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Ndii seems to have developed a slight dislike towards Ajali as Ajali adopted Pasaka whom Ndii was eyeing to adopt has her baby. Today Ndii was bringing up the rear of the orphan group as they headed out to the park and spotted Ajali in the lead which made Ndii run to the front bringing the entire group to a halt. Ndii called Kihari and Naipoki to come and take the lead over from Ajali who stepped aside not wanting to cause any conflict with Ndii. The morning was spent browsing on the northern flat lands of Msinga hill.

Today some students from Kivukoni Primary School of Kilifi came to see the orphans at the mudbath and had a lot of fun watching them and getting to know the babies that they have chosen to foster. Rorogoi followed by Bada and Panda bravely climbed a steep wall out of the water pool and were cheered on by the students who wanted to acknowledge their difficult feat. Ndii got jealous of the attention that the three were getting and came in to lead them away.

The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole with Lentili leading the orphan herd back to the safety of the stockades in the evening.


Visiting school children

Panda scratching


Mutara, Sities, Turkwel, Kainuk, Kanjoro, Suguta, Makireti, Kilabasi, Chaimu and Kilaguni were outside the stockade early before the juniors were let out. When the orphans were let out, Boromoko and Sirimon walked towards Kanjoro and exchanged morning greetings by entwining their trunks. The boys got into a playful mood as they headed to the browsing field. Enkikwe challenged Kanjoro and in less than a minute unfortunately lost to him! Orwa took over from Enkikwe and tackled Kanjoro as Sities worked on Vuria. Vuria could not withstand the strength of Sities though and so lost to her. Orwa, who likes to challenge his seniors, moved to play with Kilibasi and later Sities. Garzi tried his hand on Kanjoro, a game that ended in a draw.

Out in the bush, Vuria spent some time in an exercise of pushing down trees which was one way of practicing how to handle his seniors. Soon after that exercise, Vuria engaged Chaimu in a pushing game that he ended up losing miserably to Chaimu. Narok settled to feed with Naseku, Kauro and Kamok while Lemoyian teamed up with Kilabasi and Makireti. Vuria engaged Barsilinga in a pushing game that ended in a draw. At mud bath time the junior Ex Orphans escorted the orphans to the mud bath. Two wild bulls that had arrived earlier at mud bath were feeding a short distance away. Soon after Oltaiyoni drank her milk, she headed to join the wild bulls and it took the intervention of the keepers for Oltaiyoni to come back and join her friends. She was hesitant at first and she kept following the bulls deeper into bush whenever the keepers called out her name. At last, the keepers managed to separate her from the wild bulls and bring her back. Shortly after mud bath, the orphans settled for soil dusting before returning back to the browsing field. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area. Vuria took a break from feeding and enjoyed a soil dusting exercise before resuming browsing. Naseku was quite comfortable and one would think she has been at Ithumba for several years unlike Kauro who browsed close to the keepers. Sometimes Naseku would take control of the group and steer them in whichever direction she wanted to go. In the evening, the junior Ex Orphans escorted the juniors back to the stockade and left to an undisclosed location soon when the orphans were locked into their stockades.

Kilabasi playing with Orwa

Kilaguni and Kilabasi

Vuria and Kainuk playing against the rocks

Tusuja walking along the path

Oltaiyoni following the wild bulls


Makireti, Kilabasi, Kasigau and Chaimu joined the juniors in the morning. Shukuru was in a jovial mood despite her apparently poor health condition of not gaining weight and being slow. Orwa challenged Chaimu to a pushing game but ended up losing to the more experienced Chaimu. Kilibasi took Enkikwe with her and fed a distance away from the rest. Siangiki spend some time scratching herself on the nearby rocks as Narok browsed close to Garzi. Makireti teamed up with Olsekki and Teleki to feed as Kilabasi moved to play with Orwa. This time round Orwa was lucky as he defeated Kilabasi in round two of their pushing game. Shukuru, after soil dusting, joined Orwa to stretch their trunks in the air to reach succulent leaves high up in a tree. Later, Kithaka played with Barsilinga, but their game was cut short by Chaimu who intervened and pushed the two boys away.

