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The orphans in the morning were joined by Ex Orphans Galana, her baby Gawa, Loijuk, Naserian, Lualeni, Lenana, Kenze and six wild bulls. Soon after having enough of the lucerne, Shukuru led the way to browsing field. Boromoko then engaged Tusuja in pushing game that was cut short by Sirimon who wanted to join in too. Boromoko and Tusuja were not interested in playing with Sirimon and walked away. Boromoko moved to play with Lemoyian as Olsekki settled to play with Enkikwe. Galla and Wanjala took a break from feeding to play in the soil by rolling on the ground. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and none of the orphans dared to step into the mud bathing water. The orphans only drank milk then water from the trough before heading back to the browsing field.

Garzi and Kithaka had brief strength testing exercise that ended when Kithaka surrendered. In the evening on their way back to the stockade, the orphans were joined by Yatta’s senior Ex Orphan group that escorted them all the way to the stockade.

Orphans drinking water

Kithaka playing with Garzi

Shukuru looking lovely

Yatta and her Ex Orphan herd


When the gates opened for the juniors to come out, the independent orphans Orwa, Bomani, Suguta, Nasalot and Vuria tried to get in to check whether there was anything left over for them to feed on. To their disappointment, what was left behind was not enough for them so they walked out to go and eat some lucerne in that feeding area. Two wild bulls joined them to feast on the lucerne and shortly later the orphans left for browsing. Garzi lagged behind with the Ex Orphans but joined his friends later after spending enough time with his former friend’s Orwa and Bomani; perhaps he too will join them soon. Boromoko and Olsekki started their activities out in the bush by wrestling and pushing each other while Karisa used a shrub to scratch his itchy foot and leg. The sun was hot and at mud bath time, the orphans wallowed with the playful Lemoyian riding on Boromoko. Twenty eight bulls were present and as the orphans made their way back to the browsing field, the wild elephants remained at the mud bath to cool off. Galla spent some time dusting himself. Later he and Ukame had a disagreement that saw Ukame start pushing him. Laragai, who was feeding close by, acted fast to save Galla from the wrath of Ukame. She got in between them and managed to calm Ukame down. 

Bomani waiting for his lucerne

Wild elephant bull eating with the orphans

Galla playing and soil dusting

Ukame pushing Galla


Yatta and her group reported early at the stockade compound. The orphans were let out and briefly joined the Ex Orphans for lucerne before being led away by Shukuru. Tusuja and Boromoko had a warm up exercise that was done through a pushing game but Tusuja lost to Boromoko and decided to go and tackled Lemoyian. Ukame used her small tusks to peel bark from some trees.

Later on when the orphans went for their noon mild feed the weather was chilly and only Boromoko and Sirimon decided to go into the mud hole after. Eighteen wild bulls also came to drink water there. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area where Sirimon rode on Naseku before Galla turned on him and they had an argument that ended up as a wrestling match. In the evening Orwa, Vuria and Bomani, who appear to have formed a small group of boys, showed up at the stockade compound where they were joined later by Mutara’s group, Naisula, Murka, Kitirua, Makireti and Kilabasi. Shortly before dark, the junior Ex Orphan bulls left and walked away into the Park.

Tusuja plays with Boromoko

Ukame peeling bark

Sokotei feeding himself some milk

Sirimon climbing on Naseku


Karisa and Shukuru left the stockade with branches in their mouths that they continued to chew on as they waited for the lucerne to be distributed. Tusuja and Galla entwined their trunks in morning greetings as Oltaiyoni walked down to the water trough and briefly joined a wild bull to drinking water. The rest of her friends joined her after feeding on lucerne.

Out in the bush, Olsekki and Boromoko engaged each other in strength testing exercise while Kamok found a suitable rock that she used to scratch her buttocks on. Tusuja took a break from feeding and relaxed under a tree for some time before resuming browsing. Oltaiyoni led the way to the mud bath where only four wild bulls showed up. Sirimon played with Kamok as Olsekki and Lemoyian enjoyed riding on their friends while they wallowed in the water. After wallowing, the orphans briefly settled for red soil dusting and then went back out into the shrubs to browse again. In the evening, as the keepers gathered the orphans to take them back to the stockade, Garzi, Barsilinga, Karisa and Wanjala were missing. The keepers tracked down Garzi and Barsilinga but without Wanjala and Karisa. At last they found them completely at ease browsing along the Kalovoto seasonal River and herded them back to the stockade.

Shukuru coming out with a branch in her mouth

Oltaiyoni and a wild bull drinking

Kinna Kama and Tusuja

Olsekki playing with Boromoko


A wild mum and her two calves in the company of Kenze arrived early in the morning before the orphans were let. The herd stood outside patiently waiting for the orphans to share their lucerne with them. Kenze stood close to the gate where he received greetings from the juniors. Kamok settled on a nearby rock for a scratching session while Shukuru decided to go for a drink of water.

Whilst browsing, Olsekki and Boromoko had a disagreement that ended in a pushing game. Shukuru, Ukame and Tusuja settled for a soil dusting exercise while Naseku settled to feed with Siangiki. At mud bath time, the temperature was moderate and only eight bulls showed up. The orphans drank some water soon after drinking milk then walked down to wallow which they really enjoyed today. Naseku, Galla and Ukame headed straight to dust themselves with red soil soon after having enough of the mud bath. In the afternoon Dupotto and her friend Kamok took a break from feeding to relax under a tree whereas Sirimon and Olsekki settled for a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw.

Orphans facing Kenze in the compound

Kamok having a good scratch

Ukame and Tusuja going to soil dust

Dupotto and Kamok relaxing




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