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Galana, her baby Gawa, Loijuk with Mutara, Makireti and Olare’s groups spent the night just outside the stockade last night. When the orphans were let out this morning, Sirimon walked straight to greet Gawa as Garzi had a strength testing exercise with Kasigau. Shortly later Gawa, under the escort of the wild orphan, moved to play with Wanjala. Their game was short-lived since the wild orphan intervened by taking Gawa away from Wanjala.

Out in the bush, Barsilinga settled to browse with Shukuru while Kamok shared food with Tusuja. At the mud bath the area was flooded with senior and junior Ex Orphans in the company of fifteen wild elephants. There was some excitement as one of the big bulls chased Sidai who appeared to be in season. Only Siangiki was brave enough to join the Ex Orphans to wallow in the mud bath. Chemi Chemi engaged Ishanga to a pushing game while Tumaren played with Orwa. Half an hour later, the groups parted ways with the Ex Orphans and wild elephants heading east of mud bath while the orphans headed north, where they browsed calmly until five o'clock in the evening when Tusuja led the first group back to the stockades.

Wanjala says hello to Gawa

Zurura with Mutara's group

Kamok relaxing with Nasalot in the shade

Tumaren playing with Orwa


At around seven o'clock in the morning the orphans had settled to browse two hundred metres west of the stockade. All over sudden, panic set in amongst the elephants. Some scattered while others ran towards the keepers. The keepers started gathering the scattered ones and came to realize that Kelelari, Dupotto and Karisa were not amongst the other orphans. The keepers began immediately trying to trace their foot prints since no one had seen the direction the new babies had run in. The prints became very confusing when the keepers came across the foot prints of so many elephants. In the end the foot prints led them to Olare’s group in between Ithumba and the Kanziku fence line; the group had been missing for close to two months. They were also with Narok’s group. Narok and her group had parted with the juniors in the stockade compound the previous day, late in the evening. We started to believe that the three babies had run off with Mutara’s group who also ran away from the incident that startled them all and were not seen for the rest of the day.
Yatta and Mulika’s groups, who appeared to be coming to meet the new babies for the first time, arrived at mud bath early at around ten o'clock in the morning. The groups were in the company of Makireti’s group who had probably informed them of the new arrivals, since Makireti and her group had already met them. Yatta and Mulika’s groups consisted of Yatta, Yetu, Nasalot, Mulika, Mwende, Kinna, Kama, Ithumbah, Taita, Kenze, Chyulu, Sunyei, Zurura, Sidai, Meibai, Teleki, Ishanga, Wendi and Wiva. The Ex Orphans didn't stay for long at mud bath, probably after realizing that the new babies were not present. Only Yatta remained at mud bath to greet those juniors that were there. Only Boromoko decided to go mud bathing while Yatta communicated with Olsekki and Roi. Shortly later, Yatta left to rejoin her own herd. The search for the missing three went on until dark with no positive results and will resume in the early morning.

Shukuru and Enkikwe browsing

Sunyei and Taita

Wiva and Kama plays close to Kinna


The orphans were joined by a one-tusked junior bull early in the morning. The bull shared lucerne with the juniors before walking away. Sirimon, Kamok, Bomani, Kithaka, Kauro and Olsekki spent some time scratching on the nearby rocks. At the browsing field the orphans were joined by Makireti, Kasigau and Kilabasi. Orwa engaged Kasigau in a pushing game that ended soon when Orwa surrendered. Orwa then went to have a light strength testing exercise with Makireti. A wild mum with her two kids joined the juniors briefly. Bongo and Orwa decided to join the wild herd and lagged behind at the time of going to the mud bath. Orwa engaged the youngest calf into a strength testing exercise. At mud bath time, the juniors were joined by twenty wild elephants Galana, her baby Gawa, Ithumbah, Ishanga, Sunyei, Kenze, Lualeni and Ololoo. Half Trunk and a bull that was treated last month were also among them. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area. In the evening, Kinna, Kama and other some other Ex Orphans reported for water at the Stockade. 

One-tusk bull joining the orphans

Kasigau playing with Orwa

Makireti playin with Orwa

Orwa plays with wild junior calf

Galana, Gawa and Ishanga


Chaimu and Kilaguni joined the orphans for lucerne early in the morning. Soon after feeding on lucerne, Chaimu and Kilaguni left while the orphans headed to Kanziku area where they settled to browse. The weather was chilly and the orphans were happy since they didn't need to walk under trees while feeding. Olsekki took some time off from feeding to have a lone game of rolling on the ground and later joined Sirimon and Naseku in a soil dusting exercise. At mud bath time, the weather was still chilly and none of the orphans dared to step into the mud bathing water. Boromoko and Olsekki put their trunks in their mouths soon after taking their milk. Lemoyian engaged Barsilinga in a light strength testing exercise. Later Boromoko played with Olsekki, a game that he lost. In the afternoon, Sirimon settled to feed with Sokotei while Kauro settled to feed with Oltaiyoni. Later Sokotei joined Shukuru in a soil dusting exercise. In the evening, the Ex Orphans Yatta, Mulika, Nasalot, Galana, Lenana, Kenze, Lualeni, Meibai, Orok, Makena, Ololoo, Ishanga, babies Gawa and Wiva, Yetu Mwende and four wild bulls reported for water at the stockade water trough. The herd left to undisclosed location shortly before dark.  

Chaimu and Kilaguni joined the orphans

Orphans feeding on lucerne

Boromoko and Olsekki sucking on their trunks

Sirimon and Sokotei

Lualeni, baby Gawa and Kenze


It was a quiet and peaceful morning today as the orphans came out of their stockades to the lucerne field and started interacting with the Ex Orphans and wild elephants that were there. Wendi, Galana and Yatta and their babies were in the group, Gawa was playing peacefully with the keepers nearby. She was much very active and joyful, running around here and there. She started playing with Boromoko as well.

Garzi was play fighting with Kilabasi while Orwa was with Ishanga. Gawa was the most playful baby elephant of the day as she was trying to climb on Chyulu while Chyulu was playing and rolling on the ground. The junior orphans later walked to the bush for browsing.
Most of the orphans were busy browsing but Olsekki took a break to scratch his bottom. It was very hot and dry and the orphans were struggling to get enough food to eat before mudbath time.
At mud bath they did not play as vigorously in the mud as expected. They drank water and started walking back to the bush to browse. They all concentrated on filling their tummies and there were not many games that afternoon. Shukuru however was much more active and concentrated on browsing as well. They later walked back home in the evening for their milk.

In the stockade we had also the same group as in the morning Wendi, Galana and Yatta with their babies and more wild bulls as well; they came for water and left back to the bush.  

Barsilinga playing with Ishanga

Babies Gawa and Wiva

Garzi red soil dusting

Gawa and Olsekki




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