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It seems Kiko’s naughtiness is growing as fast as he is! The giraffe is determined to make sure his presence is felt and he is not forgotten by the keepers and the elephant orphans too. Just after 1pm, as the orphans gathered under the trees to seek shade from the hot sun, the naughty giraffe stormed through, forcing his way through the herd. This sparked a response from the elephants, with playful girls like Malima trying to mock-charge him. Tagwa joined in to protect her from the mischievous Kiko, who was throwing back-kicks towards Tamiyoi. Naughty Kiko then used his height to his advantage, by picking a hat off one of the keepers’ heads and trying to chew on it, before another keeper could snatch it back! The attempts from Kiko’s keeper to lure him away from the group bore no fruit as Kiko was clearly wise to this old trick. The elephants then got together and gathered their courage to charge at the defiant giraffe, and eventually they succeeded in driving him a small distance from the herd and he wandered off to go and browse on his own. 

Naughty Kiko browsing

Malima was not happy with Kiko

Tagwa was not happy with Kiko either!


When Kiko walked out to the forest to catch up with the elephants, none of the elephant babies were interested in his company and they all started walking away from him; all a part from Musiara who kept trying to charge at Kiko whenever he walked towards him. Kiko seems to have noticed the absence of the older orphans who used to charge and chase him away. He is not very concerned with what tiny Musiara tries to do, so he is trying to spend more time with the elephants now that the older orphans have gone.

Shukuru was accompanied by Ndiwa, Sagala and Kuishi today. At one stage Shukuru felt the need to discipline Kuishi however, when she tried to take Sagala’s vegetation she was eating.
During the public visit today it seemed as if Emoli and Maktao were on guard duty. They pretended to be having a pushing game when in fact they were keeping an eye on the warthogs close by. Any warthog that wandered too close was charged at and driven away from the area.

Kiko walking in the bush

Kiko going to find the elephants

Kuishi with little Sattao


Lions have been roaming around in the area over the past few days, which meant Kiko has been unable to join the elephants out in the forest. Having not seen or heard then last night and this morning, Kiko was taken out to spend some time with the elephant babies. But Kiko is very stubborn! Having been kept back in the stockade area over the last few days, now he thinks he can only be in the stockade area. When he was taken out to the forest, it didn’t take him long to come running back. When he arrived back he decided to walk around the elephant rooms, eating their leftover lucerne pellets.
Malima has her own way of approaching the keepers to have her milk bottle. Sometimes she is spotted going down on her front knees to request her milk! When she has had her first bottle she walks backwards, then forwards and then down on her knees for the second one.

Kiko walking back to the stockades

Malima enjoying the lush green grass

Mundusi browsing with friends


Today Kiko didn’t want to leave the elephants. Sometimes he likes to wonder off and browse elsewhere, but today he stuck to their side. He walked out with them in the early morning and had milk at the same time as them. He stayed with them wherever they went this morning, not wanting to run back to the stockade area like he sometimes does. When it came time for the group to split into two for the noon milk feed, he forced his way into the first group and since he was clever enough to know where they were going, he challenged his keeper and ran down to the orphan mud bath area where the feeding goes on. This is where the baby elephants found him when they came down for their milk! He too had his milk bottles there and then milled around as if he was saying he wanted to enjoy what the elephants do there as well. He remained unperturbed by the visiting public until the first group of orphans left to go back to the forest and he accompanied them. Kiko is such a funny giraffe who always just does exactly as he pleases. 

Lasayen ready for early morning activities

Kiko staying close to his friends

Kiko making his way down to the mud-bath


Whilst some of the elephant orphans are not enjoying the rainy weather, Maxwell is in his element and is having lots of fun in the wet weather. Today he had a lot of fun playing with the warthogs in his pen, before the elephants went out to the forest this morning. He also spent some time playing with Sattao, Enkesha and Malkia. They were running up the outside of his stockade, and he was inside, pushing at the gate to encourage them to play more.
Mundusi tried to charge at Kiko when he approached the elephants while they were having their 9am feed. Kiko wasn’t afraid of him at all however. Mundusi tried to drive him away several times but Kiko kept walking up to them. It wasn’t until Mbegu came over to assist Mundusi that made Kiko leave and wander off into the bushes.
When Kiasa arrived back to her stockade this afternoon she decided to run out again after finishing her milk. Luckily when she got close to Ndiwa’s pen, she met with Tamiyoi, Enkesha and Maktao who were just arriving from the forest to go into their own rooms. With an empty bottle of milk and in the company of Maktao she was led back into her room and the door was closed immediately behind her. We are wondering if she does not like the sound of rain at night at the moment? And that is why she does not want to be in her room.

Maxwell enjoying his lucerne pellets

Malkia is a playfil girl sometimes

Mundusi doesn't like Kiko




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