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This morning Karisa left the stockade with a branch in his mouth and the independent Sapalan wasn't left out either as he also left the stockade carrying some branches with him. Shortly later, Mutara led the entire group to the browsing field. At around eight thirty in morning, Nasalot, her baby Nusu, Bongo, Galana, her baby Gawa, Lenana, Loijuk and Teleki visited the stockade before heading to join the juniors who were out in the bush browsing. Maramoja decided to take a break from feeding to play with Nusu and Gawa. In the evening, Laragai and her group once again returned back to the stockades as the lions were still in the area. Thirty wild bulls reported for water at the stockade water troughs and left after dark when they had drunk enough water.  

Nasalot and her group


Kauro, Galla and Garzi


Sapalan, Roi and Karisa left the stockade with branches in their mouths and were careful not to lose them to their seniors who were waiting out in the compound. Yatta, Olare and Mutara;’s herds in the company of six wild bulls had come to join the orphans for lucerne. Little wild born baby Siku was limping and appears to have sprains in her left hind leg. Namalok greeted Siku and sympathized with her, perhaps wondering what caused her the injury. Baby Wiva was in fine spirits however, and threatened to push dependent orphan Roi by charging at her. Roi didn't like the little one disrespecting her, and decided to teach Wiva a lesson by pushing her away. Wiva left unhappy but there was nothing she could do other than walk towards Naseku for comfort.

Later, the orphans left to Kone area where Galla and Karisa enjoyed a lengthy wrestling match. At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and none of the orphans wanted to step even one foot into the waterhole. Instead they had their milk and then went to the water trough for some water, before going to the pile of soil to dust themselves. In the afternoon, Tusuja and Galla warmed themselves up by playing a pushing game. Laragai and her rebel group who left in the morning with Yatta’s herd reported back to the stockade early before five o'clock in the evening. They are fearful of the lions around and like to be in the compound at night, but they are being tempted back by the offer of some delicious milk as well as we want to shut them up for the night with the others.

Galla playing with Karisa

Siku and Ithumbah

Wiva playing with Roi


Early before dawn the lions were roaring close to the stockade compound. We had not heard them for some time. At six o'clock in the morning, Mutara and Olare’s groups showed up and waited outside for the juniors to come out, probably to escort them out to the forest because they had heard the lions and they wanted the juniors to be accompanied by a mature herd. Karisa came out of the stockade with a branch in his mouth but he met with Kainuk who forcefully took the branch away from him. Karisa had to reluctantly let it go, since he didn't have the ability to fight Kainuk. Galla and Wanjala, who both have folded ears, settled for a strength testing exercise that didn't last for long since Kanjoro happened to pass by and push the two boys away. Turkwel had a brief chat with Sirimon while Esampu settled for a scratching exercise on the nearby rocks.

At mud bath time, the weather was chilly and the orphans just waded through the water, choosing not to swim, and instead they went to dust themselves in the loose red soil. In the afternoon, they settled to browse in the Kanziku area in the company of Olare and Mutara’s groups. It appears that Laragai and her group took the warning given in the morning seriously as they dodged the Keepers and went back to the stockade early before five o'clock in the evening. At five o'clock in the evening the rest of the group returned back to the stockade and then Laragai and her group were allowed into the stockades for the evening as well. One Tusk, one of the biggest wild elephants we have in the Ithumba area, reported for water and later left after drinking to his satisfaction.


Turkwel and Sirimon

One Tusk


It was a busy morning at the stockades as we had a big group of elephants including Nasalot, Wendi, Yatta, Olare, Mutara and Orwa’s herds, plus some wild elephants. They all visited and wanted to share the lucerne supplements too. Nasalot was with Nusu, Yatta with her babies Yetu and Yoyo, Sunyei with Siku, Kinna with Kama, Mulika with Mwende and Wendi with her baby Wiva. Only Galana and Gawa were not present. It was so lovely to watch all the orphans and graduate orphans interacting with the wild elephants and watching some of them playing together. Babies Yoyo and Kama were trying to climb on Kainuk when she was lying on the ground resting. The orphans didn't have time to feed on the lucerne, and they walked straight out to the bush to browse. Rapa and Dupotto browsed together while Karisa was scratching behind his ears on a tree. Oltaiyoni was scratching her bottom as she played with her trunk. Later the group walked to the mud bath for their noon milk bottles.

Wendi and Nasalot’s herds also arrived at mud bath with their babies. They mingled with Mutara’s group as the younger dependent orphans respected their space and stayed away. Some of the graduate orphans walked in to play in the mud hole, including Nasalot with baby Nusu. Nusu was playing in the water as Nasalot watched him. When the graduate orphans arrived, the juniors decided to walk back out to the bush to browse. Namalok was scared of the monkeys playing around him. New arrivals Esampu, Mteto and Mundusi were very active; Esampu kept trying to take the lead of the whole group, taking them in different directions to browse. Later on the dependent orphans walked back home in the evening for their milk.

Mutara's group with Kainuk, Turkwel, Sities, Kanjoro, Kilaguni, Vuria, Bomani and Orwa also came to drink water and later they walked out again. Laragai's herd then arrived and they were locked into their stockades as well.

Nasalot and Nusu

Sunyei and Siku

Zurura feeding on Lucerne


The dependent orphans came out of their stockades this morning and went to feed on the lucerne supplements. Nasalot’s herd then came in with baby Nusu among them. They were also accompanied by Olare’ herd including Kitirua, Naisula, Tumaren, Kibo, Kandecha, Kilaguni and Chaimu. They all interacted in the lucerne feeding area and followed the dependent orphans out to the bush when they were done feeding on the lucerne as well. Kitirua and Kandecha were looking after baby Nusu.

The same herd of graduate orphans tried to follow the dependent orphans as if they wanted to browse with them, but the juniors walked to the top of the hill leaving them behind. The graduate orphans chose to browse at the bottom of the hill instead, with Bongo browsing with baby Nusu trying to show him the nice fresh grass that was good to eat. The herd was very busy browsing except for Orwa who was playing and scratching his trunk on a tree.

In the dependent orphan group we watched Olsekki and Siangiki browsing together and remarked how these two hate to be separated. They were browsing and communicating all morning, putting their trunks into each other’s mouths and just generally keeping each other company. Later the dependent orphans walked to the mud bath to have their milk bottles and have some water.

Olare’s graduate orphan herd arrived at the water hole too. The orphans had their milk and decided to go for a swim in the water hole. Graduate orphan Murka joined in too and was really enjoying the swimming, which prompted the others Tumaren, Olare, Kilaguni Ololoo and Chaimu to swim too. A wild bull also visited but he only had some water from the water trough and then walked away again. The orphans came out of the water and walked to the dust bath to coat themselves in loose soil, before walking out to browse.

Everyone concentrated on browsing in the afternoon with new babies Esampu, Mundusi and Mteto actively browsing together. Sapalan still seems to enjoy browsing on his own separate from the others. Graduate orphans Orwa, Bomani and Bongo joined the dependent orphans and later walked back with them to the stockades in the evening. Esampu, the new little leader at the Ithumba Unit despite only just arriving, led the group home for their milk bottles and to go to bed. Laragai's herd turned up in the evening as well, and were locked in for the night in their old stockade.

Bongo browsing with Nusu

Siangiki and Olsekki browsing together

Orphans dustbathing after mudbath




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