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The day began with Dabassa and Layoni being the earliest callers at the stockade this morning.
The two boys joined the juniors for some supplement feeding after which they all played around the stockade compound with Dabassa being more playful than Layoni.

Kihari enjoyed rolling around on the ground with Naipoki running up to lie on Kihariís stomach. Just as Kihari got free, Dabassa came and climbed on her back for a ride, which annoyed Kenia and she made this known. Dabassa stopped what he was doing and approached Kenia who ran away taking Tahri and Araba with her, signaling that it was time for the juniors to head to the browsing fields. The two older boys followed the babies to the browsing fields and then separated from the orphan herd and made their way to the Voi River.

The two orphan genet cats that are doing well were airlifted to Kaluku later in the day where they will be raised and returned to the wild once grown.

Naipoki trying to lie on Kihari's stomach

Dabassa trying to recruite Rorogoi for games

Dabassa rides Kihari's back


The morning began with Layoni and Dabassa arriving at the stockades to join the orphans as they exited their stockades beating them to the range cubes and copra cake, enjoying a mouthful before they were joined by the juniors. Ndii decided to engage Dabassa in a strength testing game soon after the supplement feeding was over.

The orphans left the stockade compound and browsed in single file having left the two ex-orphans at the stockades. The orphan herd visited the water hole at noon for their milk bottles before having a brief wallow in the mud hole.

Ajali peering over the bushes

Suswa enjoying the lush vegetation

Araba with the older orphans


Today Nguvu and Ajali took the lead of the orphan herd to the browsing grounds following the morning milk and supplement feeding. The two leaders quickly noticed Dabassa and Layoni browsing on top of the western side of Msinga Hill, moving up hill to join them for the days browsing session while the rest of the orphans chose to stay at the base of the Hill to browse.

After an hour of serious browsing Ajali and Nguvu came down to join their friends but were not joined by the two ex-orphans who remained where they were. The juniors all made their way to the baobab water hole where they had their noon milk bottle and settled to browse close by until it was time to return to the stockades for the night.

Araba heading to soil mound to dust

Bada browsing on the hill

Tahri with a mouthful of grass


The orphans enjoyed their milk and supplement feeding this morning before proceeding to the browsing fields under the leadership of Rorogoi and Mudanda. On arriving on the northern side of Msinga Hill they saw Dabassa browsing half way up the hill, without his close friend Layoni.
Dabassa later came down and headed away towards where Layoni was thought to have been left behind.

After a wonderful noon mud bath, Mashariki, Mudanda and Rorogoi were busy dust bathing on the soil piles on the banks of the water hole when Ndoria came over and tried to evict Arruba from her scratching and rubbing position against the trunk of the baobab tree. Arruba was having none of it and pinned Ndoriaís head to the tree with her buttocks making Ndoria pay the price for her naughty behaviour. The rest of the day was spent browsing peacefully close the water hole.

Ajali, Tahri and Nguvu look on

Araba rubbing against a tree

Tahri rubbing on the same tree


The morning began with the orphan elephants finishing their morning milk bottles before settling to enjoy the copra cake and range cubes that had been put out for them. As they were about to finish their supplement feeding, Layoni joined them together with his friend Dabassa. Layoni went straight for Ndii to engage her in a strength testing game, which had Tahri running to Kenia for refuge. Dabassa went to engage Ishaq-B who was able to evade Dabassaís advances, so Dabassa took on Layoni instead.

While the two older boys were busy playing Kenia led the group to the browsing fields. When Layoni and Dabassa saw the juniors leaving, they quickly ended their game and followed the youngsters, joining them for the morning browsing session.

They all visited the middle water hole where Layoni entered the water and joined Mbirikani and the rest of the orphans in some mud bathing games. The two ex-orphans then separated from the juniors and headed towards the Voi River to browse.

Mukuki the male ex-orphan lesser kudu visited the stockade briefly in the evening before heading back to the Park.

Nelion and Dabassa engage in pushing games

Wild elephant herd

Panda and Mbirikani at the mud-bath




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