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It was joy and excitement for Kiko this morning when he walked out with the orphans to the forest. He was running up and down and inviting the elephants to play with him, but unfortunately the orphans were not interested in playing with him. The keepers were worried that because he was in this over excitable mood that he would accidentally kick one of the young babies. One of the keepers eventually managed to entice him back to the stockade compound for him to calm down there for a bit!

As the elephants were coming down for their milk, as usual Musiara was following behind Luggard who was walking down slowly with his limp. Musiara stopped running like the others and slowed down to walk with Luggard. They exchanged trunks and he put his trunk in Luggard’s mouth and they slowly walked down for their milk together.

Sapalan sniffs the air

Tagwa among the other babies

Sagalla run back for the 5pm feed


Before 6 o’clock in the morning, Kiko woke up and started pushing on the door of his stable, wanting to come out. The pushing became harder when he started to hear the orphans coming out and the keepers were forced to just let him out then. He went past Musiara’s door where Musiara was just standing waiting for Luggard. When he saw him pass he ran after him trying to charge at him, but Kiko just ignored the tiny elephant. Out in the field Kiko was very comfortable, browsing high in the trees surrounded by the elephants, but Musiara still seemed upset with his presence and kept on trying to charge at him. Kiko continued to ignore him as Musiara is so tiny to him, and so he went on paying him no attention and moving about amongst the herd.

Maramoja and Malima took the responsibility of taking care of Kiasa today and made sure that she didn’t sneak away back to the stockades or towards the mud bath. When she attempted to leave, either Maramoja or Malima blocked her and pushed her back towards the herd.

Kiko carries on browsing ignoring Musiara

Kiasa learning to browse with the rest

Orphans leaving the mud bath area


It was a bright morning for the babies as they came out of their stockades and headed out to the forest. They were all in a happy mood and very playful. Luggard, who has looked a bit dull these past few days, was at his best this morning. He engaged Jotto in a wrestling game and then they enjoyed a game of hide and seek in the bushes.
Today Tagwa went back to taking care of Sattao as well. When Tagwa moved away to take care of Maktao, Sattao didn’t seem to mind as he is not the jealous type, and just moved to spend time with Mbegu, when Ambo was not around that is. Whenever we found him with Mbegu he was suckling on her ears. But today he was back under Tagwa’s care which he seemed to be happy with.

Back in the stockades, Maxwell was very happy playing with the warthogs in his stockade, chasing them around.

Esampu, due to her behaviour recently, has graduated to the older herd during the public visiting time in the hope that the older females will teach her some manners, and discipline her whenever she is about to misbehave. It seemed to work and she was well behaved during visiting today. Whenever she moved around she bumped into the likes of Sapalan, and then Mteto, neither of whom would take any nonsense, so she was forced to comply and behave today.

Today Kiko did not seem to want to stay out with the elephants. He kept going out to them, staying a few minutes and then back to the stockades and by the afternoon he decided just to stay in the stockade compound completely and not walk out to join the orphans again. He might have smelt lions around which made him behave like that and want to stay in the safety of the stockades.

Luggard feeling a bit more energetic

Maxwell in his stockade

Mbegu with Esampu and Malima


Today Kiko unexpectedly made his way to the public visit at 11am. This was much to the amazement of the visitors and the amusement of the keepers as Kiko walked into the mud bath area, very majestically and cleverly avoiding slipping on the wet soil. Our tall orphan, despite his tendency to naughty behaviour, was well behaved with the public but made several rounds around the milk wheelbarrow as he attempted to steal a bottle. A keeper tried to lure him away from the mud bath area but without success. Eventually Kiko decided to leave of his own accord and seemingly wanted to make his presence even more known as he walked through the crowd, crossing the lines of visitors and forcing them to make way for him! He moved away into the bushes and fed on the nearby acacia trees. 

Kiko arrives at the 11am feed

Mbegu keeping close to the little ones

Mteto, Musiara and Malkia browse together


Just before 6am it started to rain and as the orphans were due to come out it got even harder. Most of the like Murit, Tamyoi, Emoli, Maisha, Maktao, Musiara, Luggard, Enkesha, Sattao, Malima and their tall friend Kiko were reluctant to come out of their rooms. Murit came out of his and swiftly went and hid in Ambo’s stockade hoping the keepers hadn’t spotted him. Unluckily for him they had and he was moved out to join the other orphans who were on their way out to the forest. Malima moved from the back stockades to the front ones in another attempt to dodge the keepers but all in vain. Enkesha is the one who managed to trick the keepers in the end as she moved behind Maxwell’s stockade without being noticed and his in the far pens which are currently housing Ndiwa and Mundusi. As the orphans went deeper into the forest and the keepers warmed themselves with some hot tea, the naughty Enkesha hid herself from the rain in those rooms. When the keepers noticed they had not seen her for awhile they began searching and went back to the stockades to look, but they did not look in those two far rooms and thus thought she was not in the compound. When another keeper went to get an umbrella he eventually found Enkesha as she had begun to complain that she was on her own and not with her friends! 

Lasayen early morning browsing

Murit and friends heading to 11am feed

Tamiyoi enjoys browsing




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