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Soon after having her morning milk, Roi, armed with a branch in her mouth, led the way out from the stockade. Once the orphans were outside, Kamok requested Roi to share the branch with her. Roi resisted by walking away from Kamok. This prompted Kamok to catch up with Roi and forcefully take the branch from her. Later, Kamok settled against a nearby rock where she spent some time scratching her belly. Sokotei inadvertently blocked Lemoyian as he walked up to Kamok's stockade to get his milk. Lemoyian, who spends his night with Barsilinga, Garzi, Laragai and Kithaka, is the only remaining member in that group that is still having milk. To avoid being pushed by his friends, Lemoyian has to go to another stockade to have his milk whenever his gate is opened in the morning. Sokotei realized quite late that he was standing in Lemoyian's way when Lemoyian bumped into him. Shukuru, who has been diagnosed with an infection and still getting her medicine together with Dupotto, lightly pushed Kamok from the rock she was scratching on and used the same rock to scratch her belly. Shortly later, Shukuru had a morning stretch by stretching her forelegs forward, and then walked to the water trough where she settled for water. Galla, who is junior to Boromoko, picked on Boromoko for a strength testing exercise in anticipation of acquiring new pushing tactics that he could use to defend himself against his age mates. Mutara and her group, Nasalot, baby Nusu, the wild orphan, Chyulu, Ithumbah, Ishanga, Wendi, Lualeni and Ololoo reported at the stockade in the morning hours. The wild orphan was escorting and acting as nanny for Nusu this morning. Nasalot took Nusu on a tour of one of the stockades before joining her friends to feed on lucerne. Later in the day, Tusuja tested his strength against Olsekki, Kithaka and Barsilinga but ended up losing all the games to his seniors.  

Roi with a branch in her mouth

Kamok scratching her belly

Shukuru stretching

Wendi with Wiva


At dawn there was so much excitement amongst the Ex Orphans and wild elephants following Yatta's grant entry into the stockade compound with a new baby! There was trumpeting and bellowing as almost all the young girls wanted to be associated with the baby. Yetu, who is Yatta’s first born, didn’t even get a chance to be close to her younger brother Yoyo. The big nannies were making it almost impossible for her to get close, but she followed from a distance. Yoyo's main nannies included Sidai, Loijuk, Lenana, a wild female, Chyulu and Ithumbah. Shortly later, five wild dogs that tried to access the water trough at the stockade compound where chased away by the elephants who were on high guard. Yatta and her group headed west of the stockade while the juniors headed east. Kanjoro and Garzi briefly had a strength testing exercise before parting ways.

The orphans mainly concentrated on browsing so there was no fun and games out in the bush. At mud bath, only Kinna, Gawa, Yetu, Wendi, Wiva, Lualeni, Sunyei, Orok, Ishanga, Makena, Ololoo, Nasalot and six wild bulls joined the juniors at the venue. After wallowing, Dupotto scratched against the acacia trees and later in the afternoon, settled to browse with Lemoyian. Barsilinga dodged his friends and joined Mutara’s group up until evening when he returned to join his friends in the stockade for the night.

Yoyo with Yatta and his nannies

Little Yoyo with Yatta and nannies

Yetu, Yoyo and Yatta

Tight security for little Yoyo!

Yatta's baby Yoyo


The senior Ex Orphans were present at the stockade compound ready to share lucerne with the orphans once they were let out. Shortly later, Mutara brought her group to the stockade compound and joined in feasting on the lucerne. Suguta briefly played with Wiva while Turkwel entwined her trunk with Ishanga in morning greeting. When they finished eating lucerne, the herd scattered in different directions. The orphans headed east of stockade while the Ex Orphans headed west of the stockade.

Out in the Park, the orphans had a quiet morning as they concentrated on browsing without playing any games apart from Sokotei and Enkikwe, who briefly enjoyed a pushing game that ended in a draw. At mud bath time, only six wild bulls showed up. Galla had fun in the water and from time to time enjoyed riding on Boromoko. Later Bongo, Loijuk and Orok showed up for water. After wallowing, the orphans headed south of the mud bath. In the afternoon, the heat from the sun became unbearable making the orphans seek refuge under a tree that had nice shade. The orphans resumed browsing again later when is was cooler. In the evening, as is custom these days, the orphans passed by the mud bath to cool off, before being led back to the stockade by Kamok.

Suguta chats with Wiva

Sokotei plays with Enkikwe

Galla riding on Boromoko

Kamok leading the way


Wanjala, who is slowly learning new ways to deal with his seniors, picked his share of lucerne and quickly took the branches away whilst keeping an eye on the others to make sure no one was following him to steal his treats. Lemoyian, who loves strength testing games, approached Sirimon as Siangiki walked towards Wanjala to beg for some lucerne. By the time she reached where Wanjala was standing, Wanjala had put all the lucerne quickly in his mouth, leaving nothing for Siangiki.

Out in the Park Lemoyian and Boromoko spent some time in a soil dusting game as Ukame enjoyed scratching against a nearby tree. At mud bath time, eighty elephants arrived and bathed and drank water with the orphans. During this playtime Olsekki engaged Kibo in a pushing game, which he sadly lost, whilst Garzi tackled Chemi Chemi and the rest of the orphans dusted themselves in the soil. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse along the Kalovoto seasonal river. In the evening twenty five wild elephants checked in at the stockade water troughs for water, including Half Trunk and Ex Orphans Orok, Zurura, Olare, Kalama, Nasalot, Ishanga and Teleki.

Siangiki and Wanjala head for browsing

Half Trunk pays a visit

Teleki, Nasalot and Ishanga


The orphans left the stockade in a jovial mood and as soon as they settled for lucerne, they were joined by Mutara and her group. Kithaka and Barsilinga had a fight when Kithaka tried to take what Barsilinga thought belonged to him. The conflict ended into a sparing contest which came to an end when Mutara intervened by separating the two boys. An hour later, Mutara and her group left while Shukuru led her herd to Kone area where they were joined by Galana, Gawa, Loijuk and Ishanga. Gawa played with Enkikwe and later tried to charge at the keepers while Boromoko took sometime off from feeding to play with Tusuja.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, Galana and her small group escorted the juniors to the mud bath where they were joined by Ex Orphan bull Rapsu in the company of four wild elephants. After mud bath, the orphans headed to Kanziku area leaving the Ex Orphans and the wild elephants still at the mud bath. Later in the day, Shukuru took a break from feeding to participate in a soil dusting exercise while Enkikwe invited Sirimon to a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw.

Laragai carrying lucerne

Gawa charging at the Keepers

Ishanga, Gawa and Galana




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