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Orwaís group with Vuria, Bomani and Bongo decided to join the orphans in the morning. They drank water first and then moved to join their dependent friends in the lucerne feeding area. After a few minutes Laragaiís group came in and joined them. Now there was a big group present for the feeding. Pare started scratching his belly on the rock there. Bomani met with Gala and they started play fighting. The dependent orphans walk away from the other independent groups, leaving them behind still feeding.

Dupotto and Gala were both scratching their ears. Gala started play fighting again with Ukame. Pare and Sapalan browsed together while Roi and Tusuja were playing and kissing each other. Rapa was left behind and when he realised he ran towards the group in an excited trot, shaking his head and trumpeting. All the other elephants were happy and actively browsing. Dupotto was on her own browsing. The orphans later walked towards the mud bath for their milk.

They had their milk bottles as usual and then went to the water trough for some water. This is their routine because the keepers need them to move out of the way to feed the next group of 3 coming in for their milk. They decided to go into the mud wallow and again they did not all mess around, they chose instead to swim in a line to the other side. Ukame started scratching her trunk on a bent tree. The group got out of the water and went to dust bath to dry off. The orphans then walked over to the new mud bath area that was being created with a water bowser which is more shaded and under the trees. They started playing in this shallow mud hole again, before finally walking back out to the bush to browse. The orphans thought it was quite hot in the bush, despite having just come from the mud bath, and they hid themselves under the trees to hide from the hot sun. Later they started browsing until they came across a small pool of water and they splashed themselves to cool down again. Kamok was digging the ground near the waterhole as she played in it, seemingly wanting to make the mud hole bigger!

Wendiís group came in with Kinna, Yatta, Nasalot and Mulika and all their babies. They drunk water and walked back out to the bush. Lenana also passed through with her wild boyfriends still chasing her. She looked tired and the Keepers felt for her but this is all a part of her wild life and moving forwards.

Nasalot and her baby Nusu

Wanjala soil dusting

Bomani and Vuria

Kamok soil dusting


Wendiís group was waiting for the dependent orphans to be given lucerne so they could share. They all interacted and Wiva shared lucerne with Roi and later Wanjala; both were happy to share their food with the baby. Yatta also arrived with some of the Nannies in her herd, with Kinna and Sunyei and their babies Kama and Siku as well. The Keepers were very happy to watch all of the herds, dependent and those now living in the wild, all interacting together.

All the orphans browsed with intent concentration this morning. Kamok was stretching high to reach the green stuff as it is getting drier and drier. Galla was scratching his bottom and rolling on the ground while Dupotto was busy browsing alone .Pare was stretching high to reach some nice leaves while Sapalan was browsing off to the side as well.

At mud bath the orphans had their milk, except Sapalan who does not drink it any more. When the Keepers see Namalok coming they quickly open two bottles of milk and pour the contents into a bucket so that he can feed himself; he has never drunk from a bottle and is not about to start now, but he still enjoys the milk! They drank some water from the water trough next to the mud bath before they all piled in to enjoy a swim. Their swimming style is so funny at the moment because they all walk in one after another and swim as a little group altogether to the other side, where they get out and head straight to the dust bath. They played like Nursery elephants on the loose soil for a bit before walking to the bush to browse. Kinna and Wendi with their babies among some other nannies also visited the water hole briefly.

The orphans were very active this afternoon with Gala and Tusuja play fighting and kissing each other. The rest were busy browsing and later they came across a small pool of water and started playing in it. Kauro looked tired and was resting under some shade from the hot sun. The orphans later made their way back home in the evening for their milk.

In the stockade today we had Nasalot with her baby Nusu and two wild females as nannies. Nusu was so playful and was following the orphans, running behind them when they were going into their rooms. There was suddenly a huge commotion in the bush and lots of wild, loud trumpeting. We think this came from Lenana who is being pursued by some wild bulls as she is in season. Although we could not see them the trees were moving and we could hear a lot of crashing around amidst the trumpeting. Some wild elephants also came in with Nasalot, Yatta and Sunyei with their babies and other orphans. They drunk some water and left.

Kinna and her baby Kama

Nusu leading the Ex orphans

Sunyei and her baby Siku

Namalok soil dusting


When the orphans came out of their stockades today they did not stay and eat lucerne from very long as it seemed they were in a hurry to get out to the bush and browse. Kamok led the group to the bush. Galla and Tusuja started twisting each otherís trunks and playing affectionately with each other. Namalok was browsing away from the other elephants flapping his ears to keep cool. Recently independent orphans Orwa, Vuria and Bomani came to join the group for awhile but they carried on walking into the bush. Roi later led the group to the mud bath. The orphans played in the mud today. They were joined by Rapsu and Kenze who were on the other side enjoying quite a serious play fight. Rapsu later walked towards a wild bull and to say greet to him. Kauro scratched his legs and trunk on a tree simultaneously which was quite funny to watch.

