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The Orphans left their Stockades in a jovial mood, Kivuko and Emsaya having had fun chasing the baboons while Tassia and Taveta enjoyed their favourite Pushing pastime. The orphans browsed the western side of Mazinga hill today before heading to the mudbath where they spent an hour before returning to feed for the rest of the day, stuffing as much soft green grass as they could into their mouths. On the way back in the evening the Orphans came across a couple of small rain puddles where they took a cooling wallow reaching the Stockades in the late evening. 

In the browsing fields

Dabassa browsing

Tassia browsing


Browsing took place on the Eastern side of Mazinga Hill today until it was time to head for the mudbath. Meanwhile Shimba, Wasessa, Mzima and Rombo climbed further up the hill, but soon came down bellowing having been scared by some impalas! All had fun in the waterhole, Emsaya, Ndii and Layoni most active, splashing and rolling in the pool. Emsaya and Kivuko then left the wallow to soil bath, overseen by Lesanju. Taveta and Layoni led the others back in the evening. 

Shimba feeding on accacia

Wasessa browsing

Kivuko dust bathing


Again the Orphans hurried out to try and find their wild friends again, while the Keepers took to higher ground in order to monitor their movements. Sadly the Orphans were unable to contact their wild friends today, but nevertheless enjoyed browsing new terrain, until the Keepers called them at the top of their voices for their milk. The milk dependent Youngsters came rushing to down their bottles hurriedly before returning to rejoin the rest of the herd. Lesanju rounded up her unit at 4 p.m. and they made their way through the bush to link up with the Keepers. On the way home, they came across a small waterhole and all scrambled for space to wallow to cool themselves down, Kivuko, Tassia, Layoni, Taveta and Emsaya playing pushing and rolling games that lasted for about l0 minutes.  

Cooling off in a small mudbath

Lempaute cooling her feet

Layoni, Kivuko and Dabassa


The orphans headed out anxious to join the same friendly wild herd as before who were browsing in the far distance, so the orphans joined them there, and remained with them until about 4 p.m. when they returned to where the Keepers were waiting up the hill. Emsaya and Layoni enjoyed a friendly Pushing Game, closely monitored by Wasessa who watched her favourite pin down Layoni. Meanwhile Dabassa and Kivuko seem to have mended their differences, for they played happily together when normally they are at logger-heads! Tassia and Taveta wrapped up the days events with a thrilling Test of Strength, before it was time to return in the evening.  

Layoni dustbathing

Emsaya busy browsing

Kivuko and Dabassa playing together


After the usual Compound games, Lesanju led the orphans out to browse. The orphans met up and mingled with a group of wild elephants comprised of a Matriarch and her two daughters, each with a baby, plus a young bull of about 8 years. This family was very friendly and the orphans browsed alongside them for the first half of the day until it was time for milk and the mudbath. In the afternoon Wasessa took Ndii, Tassia, Emsaya and some of the other Juniors to cool off in a small puddle while Mzima and Taveta enjoyed a Pushing Game.


Emsaya dusting up under Wasessa's watchful eye

Wasessa and Emsaya having fun




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