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This morning the orphans made their way to the northern side of Msinga hill to browse. They spread out on the hill in search of palatable and nutritious vegetation to feed on.

On arriving at the afternoon milk feeding place, Panda who had come with the first group of orphans, chose to not drink her second milk bottle and instead ran to join Ajali who was feeding on range cubes thinking that he would finish all the supplements while the rest of the group were busy having their milk. After the whole group had their fill they made their way to the baobab water trough where they had a drink followed by a wallow in the mudbath.

The orphans rolled and wallowed submerging themselves completely in the deep water with Suswa and Mudanda using their trunks as a hose to wet and plaster themselves with water and mud before going for a scratching session against the huge baobab tree.

The afternoon was spent browsing close to the waterhole with Lentili enjoying the lead back to the stockades in the evening.

Arruba at the stockades

Mbirikani browsing

Dabassa tusking Naipoki


The stockade dependant orphan elephants peacefully downed their milk bottle after which they headed to the browsing field with Kihari, Panda and Mashariki passing by to greet Dabassa and Layoni who were browsing on the southern foot of Msinga hill.

In a wonderful noon mud bath, Kenia had a brilliant bathing moment with Kihari, Ndii and Naipoki.
Bada and Ishaq-B showcased their expertise on a buttock rubbing game against the big baobab tree. Lentili admired Mudanda’s rolling games in the dustbath, before rejoining the others as they browsed their way to the middle water hole area which has become their favorite afternoon browsing are.

Upon hearing some wild elephants mudbathing the orphans walked faster to get to the mudbath as quickly as they could. Unfortunately they were not fast enough and missed seeing the wild group.


Ndoria scratching whilst Nguvu waits for his turn

Tundani and Ajali tusking it up

Nguvu gets his turn to scratch


The morning was good with Kenia seemingly in consultation with Panda, Naipoki, Arruba and Kihari over the drought situation once they arrived at the browsing grounds. Lentili soon joined them and they all murmured to one another before proceeding with the browsing activities.

Bada and Mudanda enjoyed some wonderful diving games in the waterhole, with Naipoki challenging their game as she rolled around in the water. After the mudbath Suswa took the lead, with Rorogoi and Ajali walking as fast as they could so that they could overtake her and take the lead. Kihari saw what the two were trying to do and blocked the two from getting to the front so that Suswa could enjoy the lead. The afternoon was spent browsing close to the big waterhole.

Wild elephants at the watering hole

Ajali and Pasaka at the stockades


The morning was cloudy with light rain sprinkles torching the ground as the stockade dependant orphans assembled for their milk bottle after which they proceeded for Lucerne pellets, dairy cubes and copra cake. Lesanju, Layoni and Dabassa came and joined them for the supplements.
After feeding, Mashariki, Lentili and Mudanda went to properly greet Lempaute and they all touched trunks.

When all the greeting was done with the group moved towards the browsing grounds with Kenia’s herd separating themselves from the three ex-orphans who were busy having a drink of water.
Later in the evening, the orphan lion cub that was fed on meat by the trust on 8th was seen and had to be taken to the stockades for treatment by the vet unit. It appeared that he had been attacked by a buffalo and had been injured. Sadly the lion cub did not survive the night.

Kenia scratches her itchy neck

Suswa leads the orphans

Orphans rushing to the watering hole


This morning the orphan elephants played happily at the stockade compound following the milk and supplement feeding. Lentili, Mashariki and Mudanda then took the lead of the others to the browsing fields and led them half way up the eastern side of Msinga hill where they spent the morning feeding until it was time to make their way to the baobab waterhole.

Ajali settled with his adopted baby Pasaka and the two enjoyed their piles of range cubes before joining the rest who were also feeding as they moved towards the water hole. Ajali who doesn’t love mudbathing was today seen plunging into the water and enjoying wallowing with the rest of his friends. Soon after bathing, Suswa took the lead of the group in an attempt to lead them further down the northern side of the stockade but no one followed her as they were following Kenia and Lentili who were heading up the hill where there is better browse than the lower flat areas. Rorogoi and Mudanda led the group home in the evening.

Small wild herd at watering hole

Ajali welcomes Pasaka to feed on the cubes




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