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Mutara arrived early at the stockade compound and stood at the exit point where the orphans come out. Mutara exchanged morning greetings with some of the orphans before leading them to the bush. For a second day running, Enkikwe was determined to follow his friends to enjoy their company. After having treating her tail Siangiki also followed her friends out with Olsekki acting as her body guard. The orphans had a quiet morning as they only concentrated on browsing. On the way to the mud bath the dependent orphans were joined by the senior ex-orphans. Boromoko, who we thought was with this group, was missing and we wondered where he could be. He has an independent mind and left with the senior ex-orphans at the beginning of the rainy season. Only time will tell where he is and we hope in the meantime he is with some wild bulls. In the meantime all we can do is keep an eye open for him and ask the rangers on patrol to look for him too.

The ex-orphans had a spectacular wallowing session which saw Enkikwe jump into the water as well. He swam as if he had no injury at all and probably compensated for the many days he had gone without mud bathing. After mud bath, there was a tug of war between the ex-orphans and the keepers as the senior ex-orphans wanted to snatch Sapalan, Oltaiyoni, Namalok, karisa, Kithaka, Sirimon, Barsilinga and Garzi. The keepers managed to get Sapalan, Oltaiyoni, Namalok and Karisa back while the senior ex-orphans managed to go with Kithaka, Sirimon, Barsilinga and Garzi. Later in the evening, the four boys withdrew from the senior ex-orphans and came back to the stockade.

Siangiki and Olsekki

Ex orphans coming for the mudbath



Mutara and her group joined the orphans early in the morning and escorted the juniors to the browsing field. Garzi had a brief strength testing exercise with Kanjoro while Maramoja settled to browse with Mutara as she seemed to like to spend time with this older female and learn from her. Shortly later, Maramoja walked away, seemingly content as she was swaying her head and trunk. As usual, Barsilinga, Garzi and Sirimon split from the rest of the herd and left to browse a short distance away. Kauro and Dupotto scratched against nearby trees while Mutara decided to have fun by rolling on the ground. Her game attracted Lemoyian, Karisa, Namalok, Kithaka and Pare who joined her in rolling on the ground. Tusuja teamed up with Kainuk in an effort to learn some new pushing tactics. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse and returned back to the safely of the stockade at five o'clock in the evening.

At around six o'clock in the evening, some of Olareís group showed up at the stockade after being away for a long time. Those who showed up were Melia, Tumaren, Kibo, Kandecha, Kitirua, Kalama, Chemi Chemi and Kilaguni who belong to Chaimuís group. Narokís group is suspected to be with Siangiki and Olsekki who still havenít shown up.

Kanjoro playing with Garzi

Sirimon by the side of the road

Kainuk playing with Tusuja


When the gates opened, Lemoyian led the way out without taking his milk while Laragai tasted it then spat it out and left. Only Kithaka accepted to take the milk after he and his group were taken back to the stockade for the night following the attack and killing of one of their own by lions. Maramoja, who is the youngest female, teamed up with the older girls Kamok, Roi and Naseku and seemed to be listening to their stories.

Barsilinga, Sirimon and Lemoyian who had been used to doing whatever they wanted for some weeks, found it very difficult to follow the keepers instructions and kept distancing themselves from the rest of the group. At mud bath time it wasnít very hot and the orphans only had their milk then returned back to the browsing field. In the afternoon the orphans settled to browse and Namalok and Sapalan decided to sneak away from the keepers. Upon realizing the two were missing, the keepers started searching and found them browsing a short distance away. When the keepers tried to call them, Sapalan and Namalok realized that their plan had backfired and tried to escape from the keepers. At last the keepers managed to bring them under control and they followed them back to the stockade.

Lemoyian busy browsing

Roi, Naseku, Kamook and Maramoja browsing

Kithaka in the fields


Mutaraís group and Laragai, Barsilinga, Kithaka, Garzi and Sirimon showed up in the morning. The group briefly settled for lucerne as they shared their night experiences. Kithaka and Lemoyian were showing a lot of interest in sticking close to the juniors and also the keepers; a behaviour which we are not used to seeing in them. They were very restless and apprehensive and we wondered what was wrong. Olsekki, Boromoko, Sokotei and Siangiki were missing from their group, but we suspect they are with Narok and Orwa. Enkikwe, who is on the road to recovery, joined the juniors and the ex-orphans outside and was welcomed by Suguta, Turkwel, and Kainuk who checked on his progress and left shortly after they were satisfied he was doing okay. Pare and Namalok waited in turns as they used one rock to scratch their bellies. Kanjoro had a light strength testing exercise with Garzi.

At around seven o'clock in the morning the day turned tragic when the decomposing body of Sokotei was found almost 2km south west of stockade. Sokotei was fleeing from lions that have become a threat to the existence of the young ex-orphans. Sokotei was fleeing back to the stockade for help and it appears Kithaka witnessed the incident since he is very frightened and is sticking close to the elephants and the keepers.

Mutara and her group appeared to have had a hint of what happened since they stayed with the juniors the whole day and gave comfort to Kithaka, Lemoyian, Barsilinga and Sirimon for losing one of their group members to lions. In the afternoon, the orphans settled to browse in Kanziku area and in the evening Kithaka was leading to make sure they spent the night in the stockade too; the stockade that he and his friends had decided to leave of their own will just a few months ago.

Barsilinga and Lemoyian

Mutara walking to the dependent orphans

Ex orphan Kanjoro


This morning the ex-orphans in Laragaiís herd visited the stockades in the early morning and waited outside. The orphans had their milk and came out to join them and then they all walked to the bush to browse. Tusuja and Ukame browsed separately from others. The orphans enjoyed the companionship from the older ex-orphans. Namalok, Pare and Wanjala browsed together and then the group walked towards some water to drink. Pare scratched his belly while Dupotto scratched her bottom. Kithaka and Laragai were rumbling between each other as they browsed together. Narokís herd then came and joined them too. Naseku was scratching on Dupotto's neck while Bomani was tossing chunks of soil on his back. Roi was playing by rolling on the ground.

It was a very hot today and all the orphans decided to go into the mud bath after their milk today. Ukame and Galla were climbing on Naseku and Tusuja respectively. The orphans enjoyed their swim then all came out at once to go back to browsing. Kamok rolled on the ground after her mud bath while Karisa browsed away from the others. Later on the orphans walked back home in the evening still with Laragai's group. We were also visited by one wild bull this evening. He came to drink water and then left.

Namalok, Pare and Wanjala

Elephants walk to a different place to browse

Dupotto scratching her bottom

Kithaka and Laragai talking together




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