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Tagwa is showing strong signs of becoming a matriarch in the future. She loves taking care of little ones and today spent a lot of time with the tiny babies. She offered her ears to be suckled and even gently patted the baby and helped to dust her tiny body with her trunk. After awhile the baby moved to join Mbegu who was busy browsing close to Tagwa. Luggard and Murit were having a small play fight but Malima interrupted them. This annoyed the usually forgiving Luggard and he pressed his short tusks into her side to move her away. This didn’t stop the determined Malima however and she managed to grab Murit’s tail and Murit couldn’t run away from the disruptive girl.
Due to the hot weather at the moment, all the orphans enjoyed the mud bath today with Sattao, Musiara, Maisha, Ambo, Emoli, Jotto and Godoma enjoying it the most. Tamiyoi managed to spray the visitors with mud as they enjoyed watching the orphans mud bathing!

Tagwa having her milk


Musiara all muddy

Mbegu very muddy!

Muddy Jotto


As the sun rose slowly over the horizon at the Nursery, the orphans were so enjoying the warmth of its rays. Some were engaged in some pushing games, some were stamping around the bushes in happiness and some continued browsing as if nothing was going on around them. Maktao’s playmate Musiara decided to take on Sattao instead as Malima enjoyed a pushing game with Tamiyoi. Ndotto and Lasayen were browsing deep in the bushes as the playful bulls Ngilai and Murit rolled on the ground enjoying the morning warmth. Kiasa decided to hang around the keepers as they drank their morning tea. One of the tiny babies was suckling on Tagwa’s ear as Mbegu and Ambo browsed just to the side of them. Mteto ran after two warthogs who were browsing close by and Godoma joined her, so the two pigs ran off into the bushes to get away from the playful elephant babies. Shukuru, whose health seems to be improving more and more, was pulling leaves from the top of some of the nearby trees, as sweet Luggard waited below to collect some of the leaves that fell to the ground in the process. 

Orphans enjoying warm rays

Ndotto browsing

Ndotto browsing in the forest

Lasayen browsing with Ndotto

Shukuru with the orphans


Kiasa’s desire to have extra milk by all means possible is growing day by day! The ‘sassy’ girl as the keepers refer to her will try and use any manoeuvre possible to get closer to the milk wheel-barrow which is very funny to watch. She seems to have learnt these tactics from the playful girl Malima. She was being naughty at the 9am milk feed this morning, dodging the keepers as they tried to feed her friends and trying to get as close as possible to the wheelbarrow to steal another bottle. Her antics continued up to the public visiting time and the 11am feeding but this time she kept pushing trying to get another bottle from her friends. At one stage she made off with an empty bottle and carried it away, walking round and around as the keepers tried to take it back. Eventually she dropped it into the muddy water hole which the visiting public thought was very funny. Her behaviour however was annoying the mini matriarch Godoma who slowly approached the errant girl and gave her a hard corrective push that left poor Kiasa half submerged in the mud hole. Meanwhile there was small push and pull game going on between arch-foes Musiara and Maktao as the boys boys determinedly fought over who would win the attention of Kuishi; they kept their game well away from Godoma as they could tell she was in a disciplinary mood! 

Kiasa loves her milk

Kiasa learnt from Malima!

Mini matriarch Godoma


As the first group or orphans left the mud bath area during the public visit, they followed Kuishi and Godoma who began chasing after the warthogs that were along the path on their way out to the forest. The warthogs were on their knees grazing and didn’t seem too bothered by the young orphans that were trying to scare them away by raising their ears and mock charging. Tamiyoi then tried her best to scare them but one male orphan raised his head at her and grunted in retaliation, which set her off running away towards the forest and the rest quickly followed suit! Kuishi and Godoma were the last to follow and made one last ditch attempt at chasing the warthogs away and finally they succeeded; the warthogs ran off into the bushes and Kuishi and Godoma ran after their friends, bashing bushes down and trumpeting in delight.

Luggard did not look very well yesterday and was very dull and quiet. He went off his greens and even at one feeding him milk too as he had very loose stools. Today he woke up still looking a bit down and not feeding on greens so we will see how he does today and if he does not progress, run another blood test.

Kuishi loves chasing warthogs

Tamiyoi tried to scare the warthogs too


Luggard browsing


The very small babies walked out of their stockades a bit later in the morning today to join the other orphans out in the forest. It was so sweet as when they picked up the scent of the other orphans and the path they had taken, they started yelling with delight. Their calls were heard by Tagwa, the adopted mother of the babies, Godoma, Mbegu, Malima, Sana Sana, Esampu and Tamiyoi who all walked towards where the babies were to escort them back to where all the orphans were busy browsing. The babies were most concerned and captivated by Tagwa, who they love very much.

Before it was time to go to the public visit today, Shukuru, Sagala, Ndiwa, Ndotto and Lasayen sneaked away from the group to browse deep in the forest. Sagala, Ndiwa and Lasayen turned back before the public visit began and returned to the group so they could go down for their milk, leaving Shukuru and Ndotto in the forest. Ndotto was clever enough to find his own way to the mud bath before the visiting time ended however. Shukuru never made it to the public visit in time as she took her time browsing, but she appeared at the mud wallow a bit later when all of the orphans had already gone back into the forest. She is wise enough to be able to follow the path they took, and soon joined up with them again in the bush.

Sweet Tagwa browsing

Godoma walking to the babies

Sana Sana

Shukuru out in the forest




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