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Emoli and Maisha are doing really well considering when they arrived at the nursery they were both close to death. They have been in doors since they arrived so they could gain back some strength before joining the other babies out in the forest. Today, for the first time they joined the other babies for their 9am milk feed. In the beginning, Emoli gave the keepers quite the run around as he didn’t want to leave the stockades at all. He is very fond of his milk so the keepers thought he was going to run after the milk bottle wheelbarrow, but he didn’t and the keepers had to use a lot of tricks to persuade him to follow them into the forest. Maisha was good and cooperative. After all the orphans had taken their milk, Mbegu went to catch up with Emoli and Maisha when they strayed away from the group. After inspecting both of them, Mbegu decided to pay special attention to Emoli and took him around in the company of Malkia. Maisha was surrounded by Sana Sana, Tagwa, Maramoja and Godoma and these four girls all shared time with Maisha throughout the day. At one point Maisha and Emoli isolated themselves away from the others. Pare is growing into another bully boy and when he found them standing alone he started pushing them. When Mbegu, Malkia and Godoma heard them screaming they ran over to find out what was wrong and as soon as Pare saw them coming he disappeared into the bushes.  

Poor Emoli wearing his blanket

Maisha and Emoli behind

Sweet Maramoja

Godoma is such a caring girl

Sweet girl Sana Sana


Musiara likes playing with Sattao and often invites him to play a wrestling game. Today they had been sizing each other up in a lengthy game but then Sattao started applying more strength and pushing too hard. Musiara maintained calm but Sattao continued charging and attacking him. Eventually Musiara decided to defend himself by charging back. Tagwa was browsing close to the pair and Sattao seemed to know Tagwa was keeping an eye on him. When she saw Musiara teaching his new friend a lesson, that it was only a game not a fight, she stepped over the keepers and moved towards the duo. The keepers thought she was bringing peace but that wasn’t the case. She was so hard on poor Musiara, and Sattao assisted her by head-butting him as well. At this point the keepers stepped in to rescue poor Musiara. However, after hearing Musiara’s screams for help, Malkia came rushing in and charged Tagwa even though she had already been sent away by the keepers. The keepers had to go after those two to bring calm and peace back to the group.

At the public visit the first group had lots of fun when Jotto and Malima led them into the mudbath after finishing their milk bottles. It was only Godoma and Kuishi who settled to eat the lucerne pellets but later they joined the rest of the babies in the mud pool as well. Pare then started mounting little Tamiyoi and surprisingly it was Rapa who came to her rescue and pushed Pare off.

Musiara browsing

Sweet little Sattao

Sattao, Tagwa and Godoma

Malkia came rushing in to protect Musiara


When the orphans walked out of their rooms this morning they were all very busy greeting each other and starting the mornings games. Happy boys like Murit and Luggard were seen pushing each other as they welcomed the new day. Caring girls like lovely Godoma, Mbegu, Malkia, Tamiyoi and Tagwa went straight to the young babies to make sure they had a good night and were happy. Malkia, Tagwa and Tamiyoi’s first order of the day was to check on the new girl Maisha in her stable. Malkia rumbled to Maisha and Maisha yelled loudly in return causing Malkia to try and open the stable door. When she couldn’t open the door she realized she could go into Musiara’s stable to greet Maisha through the stable wall. It was quite funny to watch Malkia, Tagwa and Tamiyoi all trying to fit through the door and into Musiara’s stable at the same time – all desperate to be the first ones to touch and say hello to Maisha. Maisha was also really happy for the attention and started calling out loudly and putting her chin up on the stable wall so she could see her visitors. The three caring babies were unhappy to leave the newcomer when it was time to go into the forest and they will be very happy when it is time for Maisha to join the orphan herd. The new calf is called Namalok. 

New baby Namalok in the stockades

Murit at the mud bath

Musiara picking soft green leaves

Tagwa looking for shrubs


After the 9am bottle feed the orphans went into the field and had a playful peaceful morning until they encountered the lovely Solio. Ndiwa, Mundusi, Kauro, Rapa, Sana Sana, Mteto and Ngilai accidently bumped into Solio whilst she was resting in the middle of some dense bushes. Solio quickly announced her presence with a snort which sent the young babies scampering into the bushes in alarm. The rest of the herd reacted to their trumpets and rushed to see what was going on, except little Musiara, Sattao, Maktao and Luggard who were busy hanging out with the keepers. With all the bush-bashing and trumpeting from the elephants, Solio decided to exit the area at a run with Mbegu, Godoma, Kauro, Maramoja and Rapa following her until she disappeared deep into the forest. All the excitement left the orphans in a state of unrest and they continued their bush-bashing and noise making, turning it into a new game. The game finally ended when Maktao yelled in protest as Luggard denied him to suckle his tail which sent the mini-mums to his side for comfort.  

Sana Sana exiting the mud-bath

Ngilai finds a quiet spot to browse

Mteto reaching up for some soft leaves

Luggard using a branch as a scratching post

Mundusi greeting a friend in the forest


It was an active morning as the orphans approached the forest in a playful mood. Older orphans like Kauro, Ndotto, Lasayen, Mbegu, Maramoja, Pare, Godoma and Rapa were seen actively running around in the bushes charging and trumpeting, which in turn attracted the attention of the entire herd. Little figures like Sattao, Musiara and Mactau, Tamiyoi and Enkesha were also seen scampering about but hardly able to charge and trumpet like the others, so they stayed slightly to the side so as not to get in the way. Tamiyoi loves the young boys and was seen happily playing alongside them. We were not sure why the orphans were behaving like this in the early morning but such behaviour has prophesized the arrival of a new orphan later in the day before! There is a belief that elephants are telepathic and the keepers whispered amongst themselves that there might be a rescue either today or tomorrow – not even an hour later we received a report of an elephant baby that had been rescued and was at the Tsavo-Voi stockade. A rescue team was quickly dispatched and the new orphan arrived by 3pm. It has been found by rangers in Tsavo lying down in a completely collapsed state and it arrived at the Nursery still very weak. It is a female less than a year old and evidently a victim of the drought in Tsavo.  

Kauro browsing

Pare at the mud-bath

Sattao smelling Maisha's mouth

Enkesha browsing




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