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This morning the orphans enjoyed their lucerne cubes without the presence of Ex Orphans. Galla and Olsekki started play fighting while Kamok scratched her bottom. After the cubes, the orphans walked into the bush for browsing.

All the orphans were browsing while Barsilinga browsed and scratched his legs at the same time. Dupotto and Oltaiyoni were busy browsing separately in the bush as they all searched for fresh leaves after some light rain. The group later walked towards the mud bath for their milk. More independent orphans like Barsilinga, Laragai, Kithaka and Garzi stayed behind with a reluctant Karisa as well joining their group; he had already experienced life in the wild and thought that he did not have to go for his milk either. It was not a very hot day as the clouds still lingered in the sky, so the orphans just had their milk, drank some water and then wandered back into the bush.
Lemoyian started play fighting with Sokotei while Kithaka stretched high to reach the fresh green leaves. Lemoyian and Galla were hiding under some shade as they thought it was too hot. Later on, Galla and Barsilinga went to browse together and Mutara's group of Ex Orphans joined them. Ex Orphan Turkwel greeted Siangiki and later the two groups walked back home in the evening. Mutara’s group hung around the stockade for awhile and later walked back to the bush.


Mutara’s group of Ex Orphans visited the orphans again in the morning to share lucerne with them. Between the Ex Orphans and the dependent, they made sure all the lucerne cubes were collected up between them.

The orphans were all very busy browsing with Garzi and Kithaka browsing high in the trees for the little green leaves. Lemoyian on the other side was scratching on a rock. Other elephants were spread out throughout the bush to browse. Olsekki and Sirimon browsed together while Karisa walked here and there in search of fresh leaves. Ukame looked tired and rested her head on a tree. Dupotto later led the group to mud bath.

The orphans had their milk but did not go in the mud bath. Instead they came across a small water pool from the rain which was a bit warmer, and started playing in it. After, they were all busy browsing again with all of the orphans concentrating on filling their stomachs. Later they found another small pool of rain water and some started playing in it. Later they walked back home in the evening for their milk; Barsilinga, Kithaka, Garzi and Laragai were reluctant to walk at the same pace as others while heading home as they have been weaned off their milk.

Back in the stockade, we had all the Ex Orphans from Yatta’s herd and their babies, except Nasalot and her baby Nusu. They visited the stockade, drank water and hung around for a little while before going back into the Park. There was no rain today.


The Ex Orphans from Mutara's group came in the morning to visit. The orphans had finished up with their milk and walked out to enjoy eating their lucerne cubes. The orphans later walked to the bush to browse, leaving the Ex Orphans behind to clear up the cubes.

The orphans were busy browsing in the bush with Karisa and Tusuja enjoying the cold morning. Shukuru was more active and was walking here and there. They came across a small water pool and started playing in it. Enkikwe was splashing water on his back and as he did so it reached all the way back to his friend Boromoko who was standing behind him. Ukame and Sirimon were resting under a tree. Occasionally Sokotei would raise his trunk up to reach the green leaves in the tree. Later on the group walked towards the mud bath.

It was still not very warm at this point but the orphans decided to try the mud hole and swam from one side to the other. The whole group really enjoyed the swimming with Shukuru and Dupotto not being left out. Ukame struggled to get out the wrong side which was very steep and she was unable to get out at first. Boromoko later led the group back out to the bush. Once there we enjoyed watching a play fight between Olsekki and Enkikwe. Enkikwe was being really funny as he was jumping high in the air and fighting almost like a fighting goat. They went on for a dust bath before going back to the bush.

Back in the bush, all the orphans looked happy and active as they browsed. It was quite hot by this stage and they came across a small mud bath and started playing in it. Shukuru was very active and rolled around in the water several times. Laragai led them back home in the evening.


After the rain last night it was a quiet morning this morning. The orphans are very happy about the weather and are so playful and active. They came straight to the lucerne feeding area after their milk and started feasting straight away. After they were done they all walked out to the bush to browse. Lemoyian and Laragai were climbing on top of the rock in search of fresh vegetation. It was very cool and all the orphans were feeding comfortably in the weather. Kithaka came across a small mud pool all to himself and was busy enjoying it. His other friends, led by Naseku, were playing on the ground as they rolled in the soil. The group later walked towards mud bath for their milk.

As it was so cool no one bothered to play in the mud bath. Some walked to the water trough, drank some water and then walked straight back out to browse. It was cool with a slight wind, which made the orphans not want to play. As they were browsing it began drizzling again and later they made their way back to the stockades in the evening for their milk. Today we recorded only 5mm of rain. It’s cold and wet and no Ex Orphans or wild elephants appeared at the stockade or mud bath today.


After leaving the stockade early in the morning, the orphans were joined by Rapsu to feed on lucerne as six bulls kept themselves busy drinking water at the stockade water troughs. Shortly later, one of the wild bulls joined the juniors for some lucerne. When the orphans were through with the lucerne, Shukuru led the way out followed by Kithaka as the rest of the herd followed behind. The weather was cool following light showers overnight. Lemoyian and Kithaka had a warm up exercise by pushing each other. Sokotei tackled Enkikwe, a game that didn't last for long as Kithaka withdrew playing with Lemoyian and came to disrupt their game by attempting to ride on Enkikwe. The no nonsense and quiet Siangiki spent some time scratching her belly on a fallen tree. Siangiki is both feared and respected by the other junior boys as she can hold her own in their company. Like Laragai, who is very quick in action and stings like a bee whenever she is fighting the boys, Siangiki is very brave.

Later Sokotei gauged his strength by engaging Garzi in a pushing game that soon ended when Sokotei surrendered. At eleven o'clock in the morning, Oltaiyoni, the most disciplined orphan when it comes to milk feeding, stood to the side waiting for her friends to finish their milk before stepping forward for hers. Unlike the other orphans who can't wait in line when it comes to milk, Oltaiyoni always waits for the area to clear and the keeper to signal before stepping forward for her bottle. Five bulls attended the mud bath as the orphans drank their milk and then some water before going back out to browse. In the afternoon, Kithaka played with Barsilinga while Boromoko played with Tusuja.

Ex Orphan Rapsu

Siangiki scratching

Garzi playing with Sokotei

Orphans wallowing




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