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The morning started with the stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoying their morning milk bottle after which they engaged in supplement feeding, before teaming up in groups for some socializing games. The game of chase around the compound soon became the favourite and continued until Layoni and Dabassa arrived, at which point Kenia, Ndii, Naipoki and Kihari led their group out to the park.

The orphan elephant herd visited the water hole in the afternoon, but as it was cold they were reluctant to have a mud bath. Ndii stretched out her trunk to touch Lentili, seemingly trying to take the lead and get the group into the water. Lentili had no interest in doing so and as such the orphans returned to the browsing fields where they remained until it was time to return to the stockades for the night.

Ndii at the edge of the watering hole

Ndii stretching out trunk to Lentili

Ajali walking to the mud bath


It was a nice beginning to the day as the orphans came out of their stables in high spirits looking forward to a new day. Kenia took charge and led the others towards the browsing grounds after the milk and supplement feeding was over.

Once the orphans were in the browsing fields, Layoni and Dabassa walked past them on their way to the Voi River, as they headed to the Voi River without stopping to join the stockade dependent orphans.

The orphans had a wonderful bathing session following their afternoon milk bottle. Ishaq-B enjoyed scratching against a low lying acacia tree branch after which he joined the rest for the afternoons browsing session.

Mbirikani browsing alone

Lentili finds a nice spot to browse

Mudanda with a mouthfull of greens


It was a wonderful beginning of the day with the orphan elephants coming out of their stockade, downing a morning milk bottle and settling for their supplement feeding before beginning the journey out to the browsing grounds. The orphans browsed in single file with Ishaq-B, Panda and Ndii staying close to Tahri while Kenia and Araba kept company with one another.

Two hours after the juniors had left the stockade, Lesanju, Lolokwe, Thoma, baby Thor, Ndara, baby Neptune, Tassia, Sinya and Siria visited the stockade where they had a drink from the water trough. They remained at the stockade compound for about half an hour allowing Thor and Neptune to suckle from their mothers before they returned to the park. In the afternoon, Layoni and Dabassa, who are best friends, came to the stockade for a quick drink before heading off again.

Neptune suckling

Mashariki browsing

Embu playing in the water


The morning was cool as the orphans exited their stockades and came to enjoy their morning milk bottle and supplement foods. They briefly played around the stockade compound until Kenia signaled that it was time to head out for the day.

Soon after the stockade dependant orphans had left the stockade this morning, a few of Emily’s herd visited the compound. Icholta, baby Inca, Thoma, baby Thor, Ndara, baby Neptune, Seraa, Taveta and Dabassa enjoyed drinking from the stockade water trough. Taveta and Dabassa played a pushing game and became engaged in a strength testing competition. The Ex Orphan group left the stockade compound and headed in the direction they had come from.

At the noon mud bath the orphans had a wonderful time as they were all engaged in bathing activities. Panda who was in the middle of the water shinning in some rolling games ended her bathing games when Ndoria came and placed her trunk on Panda’s back, preventing her from rolling around.  

Araba rubbing against Kenia

Tundani soil dusting

Rorogoi sliding into the mud


The morning started with the stockade dependant orphans gulping down their morning milk bottle and settling for the supplement feeding. They later played some hide and seek games followed by soil dusting games around the stockade compound.

Soon after the juniors left for the browsing fields Emily’s herd arrived at the stockade. Among the group was Laikipia, Ndara, Tassia, Lempaute, Sinya, Dabassa, Layoni and Kivuko. The Ex Orphans enjoyed a drink of clean water from the stockade water trough after which they had a wonderful time relaxing around the stockade compound.

Wasessa engaged Dabassa in a wrestling match while Mzima took on Rombo. Sweet Sally leaned against a rock for a scratching session before giving way for Seraa to do the same after which they headed to the browsing fields.

Sweet Sally scratching on a rock

Kivuko playing with Emma

Mashariki and Ajali find a quiet browsing spot




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