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It was a very busy morning with the orphans having their usual morning breakfast before joining the other groups of Ex Orphans and wild elephants outside the stockade. There was a big group comprised of wild elephants and Ex Orphans Nasalot, Sunyei, Wendi, Yatta, Mulika and Galana with all their babies.

Out in the bush, Kauro, Ukame and Galla were browsing together as all the orphans concentrated very much on getting enough food before it got too hot to think about browsing; later they walked to the mud bath for their milk.

At mud bath there was a mixture of wild elephants, Ex Orphans and our dependent ones. They played together and interacted and later, the orphans walked out to the bush as they could not compete with the wild bulls for space in the mud bath. It was very hot and most of the orphans stood in the shade. Maramoja and Dupotto were standing together under a different tree with Kamok. Sapalan was a bit further away browsing whilst the others were resting. The orphans came out from under the shade to browse for a little bit before walking back to the stockades for the night.

Orphans and Ex Orphans socializing

Kauro, Ukame and Galla together

Barsilinga scratching on a tree

Kamok in the shade

Wanjala sharpening his tusks


Twelve wild elephants in the company of Mutara and Olareís groups were at the stockade compound early in the morning. As the orphans were let out, Kibo, Kandecha and a junior wild elephant went into the lower stockade. Shortly later, Kibo and Kandecha went out leaving the wild elephant in the stockade as he was busy collecting the leftovers. The wild elephant then panicked after realizing that his friends had deserted him and with no knowledge of where the gate might be, the wild elephant broke the fence by bumping into the wires and ran without stopping until he disappeared from our view.

Galla challenged Kanjoro by engaging him in a strength testing exercise as Olsekki and Siangiki walked down to the water trough where they joined a wild bull to drink water. Their friend Enkikwe is still recuperating in the stockade after he was attacked by a lion two weeks ago. Olsekki and Siangiki will continue to miss the company of their friend Enkikwe since he will still stay in the stockade until he recovers. After Galla lost his game to Kanjoro, he walked down and met with Tusuja who they had a duel with, before Kandecha intervened by separating them. Shortly before mud bath time, Laragai and her group left with the Ex Orphans. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by eight wild bulls.

Wild bull drinks with Olsekki and Siangiki

Fence broken by the wild elephant

Enkikwe with lucerne on his head

Sapalan and Namalok


Early before dawn, two lions roared. The roaring of the lions forced Narok and Olareís groups to run back and seek refuge at the stockade compound. At six o'clock in the morning, the orphans were let out and joined Olare and Narokís groups. Naseku fed close to Narok as they recounted to each other how the roaring of the lion had frightened them. Narok informed Naseku that she was lucky to have a safe place to spend her nights compared to them. Naseku concurred with Narok that life was much smoother and safe at the stockades and with the keepers. Narok reminded Naseku that however much she is enjoying, a day will come when she will have to leave the human family and join her real family out in the wild. Naseku thanked Narok for her advice then with excitement, trumpeted to inform her friends that it was time to hit the road to start their day in searching of food to eat.

Ukame settled to browse with Galla as they discussed how time really flies given that it was only June last year when they were brought to Ithumba. At that time Ukame wasn't willing to stay and several times she wanted to escape. Now she knows this is her family and she is happy to stay, and thanks to the Ex Orphans because now they have discovered who they are and where they belong. At mud bath time, Ukame, Tusuja and Galla competed who would get to the milk bottles first. Tusuja won the race followed by Ukame. Two wild bulls joined the orphans to drink water and shortly later parted ways. In the afternoon, Laragai took her group and came later when the milk dependent group arrived back.

Lemoyian browsing

Dupotto followed by Siangiki and Oltaiyoni

Tusuja, Galla and Ukame running for milk

Two wild bulls join the orphans


The sky was partly covered by clouds when the orphans were let out. Outside the stockade, Narok and Olareís groups were waiting. Shortly later a wild mum with her two calves four and eight years old joined the orphans to feed on lucerne. The four year old threatened to push Galla for no apparent reason. Galla stood his ground and rumbled in an effort to call his friends for help. It was interesting to watch Vuria and Garzi respond so quickly and come forward to help Galla, who they considered as their family member. The wild elephant didnít wait to be attacked by the gang Galla had called and it retreated. Galla was left smiling after the four year old baby fled away. Galla then thanked Vuria and Garzi for their quick response. Shortly afterwards, Kamok led the group to the browsing field. Ukame and Roi couldn't leave without something to keep them busy on the way. The two wise girls carried a considerable amount of lucerne in their trunks that they enjoyed feeding on their way. Ukame and Roi know how tired one gets when looking for food these days and there was no need to leave the lucerne, given out freely, to go and start toiling away once they reached the browsing area.

Karisa started his day's activities with a soil dusting exercise, while Galla settled for scratching exercise when he came across a rock that he saw suitable for his belly. The quiet Sapalan teamed up with Namalok to browse. At mud bath time, Rapa finished his milk and instead of turning to go for mud bathing, he walked to the water trough and joined Half Trunk to drink water. Half Trunk, who is old enough to be Rapa's father, welcomed Rapa and shared water without intimidating the young calf. Rapa felt happy for a few minutes as he spent time with Half Trunk drinking. He hoped that a day will come when he will be big just like Half Trunk. The Ex Orphans briefly passed by the mud bath where Tusuja and Naseku tried to ambush baby Wiva so as to fight her. Wiva, who was accompanied by Mwende, ran a head of Mwende so as to avoid Tusuja and Naseku. Mwende walked in a zigzag style in an effort of blocking Tusuja and Naseku. This was meant to buy time for Wiva to run and get help from her mother Wendi, incase Tusuja and Naseku continued pursuing her.

Ukame and Roi carrying lucerne

Karisa soil dusting

Galla scratching his tummy

Wiva running from Tusuja and Naseku


The stockade compound was flooded with Ex Orphans and several wild elephants. The orphans were let out and intermingled with their seniors as they waited for lucerne. Galla kept himself busy by engaging Naisula in a pushing game while Pare settled for a scratching exercise on a nearby rock. The orphans parted ways with the Ex Orphans soon after the lucerne was finished. The orphans passed by the water trough and took enough water ready to face another day. Led by the hot tempered Ukame, the orphans headed deeper to south east of Ithumba Hill. It has reached a point where they have to walk quite far in search of vegetation. They had a quiet morning as each tried hard to get enough food before the end of the day.

At mud bath time, the sun was really hot and the orphans took themselves in to the mud bath without being told by anybody. Soon after mud bath, the orphans headed back to the browsing field where they converged under a tree waiting for the temperature to drop. In the evening Kithaka, Lemoyian, Sirimon and Boromoko, who are tired of being locked in the stockade with a padlock, refused to accompany the rest of the herd back to the stockade to avoid spending the night there. Barsilinga returned because he is slightly limping still, while Siangiki and Olsekki came back as they are not yet sure if they want to leave or stay, and their best friend Enkikwe is still recovering. The main character, Laragai, who is unpredictable, was front in line on the way back. This is the same Laragai who wants to be in the stockade, and at the same time wants to be free! The same Laragai who knows how to let the others out and also knows how to cross fences by kneeling down to make herself small enough to fit through. She is also known for jumping over walls to get whatever she wants. She will be a character that we will have to deal with for some time!

Naisula playing with Galla

Kithaka and Rapa

Nasalot and her baby Nusu in the shade

Nusu is a baby full of attitude




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