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Mulika and Mwende in the company of Mutara and Narok’s groups were at the stockade compound to welcome the juniors out this morning. Tusuja entwined his trunk with Narok in morning greetings while Shukuru said hello to her long time friend Mutara. Boromoko joined Kanjoro in an anticipation of learning new pushing techniques, by engaging him in a strength testing exercise. The cool and cautious Karisa, who dislikes being pushed by his friends, settled for a scratching game on the edge of the water trough. Enkikwe briefly engaged Kainuk in a pushing game that he quickly lost. Siangiki, who is Enkikwe's friend, took over from him and engaged Kainuk in a light pushing game. Mutara, on the other hand, warned Garzi of the serious consequences if he dared come close to requesting a pushing game.

Naseku took a break from feeding to scratch her belly on a nearby rock. Enkikwe settled to feed with Siangiki while Olsekki settled to feed with Sirimon. On their way to the mud bath, the orphans came across some water that they decided to cool off in, before heading to the mud bath where they were joined by Ex Orphans Galana, baby Gawa, Lenana, Lualeni, Challa, Rapsu, Sidai, Ishanga and Meibai. Naseku assigned herself the duty of taking care of Gawa and even left with Galana and her group. Later the keepers went to search for Naseku and when they found her, she was very reluctant to leave Gawa as she wanted to be her older sister. Naseku protested by trumpeting and charging to the nearby thickets as she made her way back to join the dependent group.

Shukuru says hello to Mutara

Kanjoro plays with Boromoko

Siangiki playing with Kainuk

Mutara warning Garzi


The orphans were joined by Mutara and Narok’s groups early in the morning when they were let out. There were brief morning greetings between Kanjoro and Bongo, Garzi and Orwa, Kithaka and Turkwel and the playful Lemoyian with Sokotei. Lemoyian, whose tusk came loose some time back and it looked as if he would have none at all, now has something to smile about. The tusk that broke is now regenerating again.

Out in the Park the Ex Orphans parted ways with the juniors apart from Bongo, who decided to stick together with the dependent elephants. Ukame started a game of rolling on ground where she was joined by Sirimon, Wanjala, Siangiki, Enkikwe and Lemoyian. At one time they all decided to take a nap together, given that there is plenty of food around now and they did not have to worry about finding as much food as they could before the end of the day. Later, Lemoyian settled for a strength testing exercise with Sokotei, a game that ended in a draw. In the evening, Sirimon came across a pool of water that he briefly took a break from feeding to play in.

Bongo and Kainuk

Boromoko and Sokotei browsing


Barsilinga drinking

Sirimon cooling off


Boromoko, the gentle boy, left his stockade with a branch in his mouth that was quickly taken away by Kanjoro who, together with the Ex Orphans, were relaxing outside the stockade waiting for lucerne. Unfortunately the remaining lucerne was not enough for the orphans, Ex Orphans and wild elephants present. To avoid a chaotic scenario, the orphans were left to intermingle with the Ex Orphans and wild elephants before making their way to the browsing field. Enkikwe had a great time with Gawa as they chatted for quite some time while Garzi settled for a strength testing exercise with Kibo. Tusuja played with Murka as Lemoyian tackled Sokotei, a game that Sokotei ended up surrendering to Lemoyian.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by more Ex Orphans. Naseku, Siangiki, Lemoyian and Sirimon had a great time wallowing. After enough wallowing, Naseku left the mud bath with so much excitement, charging out of the water whilst trumpeting and swinging her trunk. She soon disappeared into the thickets. Naseku loves her milk and always makes sure she is at the front of the line in her group when heading for milk. She is also the fastest in the group and lives a happy life without confrontation with anyone. In the afternoon, the sun was hot prompting Tusuja, Roi and Oltaiyoni to relax under some trees and only resume browsing when it became a bit cooler.

Gawa chats with Enkikwe

Kibo plays with Garzi

Naseku in a funny charging mood

Chyulu, baby Siku and Sunyei

Oltaiyoni relaxing


Mutara, Kanjoro, Kainuk, Turkwel, Sities, Suguta, Chaimu and Kilaguni spent the night just outside the stockade. As soon as the gates were opened for orphans to leave in the morning, Kainuk, Chaimu and Suguta made their way into the stockade to check if there were any leftovers. Shukuru had a brief conversation with Barsilinga when they settled for lucerne as Orwa, Narok, Bomani and Vuria emerged from the eastern side of the stockade. Shortly later, Yatta and her group checked in and settled to share lucerne with the juniors. Kamok took some time to familiarize herself with Nusu as Garzi engaged Mutara in a pushing game, a game that saw Mutara emerge victorious. Boromoko, the gentle boy who loves engaging his fellow boys in pushing games, settled for a soil dusting exercise and later moved to a nearby termite hill where he gauged his own strength by trying to push the termite hill. Sokotei and Enkikwe had fun rolling on the ground with Sokotei attempting to ride on Enkikwe. Naseku picked an acacia branch that had probably been dropped by a wild elephant and stopped to have a taste of it when Tusuja came by and pulled it from her mouth. Naseku just let it go hoping that she would find another as the day went on. The temperature was moderate and only Lemoyian, Olsekki, Naseku, Shukuru, Oltaiyoni and Siangiki decided to wallow. But in the afternoon, the temperature skyrocketed making the orphans take a break from feeding and converge under a tree to hide from the scorching sun. The orphans resumed browsing later when the temperature had dropped slightly.  

Shukuru talking to Barsilinga

Mutara playing with Garzi

Boromoko soil dusting

Sokotei playing with Enkikwe


Nasalot, baby Nusu and the wild orphan spent the night just outside the stockade and joined the juniors for lucerne once the orphans were let out in the morning. Kamok, who is an independent girl and never bothers the other orphans, left with a branch in her mouth that she continued to chew before settling for lucerne. Olsekki tried to block the gentle Dupotto but the keepers told him off and Olsekki stopped and hurried away, shaking his head in protest at the keepers intervening on his fun. Shortly later, Mutara’s group checked and Kanjoro approached Sirimon as if to ask if he could share his pile of lucerne, which Sirimon obliged. The feeding came to an abrupt end when herds of wild elephants up to about sixty in number invaded the water trough and lucerne feeding venue. The orphans saw it wise to pave way for their seniors to avoid being bossed around. Noticeable amongst the wild group were two wild babies that were less than a week old.

Later in the day, the ever playful Lemoyian engaged Sokotei in a strength testing game that ended when Lemoyian realized that there was no chance of winning. Lemoyian pretended to have seen something and charged as he ran towards the bushes. Enkikwe settled to browse close to Olsekki and then for some reason they had an argument but we were not sure what about. This ended up in a pushing game that went on for quite some time. Kamok came across a big branch that had been felled by a wild elephant. This made her happy and she picked it up and moved away from her friends to avoid being pestered by her age mates to share, or face it being confiscated by her seniors! In the evening, the orphans attended a soil dusting exercise soon after cooling off in the mud bath before walking home.

Sokotei playing with Lemoyian

Wanjala and Karisa chewing on branches

Sunyei with her baby Siku

Lemoyian playing with Kithaka

Mutara and Nusu




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