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With Shukuru having gone back to Tsavo it seems Ndiwa has taken over her shoes. She likes to wander off during the day and browse on her own, and today the Keepers had a hard time following her as she chose to walk deeper into the forest.

There was chaos during the public visiting time today as Kiasa, who seems to be working hard to fill Esampu’s shoes as the naughty girl in the Nursery, was trying to take an extra milk bottle from Sattao. She was bullying Sattao and in the process the keeper feeding him dropped his bottle spilling some of the milk on the ground, until another keeper came over and managed to chase the naughty girl away. Malkia wanted some extra milk too, but she did it by sucking up the extra milk in the wheelbarrow with her trunk, as Sagala tried to suck on the empty bottles. Jotto was being very funny trying to scratch his tummy on one of the water troughs, bending his legs in such a way as to reach the right spot. Sana Sana slowly got into the mud bath, spraying herself with muddy water to cool her body, and then Kuishi joined her too. Maisha was only preferred to spray herself from the side of the mud pool using her trunk, but she managed to spray some of the unsuspecting visitors behind her too!

Kiasa walking in for her milk

Sattao walking through the bush

Sana Sana all muddy!


The loading and journey for Shukuru to Umani went smoothly this morning and was a success. It started around 2am with the preparation of everything inside the lorry for the journey; extra milk, extra lucerne pellets the elephants love so much and extra vegetation for her to browse on the way as well. Despite all her familiarization with the lorry, Shukuru was a little hesitant at first, but then she was fine and on the lorry within 15 minutes. By 2.30am the lorry was on the road and Shukuru had left the Nursery once more, destined for a ‘third’ attempt of returning to the wild once more. Tamiyoi seemed a little unsettled as Shukuru was being loaded and kept yelling out. Jotto, Tagwa and Malkia rumbled in response and tried to reassure her but Tamiyoi remained uncomfortable. Kuishi also realized Shukuru’s absence when the lorry left, and was so upset until it was time for them to go out into the forest in the morning. Out in the forest though the orphans calmed down and seemed to relax in the presence of their keepers. They went back to browsing and playing, and, one day too they will all understand in turn why the older orphans leave eventually one day.  

Tamiyoi and Jotto

Malkia browsing in the cloudy weather

Kuishi missed Shukuru


The orphans seemed anxious this morning as they went out to the forest. They ran out as fast as they could to go deep into the forest, but little Luggard was left behind as he couldn’t keep up with them. The kind girl Enkesha realized this and came back running towards Luggard to escort him out. She decided to keep him company and walk at his pace as they made their way to the rest of the group. When they arrived where the orphans had settled to feed, it was as if Jotto had been waiting for him, and he invited Luggard to a gentle wrestling game. Jotto is a very reasonable boy and knows just how to handle playing with Luggard considering his bad leg. Their game did not last for long though, as Sana Sana came over and started digging at the soil, inviting the two boys to come and play a soul dusting game. When Sana Sana became too rough in the game Luggard excused himself and Jotto followed, and the two boys decided to go and browse.  

The orphans having their milk

Luggard out in the forest

Sana Sana, Malima and Sattao


There was a time when old friends Jotto and Ambo couldn’t be separated and for a while it seemed that friendship cooled off a little. Recently though their friendship seems to have been revived. Jotto is known to be creative with his games and is always eager to put a smile on his friends faces. He has been at it since morning and wanted to engage almost everyone in some kind of game! When he came out of his room this morning he started playing with Sana Sana beside his gate. Then he walked over to Maxwell’s gate where Max was enjoying some of his lucerne pellets. Jotto started pushing and pulling on the gate to attract his attention and Sana Sana stretched her trunk through the bars to touch his ears. Their efforts worked as Maxwell stopped eating and began to play with them, head-butting the gate. They played for a while and Max got very excited, running and jumping in circles, until all the orphans were out of their rooms and they had to begin to make their way to the forest for the day. Out in the bush Jotto ran ahead to engage Malkia in a pushing wrestling game, and during the public visit he had a lot of fun rolling in the fresh loose soil with his friend Ambo, who he wrestled with as well. He was relentless today! 

Jotto sliding into the mud

Maxwell saying hi

Malkia following her keepers


In the early morning soon after the orphans arrived out in the forest, many were busy browsing whilst Jotto and Mapia were busy engaged in a pushing game trying to show off their strength against each other. Neither one wanted the other to win, or wanted to take it easy on the other, so they played vigorously with each one trying to dominate the other! As their game reached its climax Ndiwa, who had been watching the two boys play fighting for some time with neither one giving up, approached the two boys to see what was going on. When she realized that it was a little more than a play fight, she decided to separate the two boys, pushing Mapia away from Jotto. It was so funny to see Jotto’s reaction as he clearly wanted to carry on with the fight; he went down on his front legs and started head butting the ground. He did that a few times before getting up and running off, trumpeting and bashing the bushes down as he went to join the other orphans who were busy browsing. 

Jotto and Mapia

Jotto hiding behind Mapia

Tamiyoi with Jotto




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