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Following the morningís milk and supplement feeding Ngilai engaged Lasayen in a pushing game; Godoma stayed close watching their game but did not take part. Nelion enjoyed a scratching session as he watched Panda, Ndii and Tahriís dust bathing games. Lentili placed herself at the head of the group as she led the orphan herd to the browsing fields settling to browse at the northern foot of Msinga Hill.

Mbegu and Godoma later led their herd in a dust bathing game in an erosion trench, with Murit, Ngilai and Lasayen playing a wrestling match as they sat in the trench. At midday the orphans made their way to the baobab waterhole where they had a wonderful wallowing session as the sun shone down on them. The rest of the days browsing activities took place close to the waterhole.

Mbegu in the lead

Ndotto and Ngilai playing

Lasayen and Murit


The orphans concentrated on their milk and supplement feeding this morning before leaving for the browsing grounds. After browsing for four good hours, Ndii took a break from browsing to enjoy a scratching session against a tree trunk. Panda took the opportunity to take little Tahri for a browsing session. Ndii later saw the two interacting and came charging over before changing tactics and maneuvering herself between the two to retrieve her darling Tahri. Lasayen engaged her best friend Ndotto in a wrestling match after which the orphan herd made their way to the waterhole.

Soon after the afternoon milk bottle, Nguvu noticed a big wild elephant herd drinking from the orphans baobab water trough. Thinking that they would finish the water, he ran towards them with Tahri following him closely. The wild elephant herd was very calm and friendly and welcomed the orphan elephants for a drink and some socialising games. Ndotto and Ngilai tried to showcase their wrestling skills to the wild herd by engaged one another in a wrestling match wrestling match. Kihari, Naipoki, Ndii and Kenia hurriedly separated their orphan herd from the wild group with Kenia walking quickly to the stockade milk vehicle, fooling the orphans who had followed her into thinking that there was an extra milk bottle for them all, which there wasnít.

Panda browsing with Tahri

Ndii scartching

Nguvu and Tahri going to join the wild elephants


The earliest callers to the stockade today were a wild elephant herd that came to drink clean water from the stockade water trough. Lasayen, who was drinking from the trough alone, ran off upon seeing the wild herd and went to join the orphan herd that were enjoying the supplements that had been put out for them. Mbegu was feeling very bold and approached the wild herd while they were drinking from the water trough to greet them. One teenage wild elephant approached and joined the orphans at the Lucerne grass pellet feeding area and later played a strength testing game with both Nelion and Panda. The orphans interacted with the wild for more than then minutes before Kenia, Ndii and Naipoki decided it was time to leave and led the herd to the browsing fields.

The wild herd left the stockade compound about twenty minutes after the orphans and headed in the opposite direction.

Lasayen moving away from the wild elephants

Mbegu approaching the wild elephants

Wild bull playing with Nelion


This morning the stockade dependent orphan elephants teamed up for games around the stockade compounds soon as they had finished downing their morning milk bottle. Kihari and Panda went sat on a single rock boulder for a bottom scratching session. Panda then noticed Bada rubbing up against a tree and evicted him from his scratching place taking the position for herself. Panda then turned the position over to Arruba who was soon joined by Nelion who wanted to evict Arruba from what seemed to be the perfect scratching post.

The orphans browsed their way from the southern side of Msinga Hill to the western side before making their way to the baobab water hole where they enjoyed a mud bathing session. Murit and Lasayen plunged into the central part of the water pool but found the water to be quite cold. Arruba briefly joined and the three then exited the mud bath when they realised that none of the other orphans would be bathing as the water was too cold. Ndii lay down on the red earth piles and rolled around enjoying a soil dusting game before joining her friends for the rest of the days browsing activities.

Panda and Kihari scratching together

Ndii enjoying a dust bath

Arruba playing


The morning was good with the orphan elephants playing briefly in the stockade compound after the milk and supplement feeding. Nelion went and sat on a rock in the stockade compound, where he enjoying a scratching session. Ndotto and Lasayen started a tough pushing game which was watched over by Godoma and Ngilai who acted as referees.

Mbegu and Lentili took the leading role to the browsing grounds today, with Embu following them at close range. The browsing activities were peaceful with the orphans visiting the baobab water hole at noon where they interacted with a wild elephant herd that had come there for a drink of water. Panda and Nelion engaged age -mates from the wild group in a strength testing pushing match which did not sit well with Bada as he felt that Nelion had chosen a wild playmate that was older than him. Bada stuck close to his friend to ensure that the didnít get hurt and seemed happy to see that the two kept the game friendly. The wild elephant herd interacted with the orphan elephants for more than an hour before moving towards the Mzima-Mombasa water pipeline area.

Lasayen playing with Ndotto

Nelion having a good scratch

Wild elephant interacting with Panda




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