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It was a perfect beginning to the day with the earliest callers at the stockade being Ndara, Neptune, Lesanju, Sinya, Kivuko, Dabassa, Layoni and Tassia. They came for a drink at the stockades about 4:40am and left a few minutes before the juniors exited their night quarters. Tundani, Nelion and Embu followed the Ex Orphans for more than two hundred meters, before changing their mind and returning to the stockades where they joined their group for some supplement feeding. They all then made their way to the fields where they browsed in single file.

In the afternoon, the two orphan elands Kore and Tawi left Ngulia at the stockade and ran into the park. The two are now old enough to be able to go wild and over the past two weeks have enjoyed foraying into the wild. After a while the keepers, who fear for their safety, were able to woo them back to the stockade with range cubes and Lucerne pellets.

Ndara and Neptune coming to the stocakde




The morning started with the stockade dependant orphan elephants joining the four Ex Orphans for the supplement feeding after emptying their morning milk bottle. There was some brief rock scratching games around the compound with Nguvu thoroughly enjoying a scratch against a rock boulder.

Light rain fell as the orphans made their way to the browsing fields and they all enjoyed browsing on the wet grass they found there. Once at the foot of Msinga Hill, Lentili and Embu seemed to be in consultation as to the best place to spend the morning feeding. Once reaching an agreement the two led the group to the top of Msinga Hill where they feasted on the green grass and branches that they found there.

Kenia, Suswa and Panda seemed to be in a lazy mood today as they moved slowly up the hill, falling behind the rest of the group. Panda tried to take a short cut to her friends passing through a trench while Kenia and Suswa took the longer way around, avoiding the slippery area that Panda had passed through.
The orphans did not come down for their noon milk bottle, choosing to continue with their browsing activities until it was time to return to the safety of the stockades for the night. Once back they enjoyed their evening milk bottle, supplements and grewia branches.

Naipoki and Lentili engaging

Kivuko at the stockade

Kenia mudbath games


It was a cloudy and windy morning with dark clouds spattering the sky leaving us hopeful that we would soon be getting some rain.

Arruba, Suswa, Naipoki and Lentil led the other orphan elephants towards the browsing grounds where they fed in single file on the lower flat grounds of Msinga Hill before making their way to the baobab waterhole at noon. Following their milk bottle the orphan herd assembled around the water trough for a drink before going for a wallow.

Ndii was in a naughty mood again and climbed into the water trough, with her front legs swirling the water around turning the clean water dirty; Arruba, Mbirikani, Embu and Rorogoi decided against having a drink. Arruba went to scratch her bottom on the top of the water trough while waiting for the dirt to settle so that she and her friends could quench their thirst before the orphan herd continued with days browsing activities.

Layoni engaging Panda

Ndii reaches up to the higher branches

Arruba scratches on the water trough wall


This morning Lempaute, Kivuko, Dabassa and Layoni arrived at the stockade compound after the babies had left and settled to enjoy some Lucerne grass. After about two hours, Dabassa and Layoni headed to the browsing fields leaving Lempaute and Kivuko behind at the stockades.

When the stockade dependent group arrived at the browsing grounds Embu and Ishaq-B separated themselves from the rest of the group and headed off for a private browsing session. The two rejoined their friends as they were making their way to the baobab waterhole where they had a lot of fun playing mudbathing games after which they enjoyed some Lucerne grass, before returning to their browsing activities.

Rorogoi browsing

Embu looking for a browsing spot

Naipoki and Mashariki


This morning the stockade dependant orphan elephants enjoyed their morning milk bottle and supplement feeds after which, amidst light rain sprinkles, they enjoyed playing games around the stockade compound. Tundani seemed to take a brief nap from which she was awoken when she heard her friends heading out to the fields.

The orphans settled on the northern foot of Msinga hill to browse with Kenia and Ndii leading them all to the baobab water hole at noon. The orphans all enjoyed a wonderful cooling wallow during which they vigorously kicked the water with their front legs while Mashariki, Embu and Bada scooped trunkfulls of mud, carefully spraying themselves with it until most of their bodies were covered. The orphans then took refuge from the scorching sun under big acacia and baobab trees before proceeding with the afternoons browsing activities.

Tundani browsing

Nguvu taking the lead

Panda following the others down the hill




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