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Fifteen wild bulls were drinking water at the stockade water trough when the orphans were let out in the morning. Shortly later, the Ex Orphans arrived and immediately joined the juniors in feeding on Lucerne. Gawa briefly played with Sities as Wiva tried to push Bomani. Kibo engaged Ololoo in a strength testing exercise while Kandecha played with Meibai. At the browsing field, Vuria engaged Kibo in a pushing game that he lost to shortly after. Orwa played with Kalama, a game that ended in a draw. Later, Orwa engaged Barsilinga in a pushing game that ended in a draw too. At mud bath time, the temperature was moderate and only Shukuru, Bongo and Siangiki performed a spectacular wallowing session.

On the way back to the browsing field, the orphans participated in a soil dusting exercise as Garzi and Kithaka engaged in a pushing game that ended when Kithaka opted to surrender. In the afternoon, Boromoko settled to feed with Lemoyian while Naseku settled to feed with Sokotei. Kamok found a suitable rock that she used to scratch her belly on. Olsekki spent some time reminding himself of the good old days of playing around in the Nairobi nursery when he pulled a shrub and started kicking it in all directions. Kauro took a break from feeding to engage in a soil dusting exercise.

Kibo playing with Ololoo

Meibai playing with Kandecha

Sweet little Enkikwe

Laragai and Teleki feeding

Bongo playing in the mud


Mutaraís group that consists of six members namely Suguta, Sities, Turkwel, Kainuk and Kanjoro in the company of Ex Orphan bull Rapsu, a wild orphan and two other wild elephants joined the orphans for lucerne in the morning. Soon after feeding on lucerne Mutara and her group left into the bush while Rapsu and the wild orphan followed the orphans. The wild orphan kept on feeding a distance away from the keepers as Rapsu intermingled with the juniors.

At mud bath time the wild orphan was nervous and kept on charging whenever she saw someone move. After mud bath, the orphans headed for soil bathing with the exception of Kithaka and Barsilinga who opted for a strength testing exercise. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at Kalovoto area. The senior Ex Orphans spent a considerable amount of time at the stockade compound today as they returned back to the stockade compound later in the evening, this time without Galana, her baby Gawa and other few Ex Orphans.

Vuria with Ex Orphan bull Rapsu

Vuria with Teleki

Orphans all soil dusting

Barsilinga playing with Kithaka


The senior Ex Orphans in the company of several wild elephants under the command of Yatta reported at the stockade compound early before dawn. The orphans were let out and intermingled with their seniors and the wild elephants as they settled for lucerne. It wasn't so peaceful as the Ex Orphans wanted to have all the lucerne for themselves. The orphans didn't stay for long at the stockade compound but left for browsing after briefly feeding on the lucerne.

At the browsing field, it was all quiet as the orphans concentrated mostly on browsing. Olsekki had brief game of rolling on the ground as Kithaka relaxed under a tree as the temperature rose. Shortly before mud bath time, the orphans were joined by Olareís group and at mud bath the senior Ex Orphans joined in. There was drama when four warthogs tried to access the mud bath. Bomani spotted them first and charged at them. The warthogs were adamant but it was only when Lemoyian, Narok and Sokotei joined Bomani in charging that the warthogs decided to run for their dear lives. Shortly later, ten wild bulls showed up at mud bath with one of them carrying a branch in his mouth. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse at Kanziku area and in the evening fifteen wild elephants reported for water at the stockade water trough.

Olare's group reporting in the morning

Olsekki rolling on the ground

Wendi leading the Ex Orphans

Sunyei leading the Ex Orphans

Mulika followed by Wiva and Mwende


Olare and her group appear to be compensating for the long time that they had been away, as they were yet again at the stockade compound early before the orphans were let out. Soon when the orphans were let out, Olare and her group joined them for lucerne, something they had missed all that time they had been away. Soon after the herd finished feeding, Olare and her group left while the orphans headed to Kanziku area where they settled to browse. Kithaka and Lemoyian had a strength testing exercise that went on for quite some time before they resumed browsing. At mud bath, the orphans were joined by a lone wild bull that shared water and mud bathed peacefully with them. Vuria engaged Barsilinga in a pushing game that didn't last for very long. Orwa, who rarely bathes, participated fully in the wallowing exercise. Naseku rolled on the ground soon after mud bath while Barsilinga turned on Garzi and engaged him in a play fight. In the afternoon, the sun was still hot making the orphans want to relax under the trees and resume browsing only when the temperature dropped. 

Orphans feeding on lucerne outside stockades

Olare's group and some of the juniors drinking

Barsilinga playing with Vuria

Orwa and Garzi mud bathing

Naseku playing on the ground


This morning when the juniors came out they met the Ex Orphans already in the field waiting for the lucerne. They were Mutara and Makiretiís group. They joined them to eat lucerne with Kanjoro scratching on the rocks with Lemoyian separately, while the others ate lucerne. Shukuru was also busy scratching on the rocks just before they all set off to the bush for browsing.

In the bush everyone was much busy hurrying to get as much food before mudbath time. Kamokís group of six, the most recent arrivals from the nursery, were browsing together. They met with a group of wild bulls and started interacting with them for a short time, and later Laragai led the group towards mudbath.

At mudbath, Kithaka was scratching on a tree while Garzi was busy chasing away some warthogs from the mudbath. It was a bit hot with the majority of them playing in the mud hole. Kithaka was fetching water straight from the pipe of the water browser to his mouth. Shukuru played in the mud bath and went straight to the dust bath. Bomani, Garzi and the rest were much busy rolling around in the dust. Lemoyian started kissing Kithaka and then play fighting with him! The orphans later walked back to the bush to browse.

Despite the hot and dry weather everyone was busy browsing in the afternoon. The group later came back to the mudbath to cool down their body temperature. After their afternoon mudbath they started walking slowly, heading back to the stockade. This evening we had over 60 elephants who came to drink water. Wendi, Galana, Yatta and Mulika with their babies were among them.

Naseku scratching

Shukuru and Narok mud bathing

Soil dusting time

Garzi chasing warthogs




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