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The area around the water trough was full of elephants this morning. The Ex Orphans were mixed among wild elephants too. The dependent orphans came out of their stockades and Barsilinga and Kithaka scratched their necks to remove some insects that were annoying them.The orphans then walked out to the Park whilst the wild elephants and Ex Orphans remained to drink water.
The orphans were busy browsing all morning with Shukuru apparently in a very active mood. Enkikwe and Siangiki led the group to the mudbath for their milk and after all the orphans played in the mud. Wild elephants and Ex Orphans arrived too and joined them. Kithaka started scratching on the bent tree in the mudbath. Wendi was at mud bath as well as Kinna, her baby Kama, Galana, her baby Gawa, Yatta and Mulika with their babies too. Kama was the most active baby of all and the Keepers played with her as she tried to socialise with them a bit. Wiva was trying to charge at the Keepers and Gawa was being shy and walking away. Kama was trying to scratch on the cement seat near the mud bathbut she was too short to reach it.

Back in the bush the orphans were happily browsing in a greener area which always keeps them preoccupied with feeding. However it soon became too hot for them and they were forced to pass by the mudbath again in the afternoon to cool down.They all played vigorously in the water and later came out to make their way back home in the evening for their milk.

Ex-orphans and wild elephants at mudbath




Four wild bulls and one Ex Orphan visited the stockade this morning. Half Trunk was amongst them with Zurura, the Ex Orphan. The wild bulls drank water then left leaving Zurura playing with Kamok. Lemoyian and Boromoko were busy play fighting, Boromoko was using his tusks. The orphans then walked to the bush for browsing.
In the bush they were all busy browsing. Kithaka had a scratch on a tree. The group then headed to the mud bath for their milk.

It was fun in the mud bath with wild bulls, Ex Orphans and orphans all interacting with each other. Yatta and Sidai were on the other side guarding Yetu and Chaimu. Yatta was still nursing even though she is pregnant for the second time. Galana and Kinna were also nursing Kama and Gawa. Sunyei was resting under the shade of a tree. The orphans then left for the bush to browse.
In the bush the orphans were busy browsing despite it being so dry. Later on Enkikwe led the group back home for their milk.

Back at the stockade, Wendi, Yatta and Galana were present with their babies and some wild bulls. They came to drink water then left for the bush.


Boromoko plays with Lemoyian

Wild elephants wallowing

Sunyei relaxes in the shade


Another cool morning today. We were greeted by a huge group of wild elephants who greeted the orphans warmly and started interacting at the water troughs. Later, Wendi, Yatta and Mulika arrived with their babies. Wiva was running around full of joy. Later the orphans walked to the bush to browse, leaving the Ex Orphans and wild elephants behind at the water trough.

In the bush everyone was busy browsing, trying to reach any fresh vegetation they could find. Sokotei was lifting himself high to reach the greener vegetation in the tree. Garzi and Kithaka were scratching on a rock and Enkikwe was sniffing around the same rock. Boromoko and Sokotei were having a chat together. Later on Enkikwe led the group to the mud bath for their milk.
It was a lot of fun at the mud bath with the wild bulls and Ex Orphans playing with a buffalo.

They were playing and kissing each other. Kinna and her baby were also present. Shukuru was scratching her back on a tree. The orphans later walked out and headed to the bush to browse leaving the Ex Orphans and wild elephants still playing in the mud bath.

In the bush everyone was busy browsing except for Garzi who was looking for Vuria who he had been close to all morning. He seems to be ready to join his wild friends after weaning together with Kithaka and Barsilinga.
Back in the stockade, we were joined by a big group of wild bulls who came to visit and drink water. They finally walked back to the bush in the evening.

Wild elephant with Olare

Sirimon and Siangiki have a tender moment

Half Trunk with a friend


A quiet morning today with the orphans walking down from their bedrooms after their breakfast. Bongo the Ex Orphans greeted them peacefully and joined them at the water trough. Naseku was scratching her trunk on the wall. Despite the absence of lucerne, they walked to the lucerne feeding area to check; finding nothing they walked away to the bush for browsing.
Out in the Park, they were all busy browsing with Wanjala scooping and tossing chunks of soil in the air and some on his head. Bomani, Orwa and Vuria later joined them in the bush. Everyone was busy to searching of food. Roi later led the way to the mudbath.

At mudbath the Ex Orphans and wild elephants all interacted together. Naseku was playing and rolling on the ground with Roi, Galla and Wanjala, enjoying the mud bath. We had Wendi, Galana and Kinna with their babies visiting. Baby Kama was seen enjoying a good scratch on the visitorís cement seat. We also had big, magnificent, wild elephants playing in the mudbath. Oltayoni was scratching her back right leg after playing in the mudbath. It was so much fun and an enjoyable session for all.

Shukuru was scratching on a tree after a long game in the mudbath. The orphans, led by Siangiki, walked back to the bush for browsing with Kinna and Kama leading the Ex Orphans.

In the bush, everyone was busy browsing. Kithaka was busy throwing soil chunks in the air and later Kamok led the group back home for their milk again in the evening.
Back at the stockade, wild bulls visited in search of water. Narok's and Makiretiís group also came and joined them with Kilaguni and Chaimu. They all looked happy and healthy.

Kalama and Barsilinga at the water trough

Early morning games between Kithaka and Sirimon

Soil dusting time for the Orphans


Galla left the stockade with a branch in his mouth that he enjoyed feeding on since there was no lucerne for breakfast this morning. Boromoko saw how Galla was enjoying the branch and decided to try and take it for himself while pretending to have a light strength testing exercise with him. The moment they entwined their trunks, Boromoko pulled the branch from Galla's mouth and left smiling, leaving Galla regretting why he had accepted to participate in the strength testing game. Kithaka played with Sirimon as Lemoyian tackled Barsilinga. Later Boromoko settled scores with Lemoyian while Barsilinga moved to play with Kalama.

Out in the bush Garzi settled to feed with Lemoyian as Boromoko took time off to roll on the ground. Gawa and Galana paid a visit to the orphans where baby Gawa played with Naseku and later took a nap while surrounded by Oltaiyoni, Roi and Naseku.

At mud bath time, the orphans were joined by thirty five wild elephants and several Ex Orphans and when the mud bath was over, Ukame led the orphans back to the browsing field. We were happy to see Limpy at mud bath today, a wild bull that we treated for a nasty snare wound last year and that has healed nicely. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in the Kanziku area up to five o'clock in the evening, when Ukame again led the first group back to the stockade.

Boromoko with a branch in his mouth

Garzi and Lemoyian browse together

Ukame leading the orphans




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