Ukame and Roi later browsed together. It was very hot and the elephants were sucking water from their stomach and splashing it on their bodies to cool down. This showed the keepers they felt very hot and they decided to walk them to the mud bath again to cool down and have another refreshing drink. From the mud bath they walked to the dust bath and started playing on the big pile of soil like Nursery babies again. When they walked back to the stockades in the afternoon they were accompanied by Siangiki and Laragai who came to their old stable, ate some browse that had been left there for any Ex Orphans that wanted it, before they walked off into the bush again.

Kamok and Kauro feeding

Orwa and Vuria briefly in the stockade compound

Roi browsing


At 6am when the elephants came out of their stockades to the lucerne field, they found Chemi Chemi, Narok and Garzi there waiting for them. They welcomed the orphans and started sharing lucerne that the keepers threw in bales for them. Chemi Chemi started a play fight with Roi whilst Pare and Rapa scratched on separate rocks in the field. The orphans later walked to the water trough to drink water and left to the bush to browse.

In the bush, Kauro was busy browsing with Ukame and Sapalan was browsing separately. They all looked happy and active in the bush as they ate the green leaves they could find. Roi and Ukame browsed together and later the herd walked to the mud bath for their milk. The orphans played vigorously as they enjoyed their bath before they all walked out to to the dust bath and started rolling and playing in it like little children. The group then met with Laragai and Siangiki and Siangiki led them in a peaceful game in the dust bath which everyone enjoyed. Maramoja went on to scratch his neck on a tree to take off the ticks with Roi; it felt so good for them to take off the annoying insects. Galla led the group out to the bush again to browse for the afternoon.

Tusuja and Galla started play fighting and tussling with each otherís trunks. The rest were resting under the shade and Kamok was browsing on her own. The orphans later walked to the water hole along the campsite road and started playing in in the shallow water. They walked into the bush to browse for a bit before slowly walking to the main mud bath to drink water and play there for awhile. in for a bit. They ended their day by playing in the water and walking straight home in the evening for their last milk bottle. Laragai and Siangiki accompanied them to the stockade this evening but we did not see the rest of their independent group today.

Galla playing with Tusuja

Orphans all soil dusting

Laragai after soil dusting

Ukame, Galla and Oltaiyoni


Soon after leaving the stockade, the orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans under the command of Yatta. The playful baby Kama picked on Pare and engaged him in a light pushing game while Kithaka settled to play with baby Yoyo. Pare later moved to beg lucerne from Nanny Mulika who had a huge pile tucked in between her tusk and trunk. Mulika ignored Pare and later threatened to push him if he kept begging from her. After being warned Pare didnít hang around to be pushed but moved away to pick his own lucerne. The dependent orphans love meeting up with the wild born babies to play with them, but their interactions are also important lessons for the wild babies who donít yet have the natural composition in their herd of slightly older siblings; the junior dependent orphans can mimic this! Whilst they might get away with anything with their nannies that tend to just ignore their nonsense, they might get more of a telling off from the dependent orphans if they take things too far! Feisty little Wiva challenged Tusuja while Kama moved to play with Kamok. Kama pushed Kamok hard and Kamok decided to teach her a lesson in respecting her elders by whipping around and smacking her with her trunk. Kama didnít wait for another whip from Kamok and walked away quite surprised since she has been enjoying pushing everyone up until now without being reprimanded. Boromoko settled to play with Lemoyian as Tusuja picked grass that had been mixed with lucerne and started tossing it up in the air, and wore some as a grass hat on his head. The Ex Orphans then walked off into the bush while the orphans headed east of Ithumba Hill where they settled for the entire morning to browse. At eleven o'clock in the morning, the orphans enjoyed a cooling mud bath and soil dusted before returning back to the bush. In evening the Ex Orphans returned back to the stockade this time in the company of twelve wild elephants. The number of wild elephants we see keeps growing each day and this is due to the many water holes drying up that the elephants rely on. We might see more wild elephants as it gets drier, or they might move on to greener areas until the next dry season. 

Kithaka playing with baby Yoyo

Pare begging from Mulika

Tusuja playing with baby Wiva

Wild born babies Mwende and Yoyo

Kamok warning Kama




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