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It was another beginning of the day with the stockade dependant orphans enjoying the milk and supplement feeding in the morning. There was then some wonderful dusting and hide and seek games with Suswa grabbing Ndoria’s tail in a game. Ndoria did not like having her tail grabbed and quickly ran away from Suswa.

The orphans had a wonderful browsing morning with a report of an orphan elephant calf being seen close to the Dida Harea wind pump. The calf was seen by a tour driver who reported the situation to Nairobi. The stockade rescue team was mobilized and on arriving found that another tour driver who had seen the lonely and desperate orphan baby had reported it to the Tsavo Trust team who were in the process of rescuing the orphan elephant calf. They then headed to the Voi stockade with the two teams linking up at the stockade where the two week old calf was given its routine injection and milk by the keepers. The orphan elephant calf was later on air lifted to Nairobi together with another orphan elephant rescued from Ziwani.


Herea in the Stockade

Jamhuri happy to adopt Mugeno

Mugeno being fed milk


It was a wonderful morning with the earliest callers at the stockade being Lesanju, Tassia and Taveta all of whom joined the stockade dependant orphans for some Lucerne grass pellets and copra cake.

Tundani, Lentili, Ishaq-B and Bada went to enjoy a dust session on the red soil pile where they were joined by some of the others. Lesanju introduced them to a game of scratching on the rocks with Rorogoi taking up Lesanju’s scratching position as soon as she left. Tundani found his own scratching rock and scratched from side to side. Bada saw Tundani scratching and rushed in ousting him from his position, and taking it for himself. Tundani voluntarily and peaceful went to a different spot thus avoiding any controversy with Bada. Bada got a taste of his own medicine when Panda came and ousted him. Panda was then ousted by Kihari who was ousted by Ishaq-B who was left in peace to enjoy a scratching session.

The rest of the browsing day went on perfectly well with Lesanju, Taveta and Tassia joining the dependent orphans.

Later in the evening a report of an orphan elephant calf was reported to the keepers by the team repairing the Didaerea wind pump. This orphan elephant calf was very thin, dehydrated and desperate for company which it got from a teenage wild elephant bull that volunteered to temporarily guard him. The orphan calf needed to be rescued quickly as it was young and could not survive without milk. The wild bull ran away upon seeing the rescue vehicle approaching, leaving the orphan elephant alone making the rescue operation a little easier. The orphan elephant calf called Wanjala was brought into the stockade for the night before being air lifted to the Nairobi nursery.

Ishaq-B enjoying her dust session

Tundani ousted by Bada

Wanjala rescued


It was a nice beginning of the day with the orphan elephants coming out looking forward to the day. Milk bottles were followed by lucerne before some of the orphans played some hide and seek games in the stockade compound. After games they all headed out to the browsing grounds, where they settled down to browse in single file.
Later this morning an orphan elephant calf was sighted by the Tsavo Trust scouts near the Dida Harea wind pump. This calf was all alone and was watched for a few hours to see if it would join a herd; but when this did not happen the scouts called the Voi stockade in order to coordinate a possible rescue. The stockade mobilized a rescue team and called the Nairobi HQ to facilitate a rescue; they rescued the calf and took it to the Voi air strip to wait for the Keepers from Nairobi to take it to the nursery, as it was only a young calf.


Araba enjoying a scratch onto a rock

A small wild herd of eles drinking

Kenia sitting on a rock


Emsaya has held a grudge against Panda ever since she won Wasessa’s affection. She knocked Panda down while she was taking milk. Wasessa reacted immediately, chasing off Emsaya and comforting Panda with tender trunk touches. The Keepers were vigilant for the rest of the day, ensuring that Emsaya did not knock Panda down again.

Others:- Emily’s group of Ex orphans has not been seen this month, obviously further afield with the wild elephant herds. The Keepers believe that they must be alright, otherwise at least some of them would have come back had they encountered trouble. The Dida Harea wind Pump was repaired with three new pipes installed, so all three of the Trust windmills are now working perfectly.

Emsaya pushing Panda away

Taveta smelling the air


Memories of Dida continue to plague Lesanju, who again searched high and low for her, leaving the others to their usual Stockade games. She even remained behind to continue the search when the others had moved off, following them slowly later. While the others seem to have accepted the absence of Dida, Lesanju has not yet come to terms with this loss. 

Lesanju scratching on a rock at the stockade

The orphans having a drink of water




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