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Esampu’s naughty character continued during the public visit today. The funny girl wanted to get an extra bottle and was willing to apply all tactics in order to accomplish this! She even went down on her front legs beside the milk wheelbarrow just to get an extra slurp of the delicious formula. She kicked out at Mundusi as he enjoyed his last bottle but this annoyed this ‘no nonsense’ elephant and he pushed Esampu to the ground, keeping her there despite her cries for help. Eventually Mbegu came over to rescue her. To show her anger, Esampu pushed Mteto into the mud hole as she walked past, before the keepers calmed her down. Ngilai emerged from the mud hole, fully covered in mud, and ran along the rope cordon line, spraying the visitors with mud. Sana Sana stayed in the mud until the last possible moment, and then, unbeknownst to the keepers, she decided to take a different route through the crowd, making sure that anyone who dared to touch her got very muddy as well.

Luggard and Tamiyoi were quietly sharing a branch together than Lasayen had broken just before. Murit came over to join them and at that moment, a warthog came running past which scared poor Luggard. He went limping off yelling for help and Tagwa stepped in to chase the warthog away.

Naughty Esampu

Mundusi borwsing

Ngilai near the mudbath

Luggard at mudgath


Jotto was trying to climb on Malima early this morning. She turned to him and pushed him away, which started a pushing game between the two. Jotto was playing as usual but Malima was being a little more aggressive; she was obviously showing her disapproval of being jumped on every now and then.

During the 9am feeding, naughty Maktao knocked down poor Kiasa before she had even finished her bottle. She yelled and he walked out into the group for safety but Tagwa was there and she pushed him with her little tusks, walking him towards the keepers. He was worried the keepers would discipline him too and so he ran off yelling.

Ndotto, Lasayen, Ndiwa and Mundusi were very restless today, as if they were wondering where their older friends were as it was Kauro that usually led them out further than the others. Today Ndotto took charge and rumbled to his friends to follow him.

Malima playing

Maktao playing with a puddle

Lasayen browsing

Mundusi browsing


Ambo decided to spend time with the older boys Kauro, Ndotto, Sapalan and Lasayen today. When Mbegu saw that Ambo was okay in the company of the older boys, she went over to the keepers where the young babies were and took Sattao with her. Tagwa saw them walking away and ran over to accompany them, and the three of them walked out into the forest. They stayed out there together until it was milk feeding time. When the three walked back to the rest of the group for milk, Sattao was running ahead very excited and playful with Mbegu and Tagwa just walking behind. He was so excited he tripped over a tree root! Jotto and Malima heard Sattao and came running towards him trumpeting, and all three ran towards the milk feeding area. All three were very happy with their game and were trumpeting with excitement.

Namalok has never missed a public visit since he was introduced to them, but today he was attached to Kauro and Ndotto and the three of them disappeared into the forest after the 9am milk feed. The keepers thought the orphans would show up to the public visit because of Ndotto, but they did not arrive. After the public visit the others found them just browsing in the bushes nearby and just waiting for them to return!

Ambo browsing around the rocks

Sattao and Mbegu

Tagwa browsing

Ndotto at mudbath


A group of boys including Kauro, Rapa. Ndotto, Lasayen, Sapalan, Namalok and their best friend Sagalla spent their morning far away from the others this morning. Today after they had their 9am milk bottle, Kauro led them away and they went in a different direction from where the rest where browsing. As we were monitoring them to quietly see where they went, all of a sudden they came running back yelling as they had seen an eland running for safety. For the rest of the morning they browsed peacefully with the rest of the herd with the keepers as well.  

Ndotto and Lasayen entwine trunks

Orphans browsing

Pare walks to the mud-bath


Ndiwa is one of the orphans that doesn’t like to stay in the same spot the keepers have chosen for them to browse in. She is part of a group that likes to decide when they arrive in the forest, where they will browse. She is mostly accompanied by Mundusi, Sagalla, Sapalan, Rapa, Esampu and sometimes Lasayen as well. They usually moved further into the forest and further away from the keepers, looking for their own delicious greens. Today was different however as she woke up with a limp, by either standing on some kind of thorn or by twisting it in the night.

Due to this limp in her hind right leg she was unable to accompany her friends and stayed behind with the rest of the herd. With the love and care that our orphans, a family, show for each other, Malkia and Sana Sana seemed to realise her problem and instead of allowing her to browse all on her own, they decided to keep her company the whole day.

Sana Sana keeps Ndiwa company

Sapalan and Enkesha browse together

Tamiyoi and Lasayen find greener pastures




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