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Karisa left the stockade with a branch in his mouth that he continued to enjoy on the way out. Kauro and Maramoja decided to go and scratch their itchy bodies while Pare and Galla exchanged morning greetings by entwining their trunks. The orphans briefly settled for lucerne before Mteto and Mundusi who are close friends started rumbling as they walked away. Roi heard them and since they are just new to the area, she decided to follow and monitor them so as not to lose them.

Later Esampu decided to have her own game of rolling and sitting on the ground while Rapa decided to gauge his strength by inviting Galla to a pushing game. Galla accepted and the two dueled for some time until Rapa decided that he had enough of the pushing game and opted out to continue browsing. Dupotto developed an itchy ear and decided to scratch on the nearby tree as Garzi dusted himself. Later, the rebels Kithaka, Laragai, Barsilinga, Garzi, Lemoyian and Sirimon dodged the keepers and disappeared into the thicket, only to show up late in the evening with Orwa and Bomani. At mud bath time the weather was chilly and none of the orphans dared to step into the mud bathing water. The orphans had their milk then sipped the drinking water before wandering off into the bush to browse again. Later in the afternoon Dupotto led the first group back to the stockade.

Pare scratching


Garzi soil dusting


Soon after the orphans were let out, Maramoja led her friends briefly to feed on lucerne, where Pare had a disagreement with Roi. Pare thought that he would threaten Roi, but Roi stood her ground and even drove Pare away. Galla engaged Bomani in a strength testing exercise, in an effort to acquire new pushing tactics from Bomani. Galla later turned to Kauro to try and put into practice what he had just learned from Bomani.

Later, the orphans were joined by Mutaraís group where Galla picked on Kanjoro in a pushing game so as to enhance his pushing skills. Enkikwe and Siangiki came together and had lengthy chat while browsing as they shared their experiences over their lion encounter. Enkikwe, Olsekki and Siangiki came together from Nairobi in May 2016 and have remained very close friends. Olsekki and Siangiki were clearly worried about Enkikwe and his wounds during those two months he was kept back in the stockades to help him recover, and would often go to check on him. Now he is out with them in the bush again they like being altogether.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Mutaraís herd again and it was a fun moment as Mutara, Suguta, Kainuk and Sities were clearly in a playful mood, charging and trumpeting and running here and there. Kainuk and Sities were mostly interested with the new babies. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in Kone area as Mutara and her group left to another location only to reappear again at the stockade compound in the evening.

Galla plays with Bomani

Kanjoro plays with Galla

Enkikwe and Siagniki browsing together


Mutara and Makiretiís groups Kibo, Chemi Chemi, Kalama, Orwa and Bomani were relaxing outside the stockade when the orphans were let out. Sities took Mteto and Mundusi aside to get to know them as Pare tried to challenge Kibo. Garzi played with Kainuk as Suguta tried to lie down to attract the young babies to play with her. The babies took no notice of Suguta which meant she got up after a short while. Makireti took a bale of lucerne and started tossing it up in the air, simply because she can get plenty of green vegetation everywhere, and she felt like she did not need to eat the lucerne! What Makireti was forgetting is that it wonít remain green forever, and one day in the not so distant future, she will come to regret her passive approach to extra food, when the dry season comes.

Out in the Park all was quiet and Esampu, Mteto and Mundusi were still trying to come to terms with their new environment. They appeared to have settled down with Esampu trying to lead the way from time to time, despite the fact she hasn't mastered the area properly yet. At mud bath time, the weather was cloudy and the dependent orphans were on their own with no guest elephants present. After having their midday milk bottle, the orphans decided to have a wallowing session, and after ended up in a soil dusting exercise. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kone area until five o'clock in evening when Kauro led the first group back to the stockade. A wild group visited consisting of five elephants. They were busy drinking water as the orphans arrived back. Shortly later, the group left and another group of six wild elephants with a four-month-old baby visited the stockade. It's the first time since the rainy season drew to an end that two purely wild groups have visited the stockade water troughs. They probably wanted to find out if there was still water in those water troughs since soon the water holes will start to dry up.

