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The orphans appeared to be in a very happy mood when they came out of their pens this morning and they were engaged in all different games. Jotto normally plays with Tamiyoi but today instead he chose to play with Malima who also enjoys his type of pushing game. They enjoyed their game for some time and we were surprised to see Murit and Rapa also playing. They have very different personalities and more often than not Murit will try to avoid Rapa when it comes to playing. Today Murit seemed to have found a way of tackling the naughty boy and they were engaged in a lengthy wrestling game. Brave boy Murit had the advantage of tackling Rapa due to his long tusks although Rapa is stronger than him, as these are to be respected amongst elephants.

The wild giraffes that can be found all over the Nairobi National Park seem to be wondering what happened to Kiko after they saw him the other day. He had not been out into the forest for a couple of days, so two wild female giraffes paid him a visit in the stockade compound. They walked in swiftly without Kiko even noticing their presence until they were close to him. When they were but 5m from him he noticed them on the other side of the pole barrier that keeps him in the compound area and he watched them for some time, before deciding to run off and hide in one of the stockades. They waited there hoping for Kiko to return but they left when he did not return.

Esampu is becoming quite the handful during public visiting. She has a new habit of always going into the mud pool and then coming out to run along the rope cordon kicking and putting mud on the visitors there. She gets even more excited when there are school children there too; she was very hard to control during today’s visiting!

Malkia, Malima and Jotto

Murit went to play with Rapa

Kiko looking at wild giraffe

Kiko having his milk bottle


Sopat is the name of the orphan who arrived on the evening of the 6th and he was moved into a stable since he is very weak and needs to be watched all the time, plus it is warmer in the stables. Tamiyoi was very happy when she came back from the forest that evening and had a new neighbour. She was very welcoming compared to Mteto and throughout the night they communicated through the space between their rooms. Sopat was not happy when Tamiyoi left her stockade this morning to head out to the forest and rolled around on the ground and pushed his head into the hay with low rumbling tones. Nothing could be done however as he is still too weak to join the others out in the forest. The orphans were very happy out in the forest this morning and were running around in excitement. Esampu led Malkia, Godoma, Sana Sana, Tagwa and Malima all around, but their happy time came to an end when the milk arrived.

This morning Kiko had an unexpected visitor in the stockade compound when a wild female giraffe came over. After watching her for a long time he decided to go and hide in another stockade on the other side of the compound!

Tamiyoi was very happy to have a new neighbour

Sana Sana happy running around

Godoma playing around

Kiko is the stockade compound


This morning little Tamiyoi, Malkia, Jotto, Esampu and Malima frightened the rest of the group when they went rumbling and trumpeting all the way back to the stockade area. This forced the other orphans to do the same, and they went running from the forest trumpeting and complaining (about what, they did not know) following Tamiyoi’s group back to the stockades. It seems that all the first group wanted to do was a) find any leftover lucerne pellets belonging to their friends in their pens, b) Tamiyoi and Malkia wanted to meet with the little babies and escort them out to the forest; they were so happy to join them!

Kiko has been a good boy today; after fighting so much to go out into the forest, he was given a chance to go and join the elephants in the forest. Ndiwa and Rapa kept chasing him away but he would only disappear for awhile before returning back to the herd. The two elephants eventually gave up on chasing him as he only kept coming back. Kiko behaved so well that even when the first group of elephants when down for the public visit, he did not fight or dodge the keepers like he normally does, he just stayed there browsing. It was not until 4pm that he decided to make his way back to the stockades; sometimes he does not go straight back to his pen but first to the car parking area to give the keepers there some trouble before walking to his pen, but today he was a very different boy and went straight to his pen to enjoy his meal placed there without bothering anyone!

Tamiyoi in a playful mood

Malima felt like some more lucerne

Jotto and Malima

Kiko by the stockades

Funny Kiko


Kiko is proving his very naughty character all the time and he did so again today during the public visit. These days it is very hard to get him to listen to the keepers and just before 11am he walked to the mud bath ground and didn’t want to leave. The keepers tried calling and persuading him with milk and his favourite vegetation to get him to leave before the public came but nothing worked. He remained busy feeding on the acacia trees around the area paying no attention to anybody. From a distance he watched the public as they began to walk down to the mud bath area where the elephants come for their milk. After they had all settled and the first group had finished drinking their milk, some of the orphans were rolling in the mud and the others were dusting in the loose soil. Kiko started trying to move around to the public but three keepers got in his way to block him from getting close to the rope cordon. He stopped and changed direction but made further attempts to get to the crowd, though they were all in vain. Eventually he went back to the acacia trees and carried on browsing.

Malima has now has a little sister who loves mud bathing as much as her, in the form of Enkesha; Enkesha even fell asleep inside the mud bath today! She had to be woken up by the keepers as all the others were already leaving the area.

Kiko walking past the orphans

Kiko not following his keeper!

Naughty boy Kiko!

Enkesha fell asleep in the mud!


Luggard has been spending his days with the baby group as he is unable to walk as far as the others in the older group, but he has come to accept and even enjoy this. When all the orphans are let out of their stockades in the morning, he just waits beside his stockade, happily buying time to wait for Enkesha, Musiara and Chumvi. Today Luggard walked out as far as the end of Maxwell’s stockade, close to Kiko’s barrier, before he stopped and sneaked back to walk to Chumvi’s stable to buy some time. When the babies came out of their stables he was so happy and followed them, playfully swinging his trunk as he walked and happy to be with this little group. His gentle nature has made the little babies like him too and they like being with him throughout the day. 

Luggard near the hanging blanket

Enkesha going to browse

Enkesha with Kuishi

Luggard with Enkesha




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