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The morning was good with the orphans exiting their stockades in the morning, downing their milk bottle and settling for some supplement feeding before heading to the browsing grounds. Once in the field they spread out to feed, grabbing as much browse as they could. Kenia stuck with her adopted baby Araba, while Ndii was bumper to bumper with her chosen darling Tahri.

The orphans made their way to the baobab water hole in the afternoon in groups of five. Arruba, who is best friends with Suswa, snuck away from the keepers and managed to join the first group making it a group of 6 that came first for their milk bottles. The orphan elephants then had a drink of clean water from the baobab tree water trough, before plunging into the water for a wonderful mud bath. Mashariki enjoyed a game of sitting on the walls of the waterhole and sliding into the water while Lentili watched. The group then enjoyed a dust bath after which they resumed with their browsing activities in the vicinity of the mudbath.

Orphans dusting

Rorogoi taking a break from the heat

Araba scratches against Kihari's stomach


It was a bright morning as the sun rose over the horizon predicting a sunny and warm day. Ngulia the orphan zebra was very happy to have Tawi visiting. Tawi mimic mounted Ngulia while Kore, the female orphan eland, chased the two around the stockade compound. Ngulia became very attached to Tawi, chasing Kore away whenever she would approach them.

The orphan elephants had a nice day browsing in the park. Lentili managed to get Tahri away from the rest of the orphan group for some private browsing time. The two fed together for about 10 minutes after which they had to rejoin the group as it was time to return to the safety of the stockades for the night.

Panda follows others uphill

Re-filling the waterhole

Orphans quench their thirst


This morning the orphan elephants enjoyed playing hide and seek games coupled with soil dusting games on the red earth piles at the stockade compound. Nelion and Bada took turns scratching against the rock boulders before joining the rest of the orphan elephants as they headed towards the browsing grounds. Nelion and Bada wanted to stay on the eastern side of Msinga Hill for the morning browsing session but ended up following the rest of the orphan herd who were quickly making their way to the Northern side of Msinga Hill.

Today Ajali, who does not take any milk, was the first one to get to the milk feeding area and stood behind Nguvu and waited for his friend to finish his milk bottles so that the two of them could go to the baobab waterhole. The two together with Suswa, Arruba, Naipoki and Lentili plunged into the water, following a drink from the water trough, and were soon joined by the rest of the orphan group.

Bada following the others for browsing

Tahri browsing

Mudanda, Kihari and Rorogoi


It was a wonderful beginning to the day as the orphans came running out of their stockades as soon as the gates were opened. They emptied their milk bottle as fast as they could before settling to enjoy the supplements that had been put out for them. Embu picked up a dry stick and used it to scratch her chest. Rorogoi saw what she was doing tried to snatch the stick and grab it from Embu who held onto it until she was done after which she dropped it allowing Rorogoi to have it.

The orphans proceeded to the park under Lentili and Naipokiís leadership. They browsed peacefully until it was time for the noon milk feed after which they enjoyed mudbathing and dust bathing games.  

Suswa finds a tree to scratch against

Ndoria and Naipoki browse together

Bada and Tundani tusking each other


The morning was full of games around the stockade compound following the orphans milk and supplement feeding. They played until Kenia and Ndii decided to lead the group out followed first by Araba and Tahri with the rest of the orphans falling in line.

On arrival at the browsing grounds, seven year old Kihari split from the main group taking five year olds Mashariki, Bada, Mudanda, Lentili, Rorogoi and her age mate Naipoki with her. The smaller satellite group browsed together for about 20 minutes before rejoining the rest.

After the afternoon mud bath, Ndii went and drew some water that she found in a shallow hole in a tree trunk. The keepers figured that she was testing the water to see if it was sweeter or different in any way to what she had just drunk from the water trough.

The afternoon was spent browsing peacefully until it was time to return home with Ndoria and Arruba leading the group back to the safety of the stockades.

Orphans on Msinga Hill

Tundani and Naipoki tusking each other

Naipoki engaging Panda




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