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It was a busy morning as the orphan elephants assembled for their delicious milk bottle and range cubes before starting the journey to the browsing grounds. The mid-morning browsing session went well with the orphans interacting with one another. Mbegu’s herd of Lasayen, Ndotto, Godoma, Ngilai and Murit interacted well with the members of Kenia’s herd, with Godoma enjoying feeding with Embu and Arruba with Murit spend the morning hours browsing with Ishaq-B.

Tahri seemed to become a little upset with the attention of the new arrivals and pushed Mbegu hard from behind. Mbegu reacted calmly and simply sucked up some cold water with her trunk and poured it over Tahri! With the cloudy and cold weather prevalent today the orphan elephants chose to forgo wallowing in the mud bath when they visited the baobab water hole for a drink. When they had their fill of water they continued with their browsing activities on the northern foot of Msinga Hill.

Arruba with Godoma

Suswa on Msinga Hill

Rorogoi solo browsing


The orphan elephants walked left the stockade early this morning and headed to the browsing fields as soon as the milk and supplement feeding was over. Tahri interacted with Godoma and the two were seen browsing together and communicating in low rumbles. Kenia approached the two and embraced them tenderly touching them both with her trunk, giving them lots of love and affection.

In the afternoon, Mbegu, Ngilai, Lasayen, Ndotto, Murit and Godoma who arrived first for their noon milk bottle were escorted by a keeper to the baobab water hole where they found the big water bowser refilling the mud bath. The big size of the truck coupled with the huge down pour of water confused the youngsters who went running to their keepers who had to work hard to calm them down and assure them that everything was okay. Ngilai kept on occasionally lifting his trunk and sniffing the water bowser to make sure that it was not a big predator. Embu came in running into the mud bath and lay in the water stretching her trunk to grab Murit and Lasayen’s legs in an effort to get them to join her mud bathing games. In the end she managed to get Godoma to join her in some mud bath fun.

Ndotto became a little jealous of Lasayen's soil bathing games, and came in pushing him with his short tusks to get him to get up and leave his dusting position to him. Kenia enjoyed mud bathing games with Araba who continues to be Kenia’s favourite “baby” and has been reluctant to abandon Araba for any of the new arrivals which makes Araba very happy.

Mbegu and Lasayen scared by the water truck

Kenia and Kihari

Ndotto pushing Murit away


It was a bright Sunday morning as the orphan elephants exited their stockades and downed their delicious milk bottle before their routine supplement feeding. There were some brief games after the morning feeding, with the orphan elephants following Mbegu towards the browsing grounds.

Upon arriving at the northern foot of Msinga Hill, Ndoria and Nguvu became naughty and attempted to take on Lasayen and bully him. Mashariki quickly came to the rescue and chased the two older orphans away.

In the afternoon Mbegu, Ngilai, Ndotto, Lasayen, Murit, Godoma, Tahri and Araba were the first to arrive for their milk bottle followed close by the senior members of the herd. The entire group then proceeded to the baobab water hole for a drink before entering the mud bath. Embu went right to middle of the babies and lay in the water rolling around while the new arrivals stood and watched her games but did not join in. Embu was soon joined by Arruba and her longtime friends Suswa who came and gave Arruba a huge trunk hug. Their wonderful game attracted Lasayen’s attention and they all enjoyed playing together. Mbegu and Ndotto came out of the water after splashing themselves with some mud and lay down on the red earth piles for a soil bathing game and were soon joined by Mudanda and Mashariki. Aruba went on for a fantastic scratching session against the baobab tree, before joining the others who were already moving away to the fields for the day’s final browsing session.

Ngilai out in the bush

Murit browsing

Ngilai, Ndotto and Murit going for milk


It was a wonderful Friday morning as the orphans began the days stockade activities before heading to the browsing fields. Ndii came up to Mbegu hugging her as she drank her milk bottle while Godoma and Ndotto stood by watching their interaction.

Kenia took charge of the group leading them half way up the southern side of Msinga Hill where they settled to browse. The interaction between the new arrivals and the Voi orphan elephants seems to have improved greatly. At midday Murit, Lasayen, and Godoma hurriedly ran into the stockade mud bath as it was a bright and sunny day while Arruba and Embu enjoyed separate rock scratching games.

Mbegu led the new arrivals into the water for a bath where she was joined by Godoma and Ngilai while Ndotto chose not to join them. Nelion and Embu enjoyed a soil dusting competition in the piles of red earth while Ndoria slid into the water from the water hole terrace in an attempt to showcase her bathing expertise. Ndii took her darling Tahri for some soil dusting games, assuring the youngster that she and not been abandoned for the new arrivals. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close by with Mbegu occasionally separating the other five nursery arrivals from the rest of the group so that she could enjoy some leadership abilities.

Rorogoi, Ndoria and others

Friendly Ndotto greeting the keepers

Nelion in the water


It was a wonderful beginning to the day as the keepers prepared for the arrival of three orphans from the Nairobi Nursery. The Voi orphans exited their stockades early in the morning and stayed close by awaiting the new arrivals.

At 9.15am, the truck ferrying the three orphan elephants from the nursery, mini matriarch Mbegu, the calm and polite boy Ndotto and his friend Lasayen, arrived. The Voi orphan elephants led by Kenia, Ndii and Kihari stood by in great expectation waiting for the babies to finish their milk so that they could rush in to greet them. The three led the rest of the Voi orphan elephants in receiving and embracing the three orphans from Nairobi with Kenia and Ndii being at the forefront of the welcoming ceremony. The meeting was very emotional with the bonding comprising of trunk touching and trumpet blasts. Arruba and Ndoria became a little jealous of the attention given to the new arrivals with Arruba pushing Mbegu and Ndoria pushing away Lasayen.

After the greeting Nelion and Lentili enjoyed showing off their skills as they rolled around and played on the red earth piles. Embu, Rorogoi, Mudanda and Mashariki took to the stockade water hole to showcase their wallowing expertise to the new comers. Tahri and Arruba remained reserved wanting to see what would change now that there were new babies for their “mothers” to coddle.

The entire herd then headed to the big water hole where they all enjoyed wallowing in the gallons of water. Ndotto took a wonderful mud bath with the Voi orphans while Mbegu and Lasayen watched seemingly still a little shy. Ndoria the tail bitter stuck close to Mbegu and Lasayen while the rest of the herd kept an eye so that she would not bite the tails of the new arrivals.

The orphan elephants then left the water hole for the browsing fields where Mbegu became more confident and enjoyed browsing with the Voi herd. The three new arrivals were in paradise in Voi as they feasted on the luscious grass, green bushes and colourful creepers while butterflies flew all around them.

In the evening Lissa and her two calves visited the stockade at 7pm and had a drink of water from the stockade water trough. They remained at the stockade compound for a while before returning to the park.

Preparing to offload the orphans

Mbegu having her milk on arrival

Mbegu, Lasayen and Ndotto




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