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Oltaiyoni accepted milk eagerly during the night, and unlike Rorogoi was sufficiently friendly towards her human Keepers by the morning to be allowed out to join the other orphans, having only come in yesterday afternoon. As usual the little boys – Lemoyian, Barsilinga, and Kithaka tried their luck to demonstrate superiority, but were put in line by the Big girls. Oltaiyoni behaved impeccably during the Public Viewing mudbath hour, and again at the Private Viewing slot at 3 p.m., hiding in amongst the older Elephants, outspread ears the only sign of slight disquiet. She is a lovely little girl!

Poor ailing Kwale took a turn for the worse today, refusing his milk feeds. He was returned to his stable and put on Life Support and received intravenous elephant Plasma, since his blood platelet count was low.

Oltaiyoni being looked after


Barsilinga and Lemoyian play in the mud


Much to everyone’s relief Solio showed up today, as usual enjoying the usual sparring match with Maxwell, who was overjoyed to have her company again. She also enjoyed a good Lucerne feed back in her old Stockade before departing again. Poor Kwale’s condition continues to deteriorate. He has now developed a swelling under his chin. The symptoms that mark his ill health mirrors that of other orphans in the past, some having recovered, but others such as Tano, whom we have lost. 



Narok peeks out from behind a tree


Suswa tends to spend a lot of time away from the main group sometimes accompanied by Kwale. This is not unusual for newcomers who are grieving the loss of their elephant family. Solio has not been seen for several days but we are confident that she is safe. 

Suswa enjoys the mudbath

Kwale enjoys some greens

Orwa comes in from the bush


At 11 a.m. we were alerted that another rescue was on the cards, this time of a lone orphan at Kinango near Kwale at the Coast. The calf, estimated to be just over a year old was rescued by the Voi Elephant Keepers near Rorogoi village and driven to the Voi Stockades before later being flown to the Nursery where it arrived at 8 p.m. It was a female, who has been named ”Rorogoi”. 


Bomani at the public visiting time

Vuria sucks her trunk


Just as the orphans were emerging from their Night Quarters, Solio appeared again to greet Maxwell and her human family. As she entered her Stockade, Max was ready and waiting to spar through the separating poles as usual. She remained with Max until 11 a.m. when she took her leave again, having enjoyed her handouts. Poor Kwale was again looking dull, with his Minders at a loss as to what to do to help him. He was given a Vitamin K and Introvit injection. 


Kwale comes out of the mud




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