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It’s the last day of the year and it was another sunny day. The babies were engaged in all different activities. Some, like Sattao, Kiasa, Musiara, Maisha and Maktao were playing push and pull games. Some of the big girls like Kuishi, Sagala and Tagwa were pulling and picking branches from the tops of some small trees. The biggest Nursery boys, Jotto and Ambo, were basking in the sun. Kiko was enjoying as usual from the tops of the trees nearby. The playful girls Malima and Tamiyoi were play-chasing him around as he tried to browse. He was enjoying all the different leaves, and at once stage bent low so he could sample some of the tasty ones from a smaller shrub as well. Tiny Maarifa was warming her little body in the sun as well, as her Keepers stood by her and watched for her safety as she took a little nap. The year of 2018 ended well for all the little orphans in the Nairobi Nursery.  

Tagwa at the 9am feed

Sattao with a mouthful of grass

Malima catching a wild scent


As the day was drawing to a close and everything was proceeding as normal, the orphans were getting ready to return to their rooms and Kiko was being led back to the stockades. Kiko decided at the last minute to change his mind and run back in the direction of the elephant orphans. We were not sure why he reacted that way. The Keepers reacted quickly as they thought some lions might be about, but Kiko had actually been scared by a group of warthogs that came rushing out of their den! Finally Kiko was led back into his stockade just in time for the 5pm visit to take place for foster parents, and he settled down into his room for the night. 

Sagala waiting for 9am bottle

Sagala waiting to go home at 5pm

Kiko stops to browse before going home at 5pm


The day began as usual and was just like any other day. The orphans moved through the forest in the company of their Keepers and because it was a sunny day all the orphans were happy and seemed to enjoy the morning. The weather was so nice and the temperature so favourable, that the newest arrivals Dololo and Mukkoka did not even need to wear blankets. Musiara was enjoying the sunshine the most, and stood basking in an open area. He then decided to roll on the ground and lie with his feet in the air, making the most of the warmth. Maktao, who is always close to his beloved Keepers, was busy dusting his body with loose soil. Tagwa, Kuishi, Tamiyoi, Sagala and Jotto were not as interested in warming themselves, and chose instead to browse from the nearby leafy trees. Enkesha joined Maktao to dust as well. Soon, Kiko decided to join the follow the elephants and he was browsing from every tree he came across. Malima, who is always so playful, was mock-charging a group of impalas who were close by, and Emoli and Sattao were busy chasing some warthogs who were passing by – it was a very jovial and happy festive day. 

Dololo enjoying the sunshine

Musiara took advantage of the sun

Jotto spraying water with his trunk


Today after all the visitors had left, Kiko made his way to the parking area to see if there were any nice trees to browse on there. He fed from the tops of the trees in that area as his Keeper tried to lure him back into the forest. He ignored his Keeper and just started smelling the top of the container roof as if showing off how tall he is. He then walked into the stockade compound looking from side to side, as if wandering where to go to next.

Today Maxwell and his usual uninvited guests, the warthogs, were having a game of hide and seek. The warthogs had gone into his stockade to share his food and Maxwell had decided he didn’t want them around today, or maybe he just wanted to play! He was charging at them and the warthogs were just running away from the blind rhino. One of the warthogs narrowly escaped injury when Maxwell almost caught her with his horn between the poles of his stockade as she tried to squeeze her way out. Fortunately she managed to just squeeze out before Maxwell could catch her!

Kiko in the stockade area

Maxwell after chasing the warthog

Jotto pulling out grass from the roots


This morning was misty and then it started to drizzle. By mid-morning it was full on raining. Most of the babies were enjoying the rain but a few of them decided to take cover under some trees. Dololo, Mukkoka and Merru are not very strong enough to withstand the bad weather so they were led back to their rooms and provided with greens to browse on. Kiko decided to make his own way back to the stockades as well and stand in his own room too! The rainy weather however is certainly Maxwell the rhinos favourite and he was rolling on the heaps of soil in his stockade and running up and down, his whole body caked in mud. Kiasa was in a very calm mood again today, and remained sandwiched between Ndiwa and Malkia. Sattao and his good friend Musiara were enjoying the body warmth of the Nursery matriarch Tagwa, who took cover from the rain beneath some trees. The chilly and rainy weather seemed not to bother the two good friends and age-mates Ambo and Jotto however, and they braved the rain whilst playing in a ‘push and pull’ fight. Ambo was a bit more boisterous in the game, compared to Jotto who known to be more polite, earning him the title of ‘little mellow boy’ from the Keepers.  

Tagwa and Jotto






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