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Laragai’s group were in the stockade compound early this morning having opened their gate. Last night, Laragai had attempted to open the gate but she didn't manage. She did succeed this morning though and all her group were outside. She was with Kithaka, Barsilinga, Lemoyian and Garzi. She has done this several times now and it is as if she is saying she wants this group to stay out now! The other orphans came out to feast on the lucerne cubes and independent orphans Orwa, Bomani and Narok came to join them.

In the bush, all the orphans were busy browsing. Barsilinga and Ukame browsed together on the rocks. Whilst the others were busy finding food, Roi was tossing chunks of soil chunks on her back and in the air. Later the group, led by Wanjala, walked to the mud bath. First the orphans went for a drink and then a swim in the water. It was funny to watch them all swim in a line today like soldiers! Then they all came out and Kamok started dust bathing. The group later walked back to the bush to browse. They only managed for a short time until they had to go and seek refuge under some shade from the intense heat. They came out later when it was a little cooler and browsed on their way back to the stockades.


This morning the orphans enjoyed their lucerne cubes without the presence of Ex Orphans. Galla and Olsekki started play fighting while Kamok scratched her bottom. After the cubes, the orphans walked into the bush for browsing.

All the orphans were browsing while Barsilinga browsed and scratched his legs at the same time. Dupotto and Oltaiyoni were busy browsing separately in the bush as they all searched for fresh leaves after some light rain. The group later walked towards the mud bath for their milk. More independent orphans like Barsilinga, Laragai, Kithaka and Garzi stayed behind with a reluctant Karisa as well joining their group; he had already experienced life in the wild and thought that he did not have to go for his milk either. It was not a very hot day as the clouds still lingered in the sky, so the orphans just had their milk, drank some water and then wandered back into the bush.
Lemoyian started play fighting with Sokotei while Kithaka stretched high to reach the fresh green leaves. Lemoyian and Galla were hiding under some shade as they thought it was too hot. Later on, Galla and Barsilinga went to browse together and Mutara's group of Ex Orphans joined them. Ex Orphan Turkwel greeted Siangiki and later the two groups walked back home in the evening. Mutara’s group hung around the stockade for awhile and later walked back to the bush.


In the morning Mutara’s group of Ex Orphans visited the stockade to share the lucerne cubes with the dependent orphans. We watched as the orphans had a relaxing morning and Kamok scratched her bottom while Kauro scratched his neck. They all interacted and ate lucerne cubes together. Later the orphans walked out to the bush to browse leaving the Ex Orphans behind.

Sokotei scratched on a termite mound while Lemoyian threw soil in the air. The other orphans were busy browsing and later, Mutara’s herd came to join them again. Karisa seemed rather overexcited for no reason and the other elephants steered clear of him! Kithaka was very busy browsing while Kamok and Boromoko were busy play-fighting.

It was not very hot when the orphans went to the mud bath to have their noon milk bottle, and the elephants went straight to the water trough after their milk and then out to the bush to browse again. They chose not to wallow today. They all browsed until evening.

Today we found a wild bull limping near the stockade and the DSWT/KWS Tsavo vet unit came to treat him. After the treatment he got up and walked away.


The orphans walked down to the lucerne area and started feasting on the lucerne cubes without any interruption from the Ex Orphans today. It was very quiet and they later walked to the water trough to drink water before going out to browse.

Enkikwe and Sokotei started play fighting while Dupotto scratched her belly. Shukuru and Kamok were busy browsing separately. Galla scratched his feet on a bent tree while Karisa was browsing as he scratched his bottom at the same time. Later on, they walked to the mud bath for their milk.
Today the orphans chose to swim in the mud wallow after they had their milk and some water from the water trough. They all enjoyed the bath and then Sunyei’s group arrived with her baby Siku too. They only drank some water before walking out to the bush again, but then Challa came in with a wild bull.

In the bush the orphans met with Ex Orphans from Galana’s herd and they interacted together for some time. Enkikwe left his group and went out in search of water for them to play in. Unfortunately he couldn’t find any small pools today. The orphans continued browsing and later in the evening, they walked back to the stockades. Mutara’s herd arrived at the stockade in the evening and stayed for a short time.


Mutara’s group visited early in the morning and waited for the orphans to come out and join them. They ate the lucerne cubes together and interacted for awhile before walking out to the bush. In the bush, all the orphans were busy browsing despite the dry, hot weather. Olsekki and Siangiki browsed together and Shukuru went to play in the mud before scratching on a tree. Kamok later led the group to the mud bath for their milk.

All the orphans enjoyed playing in the mud bath after their milk. They were all swimming in a line with Dupotto and Kamok leading. Then they came out and slowly walked off into the bush to browse again. Kithaka and Garzi started play fighting and later joined their friends who were already browsing. Roi was playing with some soil whilst Shukuru was searching for fresh food. Olsekki ran towards a water hole and started playing in it. He called all his friends to join him. They all played vigorously with Shukuru rolling around in the mud like a young baby elephant! The group then made their way back home in the evening for their milk. There was no rain today.




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