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It was a cool morning today with the orphans playing very nicely in the stockade compound. Mbirikani had a fun time playing and scratching on the rocks close to the stockade water trough.

Nelion and Elkerama enjoyed their game of playing with water in the trough after drinking. Nelion and Elkerama’s friendship seems to have flourished over time; they are both heavy feeders and embark on browsing missions together, looking for greens around the stockade water hole and leaving the games up to the rest of their friends. Lentili rounded up the herd so they could all move to the browsing grounds together.

Afternoon came fast and the orphans headed to the middle water hole in groups of five to have their milk bottles and enjoy a swim. Panda, Naipoki and Mbirikani secured their own small water pool away from the others to play inside. They were very organized in their bathing methods for this little pool - each lying for a swim and then coming out to allow another the opportunity to splash around. Embu also enjoyed her bath in the main water pool, dipping her head into the deep water. Tundani ended there too. The rest of the browsing day went on perfectly well on the lower, flat plains of the park.

Mbirikani enjoying scratching on a rock

Elkerama and Nelion drinking water

Embu enjoying some games in the water

Lentili enjoying some mud bath games

Ndoria, Panda and Naipoki in their own pool


It was a quiet morning with just the bird songs blessing the stockade as the orphans assembled themselves for their delicious milk bottles. Rorogoi took the opportunity to scratch her itchy buttocks on the rock boulder close to the water hole, as the others were busy gulping down some fresh clean water from the troughs. Embu was apparently on the waiting list as she went to do the same after Rorogoi was finished scratching.

Today Kihari took the lead of the others to the browsing ground after all the playing and feeding activity was over. After four hours of a peaceful browsing, Lesanju’s herd emerged from the Mzima-Mombasa pipe line side to join the juniors; their re-union was highly charged! They then all moved together to the middle water hole where they enjoyed some mud bathing games.

Embu, Rorogoi, Elkerama, Suswa, Mashariki and Arruba took a quick bath and allowed the seniors to enjoy theirs as they remained spectators. Baby Bada went to take a closer look at Mzima’s games as he was busy competing with Sinya. While in the middle of enjoying their mud bath, big boy ex orphan Laikipia came alone to visit them. At first the orphans mistook his big size for a wild elephant bull and they all ran out of the water. Mzima then went over to greet him, with the Lesanju’s herd later following him towards the Voi River leaving the juniors behind.

Bada, far right, watching Mzima and Sinya

Kenia and Lesanju's herd enjoying mud bath

Kivuko enjoying a scratch on the wall

Laikipia arriving at the waterhole

Suswa leaving the mud bath


The orphans converged outside their stockade this morning trumpeting and rumbling their morning greetings. They touched each other’s trunks to appreciate the presence of one another, like how a bird sings in the morning to salute a new day. Naipoki, Panda and baby Bada led all the other babies towards the park to begin the day of browsing.

Mbirikani took some of the orphans including Elkerama, Suswa, Arruba, Rorogoi and Mashariki, separating them from the rest of the orphans to browse and only rejoining the others to prepare to head towards the water hole at noon.

Emily and Lesanju’s herds came into the stockade in the morning after the juniors had left for browsing with missing Mzima. It was lovely to see him safely in the fold. Emily’s one year old calf Emma was seen having a soft spot for newborn Inca and constantly following him around and trying to play with him. Emily’s herd came in with their usual wild bull elephant friend; ex-orphan big boy Laikipia arrived at the stockade three hours after Emily and Lesanju’s herd had already left for the field. They never linked up with the juniors throughout the whole day of browsing.

Emily's herd drinking at the stockade

Emily with her herd

Icholta with Inca and Emma behind

Mzima, left, with the others today

Laikipia coming towards the stockade alone


After the morning milk feed the orphan herd made their way to the western side of Msinga hill, which is one of their favourite browsing areas. Nelion and Elkerama made their way further uphill followed closely by Naipoki, Ishaq-B and Mbirikani and it was not long before the rest of the group followed suit and they were all browsing half way up the hill.

Ndoria, Mashariki and Tundani took the opportunity to move even further uphill only coming down when they were called when it was time to head to the noon mudbath and milk feed.
Kenia led the group into the water splashing herself as the others dove in enjoying some mudbathing games. Mbirikani positions herself at the edge of the mudwallow where she bathed on her own avoiding the bathing competition that the rest of the group was engaged in.

Lentili was the star of the mudbath remaining in the water long after the others had left to resume their browsing activities close by. Rorogoi enjoyed leading the group back to the stockades in the evening.

Mbirikani mud bathing on her own

Kenia led them to the mud bath

The orphans really enjoying their mud bath

Lentili was the mud bathing star

Mudanda playing with Nelion behind


It was a beautiful morning as the orphan elephants exited the stockades at dawn in a joyful mood. The orphans downed their morning milk bottle before beginning a game of chasing one another around the stockade compound.
Tundani was bumper to bumper chasing and trying to mount anyone while Nelion returned to the stockade to scratch his itchy buttocks against the metal posts of the stockade.

Suswa was very affectionate towards her best friend Arruba greeting her warmly and resting her trunk on Arrubas back. Mudanda and Elkerama seemed happy to stay in their stockades looking out between the wires of the electric fence to closely follow the others activities without becoming directly involved.

Today Ndii took the lead as the orphan herd followed her to the browsing fields. The orphans settled to feed on the western foot of Msinga hill before making their way to the middle water pool a little before noon. They arrived at the mudbath for their milk bottle in groups of 5 with Tundani, Nelion, Elkerama, Suswa and Arruba being the first to arrive. None of the orphans entered the mudbath and as such it was not long before they all headed towards the Voi river circuit for the afternoon browsing session before returning to the stockades that evening.

Bada enjoying a mud bath

Ndoria following the others

Nelion, left, Araba and Kenia




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