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Zongoloni and Quanza were not listening to the keepers as they tried to call them for them, instead Zongoloni just kept walking with Alamaya towards where Lima Lima was browsing, on top of the Umani Hills. Some wild elephants trumpeted just nearby to where the orphans where, in the direction of Sonje and Jasiri. When the big boy Jasiri realised the trumpet was nearby he raised his trunk high above his head, trying to locate where the elephants were. Lima Lima tried to ignore the call but later Quanza and Ziwa persuaded her to go with the boys to see their friends. Sonje and Murera were not bothered to walk there with their keepers. We were surprised that Sonje did not want to go as she had been looking for the wild elephants for some time.

At mud bath time, Murera did not want her bottle again and she went to the bushes while her friends had their bottles. Later in the evening Murera led all the babies back to stockades.

Alamaya scratching

Faraja feeding on a branch

Orphans browsing in a clearing in the forest

Orphans browsing along the Chyulu hills


Because of the long rains we have not seen many wild elephants recently, and it continues to rain so we do not expect to see them any time soon. We see a lot of leopard at the moment, walking around looking for bushbucks and baboons around the water springs.

Faraja came to fight over a stick being eaten by Ngasha, but Faraja pushed back, fighting hard for the right to his stick. Neither of the boys was ready to back down, and the fighting continued until Zongoloni and Quanza decided to separate them. Lima Lima and Jasiri wanted to walk up the Umani Hill in the morning, but the big girls Murera and Sonje did not want to as it was a hard walk for their bad legs. It seemed like Lima Lima did not value that Sonje with Mwashoti and Murera had bad legs and could not walk over to the hills, but in the end the orphans walked along a path they could all manage.

Faraja puts the whole bottle into his mouth

Alamaya on the left browsing with Mwashoti

Jasiri and Faraja after the noon milk feed

Murera browsing with the young boys


After bottle feeding today some antelopes were chasing each other around the bushes. This worried Jasiri and Ngasha who were browsing around where the antelopes were running around. One male antelope was chasing another away from the female herd, breaking the peace that the elephants were trying to enjoy as they broke up branches to fill up their empty stomachs in the morning.

It is very hard for the orphans to enjoy a dust bath at the moment as due to all the heavy rain there is just water everywhere! Even their mud baths have been diluted with water, so these days they just come for their bottle at midday and head back out to the forest to browse.

In the evening some of the orphans took different routes home and they split up into three groups. Alamaya was with his friend and roommate Mwashoti who arrived first to have their bottles, followed by Murera and later Lima Lima arrived with the last group with Quanza walking at the back.

Ngasha leading

Mwashoti mudbathing

Murera heading to get a drink

Alamaya trying to reach high branches


The orphans were very noisy during the night, pushing at the stockade walls and gates and even trying to climb the walls which made the keepers wonder what had got them all worked up. Looking around the keepers spotted a leopard resting on the branch of a tree just outside the stockade fence line. Lina Lima and Quanza had smelt the leopard and were alerting the other orphans and the keepers to its presence.

In the morning some of the boys, Jasiri and Ngasha together with Ziwa, walked out of the stockades but seemed to be quite worried that the leopard was still around and could be hiding somewhere. Thankfully this was not the case as the leopard had left the area at some point in the night.

The orphans walked happily to Kenze area where they settled to browse in the forest there. When it started to rain, Mwashoti sought shelter with Murera and the orphans all took refuge under the trees.

Orphans busy browsing

Ziwa having milk

Quanza smelling wild elephant dung

Sweet Sonje


As soon as the elephants woke up this morning they had their milk bottles after which the keepers opened the stockade doors for them to begin their day. Zongoloni walked to the hay stores where she tried to pick up a bale and run off with it but was unsuccessful in doing so as it was rather heavy. When she spotted the keepers she dropped the bale and ran off leaving the keepers to return the bale to the store.

There was some drama at the loading bay near the gate as the orphans were heading out. Faraja saw his rival Ngasha approaching him and the two became engaged in a pushing match. Ngasha pushed Faraja down and tried to climb onto his back. Zongoloni was not happy to see what was going on and quickly moved in to separate the two so that the orphan herd could make their way to the browsing fields.

On the way out Jasiri and Quanza started pushing which rabble roused the rest of the group who began charging at the bushes and anything that was close to them. Some sykes monkeys in the trees were not too happy about the charging around and tried to get away from the area as quickly as they could.

Mwashoti drinking his milk

Alamaya flapping his ears

Orphans at the waterhole

Sonje and Mwashoti




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