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Kiko appeared at the mud bath area during the public visiting time at 11am today. He interrupted the keepers who were busy feeding the elephant orphans and all the keepers kept an eye on him to make sure he did not cause any trouble. The keepers called for some others to come and help watch him so that the visit could go on as usual. Kiko was very well behaved however and the whole visit went smoothly! He even had some of his own milk. When the last group of elephants left he went with them as well into the forest, and did not turn back to the stockades.

Godoma is a very caring girl and she showed off this character trait today when she tried to assist Enkesha who got stuck in the mud as she was wallowing. Enkesha got stuck and cried for help until the keepers got in the mud pool and pulled her out. Godoma was very alarmed and was running around the edge of the mud pool trumpeting and trying to assist as well; she will always help any other elephant, especially the youngsters, in need.

Kiko out in the forest

Kiko in the forest with the orphans

Godoma with Musiara

Poor Enkesha got stuck today


Enkesha has been a tricky little elephant in the mornings recently when she comes out of her stable. She always tricks her keepers into thinking she is walking out to the forest with Maktao and Kiasa, when really she diverts course and slips between the stables and Kiko’s room and goes to browse in the bush area near the car park. She did the same thing today but blew her cover around 8am when she started charging and trumpeting after the warthogs in the stockade compound. They always come to go and browse on the lucerne pellets in Maxwell’s stockade before he wakes up to chase them.
Luggard is looking much better today as his tummy is better and he has more of a smile on his face.

Enkesha has been a tricky baby in the morning

Enkesha enjoying her browse

Max chasing warthogs

Luggard was feeling a bit better


Kiko woke up in a happy mood today and followed the elephant orphans out to the Park to browse. As usual, he was received differently by different orphans. Playful girls like Malima mock-charged him and sassy girls like Kiasa attempted to touch his lanky feet. So did Enkesha who was greeted with a slight back kick from their tall friend. Esampu did not spare the giraffe and seriously charged at him, a move that forced Kiko to change his mind and decide to abandon the elephant herd and walk back towards the stockades. Before he got there he changed direction and chose to browse at the top of some yummy trees he found. He gave his keeper a very hard time as he was trying to persuade him to go back to the wood, but Kiko went to the milk mixing area where he smelled and licked some of the empty bottles as the mixers prepared them for the next feed.

Out in the Park Sattao and Maktao were busy feeding on some branches that had fallen as Mbegu was breaking some down to eat from the top of a small tree. Maisha also joined them to try her luck on feeding on some of the leftovers but the two boys defended their browse and did not want to share with her. Godoma moved in to settle the dispute and poor Maisha was eventually pushed away for complaining.

Kiko walked to the bush to browse

Kiko walking out with the orphans

Malima in a playful mood

Sattao in the bush

Esampu did not spare poor Kiko!


Because Luggard has not been feeling well recently, he has not been coming down to the mud bath for the pubic visit. Instead he browses in the bushes nearby in the company of some of the keepers. Maisha’s love for the milk formula grows every day and the little girl always complains that she wants some more when she finishes her bottle. During the 9am feeding today she tried to get some more from Esampu. Esampu was obviously not very happy about this and pushed the little girl away. This in turn annoyed Tagwa who engaged the naughty girl in a brief fight before Malkia stepped in to back up Tagwa to push Esampu slightly away from the scene. Malima and Tamiyoi were charging at Kiko who had joined them in the forest, and he retreated away whilst throwing several back kicks in protest. He settled to browse on some nearby tall trees. As it became hot in the afternoon, all the babies except Enkesha and Mteto sought cover under the trees. The smaller orphans like Ambo, Sattao, Emoli and Musiara took refuge near the keepers. Mapia, Kuishi, Maktao and Jotto fed on some leaves that were falling from a tree that Shukuru was eating from, where she could reach the highest branches.  

Luggard has stayed with the Keepers in the forest

Maisha loves her milk bottle

Esampu was cross with Maisha

Sattao with his beloved keepers


Mapia has taken up the mandate of waking everyone else up in the night when it is time for milk. As soon as he hears the milk being prepared he starts head-butting his door and yelling. Last night he was so noisy all the orphans heard him from the youngest at the front stables to Shukuru in the back stockades. Once he has had his bottle though, he will go straight back to sleep! Maxwell was bothered by the shouting last night as well and he started charging around his pen, knocking his gate with his horn trying to find out what was wrong with the babies.
Mteto hasn’t grown out of her habit of yelling as she has her milk. It’s so funny as she will always run towards the milk feeding point and as she gets closer she starts yelling. She managed to catch the attention of the visiting public today as she was shouting whilst feeding and had a mouth full of milk. She sprayed the keepers face with milk as well, which made the visitors laugh!

Kiko had a wild female giraffe visit him at the stockade compound today. He had not gone out to the forest today and the wild female came in after spotting him from a distance while browsing on the trees near Maxwell’s stockade. Kiko paid no interest in her at all, even when she tried to get over the wooden bar to the compound. Kiko paid no notice and she left after trying to see him several times.


Little bull Mapia

Mapia with his funny ears

Mteto playing with her trunk

Kiko in the stockade compound




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