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The sky was clear in the morning as the orphans left the stockade. Chaimu, Kilaguni, Naisula and Mutaraís group spent the night just outside the stockade, and joined the orphans for a walk in the bush. It was a quiet morning as everyone concentrated on browsing. Later in the day, Dupotto, Kamok and Kauro took a break from feeding to participate in a soil dusting exercise. At eleven o'clock in the morning, the ex-orphans escorted the juniors to the mud bath and later went back with them to the bush. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the lower Kalovoto area. Mutara and her group excused themselves and left, hopefully to look for Siangiki, Olsekki, Orwa, Narok and Bomani who we have not seen for five days now.  

Naisula, Chaimu and Kilaguni

Naisula browsing with Naseku

Kauro soil dusting


Mutara's group came in the early morning and waited for the orphans to come out after their breakfast. The orphans had their milk as usual and went out to join them. The orphans didn't want to stay around and walked straight out to the bush to browse. Namalok became over excited after he saw a dikdik jumping here and there. He walk next to Karisa and started browsing next to him. Roi was carrying some extra grass out of one side of her mouth and was still browsing. Namalok and Sapalan were browsing together while Kamok was on her own. Because there is water everywhere in the bush, the orphans could drink it as and when they liked and simply go back to browsing.

It was very hot again today so after their milk the orphans walked straight to the mud wallow and started swimming. It was so interesting to see them swimming gently but with Galla and Tusuja riding on them whilst they tried to swim across. They later walked out and straight to the bush to browse. Naseku was the only one today who continued playing in the water for awhile longer as she was clearly enjoying it.

Mutara's herd visited again this evening but they only drank water and left. Enkikwe is still improving and he has started to take some steps and tries to follow the others when he can.

Namalok scared of the dik dik

Karisa browsing with Namalok



This morning the ex-orphans in Laragaiís herd visited the stockades in the early morning and waited outside. The orphans had their milk and came out to join them and then they all walked to the bush to browse. Tusuja and Ukame browsed separately from others. The orphans enjoyed the companionship from the older ex-orphans. Namalok, Pare and Wanjala browsed together and then the group walked towards some water to drink. Pare scratched his belly while Dupotto scratched her bottom. Kithaka and Laragai were rumbling between each other as they browsed together. Narokís herd then came and joined them too. Naseku was scratching on Dupotto's neck while Bomani was tossing chunks of soil on his back. Roi was playing by rolling on the ground.

It was a very hot today and all the orphans decided to go into the mud bath after their milk today. Ukame and Galla were climbing on Naseku and Tusuja respectively. The orphans enjoyed their swim then all came out at once to go back to browsing. Kamok rolled on the ground after her mud bath while Karisa browsed away from the others. Later on the orphans walked back home in the evening still with Laragai's group. We were also visited by one wild bull this evening. He came to drink water and then left.

Namalok, Pare and Wanjala

Elephants walk to a different place to browse

Dupotto scratching her bottom

Kithaka and Laragai talking together


Mutaraís group was not present in the morning. The only group of six that so far has remained intact since leaving their human family three years ago. The other group that has broken a record of staying away the longest is Olareís group, who were last seen on the 1st March and since then they have remained elusive. Zurura, with Narok and Laragai, joined the orphans for lucerne in the morning. Shortly later, Maramoja, who prefers fresh grass to lucerne pellets, led the way to the browsing field. Zurura and Vuria were left behind feasting on the lucerne.

Olsekki had fun as he rode on Roiís back. Roi tried as much as she could to get rid of Olsekki and when he was free of his she was very angry with him and walked away. Later Zurura joined the orphans in the bush were Oltaiyoni, Kamok and Tusuja stretched their trunks towards him to find out the latest stories from him. Zurura didn't respond to these young kids but went past them. He then walked off into the bush. Roi, Naseku, Sapalan, Rapa, Wanjala and Oltaiyoni came across a small pool of water that they used to take a bath in, then they later had fun rolling on the ground. At the mud bath time, the orphans drank their milk and shortly after, returned back to the browsing field. In the afternoon the orphans parted ways with Laragai and Narokís groups, and settled to browse in the Kanziku area.

Orphans leaving for browsing

Vuria and Zurura in the stockade compound

Naseku and Roi rolling on the ground


Sapalan, who always stays close to the gate when the rest of the team is having their milk on the other side, was the first one to come out when the gate was opened. He joined Laragaiís group outside the stockade. Shortly later, the herd converged at their usual area waiting for lucerne. Enkikwe wasn't left out, as he also limped out to join the herd. After feeding on lucerne, Maramoja led the way east of the stockade. Enkikwe tried to follow to catch up with everyone but they were too fast for him. Enkikwe is so willing to go out with the herd but the knee injury prevents him from doing so. Instead he settled down to browse around the stockade compound, hoping that one day soon he will be able to rejoin the others! Maramoja settled to browse with Namalok while Roi had brief chat with Pare. Tusuja wanted to communicate with Kamok but Kamok wasnít interested and she ended up kicking Tusuja away. Shortly after attending mud bath, Tusuja and Bomani held a brief strength testing exercise. Later in the afternoon, Naseku and Kauro took a break from feeding and relaxed and softly communicated with each other. In the evening, Dupotto led the first group back to the stockades, then Maramoja led the second group.  

Rapa and Karisa

Roi chats with Pare

Enkikwe and Roi

Maramoja and Namalok




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