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The Ex Orphans reported in the morning and joined the dependent orphans to feed on lucerne; after feeding the groups parted ways. At the browsing field Sokotei started his day’s activities by scratching on nearby rocks and later soil dusted himself. Kithaka got jealous of Sokotei and so came and pushed him away from the rock he was scratching on. Vuria settled to feed with Garzi as Kauro settled to feed with Roi. Oltaiyoni paired with Tusuja as Lemoyian opted to feed under trees in order to avoid the scorching sun. At mud bath time it was all quiet without any wild elephant visiting. Due to hot the temperature the orphans all participated in the wallowing exercise in the mud bath. Soon after mud bath Sirimon and Siangiki settled to scratch against the same tree while Shukuru and Tusuja moved to scratch on another. Bomani and Kithaka settled for soil dusting as Kamok led the way back to the browsing field. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the lower Kalovoto area. 

Makena with baby Gawa

Orphans at mud bath

Sirimon and Siangiki scratching


It drizzled early before dawn making it a cool morning. The orphans settled for Lucerne without any interruptions from any outsiders. It appeared that the drizzle kept the wild elephants and former orphans away. Towards nine O’clock in the morning, the clouds cleared giving way to sun shine. The orphans didn't get bothered by the heat but continued to browse knowing that in the next one hour or so they would be at mud bath for cool a cool off. It was a quiet mud bath with no wild elephant in attendance. Soon after mud bath Shukuru and Tusuja opted for a scratching exercise while Kithaka and Lemoyian engaged each other in a pushing game. Lemoyian surrendered making Garzi take over to handle Kithaka. Lemoyian stood aside and watched the two duel as his support went to Garzi. Finally Kithaka surrendered and walked away.

In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the lower Kalovoto area and in the evening shortly before dark, the Ex Orphans in the company of twenty five wild elephants reported for water at the stockade water troughs and left after they had drunk enough water.

Orphans quietly feeding on lucerne

Tusuja scratching after mud bath

Lemoyian steeping on Kithaka

Garzi tackles Kithaka

Garzi tackles Kithaka as Lemoyian watches


The stockade compound was flooded by over one hundred elephants simply coming for water this morning. Soon after the dependent orphans were let out, the Ex Orphans joined them as the wild elephants concentrated in drinking water. Laragai had the opportunity to meet Kama though very briefly, as she is in high demand! All the attention has now been directed to Kama leaving Wiva and Gawa with hardly any! To keep herself occupied, Wiva follows Kama around most of the time. Gawa as usual keeps herself close to her strict mother. Roi and Tusuja had brief strength testing exercise that ended soon when Makena pushed both of them away.

Out in the bush, Naseku teamed up with Roi to feed while Kithaka and Barsilinga had a pushing game that ended when Kithaka surrendered. At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by the Ex Orphans again and wild elephants totalling one hundred and ten! It was like all the elephants in the world had come to mud bath. Noticeable were Half Trunk and Pembe, an elephant that was treated six days ago for an arrow wound. Pembe was looking fine and recovering well. Kama had the opportunity of her first mud bath ever since she was born three days ago. Wiva ran in trouble with Shukuru when she tried to mock charge at her. Shukuru walked towards Wiva and slapped her with her trunk, making her run to join Kama and Kinna. Laragai spent some time with Gawa as Lemoyian, Kamok, Roi and Oltaiyoni opted for a soil dusting session. In the afternoon, the sun was unbearable and the orphans took a break from feeding to relax under the trees. They only resumed browsing when it was cooler again.

Wendi and her herd arriving

Tusuja playing with Roi

Galana and Gawa

Wiva playing with Shukuru

Lemoyian soil dusting


Olare and her group joined the juniors to feed on lucerne in the morning but the two groups parted ways when they were finished. Out in the bush, Kithaka and Barsilinga started their day activities by engaging each other in a pushing game but it didn't last for long. At around nine thirty in the morning, it started getting hot, making Shukuru, Narok, Olsekki, Lemoyian and Laragai feed under the trees as they tried to avoid the scorching sun. Roi led the first group to the mud bath while Naseku led the second one. None of the wild elephants paid a visit to the mud wallow while the orphans were enjoying their cooling mud bath. Kithaka and Lemoyian were the last ones to leave the mud bath after the rest of their friends had gone back to the bush to browse. In the evening, shortly before returning back to the stockades, Kauro participated in a lone soil dusting session. Kinna and Kama with all her friends visited the stockade for water with Chyulu and Wiva being the nannies to Kama. After getting enough water, the Ex Orphans left back into the park. 

Kithaka playing with Barsilinga

Laragai hiding in the shade

Lemoyian and Kithaka in the mud bath

Chyulu, Wiva, Kama and her mother Kinna

Kinna with baby Kama


The day started slow with only the dependent orphans settling for lucerne. At seven o'clock in the morning, the day started getting busy when the Ex Orphans and wild elephants started streaming in the stockade compound. A few Ex Orphans were missing like Kinna, Chyulu, Lenana, Naserian and Loijuk which is normal as some prefer to lag behind. At around nine o'clock in the morning, Kinna was spotted in the distance with a small group and beside her was a tiny baby that was born probably the previous day, since the Ex Orphans had not turned up to the stockade! We were so excited to welcome this new addition to our Ex Orphan herd and special Ex Orphan Kinna who came to us 17 years ago as a 1 week old baby. We are so proud and excited this Ex Orphan has made another step into her wild life, by having her very own young baby. When Kinna drew closer to the stockade, she was welcomed with trumpets and bellowing from her friends. Lenana, Chyulu and Naserian gave the baby the required heavy security by being the best nannies and making sure that she was always surrounded. The funny thing was Wiva sneaking in and nursing from Kinna! Kinna allowed her but things changed later when Wiva appeared to be obsessed with Kinna’s milk. Kinna would not allow this behaviour as she had to feed her own baby and she started kicking Wiva away whenever she tried to get milk from her. Wiva had no option other than to go back to her mother.

At the browsing field, Sirimon engaged Garzi in a strength testing exercise that ended in a draw and at mud bath time, the orphans were joined by five wild bulls. The sun was really hot making all the orphans want to wallow. Sirimon enjoyed a free ride from Olsekki while still in the water while Lemoyian, whose tusk is loose and appears to be painful, tried to avoid a pushing game with Kithaka. Lemoyian understood that if his tusk comes into contact with Kithaka’s, it would really hurt and that is the main reason why Lemoyian has slowed down in playing pushing games with his friends. One day it might fall out just like Bongo’s. After mud bath, Roi went to a nearby tree stump that was the right height and used it to scratch her belly. In the evening, Kinna brought her baby again to the stockade. The little girl we named ‘Kama’ and we are so excited to see her. She was escorted by Mwende, Yetu and Wiva.

Some of the Ex orphans arriving

Some more of the Ex Orphans arriving

Lenana and Chyulu with Kama

Kinna bringing Kama to the stockade

Kama nursing from Kinna




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