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The morning began with the orphan elephants rushing for their morning milk bottle before settling for the supplement feeding. Panda then went and snuggled up to Tahri which upset Ndii who engaged Panda head on in a fight. Panda backed up to avoid engaging with Ndii as Tahri went close to her long time adopted mother Ndii.

Lentili who has been quiet for some time played her games in a rough manner today. She started by interrupting Rorogoiís rolling around on the ground games which had Rorogoi running off after which she went and lay on Ishaq-Bís stomach preventing Ishaq-B from enjoying her morning games. Ishaq-B responded by trying to get out from under Lentili but was unable to do so.

The orphans spent the day browsing peacefully in the fields feeding on the all the lush green vegetation that was around them.

Rorogoi at the front browsing

Ishaq-B with little Tahri

Sweet Lentili browsing


It was a perfect beginning to the day with the stockade dependent orphan elephants running out of their stockades in happy mood and grabbing their morning milk bottle which they emptied in a matter of seconds. Bada tried to engage Embu in a pushing contest after the supplement feeding, but Embu was not interested choosing instead to join the others in a game of hide and seek.

The morning was spent browsing peacefully half way up the eastern side of Msinga Hill. Rorogoi and Lentili enjoyed scratching their bottoms against a rock. Ndoria saw them having fun and went to join the two who ran off suspecting that Ndoria who is a huge tail bitter was coming to bite their tails.

The orphans visited the middle water hole where they had a brief mud bath, before continuing their browsing activities which took place close to the water hole.

Lentili browsing

Suswa browsing from the rocks

Ishaq-B wanting to browse up hill


It was a beautiful beginning to the day with the orphans downing their morning milk bottle before settling in to enjoy the supplement foods that had been put out for them. The orphans then left the stockade to browse, under the leadership of Lentili and Rorogoi. They browsed in single file on the western side of Msinga Hill, where they stayed for more than three hours.

As the orphans made their way to the big water hole they passed a small wild elephant family that was browsing quietly. Naipoki noticed them and wanted to join them but was pulled back by the others who were reluctant to do so. Embu saw the wild elephant herd while she was browsing half way up the hill and came down rushing down to join them but by the time she reached where they had been seen they had moved on and she rejoined the orphan herd.

Rorogoi drinking water

Lentili enjoying a good scratch, Nguvu watching

Embu welcoming Naipoki to a game


The day began with the orphan elephants running out of their stockade, grabbing their morning milk bottle and gulping down the contents before proceeding to the supplement feeding area for copra cake and dairy cubes.

Ndii decided to browse quite far uphill giving Arruba and Lentili the opportunity of browsing with Tahri until Ndii came down to reclaim her baby for the rest of the mornings browsing activities.
The orphans browsed in single file as they made their way to the middle waterhole following their noon milk bottle which they took at the big waterhole.

Dabassa and Layoni managed to sneak through the elephant grid to reach the bushy side of the staff quarters. The two feasted on the very green grewia branches that they found there together with a lot of other vegetation. They had a lovely time feasting until the keepers came and got them to return to the main park where there is also an abundance of vegetation following the recent rainfall.

Suswa and Embu quietly browsing together

Naipoki at the front

Tundani (frnt) and Mashariki running to catch up


The orphans began the day playing happily around the stockade compound following their milk and supplement feeding. They then made their way to the browsing grounds there they settled to feed on the eastern side of Msinga Hill. They came down the hill at 3pm and whilst heading towards the big water hole they came across a big wild elephant with two calves, followed by a wild elephant bull. They did not stop to interact with any of the wild elephants as they were in a rush to get to the waterhole.

Later in the day, Lentili and Kihari teamed up to tackle Tundani in a tough head butting, pushing competition. When they were done with their strength testing games the three rejoined the rest of the group who were busy browsing before returning to the stockades for the night.

Arruba and the others behind her

Mashariki, Nelion and Arruba

Naipoki dust bathing




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