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We woke to a stressful morning after Karisa, Dupotto and Kelelari failed to turn up overnight and the search for them continues. Only Olare and her group arrived during the night and slept just outside the stockade compound. Soon after the orphans were let out, Olare’s group joined the juniors and escorted them to the browsing field. The orphans settled to browse on the eastern side of Ithumba. A little while later Olare’s group left them again. It was a dull day as everyone tuned their mind to locate the lost babies. The search was intensified in all directions but still there were no signs of the new babies. At mud bath time, Yatta, Mulika, Galena and Narok’s groups were in attendance. The only group that was not seen was Mutara and her friends. Meibai played with Narok as Wiva assigned herself the sole responsibility of taking care of Kama. After mud bath, the Ex Orphans headed towards the eastern side of Ithumba Hill while Kamok led the juniors to the Kanziku area where they settled to browse throughout the remaining part of the day. The search of the three new babies still yielded nothing and was called off at dark when the visibility became poor. 

Laragai in the lead

Shukuru flapping ears

Meibai engaging Orok


At around seven o'clock in the morning the orphans had settled to browse two hundred metres west of the stockade. All over sudden, panic set in amongst the elephants. Some scattered while others ran towards the keepers. The keepers started gathering the scattered ones and came to realize that Kelelari, Dupotto and Karisa were not amongst the other orphans. The keepers began immediately trying to trace their foot prints since no one had seen the direction the new babies had run in. The prints became very confusing when the keepers came across the foot prints of so many elephants. In the end the foot prints led them to Olare’s group in between Ithumba and the Kanziku fence line; the group had been missing for close to two months. They were also with Narok’s group. Narok and her group had parted with the juniors in the stockade compound the previous day, late in the evening. We started to believe that the three babies had run off with Mutara’s group who also ran away from the incident that startled them all and were not seen for the rest of the day.
Yatta and Mulika’s groups, who appeared to be coming to meet the new babies for the first time, arrived at mud bath early at around ten o'clock in the morning. The groups were in the company of Makireti’s group who had probably informed them of the new arrivals, since Makireti and her group had already met them. Yatta and Mulika’s groups consisted of Yatta, Yetu, Nasalot, Mulika, Mwende, Kinna, Kama, Ithumbah, Taita, Kenze, Chyulu, Sunyei, Zurura, Sidai, Meibai, Teleki, Ishanga, Wendi and Wiva. The Ex Orphans didn't stay for long at mud bath, probably after realizing that the new babies were not present. Only Yatta remained at mud bath to greet those juniors that were there. Only Boromoko decided to go mud bathing while Yatta communicated with Olsekki and Roi. Shortly later, Yatta left to rejoin her own herd. The search for the missing three went on until dark with no positive results and will resume in the early morning.

Shukuru and Enkikwe browsing

Sunyei and Taita

Wiva and Kama plays close to Kinna


Soon after drinking their morning milk, the orphans headed straight to the browsing field after refusing to feed on the lucerne which was provided for them. On the way Kelelari tried to challenge Oltaiyoni but quickly surrendered when Oltaiyoni turned to him with a serious face and threatened to teach him a lesson. The orphans were joined by the partially independent orphans Narok, Bongo, Bomani, Orwa, Laragai and Vuria. Vuria engaged Bongo in a friendly pushing game as Dupotto joined Kamok to browse on the shrubbery. Boromoko settled to feed with Sirimon as Laragai settled to feed with Kauro. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Ex Orphan Rapsu and a wild friend but they parted ways soon after mud bath. Only Kelelari and Karisa briefly splashed water behind their ears before following their friends to browse some more. In the afternoon the orphans settled to feed in Kone area where Oltaiyoni took a break from feeding to dust herself. The rest of the day was quiet. 

Kelelari and Karisa at the watering hole

Oltaiyoni dusting

Laragai sniffs at Rapsu


Kamok was the first one to leave the stockades this morning. Bongo, Vuria, Narok and Laragai spend their night just outside the stockade. The four joined the juniors and walked with them to the browsing field. Kithaka engaged Barsilinga in a strength testing exercise that saw Barsilinga, who is growing very fast, emerge as the clear winner. Boromoko, Tusuja and Kamok settled to feed together and later, Boromoko decided to take a break from feeding to roll on the ground. Shortly before mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Bomani, Orwa, Makireti, Kilabasi and Kasigau who escorted them to the mud bath. Dupotto made sure that she was in the first group while the inseparable Karisa and Kelelari were in forth group. The two always stick together whether it's feeding time or if they are just walking out in the bush. After having their delicious milk, Olsekki and Enkikwe took it in turns to challenge Kilabasi but ended up losing it to her. Later Kilabasi engaged Orwa in a pushing game but that one ended in a draw. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to feed in the Kanziku area and had a quiet afternoon. Shukuru received another injection of medicine which has seen her grow so much stronger since January this year.  

Early morning grazing

Vuria and Bongo after drinking water

Enkikwe challenges Kilabasi


Ukame, Maramoja and Wanjala are still quite nervous of walking deeper into the forest since their older friends Kelelari, Karisa and Dupotto left. They used to be led by Kelelari but now in the morning, as they begin to walk off deeper into the wood, they soon realize they are the only three and quickly return to where the rest of the herd are browsing. It is at times like this that they show how much they are missing the older members of their herd like Kelelari, but they will grow accustomed to the change!

Meanwhile, Pare and Galla have been staging some long and challenging pushing games as if trying to figure out who is the more dominant bull since Kelelari left. This morning as soon as they came out of their pens and met in the forest, they began a fierce pushing game in which neither was surrendering to the other! Ndotto, Lasayen and Murit were alongside them as if cheering them on and trumpeting with excitement but still neither one wanted to admit defeat. The game eventually came to an end when Ukame, Wanjala and Maramoja came running out of the bushes trumpeting and stamping their feet which scared the entire herd!

Ukame still a little nervous of walking further

Maramoja still a little anxious too!

Galla playing some funny rolling games

Wanjala came running out of the forest




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