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Enkesha is well known to dodge her friends and Keepers in the morning as they make their way out to the forest and she goes to her favourite feeding spot, and today was no different. She sneaked behind the stockades and tried to get some lucerne pellets from the wooden store area near Maxwell’s bedroom, which is the area Ambo sometimes likes to sneak to as well! Neither the Keepers nor the other elephants noticed where Enkesha had gone, and the Keepers only realized when she cleared her nose, producing a short little trumpet. The space between the store and the backs of the other stables is very tight, so the only way for Enkesha to come out was to reverse backwards as the Keepers called her out. To prove she was not happy at being discovered or asked to come out, she complained loudly as she was led out to the forest to join the other babies. Luggard and Musiara, who are known to be the slowest walkers, were the first to greet Enkesha and Luggard pulled her tail as though to ask her what she had been up to and why she was so late to join them. 

Enkesha having her milk




Malima and Ambo woke up this morning in a very excitable mood. They were up before everyone else and started playing with the buckets outside of their rooms which hold their milk bottles. When the two were let out they ran from one gate to another waking up all of their friends who were still sleeping inside. They were even trumpeting as they charged around the compound! Maxwell got caught up in their excitable mood as well, as they went over to his gate to wake him up as well. He came over to his gate and engaged them in a game of head butting and pushing his gate as the duo responded from the other side. He became very playful as well and started running up and down his stockade. Eventually Malima and Ambo decided to leave Maxwell to catch up with the other orphans who had already started to make their way out to the forest. Out in the forest Mapia joined them, but with the intention of engaging Ambo in a wrestling game. Malima went ahead to link up with the rest of the herd and left the boys to their game.

Jotto was doing what he loves to do when he has time, and as the rest of the orphans walked deeper into the forest he decided to stay back and keep Luggard and Larro company. Musiara, Enkesha and later Emoli and Maisha had a lengthy mud bath. When Emoli and Maisha joined the scene turned very chaotic with mud sprayed in all directions! As all the others were busy browsing or having a mud bath, Mukkoka went behind the soil piles and fell asleep. As the group left to go back out to the forest poor Mukkoka was left behind and the Keepers had to turn back to get him.



Jotto, Maktao and Maisha


We now seem to have two naughty little bully boys in the Nursery who keep bullying the younger ones. Emoli and Mapia have been particularly nasty towards the new arrival Larro recently. This morning just as she was browsing and minding her own business, Emoli went over and pushed her so hard she tripped and fell over. Tagwa came running over to save the little girl and Emoli, knowing full well that he had been very naughty, ran away. He did not get far however before Ambo managed to instill some discipline as he poked him in the back with his tusks and drove him into the thicket away from the group. Mapia also keeps bothering little Larro. While at the mud bath later in the day he turned and pushed Larro so that she fell over again. Malima, Tamiyoi, Kiasa and the Keepers ran over to help the little girl, for while Emoli and Mapia are being very naughty, there are some that are concerned with her wellbeing as well and are always trying to look out for her. Kiasa has been at the forefront trying to keep Larro company as much as she can. In the evening, and today was another example, Enkesha her neighbor is always pulling her greens over to their partition and trying to share them with Larro as well.  



Keepers walking with the orphans


In the early morning today as the orphans came out of their stockades, they decided to turn the extension of Maxwell’s stockade into their own personal playground. Enkesha, Malima, Emoli and Musiara took advantage of the open side remaining to enter and mess around. The four orphans had lots of fun playing with Maxwell who was also excited about the game. The game would have carried on were it not for the warthogs who decided to enter Maxwell’s main stockade and start sharing his food. As Maxwell was running up and down the side of his stockade chasing the elephants, the warthogs were busy fighting over his lucerne pellets. Their noise kept distracting him and in the end Max abandoned his game and decided to deal with the noisy warthogs.

Usually Tamiyoi is a very quiet girl during the public visiting time. If she is not standing in one of the corners in the shade, she is quietly browsing on the greens put out for the orphans during the mud bath visit. Today instead however, she had a lengthy pushing game with Emoli. One of the warthogs who usually visits the mud bath went into the crowd and gave them a fright as he lost which way he was going. He made a loud grunt which scared the visitors and the elephant babies too, who ran towards their Keepers for safety!


Emoli having milk

Musiara browsing


It was all fun and games during the public visit today when the first group of orphans downed their bottles and got into the mud pool to enjoy a mud bath. When they came out they bumped and scratched against each other as they happily went to enjoy the piles of loose soil. There were all kinds of games taking place. The likes of Sattao, Emoli and Musiara were playing mounting games on whoever was lying on the ground. They bought time to wait until someone came to roll on the loose soil by playing pushing games in between. When they saw Tamiyoi and Enkesha come over to roll on the soil, all three went rushing over to see who could be the first to roll on the older girls. Emoli was the first one to climb on Tamiyoi, and Sattao on Enkesha, leaving Musiara with no one to climb on. He decided to push Sattao off Enkesha and climbed on her big tummy instead. The ousted Sattao then tried to take on Emoli who was still climbing on Tamiyoi, and so it went on and on with all the babies messing around on the piles of soil having fun. 

Sattao browsing


Tamiyoi with Musiara




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