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The orphans were joined for lucerne by Olare’s group and two wild elephants in the morning. Half an hour later, the senior Ex Orphans under the leadership of Yatta reported to the stockade compound, bringing an end to the free wandering of the dependent orphans as the Ex Orphans took over the area. The orphans decided to give their seniors respect by leaving for browsing. The morning was quiet as the orphans concentrated only on browsing. Olsekki settled to browse with Oltaiyoni as Karisa opted to feed on his own.

It wasn’t very cloudy when the orphans went to the mud bath so they all, except for Dupotto, decided to enjoy a mud bath. Two bulls reported for water and were briefly joined by Barsilinga and Olsekki. When they went to dust themselves dry on the loose soil, Olsekki made the mistake of lying face-down in the dust and he ended up getting stuck in that position. He struggled to get to his feet and he yelled for assistance. Kithaka, who had been left behind soil dusting with him, didn't bother to assist his adopted brother but instead walked away! Finally, Olsekki managed to rotate his body round to a suitable position in which he was able to get back to his feet again. In the evening, the senior Ex Orphans in the company of six wild elephants reported for water at the stockade water troughs. This is a clear indication that the area is drying up a lot.

Orphans feeding on lucerne

Olsekki and Oltaiyoni feeding

Olsekki rolling in style


Laragai and her group originally consisted of Garzi, Kithaka, Barsilinga, Lemoyian, but now Siangiki, Enkikwe, Olsekki, Sokotei, Sirimon and Boromoko have also become independent and have joined this group out in the wild as well. When the new arrivals came from Nairobi they were very badly behaved towards them and since they were off milk as well, the keepers saw this as a sign that they were ready to stay out at night. Most of the time they spend the night just outside the compound, or close by, and come back in the morning to share lucerne with those still dependent. They were relaxing outside the stockade this morning with Tomboi when the juniors were let out. Galla and Roi left with branches in their mouths, which they continued to enjoy on their way out to browse. Tusuja developed an itchy neck and decided to use a nearby tree to scratch it.

Later Pare settled to browse with Maramoja as Karisa teamed up with Namalok. Sapalan, who still totally refuses to take his milk, browsed a short distance away from his friends. At mud bath, Karisa led Wanjala and Dupotto in the first group while Ukame led the second group consisting of Galla and Oltaiyoni. Maramoja led the third group of Namalok and Kauro. Rapa led Pare and Kamok; the orphans have to come in groups as they all get two bottles and the keepers cannot feed them all at once! After having their milk, the orphans headed to drink some water from the trough and to enjoy a short wallowing session, before going to dust themselves dry as usual. In the process, Galla picked up a piece of stick that he used to scratch what appeared to be an itchy chest. When he was done, he dropped the stick and joined in the procession of those heading back out to browse. In the afternoon, the sun was still hot as Pare joined Maramoja to feed while constantly flapping his ears to keep cool. Roi had a private soil dusting session before heading to relax under a tree that had good shade. In the afternoon the sun was still hot and the orphans passed by the mud bath to wallow and cool down. Shortly before six in evening, the senior Ex Orphans in the company of five wild elephants reported for water and left later after having enough. They left with Laragai and her group since Laragai had opened the gate to let her friends out again. She is clearly very eager for she and her friends to soon join their friends in the wild.

Tomboi at the stockade compound

Maramoja browsing with Pare

Karisa, Wanjala and Dupotto

Kinna, Kama and two wild bulls

Sunyei, baby Siku and some wild bulls


Roi and Karisa left the stockade with branches in their mouths but the branches were taken away by Ex Orphan Kibo as soon as they stepped out of the stockade. Kibo is nine years old now and very much their senior. The orphans were welcomed by other senior Ex Orphans as well who were accompanied by several wild elephants. All the wild born babies were present with their mothers which was lovely to see as the herds have been splintering since some of their females had had their calves; not for any reason other than to be a more manageable number with youngsters - but they do all come back together on occasion like today. Half Trunk was also with the Ex Orphans who might have been around today as it is already starting to dry up and they knew they could get some water at the stockades. The orphans didn't stay for long in the compound since some of the Ex Orphans were bullying them and throwing their weight around. This morning the weather was cloudy and the orphans concentrated mostly on browsing without mucking around.

When it was time to go for their mud bath, the orphans only had their milk bottles and then walked over to the water trough to have some water before returning to the bush again, without having a mud bath like yesterday. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse on the eastern side of Ithumba Hill where Maramoja, Pare and Rapa teamed up with Tusuja to browse. Sapalan and Namalok settled to browse a short distance away from the rest and rejoined them when it was time to return to the stockades. Kauro led the first group while Maramoja led the second group as they raced back to the stockade for the night.

Ex Orphans early in the morning

Kibo walking off with some lucerne

Karisa at the mud bath


Kauro started his day's activities by running out of the stockade at top speed and scratching on the nearby loading-wall soon after the orphans left the stockade in the morning. Rapa and Galla entwined their trunks in morning greetings as Ex Orphan Ololoo emerged from the bush in the dim morning light as if an apparition, and joined the orphans for the morning lucerne feeding. The keepers threw bales of lucerne from out of the store and spread them around for the orphans eagerly awaiting their breakfast.

As they started to move out into the bush to begin their day, Tusuja settled to browse with Kauro as Namalok, Karisa and Sapalan moved to feed far away from their friends. They collected up little bales to themselves and carried them off with their trunks to eat in peace to the side. Normally it is Kithaka that likes to do this and they seemed to have copied his good idea! When it was time to go for their midday milk feed and mud bath, Sapalan, Namalok and Karisa did not join their friends, which prompted a quick search to locate the three boys. Finally they were located more than six hundred metres away from their friends, browsing quite happily in the bush and unaware it was feeding time; Sapalan did not mind anyway as he has decided to wean himself off the milk formula. The three boys then were led back to join their friends. The weather was cloudy and therefore the orphans skipped the wallowing exercise, choosing instead to have some water out of the freshly-filled water trough before walking to the pile of lose dusting before wandering back out to the bush again. In the afternoon, the cloud cleared giving way to sun shine and in the afternoon, the orphans passed by the mud bath on the way back to the stockades for an evening cool-off.  

Kauro scratching

Naseku greeting Rapa

Wallowing in the late afternoon


After leaving the stockades, the orphans briefly settled for lucerne before Ukame led the way to the browsing field. Roi opted to browse with Kauro as Ukame settled to feed with Pare. Maramoja had a lengthy chat with Siangiki before moving to join Rapa to browse. The temperature continued to skyrocket making the orphans flap their ears continuously as they went on browsing. They also walked under trees with shade as they slowly moved to the mud bath. After having their noon bottle feeds, Karisa led the group to wallow in the mud bath. Shortly after, they went to dust themselves with soil to dry off.
In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Imenti area where Kauro and Namalok took a break from feeding to relax under a tree until the temperature dropped. In the evening, the orphans passed by the mud bath where they had an evening cool-off.

Orphans in the morning

Kauro and Roi browsing

Maramoja chats with Siangiki

Boromoko getting a free ride




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