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It has become part of the normal routine for all the babies to assemble at Namalok’s and Sapalan’s stockades before heading out into the forest. Sana Sana, Malkia and Tagwa are usually the first three to pay the new arrivals a visit. However, this morning Mundusi and Mteto spoiled the morning’s interaction when they started fighting. Mteto then also fell out with Kuishi when she tried to snatch a branch from her mouth. Eventually Kauro took control of the situation and he didn’t care who started the fight, he stopped it by taking the branch away and disciplined them all, sending them off in different directions. Meanwhile at Namalok’s gate Mundusi was having a rough time with Ndiwa. Again it was all about browse, and Maramoja stepped in and took the branch away but handed it to Ndiwa and drove away Mundusi. All the fighting resulted in less time for interaction with the new babies and it was soon time to leave them behind and go into the forest.

Today Kiko joined the elephants in the field early in the morning. Malkia and Ngilai tried to push him away from the herd but he kept dodging them by running around the bushes and coming back. He was in a very naughty mood and when a documentary film crew arrived the keepers had a hard time controlling him. He must have seen them coming from a distance and immediately came over and started chasing them around. He wouldn’t listen to his keepers commands and then started trying to kick the smallest elephants! That was when Mbegu, Godoma, Ndotto and Esampu intervened and charged him, trumpeting all the while. Eventually they managed to chase him away and the keepers were thankful for the older orphans help!

New arrival Sapalan

Kiko walking out to the forest

Kiko out in the forest

Smiling Kuishi


During the public visit today after the first group of orphans had finished their milk bottles it was quite funny watching Kuishi who was in a very playful mood and was down on her knees pushing the plastic water trough with her head and trying to spill all the water out. The keepers cautioned her and she is a clever elephant so she listened to them and walked away, but after a few minutes she walked back to the water trough as this mission was obviously firmly on her mind, and this time he was accompanied by the naughty Esampu. They both got down on their knees and before the keepers could do anything they quickly tipped over the water trough spilling the water everywhere. They happily pushed and kicked the water trough around in a fun new game they had invented. Their game came to an end though when Kuishi kicked the trough so hard it rolled into the mud pool. Kuishi tried to pull it out with her trunk but it rolled further away into the mud, making it harder for her to retrieve it. The playful Kuishi conceded defeat as she stood on the edge of the mud pool and trumpeted as she watched the water trough float around on the surface of the muddy water, out of reach.  

Kuishi was in a very playful mood

Kuishi being so naughty!

Esampu joined in the fun and games


The orphans began their day in a happy and high spirited mood today. As they walked out to the forest they encountered some buffalos, some who were standing and some who were still lying down. The orphans got very excited and Godoma, Tamiyoi, Esampu, Mbegu, Ambo and Malkia charged around and trumpeted, stamping their feet in an effort to scare the buffalos away. Eventually the buffalos got bored of their charging and moved away into the forest. Once all the orphans settled down Kuishi, Ngilai, Tagwa, Malkia and Mteto proceeded to join the little ones. Sattao, Maktao and Musiara were standing quietly with their keepers when these friends of theirs came to join them and as they surrounded them it was as if they were all having a serious conversation. Eventually Rapa came over which disrupted the meeting as he went to climb on Tagwa but Ngilai pushed him away and engaged him in a wrestling game. Rapa was too strong though and was playing a rough game with Ngilai which Kuishi noticed and she joined him to help push Rapa away. Together they managed to push him and Rapa surrendered and walked off to join some other boys who were browsing nearby.

During the private visit today little Maktao got stuck in the mud bath and started screaming for help. Mbegu and the keepers ran over to help him and after he was extracted and righted he seemed to make fun of the situation and went back to lie in the middle of the pool again – making it very difficult for anyone to get to him! Later on Mbegu managed to pull him to the edge of the mud pool for the keepers to get him out.

Buffalos in the forest

Ambo chewing on a stick

Malkia in a playful mood

Malkia, Godoma, Mteto, Mbegu & Sattao


Elephants in general love the taste of some plant roots and among the orphans there are those that know how to find them! There are those that toil away to get these roots as well and those that just stand around waiting to see if they can steal the fruits of this labour. Murit and Tagwa are a couple of these ‘scavengers’ and whilst Rapa diligently unearthed a root, before he could even have a taste, it was snatched away by Murit who then proceeded to have a fight with Tagwa over it. Rapa was annoyed with their behaviour and he gave up, moving away to browse on some nearby bushes.

A short distance away Sana Sana had identified her own special root and was toiling away in trying to unearth it, whilst be watched by Malkia. Sana Sana wasn’t ready to give up and surrender it to someone else, even when Malkia started pushing her. Mbegu was watching as well and realised the situation could develop further so she stepped over to separate them and deny either of them from getting the root.

Ambo seems to have been in a bad mood today as he pushed Esampu several times today for no reason. It is normally Esampu who is naughty but today Ambo seemed to be annoyed with her for some unprovoked reason. The first time she was just busy feeding on the pellets when Ambo head butted her and a keeper separated them. Then he went and head butted Jotto who was doing the same but Jotto didn’t let him get away with it and he engaged him in a fight to teach him a lesson.

Rapa beginning to dig up a root

Murit came along to steal the root

Sana Sana is good at digging up roots

Malkia with Mbegu to the right


Today out in the forest the naughty girl Mteto learnt a lesson when you stray too far. She thought she would be like the older boys Ndotto and Kauro who like to browse alone sometimes and away from the others, but when Mteto tried this today she met a herd of five buffalos who scared her away! She came running out of the bushes very fast and yelling for help and she ran back to the group, but none of the group paid any attention to her as she squeezed her way into the middle. The buffalos seem to be on their way to feed on Maxwell’s leftover lucerne pellets which are discarded in the forest and they thought they were nearly there but they had not seen the older orphans. Mbegu spotted them and gave them a warning but they kept walking towards the orphans so Mbegu alerted the other members of the herd with a loud trumpet and a low rumble. Esampu, Ndotto and Godoma responded to her call for reinforcement and came charging out of the bushes from different directions. Ndotto led the group of four to drive the buffalos back into the bushes and away from the others. The family all celebrated as the four returned triumphantly trumpeting and stamping their feet.

Today on the way to the mud bath Musiara and Sattao were walking beside the keepers when Musiara saw Sattao wanting to overtake him. He stopped and blocked him from passing and although he would allow others to pass he held Sattao back. When the keepers turned to see what he was doing he pretended to browse on the bushes but when they carried on walking he went to block Sattao again and in the end, Sattao had to dodge him and go around the bushes to get past!

Mteto was scared by the buffalo

None of the orphans paid any attention to her!

Ndotto led the way




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