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This morning after the 9am milk bottle feed, lovely Kiasa happily came out of her stockade for the first time and was warmly welcomed by some of the other orphans like Godoma, Maramoja, Tagwa, Malkia, Esampu and Tamiyoi and Malima as well. All the girls were milling around Kiasa all trying to get as close as possible to touch and pat the new little girl. Kiasa walked out with them to the bush, sandwiched between the lovely caring and protective girls. The leader of the herd, Mbegu, could hardly get close, though at one stage she did come over and check on the little girl before she went back to browsing. Still, boys will be boys and when the herd has settled out in the forest Ngilai and Lasayen tried to chase poor Kiasa and climb on her, but they were not able to achieve their goal as the keepers kept a close eye on her and so did the other protective girls in the group. Both were very quickly warned and when Ngiali spent a few minutes browsing next to Kiasa he was quickly pushed away by Maramoja, Godoma and Malkia who drove him away far off into the bushes. Kiasa was very well behaved during the public visit and remained tucked between Godoma, Kuishi, Tamiyoi and Malima throughout. 

Godoma browsing but keeping an eye on Kiasa

Kiasa browses as the girls watch on

Jotto finds some soft green grass


The orphans were evidently in a playful and happy mood this morning as they were all seen running about in the bushes, trumpeting and expressing their full joy at the beginning of a new day with lots of nice green things to eat. This mostly involved the little ones like Sattao, Musiara, Tamiyoi, Malima, Jotto, Ambo, Malkia, Tagwa, Godoma, Kuishi, Maisha, Emoli and some of the older ones like playful Ngilai, Pare, Ndotto, Lasayen, Murit and even poor Luggard! Even he was managing to play and stamp around in the bushes despite his broken leg; he doesnít like anything to hold him back! The oldest female and matriarch Mbegu was kept very busy running amongst all the hyper babies making sure they were okay and checking that they were all playing safely. At last all the activity grew too much for Mbegu and she blew a huge loud trumpet which made everyone stop dead in their tracks. There was silence before, unfortunately for Mbegu, the games started again!

Normally this kind of hyper activity is a sign to the keepers that an elephant will be rescued that day and sure enough, just after 1pm a new orphan arrived on the DSWT helicopter from Tsavo, having been spotted on its own without its mother or any other family members but walking alongside two big elephant bulls. She is a young female, about 8 months old, and is in average health condition and responded well to the milk formula. We have named her Kiasa after the area she was found.

Happy Sattao

Rapa in a very playful mood

Lasayen running with Sagala

Mbegu happily dusting


The day began as usual with the orphans walking out to the forest with their keepers. As they moved deeper into the forest Godoma, Sana Sana, Kuishi and Emoli went slightly off course but they didnít know that buffalos were grazing behind the bushes. When Godoma saw the buffalos she raised the alarm, which drew the attention of the other orphans; there was a lot of trumpeting and bush bashing as the four ran for safety to where the rest of the orphans and the keepers were. Malkia and Godoma ran behind Emoli, trying to protect the little one who was desperately trying to keep up with Kuishi. He cried out which Mbegu heard and in her capacity as the Nursery Matriarch it was her duty to investigate. She ran over in the direction of the cry for help with her ears raised and trumpeting very loudly. Kauro and Ngilai also joined her. Upon seeing Mbegu run through the buses, the buffalos decided to run for safety but she, Ndotto, Malima, Malkia, Godoma and others pursued them to make sure they were really gone. The keepers ran to keep up with the orphans as they crashed through the bushes and stamped around. After some time they managed to restore peace and quiet amongst the babies, although Sagalla and Sapalan took awhile longer to settle.  

Godoma walking into the forest

Emoli walking out

Esampu, Musiara and Godoma

Ndotto climbing on his friends


Although it was cloudy and cold this morning, the babies seemed to be in a good mood. They were having fun and engaged in play fights, as others dusted themselves and rolled on the ground. Ndotto was squaring up to Kauro despite Kauroís much longer tusks and bigger size; this didnít seem to faze Ndotto and he bravely tackled Kauro, pushing him against trees. Ndottoís best friend Lasayen joined in the game, obviously trying to assist him in overpowering their bigger friend. As their game gained momentum, Murit jumped in to push Lasayen in order to help Kauro against the two boys. This prompted Ndotto to turn towards him with his ears raised and his trunk pointed, forcing poor Murit to retreat and back out of the game.

In excitement, Kauro pulled down a big branch from a tree and as the leaves fell, Luggard rushed in to have a share, but Kauro blocked him. At the same time Kuishi, Pare, Sapalan, Maisha, Maramoja, Emoli and Sagalla were busy dusting themselves with soil. Mbegu was far away browsing with her babies Ambo, Maktao and Musiara, as Malkia, Sattao and Malima, who didnít show any interest in either playing or browsing, chose to relax instead. Their rest did not last long because it was interrupted by a warthog that came running out of the nearby bushes. The ever-playful Ngilai was busy in the middle of the keepers, touching each one of them with his trunk. Although they kept walking away from him, he kept following them and at last lay down in the midst of them, kicking up a lot of dust which made the keepers eventually walk away from him again!

Kauro on a dusting pile

Ndotto on the dusting pile

Murit browsing on a small shrub

Lasayen going to play


It was a chilly, rainy morning but all the orphans were in a playful mood; the majority of them were seen playfully enjoying the stream and puddles as the rain poured down all morning. Youngsters like Tamiyoi, Malima, Esampu, Jotto, Ambo, Kuishi and Malkia were playing in the running streams which they splashed in with their front legs. They charged and trumpeted around in excitement as they seemed to celebrate the start of the rains. Since they spent the whole morning bathing in these different spots, they had no interest in the mud bath at the public visiting time and preferred to browse on the greens provided there instead. Kiangazi and Kigeria have not shown any improvement and are still on a drip.  

It was a chilly morning

Orphans walking out with their keepers

Kuishi chewing a root next to a stream

Enkesha playing in a puddle




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