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The morning was beautiful with the orphan elephants concentrating on their normal milk and supplement feeding before leaving for the browsing grounds. They browsed in single file for the morning, moving to the middle water hole in groups of five for their milk and to enjoy a mudbath.

Mudanda was the first one to plunge into the water for a bath. Nelion was quick to follow and spoiled her games when he attempted to ride onto her back when she was lying down in the water. Ishaq-B saw Nelion’s naughty behavior and not wanting to become his victim chose to lie on the muddy walls outside the main water hole. Ajali, who always doesn’t like bathing, engaged Arruba head on in the water for strength testing games, disturbing Arruba’s wall scratching game.

Today it seems that many of the orphans wanted to play rough games as Lentili went and pushed Naipoki away from her wall scratching position so that she could take it over. Embu was the last to leave the waterhole and was crowned the winner of the mudbathing games. When back in the browsing fields Mashariki and Panda enjoyed a scratching session against a tree trunk.

Ajali and Aruba wall games

Nelion riding Mudanda's back

Ishaq-B drawing moisture from the walls


The orphans came running out of their stockades for their morning bottle of milk. They then proceeded to the supplement area where they enjoyed feeding on copra cake, range cubes and Lucerne grass, before making their way to the western side of Msinga Hill. The orphans knew that there was not much browse on the lower sides of the hill and decided to move further uphill to see what they could find. Mbirikani and Nelion who were leading, moved higher than the rest and rejoined them when it was time to head to the waterhole.

Layoni visited the stockade alone an hour after the juniors had left for the field. He quenched his thirst at the stockade water trough and enjoyed some supplement foods before he left for the park.

In the afternoon, Embu separated herself from the group for some quiet browsing time and a scratching session against a tree trunk. She rejoined the orphan herd about half an hour later. Nguvu enjoyed browsing with Naipoki and Ishaq-B until Rorogoi signaled that it was time to return to the stockades.

Layoni arrives at stockades after orphans left

Kihari and Lentili scratching on rockcs

Mudanda sniffing the air


In the morning the juniors left the stockade compound for the browsing grounds as soon as the milk and supplement feeding was over. Lentili and Mashariki with help from Mbirikani and Embu propelled the orphan group high up Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session.

Bada used his forehead to push Arruba and Suswa uphill as the two were lazy and stopped halfway up the hill. The weather was fairly cold but the orphans came down for milk before having a quick bath at the waterhole.

Later in the day Mashariki succeeded in stealing Araba away from Kenia and enjoyed a soil dusting spree. Kihari saw them and followed them, but instead of joining them she stood close by and watched their games. The rest of the afternoon was spent browsing peacefully with Rorogoi and Embu enjoying a lead of the group back to the stockade in the evening.

Pasaka moves up hill to browse

Bada in the centre of all the orphans

Mashariki, Arraba and Kihari dusting games


The orphan elephants left the stockades for the browsing grounds as soon as they had finished their milk and supplement feeding. They browsed in single file for the day with Bada and Mbirikani enjoying a private browsing session away from the rest of the group. Bada noticed that they were getting left behind by the others who had started to make their way to the waterhole and the two friends had to run to catch up with the group.

The orphans had a lot of fun playing mudbathing games, with Embu, Nguvu and Mudanda lying down in the water showing off their mudbathing skills. As the orphans were leaving the waterhole Nelion engaged Tundani in a brief strength testing game.

Bada gets left behind

Nelion and Tundani engaging

Dabassa resting


The day began with Kivuko, Lempaute, Dabassa and Layoni coming to the stockade compound just after the juniors had left and thus they missed meeting up with them. The three Ex Orphans had some copra cake and Lucerne grass remaining around the stockades for more than an hour, before leaving for the browsing grounds.

The stockade dependant orphans went round Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session, before heading to the middle waterhole. Soon after they had finished their milk and some water a small wild elephant herd of two females and their two calves joined them at the main water hole. Mashariki, Lentili and Ajali were seen eying the two small wild calves in an effort to see how they might steal them away to play with them, but their mothers were very possessive would not leave their sides thus not giving the orphans a chance to get too close to their babies.

In the afternoon the orphan elephants browsed their way up to the big water hole before turning around and making their way to the stockades under Rorogoi and Embu’s leadership.

Wild elephants drinking from a broken water pipe

Wild eles join the orphans at the watering hole

Ajali eyeing the wild calf




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