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A wild bull elephant joined the orphans in the morning. Lima Lima was already taking the lead when she smelt the bull and stopped to come back and see him. When she joined the bull at the water hole she welcomed him with very unique trumpeting styles. The Keepers stayed away and watched how Lima Lima welcomed her friend to the herd. Jasiri became jealous and teamed up with other older boys to try and charge at the bull to tell him he did not belong in their elephant family. However Jasiri and his friends found it very hard to chase the bull away because he was huge and much stronger than them with long tusks. He just walked around freely at his own pace; Murera did not seem bothered by him. 

Ngasha headed to the mudbath

Sonje at the mudbath

Ziwa ready to charge


After the morning bottle feed, all the elephants walked out looking for their Lucerne pellets. Shukuru cannot begin her day without pellets it seems and she had to check all the places where she might find them. Greedy Lima Lima helped her find some from the stores but the Keepers found them in time! Zongoloni and Quanza decided to take over the leadership role today as they saw Lima Lima and Shukuru were preoccupied with picking up all the leftover pellets. Zongoloni did not want to wait for Lima Lima, but whispered to Quanza and the Keepers just saw them leaving for the forest.

The pushing game started among Ziwa and Jasiri who today turned out to be rivals since they did not want to agree over a branch. After the disagreement over the branch they continued with the fighting play all day, and Jasiri did not want to see Ziwa close to him; even Lima Lima had to come and stand in between them at one stage to stop them fighting.

Lima Lima drinking her milk

Ngasha sucking his trunk

Shukuru on the left standing next to Alamaya


Faraja and Jasiri came out of their rooms this morning, and Jasiri tried to hold Faraja’s tail. Faraja was afraid Jasiri might bite his tail, as he sometimes likes to do to elephants who walk in front of him. Sonje and Murera decided that the orphans should walk all the direction of Kenze, for the soft branches that can still be found there. On the way, some baboons crossed where Alamaya and Lima Lima were enjoying some acacia pods that had been dropped by the monkeys from the trees. Alamaya got a fright and ran away and even Lima Lima raised her ears ready to run to the Keepers. Shukuru did not fear anything and instead she just walked up to the baboons and trumpeted very loudly for the baboons to leave and go away.

After the noon milk feeding time, all the orphans tried having a mud bath but they did not enjoy it very much as it was a little cold. Some did not even want to splash their bodies, only Ziwa tried splashing his feet and then left the waterhole for a dust bath instead.

Sonje enjoying a scratching session

Lima Lima peeling bark from a tree

Zongoloni browsing on grass


The boisterous boys, Ziwa, Jasiri and Ngasha, walked out and immediately began the wrestling games at the gate entrance. Ngasha picked up a stick from in front of Jasiri which he was about to eat as well, which is why the pushing game started. It turned into a strong fight amongst the adolescent boys, who were trying to establish who the strongest boy was. Jasiri eventually won the sparring match and went to Sonje to celebrate being a winner.

Murera and Mwashoti were followed by Quanza to the slopes of the Umani Hills, where they found some acacia pods that were starting to drop down from the trees. Some monkeys joined them too but later turned very noisy driving the orphans away. Zongoloni rumbled to Lima Lima and Faraja to follow her towards Kenze. Shukuru joined them but walked along a separate path so as not to walk next to Faraja who sometimes still bullies her. As the orphans were walking along the Chyulu Hills Alamaya scared some antelopes who ran out of the bushes, scaring the other orphans so everyone ran in all directions.

Sonje playing

Jasiri browsing at the watersprings

Shukuru being looked upon by Sonje


Mwashoti led Murera and Sonje out to the forest this morning, while Ziwa and his great friend Ngasha chose to follow the path left by the wild elephants, who in the night came looking for Sonje and Murera. They did not manage to get into the stockades, but waited outside offering low rumbles.
In the morning the wild elephants had gone.

When the group of big girls walked towards the hills all the boys took another direction away from the girls, who wanted to go the water springs, and instead walked to the Umani Hills. Faraja felt Jasiri touching his tail and he turned and pushed Jasiri away, fearing that his tail would be bitten because he likes grabbing and hurting other elephant’s tails! Faraja denied his tail from being bitten by Jasiri the tail-grabber.

Mwawshoti in the forest

Ngasha in the lead

Quanza with trunk raised sniffing the air




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