The rest of the day was quiet as the orphans concentrated on browsing without having any visitors join them. In the evening, Kithaka, Sirimon, Lemoyian, Garzi, Barsilinga and Laragai who have been putting up a bit of resistance to being locked in the stockade after testing freedom for some time now, devised a method of how they will make their displeasure known to the keepers. A few meters from the stockade, the six orphans pretended to be drinking water at water troughs nearby as the keepers stood at the gate waiting patiently for them to come in. To the keepersí surprise, the six juniors turned and headed back to the browsing field. The keepers tried to call them to come back but this only worsened things as the naughty herd increased their pace and disappeared into the bushes. Indeed they had passed the message to the keepers that they don't want to be locked in. Siangiki and Olsekki watched from the stockade as their friends disappeared into the bush. Olsekki and Siangiki did not wish to be out at night after the ordeal that Siangiki went through when she met with the merciless lions. The six rebels reported back at midnight after they had their fun out in the bush; they are just like six naughty teenagers!  

Rapa knocks Karisa down when playing

Siangiki soil dusting

Maramoja running for milk


The sky was crystal clear as the orphans left the stockade in the morning. Garzi, Barsilinga and Sirimon, who rarely have milk even though they have been coming back to the stockade recently, had spent the night out with Orwa and Bomani who reported in the dead of the night and comfortably slept just outside the stockade. Garzi, Barsilinga and Sirimon didnít spend much of their time feeding with the other orphans. After briefly feeding on lucerne, Laragai led the way to the browsing field. The weather was sunny and the vegetation is now slowly turning yellowish in colour, an indication that the rains may have come to an end in the area. The orphans had a quiet morning with Sirimon, Garzi and Barsilinga dodging the keepers, but Orwa and Bomani decide to stay put with the rest of the orphans. At mud bath time, the orphans had a spectacular wallowing session with Karisa and Wanjala stealing the show by competing who could ride on many of their friends as possible. Their game ended up as a draw as they only managed to ride on two friends each before the show came to an end. Shortly after having enough of mud bath, Orwa led the team to soil dust. Sapalan, who never wastes time in meaningless activities, led the way to the browsing field as his friends followed behind him. In the evening, the orphans returned back to the stockades without Barsilinga, Garzi and Sirimon. The three boys returned back at midnight.  

Barsilinga browsing

Turkwel greets Orwa

Orphans heading home


It was quiet today when the elephants came out of their respective stockades to the bush. They walked out without eating any lucerne as they knew there was fresh food to find in the bush.

They met with Mutaraís herd and joined up with them, which delighted Barsilinga as he enjoys browsing with everyone altogether as he doesn't like staying just with the young ones . They all browsed together and later walked to the mud bath together too.

It was the usual routine at the mud bath as the dependent orphans had their milk and walked straight to the water trough to drink water after, and when everyone had their milk they walked to the waterhole for a swim. They all enjoyed the swim with Galla climbing on Namalok while Kainuk climbed on Rapa. They swam across in a line and walked out to the dust bath to protect them from the sun and insects. Kainuk rolled on the ground and looked like she was having such fun.

Back in the bush, they were all busy browsing and still together as one group. Barsilinga, Garzi, Sirimon and Lemoyian were still with them as well. It was very hot and again the orphans decided to have a second mud bath. From there the dependent orphans walked back to the stockades and Bomani joined them. Mutara's group arrived at the stockade soon after the dependent orphans were inside, and Bomani joined them.

Oprhans and ex orphans enjoying a dustbath

Kainuk riding on Rapa

Wanjala plays with Kauro


It was a very busy morning today as we were visited by Mutara's herd with Kilaguni among them. He is always with Chaimu but today he appeared alone with Mutara's herd. He was very active and he started play-fighting with Kanjoro. Enkikwe and Siangiki were washed and treated as usual and follow their group to the bush. There were no games this morning as all the orphans were busy browsing separately. Maramoja was up on the top rocks browsing, enjoying the breeze up there.

The orphans had their milk and walked straight to the mud wallow to swim. They played vigorously and swam from one end to the other. Back in the bush it was very hot and all of the orphans concentrated on browsing again. As it was so hot they later circled back to the mud bath for a second time to cool down again. They enjoyed it very much as it was very hot and clammy. They later walked back to the stockades in the with the four boys Barsilinga, Lemoyian, Garzi and Sirimon among them. They were locked in as well and Laragai was trying to open the gate to let them out as usual but she didnít manage as it was locked with a padlock to Laragai-proof it! Mutara's group later arrived and they started playing outside the stockades.

Kilaguni and Kanjoro playfighting

Orphans enjoying Lucerne

Enkikwe having a drink




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