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It was a perfect beginning to the day with Layoni and Dabassa joining the stockade dependant orphan elephants for some range cube feeding before following them to the browsing grounds. Once out in the park the two Ex Orphans made their way towards the water pipe line. The orphans browsed in single file until it was time to visit the baobab water hole.

The weather was fairly cold today, with Ndii and Araba, being the only ones to really enjoy the mud bath while Kenia stood by watching them, preferring to be a spectator than a wallower as the water was cold. Ndii and Araba had a lovely time wallowing in the water while the others waited for them to finish so that they could resume their browsing activities. On coming out of the water, Ndii pulled up the root of an acacia tree and feasted on it while Kenia went to investigate a hole in a tree trunk. On finding that there was water in the hole she decided to taste it. The afternoons browsing activities took place close to the waterhole.

Ndii and Araba enjoying the mudbath

Araba and Ndii having a ball at mudbath

Kenia investigating a hole in a tree


It was a nice beginning to the day with Layoni and Dabassa arriving at the stockade to join the juniors for the supplement feeding session. The two Ex Orphans were then welcomed to join the juniors out in the browsing grounds. Layoni and Dabassa were very well behaved, allowing the stockade dependant orphan elephants to make their browsing choices and take the leadership roles which they shared among the group.

While browsing on the eastern foot of Msinga Hill, a male water buck that was running fast came and stopped behind Mudanda who became quite nervous as she could not run away due to the big rock boulders in front of her. Upon realizing that the animal behind her was a water buck, and not a predator, she calmed down and continued with her browsing activities.

The orphans visited the baobab water hole where they downed their milk bottles then enjoyed feeding on the range cubes that had been given to them. The afternoon was spent browsing around the area.

Layoni out with the orphans

Layoni & Dabassa with the juniors

Mudanda scared by a running waterbuck


This morning Kenia, Kihari, Ndii and Naipoki consolidated the stockade dependant orphan elephant group and headed to the browsing fields as soon as they saw Layoni and Dabassa making their way to the stockades. The two Ex Orphans came running up to try and join the juniors for some supplement feeding. As the juniors had eaten all the supplements they waited to be given some by the keepers and remained in the compound feeding and drinking before returning to the park.

After an afternoon milk bottle, Araba went and lay on Ndii's stomach during the mud bathing games while Kenia watched them. Ndii has slowly been gaining Araba’s love and trust and the youngster often enjoys keeping company with Ndii who in the end may end up being Araba’s new adopted mother over Kenia.

Late in the afternoon the orphans joined a wild elephant herd that came to browse close to them. Mashariki and Naipoki were busy following a small wild elephant calf which made her older sister feel uncomfortable and had her charging at the two orphans to get them to keep their distance.

Naipoki browsing


Wild elephant herd

Mashariki browsing


It was lovely beginning to the day with the orphan elephants enjoying a morning milk bottle after which they settled for some supplement feeding. Dabassa and Layoni arrived at the stockade compound ten minutes after the juniors had left for the browsing grounds.

Once in the fields the orphans scattered and enjoyed browsing on the fresh vegetation that was coming up following the recent light showers. It was quite a warm day today and Ajali, who normally does not like entering the water, participated in the mud bath with the rest of the group. He then went to join Rorogoi for a scratching session on a fallen tree trunk while the rest of the orphans took turns scratching against the big baobab tree.

In the evening, Nguvu separated himself from the rest of the orphan herd and joined a wild herd of elephants who were resting under a tree. He wanted to leave with them when they were ready to head off by the keepers called him back to rejoin the orphan herd as he is still milk dependent.

Ajali after the mudbath

Rorogoi scratching

Nguvu back joining a wild herd


The morning was wonderful with the stockade dependant orphan elephants downing a morning milk bottle before settling to enjoy some range cubes. They were soon joined by Layoni and Dabassa who came running in from the park. The orphans were almost half way done with the range cubes when the two Ex Orphans arrived and started pushing the juniors away from the range cube feeding area. The keepers took charge, bringing any disagreements to an end, allowing them all to enjoy the supplement feeding.

The juniors then headed to the browsing fields leaving the two Ex Orphans drinking water from the stockade water trough while they settled to browse on the Northern side of the stockade.

At the mud bath Ndii went and sat on the walls of the water pool and challenged Embu in some rolling in the mud games. Kihari enjoyed a scratching session while Kenia had a nap on the red earth piles that had been brought in for the orphans.

Ndii on the mudbath wall

Embu browsing

Kihari scratching

Kenia relaxing




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