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The orphan elephants were very happy as they exited their stockades this morning and emptied their milk bottles before proceeding for the range cube feeding. Mbegu’s herd interacted very well with Kenia’s for the days browsing activities.

The orphan elephants visited the stockade at noon, where the milk dependent orphan elephants enjoyed their afternoon milk bottle. Nelion and Ishaq-B engaged each other in a bathing competition, with the new arrivals watching them closely. Ishaq-B showcased her unique game of pocking the walls of the stockade water hole with her tusks while Godoma tried to copy her. Ndii saw their game and plunged into the water to challenge them, but was left surprised when the two sneaked out of the water leaving Ndii on her own. Arruba enjoyed a scratching session against one of the outcropping rocks in the stockade compound while Kihari lay down on the red earth piles as Mbegu watched.

Today the orphan elephants visited the middle water hole after the stockade bath, where Mbegu knelt down to wallow. Her game attracted Ndotto, Godoma, Ngilai and Lasayen who came to cheer on their mini-matriarch. The group then browsed their way to the big waterhole where Murit had a wonderful mud bath and became the day’s mud bathing star.

Ndii leading

Araba playing on the red earth

Nelion and Ishaq-B in the water


It was a wonderful Friday morning as the orphans began the days stockade activities before heading to the browsing fields. Ndii came up to Mbegu hugging her as she drank her milk bottle while Godoma and Ndotto stood by watching their interaction.

Kenia took charge of the group leading them half way up the southern side of Msinga Hill where they settled to browse. The interaction between the new arrivals and the Voi orphan elephants seems to have improved greatly. At midday Murit, Lasayen, and Godoma hurriedly ran into the stockade mud bath as it was a bright and sunny day while Arruba and Embu enjoyed separate rock scratching games.

Mbegu led the new arrivals into the water for a bath where she was joined by Godoma and Ngilai while Ndotto chose not to join them. Nelion and Embu enjoyed a soil dusting competition in the piles of red earth while Ndoria slid into the water from the water hole terrace in an attempt to showcase her bathing expertise. Ndii took her darling Tahri for some soil dusting games, assuring the youngster that she and not been abandoned for the new arrivals. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close by with Mbegu occasionally separating the other five nursery arrivals from the rest of the group so that she could enjoy some leadership abilities.

Rorogoi, Ndoria and others

Friendly Ndotto greeting the keepers

Nelion in the water


Ambo has always been slightly unfair towards Mapia, bullying him and generally being rather unfriendly. In the afternoon when they are next to each other in their stockades, Ambo always steals Mapia’s greens through the partition. Whenever Mapia tries to take some from Ambo’s side, Ambo charges at him! The herd dynamics are readjusting with the relocation of the older orphans recently. Today Ambo decided to pick on Mapia again out in the forest. He was chasing him around until Mapia decided to stand his ground. He pushed Ambo back as hard as he could, and Ambo came to realize Mapia has a place in the family too, and is strong too! The fight when on however until Tagwa stepped in to separate them. Tagwa understands Ambo’s character and drove him away from the herd so as to discipline him and let him know he cannot always pick on the others, especially Mapia. This was also a good sign that Tagwa is ready to take over the leadership of the herd since Mbegu and Godoma’s departure.
Musiara decided to mess around during the public visit today. Just before his group was about to leave and they had about 10 minutes left, he decided to join Maktao in the mud bath. He rolled and played around and when his group was called to leave the area he declined and stayed in the mud. When the second group came running in for their milk he got out and joined them, staying under the protection of Sana Sana until the end of the visit.

Ambo after being told off by Tagwa

Mapia Jotto and Kuishi

Maxwell enjoying the sunshine today


The stockade gates were flung open in the morning with Murit coming out in full of energy following a restful night. Mbegu, Lasayen, Ndotto, Godoma, Murit, Ngilai and Tahri who stay in the same stockade were the first to arrive for the morning milk bottle. There was a quick greeting to the seven youngsters by their older friends before the entire group settled for the supplement feeding.

Once the morning stockade activities were over the group followed their keepers with Mbegu and Godoma being at the front of the orphan herd. Godoma was seen interacting freely with the older Voi orphans as Mashariki and Naipoki embraced her during the browsing activities while Lasayen spent most of the morning browsing close to Ndotto.

Ndii enjoyed a strength testing competition with Mbegu after which she went up to Ndotto and embraced him keeping him by her side for a while which left Tahri feeling a little sad as Ndii had always showered her with affection above anyone else. Rorogoi was seen always touching and greeting Mbegu getting to know her as well as she could. Mashariki then came and did the same while Tahri kept in close contact with Mashariki as Ndii was busy with the new arrivals.

The orphan elephants had a lot of fun playing mud bathing game at the big water hole. Ndoria who doesn’t love water remained at the edge of the water and enjoyed a partial mud bath. Suswa who is also not very fond of the water was seen enjoying a wonderful wallow after which she spent some time browsing with Godoma while Mashariki and Ndotto enjoyed a soil bathing game in an erosion trench.

Tundani browsing

Godoma scratching with Bada on the right

Lasayen and Ndotto running to join the others


It was time for Murit, Godoma and Ngilai to begin the process of boarding the translocation lorry just after 2am this morning. They had all had ample time to become used to the vehicle and the process of feeding inside it. Murit is a very easy-going and calm boy and entered the lorry with no problem, and Ngilai was fine as he accompanied his keeper onto the lorry. Godoma however was very agitated as soon as she saw all the keepers standing around the stockades at that strange time of the morning. When her gate opened she came running out and the keepers had to work hard to persuade her to come back. After a few minutes it worked and she followed a keeper with a bottle to the lorry, at which time Ngilai and Murit were already comfortably loaded and chewing on the greens that had been placed inside. After a few minutes she was in, after seeing the other two on board and after being offered another bottle of milk inside. Just after 2:30am the journey to Tsavo begun and we heard that all the way to Voi their journey was fine.
Some of the orphans in the Nursery seemed somewhat confused with the last two moves. Mteto, Mapia and Mundusi were misbehaving and bullying some of the other members of the herd. During the public visit it seemed as if Jotto, as usual, wanted to put a smile of some of the others’ faces and he engaged Tamiyoi and Malima in a ‘sizing up’ game. At least Shukuru also behaved today by staying close to the herd; at least she knew what was going on having gone through the moving process twice already herself!

Mapia enjoying his 9am bottle feed

Mundusi and Mteto browse together today

Jotto before heading down to mud-bath




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