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Today began in the same was as every other with the orphan elephants concentrating on the milk and supplement feeding in the morning. Naipoki, Kihari and Mashariki stood in a queue for a wonderful scratching session against a rock out-crop in the stockade compound, before joining the others who were leaving for the browsing grounds.

The orphan elephants browsed in single file for more than two hours. Tundani and Embu later separated themselves from the main herd for a private browsing session on the western side of the stockade. The two linked up with their friends on the way to the water hole at midday.
The weather warm and the orphans enjoying swimming in the main water hole after the noon milk feed. The rest of the days browsing activities took place on the northern base of Msinga Hill with Rorogoi and Arruba enjoying leading the group back to the safety of the stockades for the night.

Kenia dusting

Mashariki at mud bath

Ndii leaving the mudbath area


There were some heavy clouds as the orphans exited their stockades forecasting a cold day ahead. The juniors downed their morning milk bottle then played games around the stockade compound before heading out to the Park.

The stockade dependant orphan elephants browsed on the eastern side of Msinga Hill under Mbirikani and Rorogoi’s leadership. They browsed in single file before slowing making their way to the baobab waterhole where they had a quick wallow as it was too cold to have a prolonged mud bath. Mudanda pushed Embu away from a tree trunk that she was scratching against so that she could enjoy a scratching session instead. Tundani was mistakenly left behind by the group when they returned to the browsing fields and had to run to catch up with them.

Oltukai, the orphan buffalo, who has been receiving treatment on his leg injury, seems to have some swelling on the bad leg and was put on a three day course of antibiotic injections by the vet.

Kihari early morning browsing

Nguvu following Kihari

Ndii finds a tree to scratch against


The morning Panda was very happy as Ndii allowed her to spend some time with little Tahri while the orphans were enjoying their supplements. The stockade dependant orphan elephants finished their milk and supplements before proceeding for the browsing fields. Tundani and Embu were in the lead today, traversing several browsing routes, regardless of where the rest of their group was.

Bada, who does not seem to want to accept that he is junior to Tundani, engaged him in a strength testing game. Tundani stood firm and was not perturbed by the youngster’s efforts. Their game came to a quick end when the rest of the orphans started making their way to the waterhole. As it was quite a cold day the orphans drank their milk and some water and all but Ndoria, who attempted to have a quick wallow, avoided the mud bath.

Lentili dusting up

Arruba and Panda dusting

Panda sliding on the walls


It was a wonderful beginning to the day as the orphans came running out of their stockades as soon as the gates were opened. They emptied their milk bottle as fast as they could before settling to enjoy the supplements that had been put out for them. Embu picked up a dry stick and used it to scratch her chest. Rorogoi saw what she was doing tried to snatch the stick and grab it from Embu who held onto it until she was done after which she dropped it allowing Rorogoi to have it.

The orphans proceeded to the park under Lentili and Naipoki’s leadership. They browsed peacefully until it was time for the noon milk feed after which they enjoyed mudbathing and dust bathing games.  

Suswa finds a tree to scratch against

Ndoria and Naipoki browse together

Bada and Tundani tusking each other


The morning started well with the babies playing games around the stockade compound following their milk and supplement feeding. Ndii blocked Panda and Ishaq-B from interacting with her adopted baby Tahri when the two tried to engage her in games.

Mbirikani and Bada wanted to lead the orphan group up Msinga Hill to browse but Lentili, Suswa and Arruba had a different idea and led the group to the lower western sides of the Hill for the morning browsing session.

The orphans made their way slowly to the baobab waterhole in the afternoon where they engaged in a mud bathing competition with Tundani sitting in the centre of the mudbath where he shone before being followed by Embu who wanted to challenge him in a strength testing game; Tundani was not ready for it!

Kenia and her adopted baby Araba tried to introduce the others to a game of lying and rolling around in the red earth piles but were not successful in attracting any of the other orphans to join them. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole.

Nguvu following the other uphill

Ishaq-B playing in the water

Tundani mud games




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