Pare challenging Kibo

Kainuk playing with Garzi

Mteto, Mundusi and Esampu running for milk


Nasalot, baby Nusu, Naisula, Melia, Bongo, Chemi Chemi, Kalama, Ololoo, Meibai, Zurura, Kina, baby Kama, Galana, baby Gawa, Murka, Kitirua, Kibo and two wild elephants reported early in the morning to welcome the new babies out. Baby Nusu picked on Mteto and tried to push her. Mteto charged at Nusu but had second thoughts and decided not to. Shortly later, Nasalot led the group to the browsing field where the ex-orphans parted ways with the juniors. Mteto, Mundusi and Esampu's first morning was exciting as they interacted with the ex-orphans and the wild born babies. After the ex-orphans left, Pare took Mteto, Mundusi and Esampu for a brief soil dusting exercise and after went back to browsing. Mteto, Esampu and Mundusi had calmed down after finding a few individuals who they knew from Nairobi.

At mud bath time, Esampu led the team to wallow and they had a swim across the water. Mundusi and Mteto got confused about which point to exit. We think that Esampu falls into the same category of Laragai and Maramoja who are very intelligent and calculating. Mundusi and Mteto circled in the water for quite some time before finally finding an exit route to link up with their friends. In the afternoon, Mteto used Mundusi as a scratching surface when she developed an itchy ear. Wanjala settled to feed with Roi as Kauro teamed up with Namalok. In the evening, the juniors were joined by Mutara and her team and shortly after they escorted the juniors back to the stockade.

Nusu plays with Mteto

Mundusi and Esampu at the mudbath

Wanjala and Roi browsing together


Soon after the orphans were let out, Karisa engaged Rapa in a pushing game in an effort to take revenge for the day he fell while playing with Rapa. In the process, Wanjala happened to pass by and saved Rapa by getting in between the two boys and separating them. Shortly later, Mutara and her group, who appeared to have a hint of the impending arrival of new babies, arrived early to find out the exact time of the arrival of Esampu, Mteto and Mundusi who arrived from Nairobi. Mutara and her group escorted the juniors to the browsing field and left for a short while. At 9am, the truck carrying the three new Nursery orphans arrived. Rapa, Maramoja and Pare were the first ones to meet Mteto, Esampu and Mundusi. Upon meeting, Maramoja and Rapa recognised the three babies immediately and started walking around with them. There was excitement when the rest of the group arrived as each tried to identify itself with the new babies. Shortly afterwards, Maramoja led the way to the browsing field. At the browsing field Dupotto settled with Mteto as she tried to show her what to feed on, while Maramoja took Esampu for the same lessons. Mundusi felt like a fish out water and he bellowed like a baby from time to time. The heat was too much for him as he tried a bit of soil dusting to cool off. The soil dusting didn't help either and he resulted in drawing water from his stomach and spraying it behind his ears, which is what elephants do when they are very hot; it will take him a few days to get used to the heat! Maramoja, Pare and Rapa regrouped and tried to take Mundusi, Esampu and Mteto to some shade as the heat was becoming too much for them. The babies accepted and went to relax under a tree. Pare decided to keep himself busy by picking up a piece of stick and using it to scratch his chin.

On the way to the mud bath the orphans met with Mutara, Chaimu, Kilaguni, Sities, Suguta, Kanjoro, Kainuk and Turkwel who appeared to have received the news when the new babies arrived and were on the way to receive them. Mutara and her group turned and escorted the babies to the mud bath where Kinna, baby Kama, baby Gawa, Galana with her two boys friends, Kenze, Zurura, Kibo, Melia, Naisula, Kitirua, Kalama, Chemi Chemi, Makireti, Nasalot, baby Nusu, Meibai, Bongo, Olare and the aggressive wild female were present. The wild female disrupted the mud bath activities as Kinna, Chaimu and Murka took the opportunity to snatch the new arrivals. The keepers were vigilant and managed to get their babies back. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area. Esampu, Mteto and Mundusi settled to enjoy all the delicious vegetation in the area as they slowly got acclimatized to their new home. Kauro and Galla had brief strength testing exercise that ended in a draw.

Rapa plays with Karisa

The three new babies having milk once offloaded

Zurura inspecting the new babies




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