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Over the last few weeks we have mentioned how Ndotto is becoming more and more independent. Today was no different and he decided to leave the others and the keepers and browse deep in the forest. When it was time for the second, older group to make their way down to the mud bath for their milk, the keepers realized he was missing from the group. Luckily Ndotto realized from his ‘tummy clock’ that it was milk time and made his way down to the mud bath via an alternative route, just as the first group were leaving. He has his milk bottles and started dusting himself as the others made their way down for their bottles too. As the others arrived Ndotto sneaked closer to the wheelbarrow to try his luck in stealing another milk bottle. Esampu was also there sucking up all the extra milk, but Mundusi pushed her knocking her into the wheelbarrow and causing some of the bottles to fall out. Ndiwa and Sana Sana stayed away from the mud hole, feeding on the green branches put out while the rest of their friends enjoyed a mud bath. 

Independent Ndotto

Esampu with Malima

Sana Sana stayed away from the mud hole

Sana Sana having her milk bottle


As the orphans arrived out in the woods today there was a small commotion. As they browsed in small groups in different directions, from a distance a baboon started shouting. Shortly later two lionesses came out of the thicket and seemed to be pursuing an impala. Mteto started shouting and Sagala followed her, running out of the bushes to safety. Mundusi, Ndiwa and Kuishi ran right straight past the keepers and seemed to be making for home. All of the little ones in the group like Musiara, Maktao, Maisha, Emoli and Sattao gathered around the keepers whilst the big ones stamped their feet and trumpeted. Calm was eventually restored by the keepers, and we were glad the orphans reacted this way so that they know lions are to be feared and they should keep their distance.

While walking down to the public visit today, Malkia left the forest with Mteto, Tagwa, Esampu and Mundusi but on their way, Malkia held up the group and prevented them from going any further. She knew she could get away with it as there was no keeper with them, nor anyone in the group to stop her. After the group struggled to free themselves so they could go down for their milk, she eventually let them go but blocked Esampu. We thought then that Esampu must have been her main target and she was trying to prevent her naughty behavior down at the mud bath area. Esampu kept trying to dodge Malkia all the way down to the empty space. When the keepers who were waiting for them down at the mud bath saw what was going on they went up to free Esampu. When Malkia saw the keeper coming she gave Esampu some space to pass, thus avoiding being told off!

All the orphans walking out to browse

Sagala warned the others

Mundusi ran past the keepers

Malkia led the others in the group


Since arriving in the forest this morning, Musiara has been hooked on Mbegu, so Sattao had to look for alternative company and settled on Tagwa. Musiara didn’t want to share Mbegu and kept charging at Sattao to chase him away. With all her years and experience of leadership, Mbegu opted to walk away to break up the rivalry between them. Later when the little babies joined the herd, Musiara was just fine with them joining him and Mbegu!

Ndotto and Ngilai have been spending a lot of time with Shukuru out in the forest and this is what Shukuru needs most, some friends who can lift and boost her energy and confidence all the time. The three have been browsing away from the others and only rejoining the group when it comes to milk feeding times. Shukuru is still showing signs of improvement and is demanding more milk at feeding times now, which is a good sign. She is also having lots of fun in the mud pool.

Just before the private visit today it started pouring with rain, which meant Luggard and the babies were taken back to their stockades. Esampu was a naughty girl during the visit today. Kiasa had been standing by the milk wheelbarrow for some time, not doing anything bad but just standing there. Esampu came over and put Kiasa’s trunk in her mouth. She struggled to get her trunk free but didn’t manage and just as a keeper came over to assist her it was Ambo who came to rescue Kiasa by head-butting the naughty girl, sending her running off and setting Kiasa free!

Musiara with Mbegu


Shukuru, Tagwa and Esampu

Little Kiasa


When the door to her stockade was opened in the morning, Sana Sana came running out and headed straight to Maxwell’s gate to see if there was any leftover lucerne. She managed to get quite a lot by pulling some through the bars of Maxwell’s gate. Mapia and Sattao joined her to have some of the tasty grass which they don’t get much of as they get the pellets. Enkesha, Emoli and Maktao tried their luck and as they all scrambled for some grass, Esampu came running over to get her share as well. A small fight ensued between Sana Sana and the naughty girl and as their push and pull fight gained momentum, Kiasa also joined to have some of the leftovers. Unfortunately she ended up being pinned against the posts of Maxwell’s stockade as Sana Sana tried to outwit her opponent and she shouted out loudly for help. Godoma came swiftly to her rescue, as well as Maxwell who came over to his gate to see what all the commotion was about! Maxwell knocked on his gate with his horn to separate all the orphans and they ran off trumpeting, following their keepers out into the forest.  

Sana Sana

Maxwell in his stockade

Funny little Sattao

Emoli browsing


The babies woke up early as usual to begin their walk out to the forest for the day. As all the orphans walked out deep into the forest, the keeper’s didn’t realise that Malkia had sneaked into Luggard’s room to look for leftover pellets. When she was done she came running out of his room trumpeting and shouting as she tried to trace which way her friends had gone. Her shouting drew Mbegu’s attention and she responded so the little girl knew which way the herd had gone, and Malkia finally joined up with the rest of the herd.

During the 3pm milk feed today, as usual Esampu was a naughty little girl, and decided that she really did want some extra milk after she had finished hers. She went up to Ndotto and tried to get some of his bottle whilst he was drinking. The mellow boy made several turns to block the naughty girl from having some of his bottle, as he wanted every last drop. As this scramble for milk was going on, Mundusi pushed the unsuspecting Mteto whilst trying to get some of her share of milk, and Kiasa and Luggard were busy sucking up milk from the empty milk bottles as Sana Sana drank the spilt milk from the wheelbarrow. Lasayen was walking off whilst sucking and chewing on a rubber teat he had removed from one of the bottles; all in all it was mayhem and the keepers had their work cut out for them today.

Malkia having her milk

Esampu the naughty girl

Sweet Ndotto





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