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With the ongoing drought across the whole country, ticks have become a real pest for the orphans and we work hard to control them. The application of coconut oil helps this, but new arrivals like Sapalan, Namalok, Sagalla and the little girl Kiasa are not yet used to this funny and unfamiliar procedure. Normally this application takes place on a Friday but to help control the ticks we decided to apply it today, a Wednesday, as well. The new arrivals were not at all pleased with the process and kept the keepers on their toes running all over the place to avoid the oil. In the end, they got the oil coating as well! Mapia joined the orphans later in the morning today as he is still not that well so he only joins them when they are not browsing too far away. After having his 9am milk feed with the rest of the orphans, he collapsed and was immediately set up on a drip. He got back to his feet later after a little rest and a few drips.
Naughty girl Esampu is still being mean to new arrival Kiasa. Today she walked up to Kiasa as she was enjoying some green browse at the mud bath and head butted her heard without warning. It was a big push and Kiasa yelled loudly which brought the attention of Tamiyoi, Godoma, Malima and Jotto. They ran over to Kiasa to help her and find out what happened, but by the time they got there Esampu has already moved away to browse innocently. It was only the keepers who saw was happened and they told Esampu off and moved her away from the herd in punishment.

Luggard decided on his own to return early to bed this afternoon around 4.30pm, and the keepers let him stay there before the others returned at 5pm.

Kiasa keeping distance from Esampu

Esampu after troubling Kiasa

Luggard returns home early


The day started off well with beautiful blue azure skies and no wind. The babies walked happily into the forest, bumping into each other aimlessly with joy and excitement. This mood continued into the morning after the 9am milk feed. Playful boys like Ngilai moved from one place to another in search of a play-mate. Rapa was not interested in playing and pushed Ngilai hard into a nearby tree where he bumped into poor Murit. Ndotto intercepted Rapa as he was charging and squared up to him for some time until Lasayen moved in to back up his best friend. The cheeky boy Rapa backed out of the game, unable to face both of them, and moved into the thicket.

All of a sudden, the weather changed, and it started raining heavily, forcing the orphans to seek shelter under the trees and the smaller babies under the keepers’ umbrellas. When it was time for the public visit it was quite tricky as all the paths leading there become very slippery in the rain, making it difficult for the elephants to stay upright and not slip! As the babies came running into the mud bath area for their milk they slipped and slid all over the place; poor Ambo slid and fell on his bottom with his legs in the air, but Godoma, the mini matriarch, came to his aid and the keepers as well, and between them they helped him to stand.

Ngilai looking for a playmate

Rapa not interested in Ngilai's games

Kuishi picking at shoots on the ground


Today was baby Mapia’s first day to join the orphans in the forest. This crucial moment for Mapia came after public visiting. A small group of orphans were brought back to the stockades to accompany Mapia for her first time out to browse. Godoma, Mbegu, Jotto, Ambo, Maisha, Malkia, Tagwa, Malima, Ngilai, Mteto, Tamiyoi, Enkesha, Maramoja, Sana Sana and Murit all came back for the occasion. Mapia was very calm and he joined the other orphans, and as expected the matriarch Mbegu was most receptive to him - hugging and patting him with her trunk. Malkia joined Mbegu in escorting Mapia into the forest. Godoma kept touching the new baby from behind, as Tamiyoi, Jotto and Ambo fought amongst themselves to touch the new baby as well. When this group met up with the other orphans, Ngilai raised his ears and trunk to smell the new one. Ndotto did the same and then all the others took turns in coming to meet their new friend. As the others babies continued to greet Mapia, Rapa as usual was naughty and came over pretending to greet the little one but instead pushed him, causing him to stumble and yell for help. This annoyed Kauro and the big boy pushed his tusks into Rapa, who ran away to avoid further discipline.  

Mapia joins the others for browsing

Rapa after being disciplined

Tagwa and Maramoja arrive for the 5pm feed


Out in the bush this morning all the orphans were browsing on the fresh green vegetation that has grown since the rains started. There were no games this morning, even from the boys who usually enjoy pushing games to test their strength against each other.
There was chilly weather this morning with frequent showers which meant none of the orphans dared to go into the mud bath. Some were seen along the rope cordon trying to shelter under people’s umbrella’s! Youngsters like Musiara, Sattao, Emoli, Maisha and even Jotto ran to shelter under the Keepers’ umbrella’s when the rain got very hard. Emoli and Maisha then struggled to find shelter together with one visitor who had an umbrella. As some were searching for shelter from the rain, others like Tamiyoi, Malima, Esampu, Ambo, Murit, Godoma, Kuishi and Enkesha were playing on the soil pile; dusting, rolling and bumping into one another.

In the afternoon we received a new young bull from the Tsavo Conservation Area, who had been found in a collapsed state. He was rescued and brought to the Nairobi Nursery by the DSWT helicopter and was immediately put on an IV drip to try and bring him back.

Ambo leads orphans to the mudbath

Emoli enjoys the lush grass after the rains

Enkesha onher way to mud-bath


This morning after the 9am milk bottle feed, lovely Kiasa happily came out of her stockade for the first time and was warmly welcomed by some of the other orphans like Godoma, Maramoja, Tagwa, Malkia, Esampu and Tamiyoi and Malima as well. All the girls were milling around Kiasa all trying to get as close as possible to touch and pat the new little girl. Kiasa walked out with them to the bush, sandwiched between the lovely caring and protective girls. The leader of the herd, Mbegu, could hardly get close, though at one stage she did come over and check on the little girl before she went back to browsing. Still, boys will be boys and when the herd has settled out in the forest Ngilai and Lasayen tried to chase poor Kiasa and climb on her, but they were not able to achieve their goal as the keepers kept a close eye on her and so did the other protective girls in the group. Both were very quickly warned and when Ngiali spent a few minutes browsing next to Kiasa he was quickly pushed away by Maramoja, Godoma and Malkia who drove him away far off into the bushes. Kiasa was very well behaved during the public visit and remained tucked between Godoma, Kuishi, Tamiyoi and Malima throughout. 

Godoma browsing but keeping an eye on Kiasa

Kiasa browses as the girls watch on

Jotto finds some soft green grass




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