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Today was a very sad day in the Nursery, because we lost little Kudup who had been ill for some time. We could not find out what was wrong with her. In the afternoon the Vet came to do an autopsy, but found that all the major organs were healthy. Tissue samples were taken and will be sent to South Africa for further analysis. 

Rest in peace Kudup

Olare mothering Kainuk


There was a light drizzle of rain this morning, so the small babies such as Naipoki and Kainuk were not allowed out with the Older Group and nor was ailing Kudup. Naipoki was very restless so we brought Mutara back to be in with her and calm her down until the rain stopped and she could be let out to join the others. 

Naipoki with the keepers

Mutara biting down on Kudup's raincoat


Olare senses that Kudup is sick and comes to her stable every morning to give her comfort and hope. The Keepers also do all they can to comfort her, rubbing her behind her ears, which she seems to enjoy. However, her condition is worsening day by day and everyone is at a loss as to what can be done to help her. 

Olare gets attention from a keeper

Kudup having her milk


Kudupís condition is deteriorating despite having been on homeopathic drugs. The fluid swellings on her legs and abdomen are getting more pronounced and none of the Vets are able to identify the problem despite sending blood samples to different laboratories which initially showed a while blood cell count. Most believe that a major organ such as the heart is defective. Now, we have stopped all medication, because all the medication and injections she has received have not helped and merely distress her further. No one knows what to do now and believe that it is in the lap of the Gods because only God can save her now.  

Sweet little Kudup

Chemi Chemi checks on Kudup


Kudup has taken a turn for the worse again, now refusing some of her milk feeds and not lying down at night to sleep with swelling on her legs and abdomen. The Keepers keep her away from the mudbath now, something that she does not like, but which the Keepers feel is necessary due to her poor health. 

Kudup with her blanket

Kibo browsing




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