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Narok, Orwa, Bomani, Bongo and Vuria received the juniors outside of the stockade as soon as the gates were opened. Orwa lay down in an attempt to woo the juniors to play on him. Siangiki, Boromoko and Oltaiyoni surrounded him but just stood and watched Orwa instead of playing. When Orwa saw that no one was interested in his game, he simply stood up and continued to feed on the lucerne. On the way to the browsing field, Lemoyian engaged Boromoko in a strength testing exercise after losing another game to Sirimon. Their game went on for quite some time until Lemoyian surrendered. At the browsing field, it wasreally hot but this did not deter the elephants from carryingon with their feeding activities. Olare and her group showed up early at the mud bath and by the time the orphans checked in, Olare’s group had already finished wallowing. In the afternoon, the orphans continued browsing and in the evening Makireti, Kilabasi and Kasigau showed up with twenty-five wild elephants for water at the stockade water troughs. When they had had enough, the group left and carried on their way. The number of wild elephants coming to the stockade water troughs in the evenings is slowly increasing and this is an indication that water at most water holes is now in the process of drying up. 

Sirimon and Lemoyian

Roi in a playful mood

Garzi engaging Chemi Chemi


Soon after leaving the stockade, the orphans were joined by Mutara and her group and settled to feed on lucerne together. Kainuk and Kanjoro were so happy and relaxed that they crossed their back legs in a show of satisfaction. Soon after sharing the lucerne, Mutara and her group headed east of the stockade while the orphans headed west and settled to browse in the Kanziku area. Barsilinga and Sirimon had a moment of scratching on rocks that they came across in the bush as the rest of the herd concentrated on browsing.

Tomboi, Orwa, Narok, Bomani and Vuria arrived early at mud bath and relaxed under a tree as they waited for the juniors. When the juniors arrived at mud bath, Narok rushed to welcome them. Shortly later Makireti, Kilabasi, Kasigau and Kilaguni checked in and headed straight to join Tomboi, Shukuru, Boromoko, Sirimon, Oltaiyoni and Siangiki who were wallowing. Soon after mud bath, Tomboi headed for soil dusting while Kilaguni and Kasigau spent some time in a strength testing exercise. Shortly after the orphans returned back to the browsing field, eight wild elephants checked in and joined Tomboi, who had been left behind. Whilst browsing, Enkikwe spent some time playing with Sirimon while Lemoyian tackled Sokotei in a game that ended in a draw. Later in the day, Yatta and her group reported for water at the stockade and left soon after drinking enough water.

Barsilinga scratching bottom

Sirimon finds a scratching post

Kilaguni engages Kasigau


This morning Lemoyian started play fighting with Sokotei and they pulled vigorously at each other’s trunks. Some Ex Orphans from Mutara's group with Orwa, Vuria and Bomani in the group arrived. They drank water and joined the orphans. After few minutes Kilabasi, Makireti and Kasigau also came to join the orphans group too. Orwa was being friendly with Garzi and then they started playing. A while later the whole group walked to the bush for browsing.

They all browsed together until Olare's group came to join them. Now the big family was all together and they all spread out to interact with each other. The orphans were very happy and comfortable in their company. Roi later led the group to mudbath.

There were a few wild elephants wallowing and some of the orphans joined them, however it was not very hot today and most of the elephants chose not to swim. Bomani, Vuria and Narok came in later and join the wallowing group. Olare was rolling on the ground playing. Boromoko started play fighting with Lemoyian and he was enjoying the wrestling game as his tusks are longer than Lemoyian’s. Kithaka and Garzi were busy scratching on the fallen trees while Orwa and Kitirua started play fighting again. The group later headed back to the bush.

Lemoyian playing with Boromoko

Sokotei browsing

Enkikwe in the bush


This morning Garzi and Orwa started play fighting for some morning exercise whilst the other elephants went straight to the bush to browse. They met with a few Ex Orphans along with Bomani, Orwa, Vuria and Narok. The dependent group was busy browsing while Bomani sprayed himself with dust. Orwa play fought with Barsilinga and Laragai came in to separate them but they started charging as she tried to cool them down. Vuria was digging at the ground to get fresh loose soil to throw on his back, later he finished that and started play fighting with Kithaka while Naseku and Wanjala browsed up on top of the rock together. The orphans later met with Makireti's group of Ex Orphans including Kasigau and Kilabasi and started interacting with them. Lemoyian later led the whole group to the mudbath.

It was not a very busy or very hot day so not many of the orphans played in the mud bath but there was good interaction between the dependent orphans, the Ex Orphans and Buchuma, the big Ex Orphan bull around the mud hole. Later the group went to the soil mound to dust themselves and then they went out into the bush again.

Bomani soil dusting

Orphans soil dusting

Barsilinga playing with Orwa


Galana, her baby Gawa, Loijuk with Mutara, Makireti and Olare’s groups spent the night just outside the stockade last night. When the orphans were let out this morning, Sirimon walked straight to greet Gawa as Garzi had a strength testing exercise with Kasigau. Shortly later Gawa, under the escort of the wild orphan, moved to play with Wanjala. Their game was short-lived since the wild orphan intervened by taking Gawa away from Wanjala.

Out in the bush, Barsilinga settled to browse with Shukuru while Kamok shared food with Tusuja. At the mud bath the area was flooded with senior and junior Ex Orphans in the company of fifteen wild elephants. There was some excitement as one of the big bulls chased Sidai who appeared to be in season. Only Siangiki was brave enough to join the Ex Orphans to wallow in the mud bath. Chemi Chemi engaged Ishanga to a pushing game while Tumaren played with Orwa. Half an hour later, the groups parted ways with the Ex Orphans and wild elephants heading east of mud bath while the orphans headed north, where they browsed calmly until five o'clock in the evening when Tusuja led the first group back to the stockades.

Wanjala says hello to Gawa

Zurura with Mutara's group

Kamok relaxing with Nasalot in the shade

Tumaren playing with Orwa




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