Shortly before mud bath time, Vuria engaged Orwa to a pushing game and later moved to play with Barsilinga. At mud bath time the orphans were joined by the senior Ex Orphans. Narok and Laragai tried to get close to the babies Gawa and Wiva but they were denied the access by the nannies Loijuk, Sidai, Naserian, Ithumbah, Lenana and Chyulu. This upset Narok and she protested by making a lot of noise and going down on her knees with her trunk coiled and touching the ground. Tired after her demonstration, Narok left to join her friends again. Ololoo played with Teleki and later moved to play with Barsilinga. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at in the Kanziku area.

Chaimu plays with Orwa

Kilabasi with Enkikwe

Enkikwe browsing with Siangiki

Makireti browsing with Olsekki and Teleki

Shukuru and Orwa reaching for high leaves


It was a lovely morning today when the orphans finished up their morning milk and walked to the lucerne area to feed. They found a wild female with two calves, approximately 8 and 3 years, waiting to join them to eat. They were welcomed but they started misbehaving by trying to push the orphans away. We separated them and later gave them some lucerne separate from the orphans. Enkikwe had a mouth full of lucerne and scratched himself at the same time. Makireti, Kasigau and Kilibasi came in later and joined the group too. Kithaka and Garzi started play fighting whilst the rest of the group headed to the bush. Makireti and her group followed them to the bush. Bomani snatched some food from Olsekki’s mouth while he was eating and there was not much Olsekki could do about it. Everyone was busy getting as much browse as they could. We had a little drizzle of rain today and the orphans really enjoyed the relief from the high temperature. Kithaka and Barsilinga started kissing each other with their trunks as the others were busy browsing. Then they all headed to the mudbath.

At the mud bath it was still very hot despite the morning drizzle. We had 6 wild bulls who came in and drank water and later joined the orphans in the mudhole to play. The orphans later walked out of the mud hole, leaving behind the wild bulls. Barsilinga started scratching on the tree while Bomani played with Lemoyian. Orwa and Bongo later started play fighting again. Narok was playing and rolling on the ground while Orwa, Kithaka and Sokotei pushing on her back. Later she got up and started play fighting with Orwa again. Lemoyian led the group back to the bush from the mudbath.

It was very hot today and the elephants all hid under the shade of the trees. They later on started browsing in a hurry to catch up with the time they wasted in the shade, and Barsilinga led them back home in the evening.
In the stockade today three wild bulls came to drink water. Chaimu, Murka and Ishanga also came to drink water and they were later followed in by Makireti, Kasigau and Kilibasi. They all drank water and went back into the park. We are still waiting for more rain.

Enkikwe holding a lot of lucerne

Kithaka and Lemoyian play on the rocks

Bomani rests on a tree

Orwa being pushed by Bongo

Laragai and friends enjoying dust bathing


Wendi, Galana, Nasalot, Loijuk, Challa, babies Wiva and Gawa, Naserian, Sidai, Kenze, Lenana, Lualeni, Ololoo, Meibei, Chyulu and several wild elephants were at the stockade compound in the morning. Soon when the orphans were let out, Narok headed straight to Gawa while Laragai walked to Wiva. Shortly later, the two babies abandoned them and walked back to their mothers. Garzi engaged Bomani into a pushing game that he lost. Thereafter, Garzi walked to Kenze and requested him to spare his time so as to train him on how to handle the big boys. Kenze accepted and engaged Garzi in a brief training exercise that was done in the form of a pushing game. Narok saw a wild elephant stretching it's trunk up to pluck some leaves off the acacia tree and she walked up to try and stretch her trunk to reach the leaves too. Narok couldn't even reach half way up and was disappointed, but walked away hoping that one day she would be tall enough to reach the highest branches.

Out in the park the orphans were joined by Makireti, Kasigau and Kilibasi. The three junior former orphans later escorted the babies to the mud bath where they were joined by Mutara’s group and six wild elephants. Garzi invited Mutara to a pushing game thinking that the skills he had acquired in the morning from Kenze would help him win. It wasn't the case as Garzi lost the game miserably to Mutara. What Garzi had forgotten in his calculations was that strength matters a lot in a pushing game. Kithaka engaged Lemoyian in a pushing game but their game was cut short by Kasigau who intervened by pushing the two boys away. In the evening, Yatta and Mulika’s groups arrived at the stockade and left shortly after dark when they made sure that they had drunk enough water.

Garzi requesting to play with Kenze

Kenze plays with Garzi

Chyulu with Wiva and Galla

Narok stretching her trunk high like the wild ele

Narok following Wiva




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