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Soon after leaving the stockade, Namalok met with the hot tempered Ukame who is easily provoked in any slight incident with one her young friends. Namalok happened to inadvertently block Ukame's way and Ukame took this as act of disrespect. Without wasting any time she knocked Namalok to the ground. Namalok yelled for help as the keepers shouted at Ukame. Ukame ran away because she knew that what she had done was naughty. Namalok slowly stood up and hoped that a day will come when he will be able to retaliate. The orphans settled for lucerne pellets and shortly later, Karisa the ‘street wise’ boy raised his trunk up checking if all was well before starting to move out.

Karisa settled to browse with Pare while Sapalan teamed up with Oltaiyoni. Ukame and Dupotto took a break from feeding to participate in scratching exercise on the nearby rocks. At mud bath time, Kamok led the first group while Ukame led the last group. Soon after having their milk, Ukame, who never fails to pick a quarrel with the juniors, had a problem with Karisa. When Karisa saw her coming, he had no choice other than making sure that he ran faster than her. In the afternoon, Dupotto, Namalok and Sapalan settled to browse together as Wanjala played with Roi. Later in the day, Roi broke a branch and walked to stand under a tree for some shade where she relaxed and slowly munched her branch. Namalok opted for a soil dusting exercise while Tusuja and Oltaiyoni found a suitable tree where they relaxed for sometime before going back to browsing.

Karisa sniffing the air

Dupotto Maramoja and Siangiki

Kithaka browsing


After spending the night out, Laragai and her group accompanied by Kilaguni, Chaimu, Orwa, Bomani and Narok joined the orphans in the morning. After feeding on lucerne, Maramoja, who likes leading, led the way followed by the quick-tempered Ukame.

In the bush Kilaguni, whose tusks are twice long as compared to Orwa's, engaged Orwa in a pushing game. Tusuja and Galla who were feeding close by, stopped feeding so they could watch Kilaguni and Orwa’s game. A few minutes later, Orwa surrendered and went back to browsing. Tusuja and Galla decided to put into practice what they had learned by watching the two boys fighting each other. As Tusuja and Galla were busy pushing each, Kilaguni came and separated the two boys by pushing them away – it was as if he did not want them messing around in front of their seniors!

At midday as the orphans made their way to the mud bath, the sun was really hot which we thought indicated more rain ahead, but unfortunately the day ended without receiving a single drop. Dupotto, who at one time disappeared for almost three months, created a scene when after having her milk bottles she tried to join another group who had not had theirs yet. Dupotto made sure she wasn't leading the group to avoid detection. Upon arriving at where the keepers were holding the milk she raised her trunk up as if asking for her share of milk. She was surprised when she was turned away and wondered how the keepers managed to know that she had already finished her own share of milk. One thing Dupotto had forgotten was to wipe her mouth clean because traces of milk could be seen in the mouth and around her chin!

In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse close to Imenti area and in the evening Laragai and her group escorted the juniors back to the stockades. Upon arriving at the stockade compound, Laragai and her group went past the compound as if heading to kalovoto area. She and her group had grown wise and knew that if they went into the stockade they would definitely be locked in until morning. The gate was left open for whoever felt like staying to go inside.

Naseku playing

Kithaka and Sokotei

Kamok chatting to Wanjala


Chaimu and her long time friend Kilaguni joined the orphans for lucerne pellets early in the morning. Orwa, Bomani and Narok were also present. Kamok settled to share her pile with Orwa. Shortly later, Kauro left quietly and when she spotted him leaving the vocal Maramoja saw him and immediately alerted her friends by rumbling that it was now time to leave for browsing. At the browsing field, Roi settled to browse on the same shrub as Naseku as Karisa settled for a moist soil bath. Dupotto came across a suitable tree that she used to scratch on but shortly later Oltaiyoni pushed her away from the tree just to show Dupotto that she was her senior and she deserves the right to use the tree as she wishes. Dupotto just left without a word since she knew the consequences of arguing with her seniors. Oltaiyoni was the matriarch when they were together at the Nursery and she continues to be the ‘boss’ here! Later in the day, Naseku and Tusuja took a break from feeding to participate in game of rolling on the ground. It was quite cold so at mud bath time the orphans only drank their milk then headed back to the browsing field. In the afternoon, Galla had fun by rolling on the ground while Dupotto and Maramoja took a break from feeding and relaxed under a tree before resuming browsing. In the evening, the clouds opened up giving way to 5 mm of rain. Laragai and her group didn't show up for the night. 

Kilaguni visited the stockades

Karisa soil dusting

Dupotto finds a tree to scratch against


It was a cold and cloudy morning with mist covering the tip of Ithumba Hill. The orphans settled for some lucerne pellets before heading to the bush for another day. Kamok walked to the water trough where she used its wall as a scratching surface, as Ukame and Kauro settled for some water. Shortly later, Maramoja rumbled as she walked away from the main herd. This prompted Rapa, Pare, Dupotto and Kauro to respond by following her. The rest of the group followed later and we thought that if one day she would lead that little group of orphans.

Rapa, Dupotto, Pare and Kauro were sharing food from the same shrub. Kamok, who rarely engages in pushing games, settled to a soil dusting exercise with Galla which later turned into a disagreement. The disagreement ended in a pushing game that lasted for quite awhile. In the end, Kamok dismissed herself from the game, leaving Galla with no option other than to keep himself busy by rolling on the ground. At around ten o'clock in morning, the cloudy sky gave way to showers that lasted for nearly two hours producing 10mm of rain. The orphans had fun as they enjoyed the cool weather by rolling on wet soil and smearing themselves with mud. Even when the showers stopped, Galla, Dupotto, Naseku, Roi and Tusuja continued to enjoy the game of rolling on the ground. When they had enough, the orphans settled for some serious browsing until five o'clock when Roi led the first group back to the stockade for the night.

Orphans feed on lucerne pellets

Kamok engages in a pushing game with Galla

Dupotto and Galla find wet soil to roll in


Soon after getting their morning milk, Galla and Karisa had a brief strength testing exercise shortly before leaving the stockade. It was funny since Karisa, who seldom engages anyone in a pushing game, at least chooses to play with Galla. Karisa probably trusts Galla who has been his roommate all this time. Karisa, just like Sapalan, likes privacy and never tries to engage in any form of tussling. The orphans passed by the water trough on their way to the browsing field where they drank water that would last them for some time. Namalok settled to browse with Kamok as Roi took a break from feeding to have some fun. She enjoyed a game of sitting and stretching her trunk in the air. Her game attracted Tusuja who came to roll next to her while Dupotto decided to scratch her buttocks against a tree. Galla then came to join Tusuja as Roi said that she had enough, and left to resume browsing. Galla at first engaged Tusuja in a pushing game before going down to roll on the wet ground.

Laragai and her group, who didn't spend the night at the stockade, briefly joined the orphans before leaving again. Naseku came across a branch that was probably left behind by a big elephant and picked it up to feed on its bark. Dupotto was feeding close by and came to hold one end of the branch in the spirit of sharing. At first Naseku welcomed Dupotto but after a second thought, Naseku pulled the branch away from her mouth. Dupotto had no option other than to go back to eating what she had been feeding on before. Later in the afternoon, the orphans were joined by Barsilinga who returned to the stockade with them. Laragai and the rest of her group didn't show up again for fear of being locked into the stockade for the night.

Galla in a playful mood

Naseku and Dupotto share a branch

Barsiliga retuning to the stockade




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