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Kuishi was very naughty today at the public visit which is out of character for her. After all the groups had downed their milk bottles and dispersed to feed on the Lucerne pellets, Kuishi started being quite the bully. She ran from one pile of pellets to another picking a small amount from each then moving on to the next one. She seemed to target the piles that other orphans were enjoying and pushed them out of the away. At one point she head butted little Tamiyoi so hard she fell on her hindquarters in the mud pool. Poor Tamiyoi had a hard time trying to exit the mud bath and when she finally got out she avoided Kuishi who was being driven away from the pellets by the keepers as punishment for her behaviour. Kuishi then kept herself busy by chasing the warthogs that were at the mud wallow also looking to feed on the lucerne pellets.  

Kuishi looking for Warthongs to chase

Tamiyoi sucking her trunk

Wanjala and Ndiwa browsing


The new orphan spent the entire night on IV drips having arrived in a completely collapsed state and obviously dehydrated to such an extent she was almost unconscious. The IV drips worked wonders on the young girl though and by the middle of the night she had gained enough energy to stand on her own four feet and then even better than that, she managed to drink some milk formula as well. The next day she looked even better and was feeding on greens. When the other orphans came out of their pens, it was funny to watch Kuishi, Malkia, Maramoja and Mbegu all milling around the new babies stable; Kuishi and Malkia kept yelling out as they wanted to meet the new little one; but she is not yet strong enough and the keepers began to walk out to the forest so they had to follow. Kuishi and Malkia remained quite restless in the forest though and they kept trying to sneak back to the compound to see if they could meet the new one. They yelled out again in protest but soon settled down to browse with the others as the keepers moved deeper into the forest. We called the new girl Maisha. 

Kuishi wallowing

Malkia in the forest

Maramoja wall games at mud-bath

Mbegu with a friend


Today it was the first group of orphans turn to tussle with the resident warthogs over their lucerne pellets during the public visiting time. Little Musiara, Sattao and Maktao were chasing after the warthogs babies that had accompanied their mothers to eat lucerne pellets. These three little boys kept themselves busy chasing the young warthogs around the mud wallow and taking sharp turns, but at one point Musiara miscalculated his turn and fell over! He fell over and yelled which brought Godoma, Kuishi, Tamiyoi and Malima running over kicking up a cloud of dust as they found the warthogs close to where Musiara had just fallen over. Tamiyoi and Malima checked him over as Godoma and Kuishi drove the warthogs away from the area. Sattao and Maktao had also got a fright when Musiara fell over and did not want to chase the baby warthogs any more but they stood next to their keepers instead.  

Musiara relaxing

Kauro and Malkia behind with Musiara

Sattao with Malkia


During the public visit today after the first group of orphans had finished their milk bottles it was quite funny watching Kuishi who was in a very playful mood and was down on her knees pushing the plastic water trough with her head and trying to spill all the water out. The keepers cautioned her and she is a clever elephant so she listened to them and walked away, but after a few minutes she walked back to the water trough as this mission was obviously firmly on her mind, and this time he was accompanied by the naughty Esampu. They both got down on their knees and before the keepers could do anything they quickly tipped over the water trough spilling the water everywhere. They happily pushed and kicked the water trough around in a fun new game they had invented. Their game came to an end though when Kuishi kicked the trough so hard it rolled into the mud pool. Kuishi tried to pull it out with her trunk but it rolled further away into the mud, making it harder for her to retrieve it. The playful Kuishi conceded defeat as she stood on the edge of the mud pool and trumpeted as she watched the water trough float around on the surface of the muddy water, out of reach.  

Kuishi was in a very playful mood

Kuishi being so naughty!

Esampu joined in the fun and games


This morning whilst the orphans were busy browsing in the forest, it was very funny to watch Ngilai rustling about in a bush he had been browsing on and then a huge butterfly moth flew out causing him to back away quickly before going back to inspect the bush again. He had his ears held high as he followed the moth which danced above the bush in the air trying to settle back down to the place it had been resting. Ngilai tried to catch the moth in his trunk but it kept challenging by flying up again, which made him lose his temper and start to trumpet and charge around in frustration. This earned the interest of Mteto and Kuishi who joined him in trumpeting and stamping around in the bushes, which meant the moth flew up into a tree for refuge to get away from the feisty elephant babies.

In the afternoon we rescued a young male elephant baby from the Tsavo Conservation Area who was very skinny and had obviously been without its mother for some days.

Ngilai was being very funny

Ngilai having lots of fun

Kuishi stamped around with Ngilai




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